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Catching the Birdie

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 9:29am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Holodeck


“Alright…  Just don’t expect too much.  Luck or not, it’s still my first time.”

[Soon after]
The game was a fun event and he had to concentrate upon the game and not the figure of Ynara. The heat was still hotter than some find comfortable and Pelps did find a half hour of play a little taxing and he could use some water. HE hardly noticed the passage of time as he so enjoyed the game and more so because Ynara was playing as well.
"What say we go and get some water and take a might break?" Phelps suggested. "I could use a bit of relaxing myself?"
Ynara nodded.  “Sure.  I’m not pushing you too hard, am I?” she joked and ducked under the net to get close enough to talk comfortably.

"No." Phelps smiled. "I just wanted a chance to talk a little more; I seem to think you were having fun once you got into the groove of it." He offered a hand. "I made some water with some lemon, not sour as lemonade but still a citrus blend to some ice water." He explained. "I do so enjoy the game I do tend to forget hydration, better to be careful and hydrate a lot rather than wearing the body out and needing to hydrate I think?"

“Smart.  Also, it is easier to talk if we’re not running around and breathing hard,” she agreed.  Having taken his hand when offered, she now held it lightly, not clinging or gripping, but just kind of enjoying the feel of his touch.  “How did you ever start playing this?  I thought Parese Squares was the game nowadays.  A little tennis, I know some people still play, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of this one before you brought it up.”

"It was a game my Grandmother used to favor; proper English Lady, and I was not going to take up Croquet." Phelps explained as there was a bench close at hand. "So Badmiton was her sport of choice and as she had some standing I was her partner as a kid and grew to like it. Sp after that I played it for college entry." Reaching down for the thermous of water and a couple of cups. "So I just kept playing it for the fun of it." poured some then offered her a cup.

Ynara took the cup and looked down into it.  “Ah.  Family.  That’s really the answer to almost every ‘why do you do this?’ question.  Or so I’ve learned,” she said with a carefree lightness to her voice that… didn’t quite ring true.

"Not all things are family." Phelps said. "Games maybe; but I did not take up Tennis because you have to run too much; I liked the skill of Badminton, it is a game of skill where women and men must not use brute force to get things done. It has is different; otherwise when my Grandmother died I would have quit. I do not play in her honor... I like it she just happened to introduce me to it." He lean to put himself next to her. "Hey this is fun; I to not invite everyone to play this you know. That is something Grandmother told me' always play with someone who would be fun to play with.' That is what she said so you get to be picked for this game." HE looked into her eyes. "I think she would have liked you; just a feeling, but we did seem to have similar tastes in kind people and you would have made her smile I think."

“I didn’t mean…  I was just saying that I’ve seen a lot of those kinds of explanations going back to family.  You started this game because of family.  If not for your grandmother, you wouldn’t have ever played.  That’s all I meant.”

He put his hand upon hers. "You are right, I did play it because of family." He realized he sounded defensive. "I guess all the ribbing I got about it being 'not a real game' and 'a forgogtten sport' through the years I suppose I have to validate myself." He laughed. "I am really just glad you came out to play it with me today." He lean over to give her a kiss; just a small one to show he apprechated her. "It made it so much more fun you know, playing with someone you really have become fond of?"

“Just so long as this is the only game you’re playing with me right now.”  She put down her drink and reached out to gently touch is arm. “Sam… If we’re going anywhere with this- before we go too far with this- I need you to know, just so you can decide if you can do it…”  She looked up into his eyes, her expression more serious than he’d ever seen it before, more earnest. 
He had several retors that he could have given but he also e look in her eye. "I am not partisipating in any games aside from the physical fun we are doing on this holodeck." Phelps said with no sly expression but a genuine one. "I am not one to push any farther than you are ready to go." He winked. "I am trying to see where this is going? so I am not toying with you that I am aware of."

“Sam, you can’t ever lie to me.  There can be things you don’t, won’t, or can’t talk about, for whatever reasons you have.  But what you do tell me has to be completely honest.  No white lies, no bending the truth, no polite falsehoods.  I… I need you to understand that about me, before we decide what we could be to each other,” she explained.  Her voice was serious, but not accusatory or harsh.  She wasn’t saying this to hurt him, or to push him away; but before she started falling past ‘fond’ and into anything more, he had to know what she needed from him so he could decide if he could give that to her.  It was harder than it sounded, and he wouldn’t be the first to decide that she was asking too much if he chose to back away from the path they could start walking down.  It was better that he knew what she needed right up front than for them to run headlong into misunderstandings just because she hadn’t been completely open with it.

"My job is to secure truths, facts and data so you will not ber privy to those at all." He put a hand to her cheek. "I can promise you that I will stand there silent and let you slap me if you like before I will tell you a lie." He replied honestly. "So if I am silent just know it is not that I do not want to tell you just that I do nto want to pacify or lie to you." He smiled. "Now this will sound strange coming from my Profession but 'what kind of a relationship can you have without mutual trust and lies destroy trust." He nod without breaking eye contact. "If you ask me I will tell you and it might not be what you want to hear but it will be the truth or silence." He caress her cheek. "But I also promise to be totally honst with the way I feel about you... that is about all I can really offer you."

“Honesty is all I ask.  And I can promise it to you in return.  I just needed to make sure we agreed on that.”  She smiled a little.  “I’m glad we do.  I kind of want to find out where we’re going, too.”

"We go where you want to go." Phelps said with a smile. "I can tell you where I would like to continue this path." He look into her eyes for a few seconds. "I want to see if you could be as happy beiong around me as I am with you?" HE shrugged. I really do feel better with you ... close."

“And I… really look forward to the evenings I spend with you, too.  I’d like to spend a lot more with you, if you don’t have plans with anyone else.  My calendar is free,” she invited with a wide smile, probing to make sure, like he’d indicated once before, that he wasn’t seeing anyone else.

"Does that include time after badmiton?" Phelps asked with a smile. "I have an open night if you wanted to have some dinner and then relax without anyone else?

She mirrored his smile.  “I’d love to,” she said and leaned in a bit, rising up on her toes, not quite initiating a kiss, but inviting him to do so.

Phelps lean in and put his arms around her to bring her closer to meet her lips in what he sought to be a very indepth exchange of affections; it was said that a man can express his intensions through a very deep kiss that he offered to Ynara. the taste of her and the feel of her close to him added to the bit of passion he wished to let her know from him. Not to mention she was a beautiful woman and he liked having her as close as possible.

Ynara melted into him, sliding her arms up around his neck as that warmth blossomed in her chest again.  The first few times she’d felt it she’d thought she was imagining things- just imagining that Sam’s kiss could make her feel warm from the inside out like this.  But it kept happening.  When he took her in his arms and held her close and kissed her…
She returned his kiss, deep and inviting, and experiencing the warmth and marveling at where it came from.

Phelps just allowed the moment to  move along; the seeming suspenstion of time in their local time, he could continue kissing her until the phasing of the clock comes back t local time? He did like the feel of her close as he caress her back unconciously and just actually enjoy the moment until he finally started to tred back into the present and the kiss was ending as breathing was an important.

"I am glad we have that established." Phelps  was a bit breathless, his smile "You do know the human term :boyfriend right?" He asked. "You have what humans call a boyfriend, or at least the potential of one however you wish to accept it."

A bit breathless herself, Ynara nodded.  “I know the word.  And I do accept it.”  She looked up him and smiled, cheeks just a little flushed and eyes with a tiny hint of sparkle.  “I guess that means you have a ‘girlfriend?’”

"Officially I do." Phelps smiled. "I have a cold bottle of wine in my quarters to celebrate, care to accept?"

“Dinner and a glass of wine and a celebration…  Who would say no to that?” she asked with a still breathless laugh.

LT. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel/ Man of Mystery

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