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That new ship smell part 2

Posted on Sun Feb 12th, 2017 @ 5:41pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Lieutenant JG Bertram 'Bert' Engels Jr. & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Blackout
Location: Senior Briefing Room

(Winterstorm and Price!)

Mercia cleared her throat, "Just so everyone is on the same page, Lt. Commander M'Gann is still in rehabilitation, and as such will be sharing a lion share of her duties with Lixor, who has done an impeccable job covering the department. We are glad that she's back with us, she's a member of our family." she said. "So, Science team, readiness status?"

M'Gann looked up from the invisible hole she was boring into the table with her eyes when she heard her name, and then looked around at all the eyes that turned towards her and Lixor. "The, uh..." she began, clasping her hands tightly under the table. Why were they cold all of a sudden? "... the equipment has some remarkable upgrades, practically brand new." Why was she nervous?? She took a breath and told herself to get a grip. "A-and the... uh... the staff, they... uh..." She was still tense. Her words were stuck in her throat as she clenched her hands. M'Gann swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked at Lixor for help.

Lixor looked over at the blonde Bolian next to him and his let a small smile crossed his face, "I got this Commander."

He turned his attention back towards Mercia, "the team has been running tests on all our new equipment. We are all pleased with our new department and yes, the Science department is ready for this mission."

The blue man looked back at his immediate superior and nodded offering her a broader smile.

Hawkins looked to his assistant and saw that she was already making notes to make sure that he had all that was needed to inquire any and everything noted and more. There was no doubt that he wanted to make sure that everyone had been well supplied and prepared for any possible outcome out there.

"This new upgrade will take some time getting used to, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy the new accommodations. Just make sure to take care of your people and I'll make sure to take care of you all as well," David looked around the room and took in a deep breath before he went on. "Gladiator launches tomorrow morning, 0700 from here. So make sure we all have all the personal on the ship no later than 2400 tonight. I want all departments to be ready by this evening at 1600 so we all can have our last time on the surface before we leave. I am unsure of when we will see her again. This ship was designed for extended missions, back to back. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't move onto our next mission after this.

Lizzy spoke up, "Counselling is around to help out with that. And anyone who hasn't seen Counselling should get their butts into booking an appointment before I have to break out my right to ask Security to escort you."

Lizzy made sure to look towards David and then Mercia, adding "Regardless of rank."

"Easy, Counselor... But very well..." David looked around the room. "All departments make sure to report to Medical and Counseling for your bi-annual checkups."

Lizzy blushed, "Sorry. I just care too much about all of you and don't think before speaking."

"Uh huh..." David smirked as he looked away from the counselor and to the rest of the staff. Anyway, speaking of missions, I welcome our new Diplomatic officer, Lieutenant J.G. Bertram Engels Jr. If I understand it correctly, you are fully up to date on this mission to Halden for the Haleens?"

"Yes sir," answered a scrawny man who stood as he spoke. It was an old habit and Bert immediately wondered if it wasn't the wrong reaction. "I have a presentation prepared whenever it's appropriate, sirs."

Shiloh sighed internally. He wasn't a huge fan of diplomats, mostly because he felt like the failed usually. Was just a thought of his. If they did their job right, then there wouldn't a huge need for things like intel, Marines, or the like. Those were his own thoughts, though. Ones he kept internally. Problem was, he also hated presentations. Usually boring, the person typically giving one was dull and boring because they never knew how to talk to people. There was a particular phrase coined for these such things. "Death by Presentation." He knew it would be another, but he'd have to pay attention in case there was something he eventually missed from the brief.

Phelps knew that his department was up to snuff, he had a few personnel that would be coming aboard at the last minute as Intel scrambled to acquire the personalized training that Phelps had a request for the billets. While the ship was quite large his department not overly so in comparison to some departments, each of his people served a purpose and with a 200% Personnel increase, he would have whom he needed for a given task.

There is a packet for the mission from an Intel angle that Phelps had gone over; he was to keep it under his hat sort to say until they managed to get the official briefing where he would present the relevant data along but until then Phelps would just do some of his own research.

"Have at it, Lieutenant," the Captain nodded to Engel before he saw the faces of his staff. He smirked slightly as he leaned back and looked at the lieutenant again. He seemed energetic and rearing to go. But how was Emmah going to feel about this was what he wandered.

"I'll try to keep this to the point then. Ladies, gents: the Haleens and the Federation have been in talks now for the last four solar years to mete out an agreement for a trade. In exchange for technologies to revitalize and recondition the deteriorating outer shell of their planet, the Federation would receive advanced AI technology that purportedly beyond anything that we could manage for centuries. The largest hurdle for us to maneuver in this time has been the reclusive nature of the Haleens. Because of the state of their world and its heavily taxed and vulnerable environmental systems, they've been lax to let the Federation get too close until now," explained Engels, who spoke animatedly with his hands as he looked around the table. "The outer crust is almost completely inhabitable and devoid of water and atmosphere. The entire population lives within pockets of the crust hollowed out into cities. Even their starport is within the planet rather than without. Any questions thus far?"

Emmah raised her hand, and Hawkins nodded to her. "What sort of AI systems?" she inquired. "Systems like AI Holograms? Or more Android in nature?" she asked.

"Ummm.." checking his notes rather quickly, Bert looked up at Emmah and smiled. "Both it seems. They utilize both greatly in the infrastructure of their day to day living. There's not a lot of information passed to me beyond that other than they make up a majority of the workforce since a majority of their Haleen residents are in something akin to stasis to avoid further taxing environmental systems. It is absolutely paramount to their survival as a race that their planet is rejuvenated or terraformed into a habitable world again."

"Is the planet even a good candidate for terraformation, or would it they be better off with resettling?" Mercia asked.

The scrawny man shrugged his shoulders earnestly. "I don't have those studies, ma'am. All that I know is that they've requested very specific equipment from us in trade. Should that be amicable the required equipment, not replicatable has been stored in a cargo bay. The rest is more than capable of being fabricated using the same industrial replicators that engineering uses."

"You would think that would be something that is suggested or at least brought up with their people," Captain Hawkins spoke up from behind his hand as he rubbed his facial hair as he took in the information in. "I'm more interested in this Android thing. How far advanced are they, like Commander Data or B-4 advanced?"

"I'm sure that it was addressed, sir, however, it isn't present in the notes passed on to me by the former diplomatic teams." Out of logs and logs of information condensed from multiple teams on separate missions and hours of comm calls, there was always something pivotal missed in the streamlined reports, thought Bert to himself. "As far as the advancement, previous diplomats have stated that there is a full spectrum of AIs from simple system controllers to those that are barely discernable from humans. Some have no mobile physical shell and exist completely as constructs within a system while others carry out complex tasks from being placebo children to bearing the brunt of the workforce for the planet. What you consider to be advanced is the question, sir. Advanced in what way?"

"Lixor, M'Gann, I'd like you to investigate whether relocation would be a better option. I want to know what was discussed with them, and what the options are. I'm not interested in doing them a disservice is this deal isn't going to actually help." Mercia ordered.

"Zeti, Look over their systems, I want to see how advanced their AI control systems are. I recommend having ch'Koro help, he is on board," she noted. "Amelia you'd like to help I'm sure.

"Phelps, your team will be useful to put together any information you can find about the Hadeen, whatever they don't really want us knowing. Lets dig a little." she grinned.

"Alasia, I'd like an assessment of their previous encounters with the other races and how diplomacy among themselves work. We need to know what we are walking into," she said. Mercia glanced around, "Suggestions... Question... Thoughts."

"A nice challenge," Phelps said with an expression of professionalism. "That is what we do best sir, a little digging for the betterment of all." He glanced to his Deputy Intel Officer and nod.

"I'll reach out to my contacts, see what they can provide," Nuxac said and smiled.

Shiloh looked over to Phelps and Nuxac with his typical stoic facial tones. However, on the inside, he sighed. He liked both of his Department Head's, however, he felt horribly out of place being the only enlisted in this meeting. This was made more apparent when his own people didn't even acknowledge his presence at all. He always understood the hierarchy within the chain, and he was nothing but a small link. But it erred him slightly even still. However, this still begged the question as to why the hell he was even there. But as usual, he kept his mouth shut, made his mental notes, and nodded.

Lixor raised his hand as his brow furrowed deeply, "we will be looking into the choices for possible terraforming but there are other logistic issues if the homeworld is selected. All sentient life must be evacuated until the process is completed and deemed safe for their return and any historical artifacts that may be present now will likely be destroyed in the processes."

Lizzy spoke up, "Captain, I would like to get permission to meet with some of these AI's and see how complex their personality matrices are. And for anyone that works with them for a bit, I would like to get a survey of their opinions. It would be useful for Starfleet Counseling."

Mercia smirked, "Just keep it clean, Nothing like what you normally do, in your counseling sessions. Remember you represent the whole of the Federation, not just the part of betazed you cling to." Mercia said. For some reason Lizzy clung to the old line portion of the population which never dressed for any reason. The fact they could keep her in uniform sometimes amazed Mercia. She knew though that Betazed had evolved culturally and clothing outside the home, and with people outside the imitate family of the person was the norm. "We do not know what their concept and moral stands are with regard to sexuality, take a neutral position with it please."

"I don't have a problem with that," David nodded at the counselor as he went on. "Prepare for the mission as you see fit, but neutral, please," he smirked knowing he always expected the best from his unique but highly experienced counselor.

"Let's get to this as soon as possible. We will reach the planet in three days. So we shall have some time to get all departments prepared for this. Make good use of Colonel Hayter and Commander d'Jax if you can. They seem to think they can jump onto our ship without doing something. Well that won't fly," David smirked as he looked at Mercia. "Lieutenant Engels, Kavi, and Emmah, I'd like to discuss this information even further. Meet me in my ready room tomorrow after we launch."

"If there are any other questions, we will talk again when we arrive. Dismissed," the captain said as he stood up.

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