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Head Wounds Bleed Like MAD

Posted on Fri Apr 18th, 2014 @ 7:30pm by
Edited on on Sat May 10th, 2014 @ 9:37am

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: BACKPOST - Right after "Raiders"

Ash wandered into Sick Bay, starting to feel a bit sick to her stomach. She was sure she'd lost more blood than she'd thought; she had passed about 18 people on the way here and most of them had immediately dropped everything they were doing to see if she needed help. She'd waved them off, though.

And now, a nurse was rushing to her side. "Oh, my WORD!" she said, leading Ash quickly to a biobed. "What happened?"

"I was thrown off balance and hit my head on the ops console," Ash replied. "I may need some blood."

"I'll get the doctor," said the nurse, rushing off to find him once Ash was settled on the biobed.

In the meantime, the room started moving around her and Ash decided it would be a good idea to lie down.

"Coi, what the 'ell 'appened," Connor said coming in. He wasn't rushing as fast as the Nurses, but he had also seen a lot more blood than this before. He did quickly tap the biobed scan controls though.

He turned to the Nurse as he was hitting the buttons. "We gon do this old school. I want tha IV kits outta me back storage. Red Bin." The Nurse stared at him but complied as he ran back to get it.

"I lost my balance when the raiders fired on us," she replied. "I fell and hit the ops console. I think I must have left some skin on it or something."

"Oi, no kiddin," he said. "Ye 'urtin at all?" he asked Coi as he turned to anther Nurse. "I need FFP an Vitamin K now," he called out. The nurse nodded and he now disappeared.

"Well. Yes," said Ash. "My head hurts something fierce. And I'm feeling extremely dizzy.

Connor nodded as his eyes stared at the results of the scan and nodded to himself again. He loaded up a Hypo and injected Coi in the neck. "Fer pain," he said simply. Finally the Nurse came back and handed him a small kit. He placed it on the side of the bed and opened it up. "Coi, I be doin this a little old school."

"Why are you?" asked the Nurse, more scared than she could handle.

"Tha FFP and Vitamin K be clotting factors. Fore we can use tha skin regenerater, I need that bleedin ta stop some ta clean Ash up." He pulled out an elastic band from the kit and placed it on Coi's arm tightly. "Instead o' havin ta inject him every five minutes, we can let these run open an add more if needed." Connor pulled Coi's arm slightly taught as he pulled the needle from the kit. "Gonna be some pressure over 'ere Ash."

"You do whatever you think best," said Ash. She wasn't concerned with how he did, only that he got it done.

Connor found the vein that he wanted, licked his lips, and threaded the IV catheter through Ash’s skin and into the vein. A slight bit of blood came back into the capsule at the end of the IV. He grabbed some tape and taped it down after removing the needle and leaving the plastic tube. He took a syringe containing clear liquid and pushed it through an extension he had already set up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do an IV. We read about them but no one ever does them,” said the Nurse.

“That’s cause it be a lost art. Ye’d be surprised ta know that this still be on o’ tha best ways ta get things into the blood stream better than a ‘ypo to tha neck. An wit’ tha Vitamin K and FFP, I want them goin directly into tha blood stream,” Connor quipped back, starting another one on the other arm.

“Blood?” she asked.

He shook his head as he finished up with that IV. “’ead wounds bleed like mad, but there really ain’t that much blood up there. May ‘ave lost a good deal but no where near what would be needed fer transfusion jest yet.”

Connor took a step back and looked at Ash. He always thought to himself that the trained eye can tell more than a scanner ever could. “Ok, ‘ang tha FFP an the Vitamin K. Keep ‘er on tha cardiac monitor and keep ‘er vitals going e’ery 15 or so. I want a PRN order for pain an nausea meds. Clean up that ‘ead wound then use tha skin regenerator ta put that skin back together. E’ery ‘our I want a ‘ead scan fer tha next four ‘ours. An no one leaver ‘er alone in ‘ere until I say so.”

“What are you looking for?”

“I be trying ta figure out if it jest be a concussion or if it can be a ‘ead bleed. Not all o’ them show up right away an I want ta make sure before I can send ‘er ta ‘er quarters fer bedrest.”

The Nurse nodded, making notes in the pad. She started doing as ordered. Connor pulled up a chair and sat down next to Ash and just watched the vital signs as they scattered across the screen.


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