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Something's Afoot

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2017 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Blackout
Location: USS Gladiator :: Intel Office
Timeline: Slight backpost


The rear trace had flagged his terminal; Phelps checked it to see that someone had tried to access the Chief of Intel but not anyone that Phelps knew; he had a 'seeker program' already in place, with his ambitions to one day lead the COunter -Intellegence Section of Star FLeet Intel it is natural he would be practicing his skills.

"And what can I do for you today?" Phelps called to the perwsosn at the other end. "I heard you ringing so I had to answer of course." HE said with a genuinely polite tone. "I hope this is a good time?"

Nayisa looked at the man on the screen before her, brushing a stray lock of her nearly white hair to the side. The Betazoid returned the smile with one of her own before responding, "couldn't be better. Lieutenant Phelps, yes?" She was sitting in her quarters, evident by the painting on the wall behind her, and she looked like she definitely had something on her mind.

The Tapeworm program had given a name before he called and thus he felt the couriosity to give her a bit of attention.

"You seem to have me at what could be seen as a disadvantage." Phelps smiled to the woman. "But yes, I am Samuel Phelps and of what humble service can I be to you?"

She nodded. "I'm Ensign Nayisa Wrea, Intelligence Specialist at Deep Space 7. I was actually calling in regards to Lieutenant Zera. I believe you know him?" Her smile faded as she remembered the rather interesting conversation she just had. "He was my mentor several years ago, but we keep in touch. I apologize if this is a bad time, but has anything struck you as... odd, about his behavior?"

This confirmed a couple of things with Phelps, he adjusted his glasses with subtle grace, access the known associates of Mr. Zera while he pondered the thought for a few seconds to get the data confirmed this wioman was in teh records.

"Aside from him tending to switch blame in more uncharacteristic manner does come to mind." He smiled to her. What would make you ask such a question as you know him better than I do?" Phelps seemed more than courious. "He was your mentor so I presume you know his personality better than most?"

Nayisa nodded again, "you assume correct. I'm going to show you something..." Glancing slightly below the screen, she tapped on the computer before pulling up a video clip, the image replacing her face on his screen. "He doesn't know that I recorded him during our call," she explained before playing the video.

"Zera, what are you talking about?" Nayisa asked, crossing her arms as she watched her Bajoran friend. "Can you please tell me what is going on?"

"Forget about it, it's nothing," he hissed, waving his hand as if swatting a fly. "And as I have told you, I'm fine."

"Fine, my ass. I think you're forgetting that I'm Betazoid, Zera, and I'm sensing some annoyance with me," Nayisa countered. "What did I do to make you call me a traitor?"

"I said it's nothing!!" Zera snapped at her, his eyes narrowed. He leaned back in his chair and shook his head, taking the time to glance off to one side of his computer, "I must have confused my facts, nothing more."

"That doesn't explain why you're annoyed with me," Nayisa pressed on, her eyes narrowing a little as well as she fought to maintain her composure. She leaned forward a little, resting her crossed arms on the desk. "Zera, we have always had an air of trust between us. You've trusted me with many of your secrets, and don't forget I saved your life once. Please, if there is something I can help you with, tell me."

"Don't forget your place,
Ensign," Zera threatened, his voice cold, "blackmailing me will get you nowhere."

"How on earth was I blackmailing you???" Nayisa exclaimed, raising her eyebrows with surprise. She never got her answer, as he pressed the button to end the call.

After the clip ended, Nayisa's face returned, her expression one of deep thought. "Granted, it's out of context, but I think even you can spot that he was blatantly lying about something. Also, I have never seen or felt this much aggression from him, toward me specifically. He may be coldhearted, but this is different."

"He does sem a bit aggesssive and his usual paranoia is heightened by the sounds of that conversation." Phelps noted the facts and put them in his mind to be tabukated along with a whole string of other suspicions. "And one thing I have noted; can I assume that his 'mixing up facts' is not normal, forgetting his train of thought or facts that he had coma across?" Phels had noticed that Zera was much quicker to blame and what he took as an affont told Phelps more od what the man was thinking than anything else. "Is he they type to blackmail, as it was his first reaction and that makes me courious?"

"In the years I have worked with him, I have never seen him mix up his facts," Nayi replied with a sigh. She glanced down for a moment while contemplating her words. "I wouldn't call it blackmail, per se, but he will say things for the sake of the mission and to gather intel. That's it, though. It's disconcerting that he thinks I'm blackmailing him because I was simply offering my assistance." She chewed on her thumbnail for a moment before tucking it under her chin. "Other than annoyance, I sensed a deep lack of trust and paranoia, and judging by his behavior earlier on in the message he acted as if I were a spy trying to crack his secrets."

"Could he be suffering from a form of Post tramatic stress?" Phelps questioned the conclusion and wanted evidence to rule it out. "We are in a high stress field afterall?" Phelps thought he knew the answer but all bases must be covered. "And an important question is 'do you love him?"

Nayisa couldn't help but chuckle. "We are close, but not that close, Lieutenant. He is more of a brother to me. To my knowledge, the only Post Traumatic Stress he is suffering from involves the Occupation, but that was years ago." Then again, Nayisa would argue to call him stubborn in the sense that he still hasn't fully let go of what happened to him during that time. She wasn't personally alive during the years of the Occupation, but between her history books and what he had told her, it was not a joyful period.

"Good, that rules out certain obvious clutter that could be muttled up." Phelps continued. "SO aside from the paranoia and thoughts of Blackmail that seem to be his new fear, is there anything that really stands out contrary to his usual behavior?"

Nayisa thought it over for a moment. "Other than that, no sir. I would say he's bullheaded, but that's fairly normal for him." She paused before adding, "if I may ask you a question, sir, how is his... loyalty? Have you noticed anything abnormal?"

"His loyalty is all but nonexistent."Phelps said. "It has made me wonder about him as he is questioning everything about me and that is not in his usual file as being true, I am hoping you might shed some light upon that, is he usuall stand-offish and hard to respect authority?"

Nayisa furrowed her brow. "Rarely. He may not like an order, but unless it goes directly against his moral code, he'll show some form of respect by following it. The last time he even questioned authority was back in October when he was working on that missing persons case, and that does not sound like it compares to how he's behaving now." She frowned a little, "I hope that helps. I just wanted to give you a heads up that something is not quite right with him."

"Information is everything." Phelps replied. "It does add to the picture overall, thanks."

Phelps nod as the screen went blank.

"Time to take a look at this again." Phelps adjusted the tricirder for better scan in a certain wavelength. "I do wish I could have a nice picture upon occasion." He commented to himself.



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