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Mike's Bar and Grill part 1

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 7:43pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & Lieutenant JG Bertram 'Bert' Engels Jr. & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen
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Mission: R&R Coming Home

/// ON ///

Walking into the bar and grill, David was met with the manager of the establishment. They had come to an arrangement to have it be saved for his crew. It was only fair that his crew get a good meal at the expense of their commander. They had worked hard for it and quite honestly, he even needed it.

With the Gladiator docked inside Deep Space 7 in orbit being overridden by the corps of top Star Fleet Engineers, he knew that they would be on the planet for about a week or two depending on how long it took the Engineers to complete their work. The thought of what was going on with his new starship was a major surprise with how new she was, but he wasn't going to complain. Hell, he knew that his engineers would enjoy at least one of the new toys being installed. Still, it was unexpected, to say the least.

He hated the fact that he was basically barked orders by a brown-nosing Admiral that he had never met before. It was as though the admiral was truly like that or she was told about how to best handle the Gladiator crew and her commanding officer. Still, it wouldn't change the fact that David was very protective of his crew, and they knew it. When it came to that, not all commanders were as... open as he was and willing to bend over backward to make sure that no one, not even higher ups to mess with them. He had blocked several transfers they were demanding, and this was one of the major reasons for not being promoted to Admiral. Hell, he was even one of the very view task force commanders that commanded his task force from a starship and commanded the ship as its Commanding Officer. This made them uncomfortable because of how most higher ranking officers thought they were more important to even sit in the commanding chair to lead a single ship. It didn't matter, David knew better than that.

After thanking the manager, he watched as waiters and waitresses moved around the establishment finishing up the final touches to the tables on the three-story building. On the edge of one of the colonies best beaches. Outside was a couple dozen tables and chairs that were near the building with a walkway to the beach to the ocean. The sun had slowly lowered making the ocean to shimmer over the dark blue surface.

Having finished a gruelling Mission, Paula needed the time to relax and unwind after everything that they had gone on with at the prison; She entered the bar wearing a gown that she had picked up that morning in Ds 7's promenade and her hair dropped down to her shoulders, She waited to see who would turn up next.

Samuel Phelps had on casual attire today; the long sleeve cotton shirt with an Earth tone contrasting with the louder Hawaiian button up shirt he wore open that went well with the brown slacks and sandals. On his head was a smart short brimmed Fedora on his head.

"Mr. Hawkins." Phelps tipped his hat and looking around adjusted his glasses. "Have I been the first to arrive?"

"Looks like it," David nodded as he smirked and wandered how many people would be joining them all. "Give it time, more will come. They will overflow this place for sure. How are you doing, Samuel?"

"Top of my game again." Phelps replied with a grin. "Feeling better and even trying this social interaction thing." He nod. "I am more of a 'People Watcher' than one to interact much."

Walking up from the beach where she had been swimming, Lizzy smiled and swung T'Madh's hand. The Vulcan woman didn't stop Lizzy and was glad at least that she had not let Lizzy convince her to go around in less than she had on - a rather covering blue & white sarong and some sandals.

Next to her, though, Lizzy was dressed in an outfit that looked like a whale had vomited it up earlier. There was a bright pink twist bandeau bikini top, blue, black and pink string bikini bottoms, orange scuba-fabric boots with heels, an orange open baseball cap to match the boots, a gold-tone and leather choker necklace, giant gold 5 earrings, vintage leather & chain belts and enough metal arm bracelets to cause a loud clinking sound when she swung her arms.

T'Madh was well past caring or stressing about Lizzy making a complete spectacle of herself and just accepted it. She was just glad that Lizzy had been convinced to actually wear clothing. Even if every so often, T'Madh had to help Lizzy pull her foot out of the sand, "Elizabeth, maybe heeled boots were not a good idea for a beach?"

Shrugging, Lizzy giggled, "But they are cute!" She knew the logic but didn't want to give in and say it. They would be fine when they got to the bar area anyway.

Arriving at a flatter walkway so her boot heels wouldn't dig in, Lizzy snuggled against T'Madh, who leaned over and gave Lizzy a kiss on the cheek. Walking into the bar, Lizzy smiled and waved, causing another chinking sound, as she led T'Madh over to where David and Samuel were, "Hi. How are you both going?"

T'Madh gave a little nod to them both and decided to let Lizzy do the talking.

"Good day Ladies." Phelps tipped his hat to the ladies and gave a wink behind his glasses. "I must say that you two look positively stunning." HE complemented. "I think the Commodore and I should be gentlemen and buy you drinks for being ... so you?"

"Can't argue with his logic," David smirked as he looked at the women before them. "What do you say?"

T'Madh raised her eyebrows, thinking of something to say that would be socially acceptable before Lizzy spoke, "Okay."

Finally, the Vulcan woman spoke, "As long as we watch Elizabeth's alcohol consumption so she does not end up dancing on the table without her clothes again."

Lizzy frowned and poked her tongue out before giggling, "I'm not that bad. mostly."

"I-I think the allure of that outfit quite sufficient..." Phelps replied without going any shades darker. "It is better to keep them... wanting more than to put it all out there as they say?" He suggested showing some signs of nervous about this line of questioning.

Lizzy grinned mischievously, as her hands went up to slip the bikini cups upwards for a short time before lowering it back, "Well, I'm part Betazoid and never really had any problems with that. "

T'Madh rolled her eyes, "Elizabeth."

Phelps paled a bit as his eyes might have slightly seemed to widen a bit from the lenses of his glasses while he took a log breath.

"And there loses the effect as my-my curiosity in a married woman's ..." He stumbled for a thing to say "Endowments is satisfied and no longer Intel data to be pondered." He was glad the collar of his shirt was not snug but open. "I-I have a rather reserved ... one might even say rather backward,view of that being more what I would call intimate information that could be mistaken for..." He was almost back to color when it brightened again. "an invitation in some cultures that I have encountered so before I make more of a fool by getting the wrong signal I should perhaps see what is the special at the bar?"

Even as a Vulcan, T'Madh could tell embarrassment and spoke, "Lieutenant, you do not need to worry about it as I am used to Elizabeth's antics. I know she has issues with flagrant public nudity and incorrigible teasing."

"If you are used to the antics logically I should not find it a problem." He nodded to the Vulcan. "However I have only arrived and getting some kind of a drink, even just to be social, would be a polite thing for me to do rather than being one to dampen her enjoyment of the party festivities." He bowed to the T'Madh. "Though I will complement you in your choice of Mate,she is a unique individual. I pray your bonding has many fond memories to come."

Phelps felt the need to depart as there were two lovely women near him and he was out of his best element.

Nuxac strolled in wearing sandals, jeans and a t-shirt which read MY PARENTS WENT TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL THEY GOT ME WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT.

He made his way over to the bar and smiled at the bartender, a pretty blonde-haired Bajoran.

"Surprise me!" he ordered.



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