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Mike's Bar and Grill part 2

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 7:47pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & Lieutenant JG Bertram 'Bert' Engels Jr. & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen
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Mission: R&R Coming Home

Part 2

Julian, happy to be off-duty, made his way to the bar. He arrived just as Nuxax was ordering his drink. Unlike the other officer, he knew exactly what he wanted, an Andorian Ale.

Taylor had arrived a few moments before Julian, unlike his better half he was never off duty. Or at least that's how he saw it. He was leaning on the bar, sipping a salted caramel coffee. Julian hadn't even seen him, and he smirked at that. He knew what Julian was after, he also knew it meant a whopper of a headache in the morning.

After the Akadian had gotten his drink and taken a few sips he felt Taylor's presence in his mind. He turned around and found him. Walking his direction he said, "Coffee?" he asked, "you're only drinking coffee?"

Price chuckled at his companion's reaction to his drink. "One of us should be sober tonight." He teased.

"Hey, I can handle my liquor," Julian replied.

Taylor chuckled, "I'm teasing, my duty officer is in medical with a cold. I need to be available tonight if something comes up." He lifted the coffee cup. "So no drinking."

"Ah, well, I promise to keep myself under control," he assured the other man.

Price took a swallow from the mug he was holding and grinned. "What fun is that?"

Julian reached forward and kiss Taylor on the lips. It wasn't deep, they were in public after all, but it wasn't chaste either. After it broke he said, "I guess control is overrated."

Taylor leaned into it with a smirk. "So I'm told." He grinned at his partner. "Have dinner with me?" It was a joke he was sure Julian would get. With Hawkins' taking care of dinner it was merely a matter of sitting together at a table. But still, it was kind of fun and a little romantic to ask.

"Of course, dinner and maybe a little dancing afterward," Julian responded.

Taylor grimaced behind his coffee cup, he wasn't all that great a dancer, but he knew Julian liked it. "Sure." He managed.

Julian smiled at Taylor, "I hope there will be time for other things after the dancing. If you're up for it."

Price chuckled. "You're my spouse, command and I shall obey." he teased.

Amelia had been a bit ambiguous at coming to this little get together at first. It's not that she didn't want to get to know people, it was just that it had been a hit or miss kind of thing for her so far. But in the end, her want to become fully a part of this crew won out. So pulling on a favorite floral sundress and heading for the beach Amy just hoped that she managed not to put her foot in her mouth too many times; or at least that Zeti could bail her out if things got too awkward.

With dark eyes scanning the place Lixor finally entered the establishment. He was dressed in a black mock turtleneck that clung to his muscular form and well fitting jeans of a similar hue that slid over his leather like boots. He hung close to the walls scoping out the new surroundings and the people that occupied the space.

Satisfied with his findings he walked towards the bar and leaned slightly over the counter placing a hand on the edge as he did, "Bajoran ale please," he said addressing the barkeep. He offered a faint smile to the blonde as he spoke and found a stool at the bar where he could see the main door.

It was a compromise for him. He usually sat in a chair, not a booth, where he could see the entrance and the rest of the room while his back was towards the wall. The peculiar behavior had saved his blue hide more than once as his earlier years were anything but peaceful.

"Hey Sam, Have you not forgotten someone?" remarked Paula giving him her evil most stare; after all she had helped him somewhat as Paula knew he would not notice her in the dress that she wore.

Phelps turned to note Paula; having dressed for the occasion he was again glad he had managed to get somewhere away from the counselor and her 'Endowments and back to more normal conversational potential.

"Hallo Paula." Phelps' smile brightened. "It is good to see you." He gave a polite bow. "How are things with my good friend?"

"I'm fine thanks, just don't think you have any chance with me," she smiled back at him, she continued,"I just can not wait to get back to seeing Davina and Lisa," as she remembered Davina staying behind to finish up her main studies.

Phelps raised an eyebrow. "I am hurt that you even voiced such an opinion." He said with some might be mock hurt, disappointment in his expression. "I have yet to venture anywhere I am not welcome while I thought we had an understanding?" He told her calmly as is his usual. "I only venture where I am welcome; if you keep bringing up the fact I cannot should I take it as an invitation to go beyond our present friendly manner?"

"Now Sam, I am pulling your leg," replied Paula, " you are Davina's favorite uncle, that is what she calls you," she continued knowing full well that her daughter only saw him on the odd occasion.

"And my actions have shown that I have no intentions of going past that level." Phelps gave his sly smile. "You are not as subtle you believe and there is another that has a far better chance of catching my notice in that way." He winked. "Did she get the Doll I sent to her while on leave; the parallel to a classic American Indian from Earth in the doll's attire and look just seemed like something a little girl might like for a collection?" He bow slightly. "Must keep up the Favourite Uncle Sam image you know?" He had known she was teasing as she 'doth protest too much' sort of a thing.

(Reference to TOS Episode 'The Paradise Syndrome)

"Yes she did," replied Paula looking back at Phelps, She continued,"She even keeps it in her room on Memphis Island," she finished," Now where is my Brandy and Coke?" giving him a wink.

"As you wish Milady." Phelps bow slightly and moved away for a few moments to get the lady her drink. Returning with it the way he knew she liked it he offered it to Winchester. "Your Drink My friend, I hope it is to your liking?" He gave a wink. "Is there anything I should be on the look out for so to give your Lisa a reason to smile; you know I am not the best with women, so I do not neglect anyone?" He asked. "I get you wardrobe choices and dolls for my Niece but your Lisa is still a mystery?"

"You know Lisa is not fond of you, However; if you got her that bikini that you promised her last time we were on the promenade," she replied looking back at him, she finished, " You might get invited for Christmas," as she remembered that Lisa still had not forgiven him that she had been left out on the gift front.

"Now that was because someone else liked the suit and wanted to try it out." Phelps chuckled. "But blame the guy who was not fast enough..." He continued to shake his head. "I still cannot believe you threw me under the bus on that one." He caught his breath. "I will get it for her and make appropriate apologies but that is your one time out of jail free card." He offered a toast. "To pleasant Christmas memories and getting me out of the Dog house."

" I'm pulling your leg Sam,although she would like it for Christmas," replied Paula giving him a grin, She continued," and No you are not in the Woof house," as she guessed what would be nice for Lisa to have a dog.

"You give me her size and I will make sure Santa rather than Samuel gets it to her." He said with a sly grin. "She is a lovely person, you are fortunate to have her." He grinned. "But i can only swing by on Christmas day I am afraid, family and other commitments have me on the Eve." He smiled in a way he did not often show; he looked quite content with himself.

"She is a size 16," replied Paula as she looked back at Sam, she continued," and I'm a size 12," as Paula reminded him after the last mission they had done together he had got the wrong size clothing for her.

Phelps raised an eyebrow as he put his information in his memory; which was quite good, and he thought of the fact he always seemed to be buying Paula clothing as a thanks for the favors she had done his department. It was an arrangement; now he only need find out what to get her should he ever really mess up and wants to apologize?

"I am sure Santa will give her the right size and suit." He avoided the part about her size; since he had always taken 'her' shopping and she chose the clothing he had guessed 'wrong' as to her size, now he could make up for that point as well. "Do you really have the closet space for all these gifts or are the Family Quarter storage centers much larger than B-O-Q's?" He asked knowing the answer but hoping for a giggle?

You know most women's closets are always have room for more clothes," remarked Paula, looking at the intel Chief, she continued,""otherwise it's no fun making you men buy us more," giving him a faint smile, she finished," Besides You're the one that sponsored Davina for MIA,"

"She is a sharp Lass; I just helped put some date through and they accepted." Phelps said calmly. "She would have made it in on her own merits; I just helped... " He thought of the words. "Hastened things a bit." He was quite humble in his tone. "And you know I do anything for a friend, especially one who adds 'Uncle' to my name. And you know I cannot resist that 'Cutesy' thing women do." He chuckled and raised a glass. "Here is to her blooming in the years to come, with this humble nudge I hope she launches into a grand life of her own achievements."

"that she is Sam," replied Paula looking back at him, she continued speaking, " and she will do well at the Academy I suspect better than the four of us put together," she grinned knowing that she would have to let Paul know that Davina might get in.

"It is a true sign of achievement when your successors surpass you." Phelps commented with using his memory to quote person and date of the quote. "But that we leqave to her and time." Phelps nod as he had to admit coming aboard this vessel has pointed him in directions he had no conception he would have gone down the path of.



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