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Mike's Bar and Grill part 3

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Mission: R&R Coming Home

Part 3

Zeti arrived a little late to the party, she'd managed to get off duty and changed out of her uniform into a halter top dress and a pair of thong wedge sandals before taking a couple of pregame shots before heading down. Under the dress was a swimsuit in case she decided to jump into the water. The place was nice enough and after a glance around the room, she headed for the bar to get herself a drink.


Mel wasn't sure if she was late, or early. She had spent the better part of the last hour prepping for this get-together, and after a few dozen alterations to her apparel, she had finally settled on the first outfit she tried on. It was a simple pair of black pants, with a loose fitting purple top, and match earrings and headband. Stepping into the bar she approached the counter and ordered a watermelon sangria. Sipping the drink she looked around the room, kicking herself for not getting to know the staff on a more intimate level. She hated these events, mainly cause she didn't know anyone. She was forever cursed to be the wallflower. Sipping her drink she found an empty table and sat down waiting to see what would happen.

Nuxac turned away from the bar, having given up on trying to explain his remark to the bartender, and looked over the room. Spotting the CMO by herself, he made his way over to her and sat down without asking.

"Not too good at this, are you?" he said. "You know, socializing with people outside of work? Among the more traditional-minded of my people, it's considered to be a sign of mental disability. So, do you go by Mellicent or something else? In case you're worried I'm trying to talk you to death, I'm just giving you a choice of which question to answer rather than forcing you to answer one you don't want to."

Mel sipped her drink, typically she was a little more social then this; but currently she just didn't feel in the mood. She glanced over to the Ferengi, "then a great many of your people must be anti-social," she joked in a rather matter of fact tone. "And it's Mel," she commented.

Nuxac laughed at her joke.

"I'd say my people are just the opposite," he said. "We're very social. After all, how can you cheat someone on a deal if you don't talk to them?

"This reminds me a time one of my cousins was working a deal and his universal translator broke," he continued. "He didn't know the language, so he tried using sign language and ended up insulting the parentage of the client. After that, one of my uncles gave him a job running an automated factory. The machines haven't revolted yet, so the family is taking it as a good sign."

Mel nodded, clearly displaying all the signs of formal pleasantries while she sipped her drink. She really wasn't paying attention, just ensuring that she nodded at the needed times as to not offend the rather talkative man. "Interesting," she stated as she scanned the room.

Sensing her lack of interest, he changed tactics.

"So, why a medical career?" he asked. "I expect it can be quite messy at times. So what is it that made you think, 'I want to do this with my life?' "

"As they say on Earth, it was in my blood," she replied sipping her drink, "and messy can be overlooked," she smirked.

"It was in your blood, like a virus?" he asked with mock seriousness. "Well, as I suppose as viruses go, it's not a bad one."


Mercia strolled in with a sling around her shoulders, with Molli tucked inside peering out. Next to her Khelev ch'Koro decided to come. It was a bit of a risk, but Mercia was sure that if trouble came she could diffuse it. She didn't know if bringing Molli was such a good idea, but both Darren and Lyla had appointments and promised to stop in later and pick up the baby if needed.

She wore a simple summer dress and left her hair down, although she applied a nice bit of makeup. She glanced up at Khelev. "If you want to leave let me know," she assured him again.

"I still like most of these people," Khelev's antenna pointed inward towards each other.

Mercia smirked, "Oh yeah? How much to you like them?" she asked eyeing the man. She'd heard rumors about the time she was captured, and how he'd gotten around. He was always a bit of a womanizer, or maybe he was just weak around attractive women.

"I wasn't that bad," Khelev lashed his antenna at her. "I took the break up with Vanora pretty hard."

"yeah..." Mercia said softly. She missed Vanora, a lot. She could really use her help, especially with Molli.

There were plenty of other things he could be doing right now. Like work. But some other officers had already taken over by the time he had gotten down to the department, and seeing as he had nothing better to do decided to go to this party that the Commodore had set up. For once, he didn't feel like drinking alone. So as he walked into the bar, he looked around before spotting Lixor. At least he wasn't the only one who did that, sat in a spot where he could see the room. Zera ended up sitting at a table with a couple other officers to make it look like he was being social. At one point he had spotted Zeti, and kept track of her movements to make sure they didn't get into another argument.

Sidney was glad that there was another entrance to the area. It gave her butterflies to be with so many familiar faces, and part of her didn't want to come because of it, but she encouraged herself to go as a "newbie to the crew." According to her file, this was her second position, so she was fairly new to the whole Starfleet way of doing things. She got herself some sparkling water before deciding to meander around the room, taking care to avoid bumping into certain people.

The bar keep made her way over to the waiting half Bolian with a frothy pint of frothy liquid and placed it with a napkin on the counter giving Lixor a warm smile as she did. In a moment she was gone to wait on other customers leaving the blue man on his own to look around the establishment at all the familiar faces around him.

Looking around the room as she sipped at her drink, the cool liquid helping to calm her nerves a bit. Getting inside the door had been the hardest part of this whole thing, now that she was here the next hurdle was actually talking with someone.

Zeti had gotten a big mug of an English bitter she found she liked while she was in the academy at a pub that wasn't far from campus. As she roamed through the place, she spotted Amelia and started heading towards her when she stopped and looking up at a big blue Andorian who was just sort of smirking at her.

"Jerk," Khelev's voice rumbled.

"Bitch," Zeti shot back, before moving past the Andorian and dropping into a seat next to Amelia. "You look lonely fellow nerd."

"Heh, maybe a little." Amy said with a relieved smile as Zeti joined her. "I don't really know anyone yet besides you and Nuxac. I'm not really sure where to begin here, everyone seems to have paired off already."

"You're part of the crew, new but still part," Zeti said with a half smile, before she took another drink from her mug. "Maybe you should have a few more drinks, help you lighten up some."

"Heh couldn't hurt." Amy said with a smile, she was glad that Zeti had come over. She had to admit it was hard to tell where things sat between them. They weren't quite dating but it didn't quite feel like a fling...and it for damn sure hadn't just been a one night hook up. God's it was confusing, but she'd take things as they came. Amy wasn't sure she was looking for more and she was pretty sure Halan wasn't either. "Do you, do you think it might be that some of the crew don't know what to make of me? I mean who am I right? Some up jumped Ensign."

"You're in a position that usually is reserved for more seasoned officers," Zeti explained, the girl was sweet, but far too young. In a lot of ways she felt like she was taking advantage. "There could be some jealousy. Could also have to do with you still getting your feet under you. Don't let the opinions of others dictate who you are Amy, including me."

"That's a little easier said than done Halan." Amy said with a slight frown. "Everything about this assignment has to do with with the opinions of others...The Captain and weather I get my full posting, the department supporting me, the crew seeing me as more than a girl in boots too big for her...and you...I don't know what we are, if we even are...but your opinion matters to me and that's not something I can just turn off, even if I wanted to."

"Halan is my family name, I'd thing by now you can call me Zeti," She smiled at Amy softly. "You are a girl in a department with boots too big for you, so was I when that I was told I was being moved up to the chief spot when Khelev left. On a personal level we're friends who sometimes are more, at this point that's all I'm interested in. On a professional level I'm your superior officer, who's taken a keen interest in mentoring you and helping you through the mine field you're so afraid of."

"Well I'm thankful for both...Zeti." Amy said with a slight blush forming on her cheeks at the mention of something more, certain, recent memories jumping to the surface. "I'm glad that's where we're at, I don't think I'm looking for more right now either, I've got a lot on my plate already. And you've been more than generous in both areas..." Amy said with a little devilish smile and a brush of their fingertips.

"I'm not the nicest person, I know you've not been directly in the way of my wrath, but I've got something of a reputation outside of engineering," Zeti returned Amy's smirked, with her engineers she was tough but fair. She worked with them, taught them but held them to a high standard. "I could say the same, eager to learn the ways of the ship and eager to receive my generosity."

"Well, I don't really deal on reputation and while I'm sure yours is well deserved, I've seen the other sides of you. The compassionate superior who takes an interest in mentoring young officers and the fun-loving woman with a bit of a devilish side." Amy was particularly fond of that aspect of Zeti's personality. "All in all I'd say I have a pretty good handle on who I'm dealing with.

"You think you do, you're just lucky I took a liking to you," Zeti just laughed at that. "My reputation is well deserved and it's more than a bit of a devilish side. I'm happy you don't deal in reputation, it's nice having someone I can relate to."

"Oh I have a pretty good idea how lucky I am..." Amy said with a grin as she raised her glass a bit, staring just over the rim at the woman, her gaze the best approximation of devilish she could get.

Lydia waded into the crowd and took several moments to soak up the energy and everyone's festive vibe. It seemed most people had separated themselves into smaller groups and were enjoying chatting with one another. It was an uplifting sight, given all they had been through in such a short time. She briefly scanned the crowd to see if there was someone looking for someone to talk to, figuring she'd just take some time to enjoy some refreshment and soak in the feeling of semi anonymity. As a counselor and physician, she tended to know more of the crew than sometimes they knew of her, but still, there were times when the counseling and medical personnel had to be more visible and up front than even they enjoyed. After all, she didn't know too many people who enjoyed visiting sickbay or even the idea of counseling, no matter how necessary or unavoidable it may be, so it was also just as nice to blend in for a while and soak up the festive nature of the atmosphere.

Sidney had been stopped by a couple other scientists, and they were chatting about some chemistry experiment when a flash of blue caught her eye. She turned her head a little, only to have her eyes widen with recognition when she saw Khelev, his name dancing silently across her lips. It had been years... the thought almost made her go running towards him, but mentally held herself back. She couldn't, not now. There were too many people.

Emily, a biochemist, caught Sidney's gaze and followed it before smirking. "He's way out of your league, girlie."

Sidney blinked and looked back at the three other individuals, all of whom were staring at her and only one was trying to hide the knowing little smirk of amusement. She laughed awkwardly, her cheeks turning bright red. "I- I wasn't..." she stammered, which cued a collective burst of laughter from the group.

"We're giving you a hard time," Dominik chuckled, patting her on the back. "Although I don't blame you," he said a little quieter, "he is a bit of eye candy if you know what I mean!" He laughed when Sidney squeaked and blushed even more before giving her some space and continued the conversation.

The blue man took a deep draw of his drink and sat the beverage down on the counter. He looked around at the festive crowd but merely raised an eyebrow before taking another drink from the glass. Lixor drew in a deep breath content to stay where he was.

Sidney listened to the conversation for a bit before feigning a yawn. "I think I'm going to hit the hay, guys," she said.

"What??" Dominik exclaimed. "It's too early!!"

"I uh, I haven't been getting much good sleep. Besides, I want to go exploring tomorrow," she replied. Before they could do anything, she excused herself and hastily left.

Zera caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the woman he recognized from the shuttlebay, the one who was "helping" Phelps with something when he had walked in. He watched her leave, absentmindedly nodding to whatever his table was discussing, before something else caught his attention. M'Gann made her appearance at the party, and she was looking around for someone. Part of him was glad to see her out and socializing, but at the same time he felt like he needed to keep an eye on her.

When M'Gann entered the first thing she did was look around. It didn’t take very long to find him, and when she did she first started walking towards him, then broke into a run, weaving around people. She could barely hear the people around her, and when she got closer she let her emotions take over. "Khelev!!" She yelled, her voice desperate.

Khelev’s antenna went up in surprise before he turned towards the voice that said his name. It sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place it as his eyes finally fell on the person making their way towards him. He blinked a few times, trying to place who it was but there was something familiar about her.

The second he turned, the blonde nearly plowed into him, throwing her arms around his neck as she hugged him. She couldn’t help but start tearing up, and she burrowed her face into his shoulder. "Oh Rassilon, I missed you so much! I thought I would never see you again, cause there was the explosion, and I didn't know i-if you had made it, and I-I thought th-that the Order had g-gotten you, and... and..." Words seemed to fail her as she clung to him, feeling his warmth and his physical presence, her shoulders slightly shaking.

When contact was made, he could feel the vibrations of her heartbeat and his arms moved around her and picked her up off the ground as he realized who it was, “Got me? Ha! It’ll be a hot day in hell before the Order had a chance at getting me. I was very glad to find out you were safe.”

M'Gann held on for a couple moments longer, just to make sure he was really there before pulling back a little and looking up at him. She stared into his eyes for a moment before looking away, using her hands to wipe her cheeks free of tears. After all they shared, she was worried that she would forget him. "Sorry, it's just... what they did... I-I..." There were so many things she wanted to say, but she couldn't seem to get them out right.

"I can't even imagine," Khelev said honestly, he reached up and gently cupped her cheek. "I've heard enough about what happened to you. If I had known, I would have come for you. I would have killed every last one of them, just like I did for Merci."

Lixor had noticed M'Gann and his gaze drifted her direction for a moment then lifted his glass and empty the rest of it's contents before setting it down on the counter. "Just give it up Lixor," he muttered under his breath before motioning for the bar keep to come and give him a refill. He drew in a deep breath and glanced down at the glass one more time as if looking at it would fill it again.

Mercia smiled at Khelev and M'Gann, seeing the man so tender for those he'd picked up and considered family. She ran her fingers through Mollis hair and swayed a bit, bouncing the kid, hoping she'd pass out pretty quick, and Lyla would show up to pick her up. A night out with Khelev was something to look forward to. "Give the man a mission and he will tear apart the universe to protect his family." she said grinning at M'Gann. "I don't think any thing in the universe can stop Khelev ch'Koro. Not even me."

"You're probably the only thing that could stop me," Khelev said softly. "You almost did and I still regret not making a different decision."

Mercia glanced up at him and smiled, "Yeah well. I'm still pissed at you, but the truth is, there is a lot of good in my world because you left me behind." she said as she curled Mollis hand around her finger. "Alright, enough of the sappy stuff, we're here to eat, drink and be merry!" she said. "DRINKS! ON HAWKINS!" she yelled from where she was standing and was met with a chorus of cheers.

Walking over, Lizzy grinned and held up her cup, "Do you mean actually on him? Oh, and here is a card. Molli can get in free and nothing is dangerous.. much."

She stuffed a small brightly colored card into Mercia's hand that was labelled 'Memphis Island Baby Animal Petting Zoo'. And then stuffed one into Khelev's too followed by one for M'Gann.

Mercia looked down at the card and arched her brows, "Interesting..." she muttered. "A petting zoo?"

Lizzy smiled, "Yeah, a petting zoo. It started out with just Bobo, but then I thought he needs some friends. So I bought a nice big place and had it outfitted with holo-emitters to project a nice environment. And have been able to add in a nice little collection. So far, it is mostly African Earth ones or like them - there is a meerkat colony, two wildeebeast, a hippo, some cheetahs and a rather confused lion named Patsy. But I got him cheap from a Ferengi so. I have a Vulcan sehlat in transit at the moment with help from T'Madh's brother in the Vulcan Science Academy, and hired a couple of staff already including an really good exotic animals vet."

"I take it you want to take the little rascal there? You know on Andor we don't pet animals, we hunt them," Khelev smiled at Molli, the two of them had gotten to know each other pretty well in the recent months.

Molli produced a grin at Khelev with her small baby teeth displayed. She reached for him and grunted, wiggling in the carrier.

"I think she'd like it, might as well do it sometime. Maybe tomorrow?" Mercia commented as she wrapped an arm around the carrier to make sure Molli didn't wiggle herself totally free. "Maybe we can see if Tali is having a good day and experiment with taking her on an outing?" she wondered.

Turning to Khelev, Lizzy tried to stop her mouth quivering and then glowered at him, "Fang is providing security at the moment, so I'll put your ass on his 'watch' list. No hunting allowed in my zoo. I am keeping the predators away from prey."



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