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That new ship smell part 1

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 1:51pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & Lieutenant JG Bertram 'Bert' Engels Jr. & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen
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Mission: Blackout

Mercia Kavi stepped into the new conference room. The room was much larger, with a very long nearly fully circular table. The center of it was open, but where the holographic displays would show up.

With a ship this large, there was space at the table for every department head AND the assistant department heads to sit side by side, and there were benches along two walls for other aides if they were needed.

"Good morning Commander." Emmah's voice came in behind her.

Mercia jumped and turned around, "Emmah, Hi." she said.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to frighten you. Do you know where I should be sitting?" she asked.

"You're Davids PA, the seat to his left would be the place to go," she said pointing to the bottom of the U where the CO's chair was. "I'll be on the right."

The doors opened again and a few crewmen came in with trays of coffee and sweets, which made Mercia grin. Coffee was her life blood, "Put a carafe in front of my seat will ya?" she laughed.

Nuxac stepped in, looking speculatively around the room before turning to the captain.

"Hello, ma'am," he said. "Are there designated seats for each department?"

Mercia looked at the Ferengi and tried not to make a face, "I don't think so." she said snagging a pastry from the trays and then heading for the table. "This room is big enough to hold a shuttle or two huh?" she said making conversation.

Price came into the conference room and let out a whistle. "Well, wow." He looked around. He nodded his head at Kavi, "Captain." And he nodded his head to Emmah. "Ma'am."

Phelps had nearly missed the remainder of the meeting; the new Intel Offices and support facilities assigned to his department only kept him like a child in a toy store. Before entering the Conference room Phelps made sure no one was around then he performed the 'Picard Maneuver' on his jacket and entered the conference Room. He adjusted his glasses during a panoramic view of the room with an expression of being impressed. He had his usual PADD in hand while crossing to sit next to Nuxac.

"No infestation," Phelps commented quietly to his deputy chief. "Top of the morning to you all." He said in his normal tone to those gathered.

"No infestation of what, sir?" Nuxac said out of the corner of his mouth.

"Bugs, Listening or Data Feeds detected," Phelps whispered. "Been checking since we came on board initially; fifty-odd decks too a bit to scan."

Paula had moved her gear over to the new ship and had sorted herself out with her quarters, now here she was about to enter the new Conference room and before she entered the room behind Phelps; She pushed the bangs from the front of her face and then entered the room. As she did so the size of the room hit her and she said,"wow, this is something," as she couldn't wait to see er new office.

She continued," Morning everyone," as she gave a smile and found a chair to sit on.

Shiloh walked in, slightly curious why a Junior Enlisted was invited to the meeting, but his name was listed on the invitation as it were. He stepped in, clad in his grey uniform and surveyed the room. He limped over slightly just behind Kavi. "Our mutual friend has been taken care of. The Romulan should have what is needed and your friend should be good as new," he said in a quiet voice. He limped over to sit next to Phelps and Nuxac, nodding to the both of them.

Mercia nodded, "Thanks." she murmured watching him. With what was coming they'd need every analytical mind at their full access, and honestly, she was curious about this fellow.

Julian wasn't sure whether he liked the new ship or not. For the most part, he liked faster, smaller ships. But, he had to admit that he liked the layout and design of the new one. He was carrying a cup of coffee and a PAaD when he came in and greeted everyone.

Lixor came in with a PaDD in his hand eyeing the new surroundings with more than a little caution. His expression wasn't exactly warm on his blue face though his uniform was as crisp and new as the ship he was now on. He ventured in and looked at the faces that were more familiar than the circular table they were settling around. He came closer finding an empty seat and placed the PaDD down on the hard table surface then took his seat.

Entering into the room pushing a cart, Lizzy looked around and grinned, "Commander, is it just me or are the designers of this ship really compensating for something? I swear that all we need now is some stained glass windows, some stone arches and a big-ass cross at one end to make this into a cathedral."

Making her way over to Mercia, she picked up one of the purple fruits from the top and handed it over, "Oh, and I bought some presents for everyone. This is a mangosteen fruit from South-East Asia on Earth. I spent a lot of time there as a child."

Lizzy then began handing them out to the others that we around.

Zeti walked in like a wide-eyed excited child, they had a new ship that was way bigger than the last one. It had a lot more capabilities and even came equipped with a quantum slipstream drive. There were some limitations to the drive, but the fact that she got to play with one had her very excited and every bit of the ship was impressive. Engineering was massive, she had way more staff and they had much better facilities for a verity of tasks.

When she entered the conference room, she took a second to take it all in before she grabbed some coffee and took the seat that had the Chief Engineer title on it and settled in.

M'Gann swallowed the lump in her throat as she stared at the doors to the conference room. On the other side of that door were faces, all of whom she witnessed their terrible end, but M'Gann knew she had to suck it up. After some negotiating with the doctors on MI, they had finally allowed her to be on Gladiator with her crew, and so long as she followed the conditions given to her she would be able to go wherever she wanted and help out during the mission. It wasn't much, but if she didn't have her two minimum checkups or stressed herself out either physically or emotionally, then she would be restricted to quarters. She readjusted her uniform for the fourth time and took a deep breath before stepping forward, which triggered the sensors to open the door. Hesitating just outside, she looked around at the people already present before spotting Lixor and moving to claim the seat next to him, mumbling hellos to everyone but trying to stay out of the metaphorical spotlight. She plopped down into the seat next to him and gave him an uneasy smile. The sooner this meeting started and ended the better, in her mind.

Lixor brightened some at seeing the blonde-haired woman. He nodded giving her a faint smile, "it's ok M'Gann," he said in a whisper intended only for the Science Chief to hear.

Phelps was sure to make eye contact with M'Gann, taking a couple of seconds to let her know his support of her as he had before and with a smile and a nod he hoped she would understand?

M'Gann nodded to Lixor before catching Phelps' gaze from across the table. Understanding, she gave a small nod with a faint smile before sitting back in her chair.

Lizzy looked up to see M'Gann and smiled to her.

If Amelia was nervous about being the Operations Chief aboard a Sovereign class ship, being responsible for a behemoth like the new Excalibur class Gladiator was positively daunting. Of course, the change of would happen just as she was starting to get comfortable too. She'd certainly be relying on Zeti and her other friends more than she had been before to get used t this new task.

Entering the room, Amy quickly found a chair with the other Operations & Engineering personnel giving Zeti a nod as she waited for the meeting to start.

After a few minutes of waiting, Lizzy slid down off her chair to the floor and began calming her breath as she twisted into a low lunge position with her front knee bent, knee aligned with her ankle, and her back leg extended behind her in a lizard pose. She had come from a rather interesting session and realized that maybe, a little bit of yoga might help.

"Time and a place Caldera," Mercia called out.

Lizzy gulped, and called out as she got back up, "Sorry."

"Captain on deck!" Emmah's voice was quickly heard just a second after the door opened. David gave her a quick look. Emmah nodded firmly, still taking pride in her position as she stood next to her chair, to the left of Davids chair.

Mercia rolled her eyes at the hologram and stood next to her seat, to the right of Davids. "Your voice is too sweet to be barking orders."

"Would you prefer I have a darker voice?" Emmah asked.

Mercia shook her head. "Yeah... like I'd encourage a hologram to change them to please me again," she muttered. That was a mistake she made years ago which helped send Emmah's brother to crazy town.

The Captain looked at her for a second out of the edges of his eyes with a slight smirk as he walked in with a plate full of cookies and a padd in his hands. He watched around the large room as people quickly snapped to attention in front of their chairs as he came to the table. "At ease, Please take your seats."

As they did, he took a cookie and passed it down the table. He enjoyed cookies and he felt part of him owed the crew for his busy schedule of late. SO What better than what he loved most to be shared with them. He finished his cookie before he spoke up. "Good morning all. As you all can tell, Miss Kavi and I both have been demoted down a rank. For obvious reasons, we weren't removed from leadership of you all, so we can assure you it was not because Admirals above were wanting to see us be scorched. We chose to take demotions on our own choosing to ensure that our good Mr. ch'Koro was safe. He may not be part of the actual Senior Staff, I have assigned him as our Ship's Mercenary. Seems appropriate with us," the captain shrugged as he looked at his XO on his side and his assistant on the other side.

"He will have a specific clearance level, but he is free to request work in any department." Mercia pipped up, wanting to ensure Zeti was away that he might ask for some projects. "I'd like intel to look through the data he collected on COIL as well," she said glancing at the Intel group.

"For the first thing on our list, Department report. Is everyone settled into our new ship and how does my ship look?"

"Your ship!?" Zeti blurted out before she smirked at David. "Engineering is beautiful, it's twice the size and has all the latest and greatest tech. She's quite well endowed and comes complete with a Quantum Slipstream drive. We got speed Captain and tell that dumb ass to come down to engineering and spend some time ogling this ship with me."

Phelps took the last opportunity to adjust his glasses before he spoke. "The Intel Section has expanded significantly enough for us to have additional resources to better process the data. There are still some modifications to be made to..." He almost gave a smirk. "Personalize it to our needs but I am confident that we are going to have all that we require there Sir." Phelps continued. "As for personnel, the addition of Mr. Nuxac will greatly help with the operations and logistics of the department as I whole I should think." He looked to his Deputy Intel Chief. "Anything to add Nuxac?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself, sir," the Ferengi said.

Shiloh sat there quiet. He still felt out of place being the Enlisted in Officer Country. The even weirder part about it was, no one even batted an eye about it. He had heard this was an interesting bunch of people, but this was proving that a little. He shifted in his chair slightly and made a mental note to research this COIL thing they were talking about.

Lizzy smiled and spoke next, "Counseling is doing good, very good actually as a group of low-ranked engineers were too happy to help transfer over the stripper pole too. We now also have a pediatric counseling room for the mental well-being of ship's children, complete with toys. Some of you will care about that."

Turning to Phelps, she added, "Oh, and one of the intel-quality encrypted cores is for Counseling records so hands off. It is the one I put nice pretty stickers on that has no hard line access. Admiral Engstrom was all too happy to transfer it over after my meeting with him to request one."

Lydia didn't always agree with Lizzy's behavior or focus, but she did respect her commitment to confidentiality. Whitlock had to wonder, though, how she could be so focused in that respect and yet, so child-like in others. As always, Lizzy was a zany mystery. She remained quiet but attentive. Whitlock represented two departments but led neither, so she didn't feel right reporting for any of them.

"Would never dream of it, though should you need help with the encryption protocols I am at your service." Phelps smiled knowing the make and model of the 'parallel' unit of Intel quality yet her needs were not nearly as high as those in an actual Intel department. "The Admiral sent a copy of the specs should there be any troubles you might need help as it is above standard encryptions." Phelps gave a wry grin. "I had a similar one in our shuttle."

"Ops is...adjusting to our new setting." Amelia said still feeling incredibly shy speaking up in front of so many more senior officers."Taking on the administrative and technical needs of a Sovereign class had been challenging...this...this is taking some getting used to.



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