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Night Cap

Posted on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 11:08am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Corridors
Timeline: After "Poker night"


"I have to admit," Vanora said when the door closed behind them, as they left together from the poker game. "That was not exactly what I had expected."

"No it certainly wasn't," Khelev shook his head and chuckled softly. It had been an enjoyable evening, but he doubted any songs would be written about their glorious card playing exploits. "But I'm used to playing with other freighter crew I suppose."

"As am I. Also, most poker games I've been to haven't seemed like a possible double-date," she smiled. "Still, I guess I can't be too disappointed. I did just get to spend some quality leisure time with you."

"That's true and hear all about what I did while I was on earth with a woman I never thought I'd run into," Khelev shook his head at that and his antenna drooped slightly. "It's weird, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks it is weird?"

"Kissing and telling, you mean? It's considered rude in some cultures, I suppose, including most Human ones that I know of. My father certainly wouldn't approve of it. Then again," Vanora said, "She was complimenting you, in her own way."

"You're right, she was. Maybe it's because you were both in the same room together," Khelev said, as his antenna turned in towards each other. "I'm surprised your father wouldn't approve. Sexuality is such a deep part of almost every culture. It's one of the few things we all have in common."

"He's Human. You know how Humans can be sometimes. For being the race of people who pushed the Federation to be a society dedicated to exploration and discovery, they can be surprisingly traditional and prudish in strange ways."

"Very true," Khelev nodded, suddenly realizing that they were wandering around on deck two. "Although I've always had a certain appreciation for humans and those species that look like humans. You, for example, are beautiful in your culture but to me you are exotic."

Vanora wrinkled her nose slightly. "So, you have a fetish for the exotic?" she asked. "I suppose you found Mercia 'exotic' as well?"

Khelev laughed softly and shrugged his shoulders. "Actually I thought she was just trying to rob me or screw with me but I just kept hanging on to see what would happen... All right so I found her somewhat exotic and what male doesn't? Humans fall all over themselves when an orion or trill woman is around. Why can't I like humans or elasians?"

Vanora pouted a bit. "I'd like to think that Humans are just more open-minded to the universal beauty that you can discover when you look beyond the surface. Is is really the case that you find women more attractive just because they happen to be Human or Human-looking? How does your Andorian mother feel about that?"

"Oh that's not the only thing I find attractive, nor is it a requirement," Khelev reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling nervously. "I like that feature though. I happen to like that you're beautiful and intelligent."

"While we're on the topic, when am I going to meet your mother?" Vanora asked with a look of sincerity on her face.

Khelev's antenna went straight up and started to quiver, she wanted to meet his mother already? Not even he was ready for that trial by fire and he didn't even know if he wanted such a thing quite yet. "My... You want to meet my mother?"

Vanora burst out laughing. "I'm kidding, Khelev. I think your face is turning blue-r." She smiled. "I think we both need another drink right now."

"Purple, when I blush it's purple Vanora," Khelev let out a big breath. "And that was very mean, although I think it would be you who regrets the day you meet my Mother. She's very protective of her family. And I find none of this very funny!"

"Aw... poor Khelev," Vanora made a teasing face. "I'm sure your mother is a lovely woman. Why would I regret meeting her? Do you think she wouldn't approve of me?"

"Yes, poor me. I think it will take some doing to win her over," Khelev replied honestly. "She doesn't think any woman is good enough for her boys. Although my brother married an Andorian."

"Oh yes. That I can understand. My mother is the same way. She was horrified that I married without her first approving of Tang. The only one of us three daughters who did right was my oldest sister, Helen. Arranged marriage to an Elasian."

"Tang sounds like a good man, I would be willing to bet he won her over," Khelev replied with a half smile. "I wonder how she feels about Andorians, of course meeting her would mean we are getting serious and I'd have to learn how to respond properly to your mother."

"She never met him." Vanora's eyes took on a far away look for a moment, before she brought herself back. "I imagine the Chief would be very fond of you, Khelev. Andorians are warriors, and you certainly have the fight flowing through your blood. That is something that all Elasians respect. But, why are we talking about this?" she laughed off the seriousness of the statement.

"Because we're drunk," Khelev's antenna turned inward toward each other in a shrug. "And we have a strong connection, you are a strong woman and you remind me of my family. It's easy to talk to you and to think about what a future might be like."

Vanora stopped walking, putting a hand on Khelev's arm for him to stop as well. "I've been giving you the wrong idea, perhaps," she sighed. "I like you, Khelev, and you're right, we're connecting. But..."

Khelev stopped when she touched his arm, he'd never been good at this part of things and that 'but' proved it. Perhaps it was that family was so important to him or the passion that burned in his chest or that he was the only one of his siblings that was still single but was the eldest. "No, you're right. I'm not very good at all of this, I never have been. Forget I said anything."

She shook her head. "I can't and won't. And I appreciate that you think of me that way. Please don't misunderstand me." She turned to face him directly and met his eyes. "I still dream about him," she said softly. "I still feel him with me."

"That I do understand, maybe not because I've lost a mate, but I've lost friends before," Khelev wasn't necessarily speaking about the Wasp's crew but they were a good and recent example. "I'm happy where things are at with us, truly."

Vanora smiled. "I know it's not fair, asking you to be patient when we haven't really even been on a proper date yet. It seems too early on for me to be laying this sort of weight upon you."

"Vanora, life isn't fair and just as you must endure my past, I must endure yours. I am getting ahead of myself anyway. From what you told me of Tang, he was a good man. I would not dishonor his memory by asking you to move on before you are ready," Khelev shot her a smile. "As far as a date, I think we just had one."

"Don't tell Mercia and David that," she laughed. "They'll just set up more poker nights."

"Why in the galaxy would I tell them that?" Khelev laughed with her. "Eventually Mercia will sneak in a strip poker night and I don't know how I feel about being the only clothed one in the room."

Her laughter was renewed. "It's inevitable, that cocky Andorian swagger of yours always comes back around, doesn't it?" She smiled. "I think I like it."

"Of course it does and of course you like it," Khelev grinned at her before moving one of his arms around her. "What do you say we have another drink in my quarters? I may not let you leave, just be warned."

"No man has or will ever stop me from doing what I want. Just to be warned," she parried back. "But right now, I do want another drink."



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