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Even Holograms may want to talk

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 8:32am by Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Blackout
Location: Emmahs Room
Timeline: Backpost

Emmah looked at the holo windows in her new quarters the new mission weighing heavily on her mind. Hareen, a planet with a high amount of AI in use, and seemingly untouched by COIL. Considering it was not federation, maybe Emmah shouldn’t be surprised. With the expertise of this crew in dealing with AI, mostly because of her own presence, they’d been selected to visit the planet and negotiate deals to trade information. It was a mission that would send COIL into a full tizzy. It was clear the Federation intended to expand on the use of AIs. So far with Lt. Commander Data, Voyager's Doctor, Elian, and herself, there seemed to be a high success rate of creating life non biological life.

The struggle she had was the fact the Doctor had not yet been granted personhood. Neither had she. Officially, she was a program owned by Starfleet, a simple tool, used by Captain David Hawkins as an administrative program. She wondered what this mission could spell for her future. Would this technology proove she was just another tool, or would it validate her claim to life?

Standing up she moved to a full length mirror that hung on the wall. She looked at her form, her sleek figure, her blond hair, bright catty eyes, and her personal choice in hair. Shaved on one side with a vine tattoo marking the whole way down. She liked the vine, it made her remember that life grew, and she grew and had life as well. And yet… at the change of a thought she could look like someone completely different, sound different, or even function differently. She shook her head, and headed back to her desk, she wanted to study these people a little more before they reached the planet.

Making her through the ship to where the computer had informed her that Emmah currently was, Lizzy smiled when she saw the blonde hologram working.

Knocking on the door, Lizzy grinned, "Penny for your thoughts, Emmah?"

Emmah looked up, "Why would you offer me a penny? Even with archaic values, a penny seems to be worth next to nothing?" she asked.

Lizzy smiled, "Emmah, it is an old Earth saying which my dad used to say to me when I was young. It means that I would like to ask you about your thoughts and feelings at the moment because I thought you might be a bit worried or anxious."

"I see." Emmah said looking back down at her tablet. "I am rather concerned." she said softly. "I wish I knew The federations intent with these AI systems. From what I can tell some are indistinguishable from normal people. I'm curious if they have the same rights, or if they will ever grant me the rights that you have?" she said. "The doctors case is still in court, and all we can do is wait."

Moving over to Emmah, Lizzy sat down, "That is going to be an interesting question to explore. It is important to keep an open mind though. I do know that no one on this ship believes you don't deserve rights and we will fight for you. I sort of already started awhile ago.. Which led to me getting an unofficial request to stop threatening to insert a sharp pointy pole up the head of Starfleet Counseling if they don't help better. One of the things I was planning to find out is how the AI's are treated."

"My case is in the courts already, and I would like some resolution. I would feel better about it, but I really can't help but wonder what the Federation intents with this trade."

Lizzy nodded, "Although I'm not actually a lawyer, I want to help you as much as I can. I'm not sure either. When David mentioned about them, I began wondering about why there was so much interest too. We all know how there are some bad elements and I hope that we can get this worked out in a good way. Do you want to go down and meet some of them?"

"I absolutely would." Emmah said. "I believe I will speak with Captain Hawkins as well." she said.

Lizzy grinned, "I am really glad to hear that - I think it could be good for you. If David isn't in for it, please let me know. I haven't stormed into his office to verbally tear him a new asshole recently, and you are definitly worth it, Emmah."

Emmah laughed at the womans comments, "Of any one in my world, Hawkins is the most supportive. He is a good advisor, but I believe I would be wise to ask if he has further insight on this issue." she said. She looked at Elizabeth, "When did you decide that I was real?" she asked.

Lizzy smiled, glad to see that Emmah found it funny as she had tried, and nodded. Then she sobered up a little mentally the next words and took Emmah's hands in hers, "Well, I realized a bit later after I rudely paused you during that blackout caused by a nebula on the way to the 9th fleet. I still feel really bad about that as even then, you had developed a wonderful personality that was real."

"I am quite happy that ability is no longer possible. I can not be paused again." she said. "Not easily at least." she winced. "ch'Koro has layered securities on to my programming. I test it regularly."

Lizzy grinned, "That's good. And I still feel bad about it anyway. How are you finding this new ship and quarters?"

"More than comfortable, it is a larger space than I need, however, it does give me space to explore different interests." she said looking around.

Lizzy smiled, "Yeah, the rooms are quite roomy - I've been managed to stash away stuff there to T'Madh's annoyance. I'm glad that you are able to explore interests. What sort of things are you trying out?"

"Art and dancing for the most part." Emmah said. "Painting, and sculpting with in the art." Emmah got up from her chair and walked over to a shelf and motioned to the list of small items. "Stone, crystal, wood.. some larger pieces I have stored on Memphis Island." she said.

Lizzy grinned, "That's very cool, Emmah." Getting up, she followed over and took a look at the pieces & was impressed, "You are really good. Have you thought of maybe entering into art shows and such? I know I'm not good enough, but you are. And its normal to build up collections. I send some of the nature scene drawing stuff I do to my Mum when it builds up too much, so there are lots around her offices."

Emmah tipped her head, "It is difficult because I am still trying define uniqueness. Most of my crafts are perfect models of someone else's creativity. For the moment it is study, and eventually I hope to see things from my perspective and translate them to my own art." she said.

Lizzy nodded, "Don't worry about that, Emmah. I am sure that you will be able to look up the exact references, but the most common one I've heard is by Sir Isaac Newton - If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Everyone has to start by learning from people who came before them, even someone like Pablo Piccasso or Michelangelo who apprenticed in Florence."

Emmah smiled at the counselor for the encouragement, "Thank you." she said. "I will continue to pursue the arts. They contain so much culture...."


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