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Counselling for Captain

Posted on Thu Apr 6th, 2017 @ 12:31am by David Hawkins

Mission: Blackout
Location: Lizzy's Office

/// ON ///

Entering into her office after saying hello to Lacey, Lizzy walked over to the wall and pulled Fang's tail out of the socket. The robotic cub let out a little soft roar and began bounding around the room. Going to the replicator for a dandelion tea with goat’s milk and maple syrup sugar, Lizzy carried it over to her desk, sipping from it as she sat down and put her login to the computer.

After that, she leaned down and looked into the socket, letting it scan her iris pattern. Following, she put her finger on the scanner and yelped when it took a blood sample to recognize that she wasn't a shapeshifter.

Sucking her finger as her terminal opened its hardwired connection to the Intelligence-grade computer that was currently being used for Counseling records, Lizzy wondered if she was going overkill, but.. she took privacy strongly.

Checking her schedule, Lizzy brought up the captain's record and headed over to the couch past the stripper pole which she had decided to leave up, carrying a datapad with her.

The door of the new counselor office slid open and David walked in slightly unsure how to handle all that was about to be covered during the counseling with Lizzy. He had come to enjoy and even become used to her unusual but skilled capability as a counselor on his ship and under his command. There had been some very questionable points in her service with them, but he had always backed her skills and intelligence for the whole drive.

"Counselor," the captain started off as he slowly walked in and scanned the room with his eyes. He was quite impressed with it, but just like the rest of the ship, her office was large and spacious to say the least. The cramped feeling of other classes of ships were truly designed for their mission roll. But the Excalibur class was truly a modern marvel. It had all the bells and whistles, despite it not being the newest class out there for the federation.

Springing up, Fang raced across the room and dropped a yellow tennis ball at David's feet, as Lizzy smiled, "Hello, nice to see you. I'm still keeping the no ranks or role titles routine for counseling appointments, David. It just seems wrong. Can I get you anything from the replicator before we start? I'm a counselor, not a dentist, so you don't need to worry."

"Fair enough... Elizabeth," he smirked as he knelt down and petted Fang before making his way to the couch to sit down. "Southern sweet tea will be great please."

Lizzy had been heading to the replicator and suddenly braked to a halt before visibly shuddering & turning, "Seriously, David? I'm not that old.. Only my mum calls me that when I have really screwed up. And bloody Starfleet HR. It's taken me years to get T'Madh not to as well, but.."

Going to the replicator, she ordered the drink and returned with it, handing it to him before sitting down opposite, "Okay, so how have things been going with you recently?"

"Oh, its the same thing as always," he shrugged as he looked at her for a moment before looking at her small pet. "How about yourself?"

Lizzy smiled, "Nice deflection, but the idea is really to talk about you. Since you asked, I've started a baby animal petting zoo operation on Memphis Island. Bo Bo needs friends since someone won't let me keep a lost baby alien giraffe in my quarters or a shuttlebay. And would give him a sore neck anyway."

Sipping from her tea, she continued, "How are you feeling about the demotion to help keep our goofball ex-Chief Engineer out of prison?"

"What? Do you think we shouldn't have done what we did?" David questioned as he looked up at her.

Lizzy shook her head, "I agree totally with it. Although, you didn't really use all your resources. I'm sure I could have helped by seducing an admiral or two. Apart from the rightness of it, I still want to know how you are coping with it."

"It's fine with me," he shrugged as he leaned back and drank his cool liquid. "Not really changing much. Less dealing with things, but not by much."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay, that is a good attitude to have. Since we've dealt with the elephant in the room, how have you been going with remebering to not work yourself to death & taking time to not burn out?"

David smirked slightly as he nodded in agreement. "Well, Finally got settled in. I work to relax and i relax by resting. Does that make since?"

Lizzy frowned a little, "Yes, I understand what you mean, and no, I'm not sure that is a good thing. I am more interesting in finding out some details on the resting and what there might be other then sleeping & resting."

"How is it not a good thing? I enjoy it. Isn't that the whole reason for resting and relaxing?" He countered as he looked at her with a slight raised eye brow.

Lizzy sighed before continuing, "So, what I mean as examples of good things other then sleep & collapsing on a sofa is hobbies and interests. Stuff like bar-tending, painting, drawing, holonovels, fishing or playing sports. I've asked all my staff to do checkups on mental burnout."

"Not really," David shrugged as he sighed thinking about how he had been able to fish and horse back ride in while on Earth. It had been nice to get a break from technology and responsibilities for the first time in years. He had enjoyed fishing on a lake that he had grown to enjoy when he was younger. But now he found himself back in the big chair and calling the shots once again.

He looked down at his side arm, which was a ballistic pistol, primitive and smirked as he looked back at her. "Well I guess I could go and enjoy the range that the marines have, or go on the holodeck and go fishing and what not. But no I really haven't really found a hobby since I got back to work once again."

Lizzy frowned, "Well, that isn't really good. You need to make time for that sort of thing and do some investigations. Hell, even Mercia manages to and you know what she's like. Maybe I can help with ideas? Apart from fishing or shooting, would you be interested in more quieter pursuits like maybe learning a new language or maybe sport or class? There are a number of people who run classes, both as part of their duty shifts and volunteering. I run a hot yoga class for instance, and yesterday, T'Madh and I signed up for a Latin American dance class every Thursday night run by one of the engineers."

"Not much of a person to do such things. I enjoy peace and quite when I have been around so many people all the time," David admitted as he thought out loud. "I mean, you do want me to have more down time, what's wrong with that?"

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. But just don't go all Quasimodo or Postal on us. I don't want to be the counselor who needs to explain how I let someone get to that point, and I'll leave Medical to deal with any physical aspects."

He leaned back for a moment and scanned her with his eyes before he smirked and nodded in agreement. "Fair enough, counselor."

Lizzy smiled, "Good. Because I don't want to have to burst into your office and yell at you again."

"Something tells me you enjoy yelling at me," David smirked as he looked at the woman before him. He had known her for years. She was one of a kind and it was quite interesting to keep her around. honestly, he was quite happy with her. But sometimes, her actions seemed to be very questionable.

Lizzy sighed, "It is a bad habit which I'm trying to work on. I do feel bad about it and try not to. It's only when I get really passionate about things and sort of tend to charge into things without thinking. At least I don't have to wear protective body armor to your office. Seriously though, please just look after yourself mentally and it's all cool."

"Oh I will, but you and I are going to need to go to the range some time and get you comfortable with using a weapon," he explained countering her as he turned the table on her.

Lizzy was amused at the dodge, and nodded, "I'm pefectly fine with getting lessons if you consider that relaxation, but you should know that I have passed all of my Starfleet phaser requirements and it is just by personal choice that I don't like shooting people. I have very good hand-eye co-ordination, like when I sconned Ensign Parou on the back of the head with a bread roll in the mess hall last week when he pinched the butt of one of the new female Science ensigns. He's on report for that."

"I'll have to talk to Mercia about that one," he smirked as he stood up and stretched. "I need to get back to my hectic work of sitting in my Captain's chair."

"We'll see. Have a good day."

"You too," David nodded with a grin. He was about to walk out of the room before he paused and looked over his shoulder and grinned. "And counselor..."

Lizzy looked up, "Yes, David? Anything else?"

"It was nice that you found a uniform size that doesn't easily slide off so easy," he joked before walking out and down the hall.

Lizzy smiled for a moment before grinning mischievously as she called out even though it was just a normal uniform, "It is called body-paint. Joking."

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Caldera, DClinPsy.
Chief Counsellor
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


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