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You're On!!!

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 8:03am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Blackout
Location: U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: Back Post

After the briefing with the diplomatic staff and other members was complete, David grabbed his coffee cup off the table and refilled it real quick before nodding to Kavi. It was back to their routine walk through the ship. He stood up and offered a hand to the door, implying the need to get a moving. "Ladies first," David insisted as he smirked lightly to be in a cheerful spirit.

"Well then that means you'll have to step through the door before me. I am no lady." she laughed before she finally did walk through, with her cup of coffee refilled in her hand. "They need to make mini replicators that fit on the bottom of these cups... keep the coffee always full." she said looking down at her mug as they crossed the massive and busy bridge for the nearest lift.

"I'll get our R&D department on that right away," David smirked as he stepped up to the lift and entered in with his XO. After calling out their destination, he looked at her. "So you all settled into your new quarters? I saw that it was almost twice as big as your last quarters on the last ship."

Mercia lifted her shoulder, "Its going to take a while to make it home, I'd hardly made the last one homey." she said. "The extra space is a relief though, Molli has her own room, and the 3rd extra room is good for Khelev to have his own little workshop, which will stop this issue of Molli getting in to his tools and projects." she said. "It feels less like quarters and more like a house, which I wouldn't care about if not for the brat." she told him. "Thank you by the way... for arranging for Tali to have a secure room here near the hospital, I had Khelev instal holo panels so she thinks she can still see outside on the Island." she said. "I was really worried about leaving her behind with Lylas schedule the next few months, evaluating possible academy recruits."

"How is Tali coming along?" David asked concerned before taking a sip of his coffee moments before the turbolift came to a stop. The two stepped out passed a couple new faces who had snapped to attention."New crew need to be reminded to ease up on all this."

Mercia gave them both a stern look, just to mess with them, before she continued along. "She has her good days and her bad days. Some days she knows who she is, and she's frustrated by her reality, other days she still thinks shes me and is meant to kill me. The unpredictability has made it hard for her to see Molli. I want to let her see her, she knows she had a baby, and she cries about it a lot, not knowing what happened. her short term memory is an absolute mess." she sighed. "I don't know that she'll ever be fully functional. i'm just hoping for consistent stability and lack of murderous desires so she can at least have some freedoms, even if she's under constant care."

"So nothing from Star Fleet Medical on assisting with all that?" David asked as they walked through the ship corridor as he enjoyed the coffee.

"The problem is the bridge is so deeply fused in to her brain, to take it out could risk further damage. Right now they're working on a therapy to try and get her body to reject the implant, but they have to be careful and slow or else she wont be able to recover. The location in the brain and longevity of its presence means to just cut it out means she would lose the ability to retain short term memory, permanently. That is the fear. Since starting the therapy her short term memory has gotten worse, as have her memories since arriving on Gladiator." she said. "Could you imagine missing such a large piece of your life?"

"In a way," he said as they continued their normal routine of walking their ship. He thought of all things that they had gone through over the years, and he couldn't imagine his life any other way, anymore. There had been a short time where be had tried but it wasn't the same. "I'd say that's what makes our crew unique. Different stories but we all have a past in which we are striving to either forget or recover from."

Mercia glanced at him and nodded, "We have all been through a lot... but we were running from our memories. She can't hold them."

"Wish there was some more we could do for her," David offered. Deep down, he felt responsible even though there was no reason for it at all. But it was bound to be thrown on them like everything else.

"We are doing more than she deserves." Mercia said bitterly."There are days I still hate her so deeply I want to throw her out an air lock. She isn't innocent, she choose this life... and yet she was manipulated and coursed in to all of it, so how much can I really hate her?" she wondered.

"That I can not answer. I am sorry, Mercia," David said honestly as he tried to comfort her. "but hey, we can always use her as target practice."

"Don't tempt me!" Mercia said. "Because she might piss me off enough one of hese days to do it. I already make a point to visit her sans weaponry, as to not risk her lifting one off me. Not that I think she could, but its just not worth the risk." she sighed. She glanced up at him and sipped her coffee cup. "So why the hell did they give us this massive ship? WHat made them think we can handle this big of a ship AND still keep things in order on Memphis Island?"

"Well with this command, they took me out of the full leadership of Memphis Island, but kept you in charge of the Academy on M.I. for now thanks to your Admiral friend," David explained slightly. But he still didn't know fully as to why they had been given the battleship they now oversaw.

Mercia scoffed, "Not that I do much beyond approve reports. I've got the structure set up so that I just sign off on things and inspect things when I'm around to make sure its still functioning. My actual work here." she laughed. "Of course the annoying gaggle of cadets in my outer office are under my personal coaching... You want some cadets? I can give you some cadets! Maybe they'd make good target practice... Oh... can we do that?!"

"No, because I told the cadets that it was an order to stay by your side to insure that you had all the assistance that you ever need with all my expectations of you," David smirked as he nodded to a group of personal they walked by.

"Jackass." Mercia muttered. "Too bad, I'm going to tell them that Emmah is overwhelmed and you need your office redecorated!"

"That's why I have two marines outside my office ordered to shoot anyone that goes near my office!" David smirked as he turned inside the turbolift with his team and looked at the bridge. "You have the bridge... Number One." With that, the turbolift doors slid shut with the group on the turbolift grinning at all the fiasco.

"That's why I have two marines outside my office ordered to shoot anyone that goes near my office without my prior approval!" David smirked. "Do you think I'm dumb enough to not have the proper security measures in place with this crew we have?"

"Oh you underestimate me Davey!" she smirked. "Who do you think yo're talking to? If i want to get cadets in your office, a pair of marines would never stop me." she said with a dark voice.

"I dare you," He countered knowing that he had to have other things in place just in case.

"Oh you challenged me." She grinned. "You're on!" she laughed.



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