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Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2017 @ 8:14am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Nuxac

Mission: Blackout

Cariss Nal opened her eyes and took a deep breath as she stepped out of the pod she'd been plugged in to for the last couple of days. It was time to work, but already she longed to return to the pod and live a life outside of the recycled air, and cold caves that her people lived in. The virtual world was far better, but being a leader among the corporations, she could not remain there at all times.

Her aide, an AI, that looked like a normal Hadeen, but with purple hair, so she could pick him out of the crowd, held out her slick business jacket. "Miss Cariss, the Federation representatives will be arriving in system in under an hour." he reported.

"Thank you Caxz" she said with a smile as she pulled the jacket on. This trade was a boon for her. She'd been fighting for it for a long time. It was long time the Hadeen figure out how to reclaim their ruined planet. Necessity had given them something valuable to trade, and s he was excited that in her life time she might see the planet starting to return to its former glory. Not all of the corporations agreed with her, she saw the gains they could obtain, and expansions for all their businesses. They feared losing the corporate power when the Plugged In awoke to a new world, and may insist on a representative government. She knew there were ways to ensure the corporations would retain their power, but right now, finding a way to continue their existence was more important. Life was not going to be able to continue forever the way it was now, and some people were too blind to see it. She left the privet pod area and headed for the conference room that had been set up to meet with the Federation delegates to finalize these plans. Today was the first step towards a new world.


Chrid Mak was already seated when Cariss entered.

He smiled at her. It was a smile that had gotten him into many a bedroom, but he knew from past experience it was useless against her. She was determined to ruin a system that had worked long before the both of them were born and could keep running once the Federation bullies she had allied herself with were gone, and even a smile like his was nothing compared to the power she desired for herself.

"Hello Cariss," he said, flicking away an imaginary piece of lint off his custom-made suit. "Ready for the end of the world?"

Cariss looked at Chrid. Of course he would be here. He was attractive, well spoken, and had power. "One, we already survived the end of the world. If we want to continue our race we need to act, or else all that will be left of us is... this..." she motioned to Caxz.

He shook his head like an adult at a child who had said something incredibly foolish: a mixture of superiority and sadness.

"There is more than one way for a world to end," he said patiently. "Suppose the Federation goes through. Do you really think they are content to leave it at that, a simple exchange of technology?

"No, Cariss, they will then start dictating terms on how we have to live, terms that will strip us of our identity and history if we wish to continue to do business with them," he said. "I really wish you could see that."

The woman offered him a glare, "So the alternative it to die?" she demanded. "Have you stepped foot outside the complex?" she asked him. They had time off the grid, but in a very affluent complex, filled with comforts, and fresh air, comforts, food, and privet grid pods. "I'm willing to bet you haven't." she motioned to the windows which showed false images of what the world used to look like. It looked like a vast and beautiful city from this room. "Its nothing like that, our people, our race, our history is dieing. Even if we make one trade with them and heal our planet, it is worth some compromise."

Chrid sighed, rolled his eyes and shook his head.

He then checked his timepiece.

"So, how much longer until our new masters show up?" he asked.

"About twenty minuets, but I wish you would not refer to them as such." she said as she looked beyond him to the nice tables set out with some traditional foods and drink. It pained her to know how much of this was waste. She appreciated her affluent life style, and had no desire to loose it, but she had learned, and become frugal. If she was going to deny a city air to breath of food to eat, she had to be responsible with what she did make use of. Was it worth the death of starvation of asphyxiation of their people to impress these foreigners. "Just try not and get the first female you see in bed hmm?" she said with a bit more of a cynical tone.

He smiled his charming smile.

"Diplomacy is more than just words, Cariss," he said. "Sometimes it is...actions."

She tipped her head, "Really? Then why is it that you have a number of enemies because of your exploits?" she challenged him with a laugh.

"Ma'am, the Federation ship has arrived early and are hailing." her aide said.

Cariss, "Well then." she said. "here we go."


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