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Streaker in Aisle 4

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 1:45am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Blackout
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Before Arrival

Getting up slowly & carefully from bed after tossing for a bit, Lizzy made she hadn't woken T'Madh and headed out to the main section of their quarters. She had already tried some of the normal things - exercise, warm milk with nutmeg, and even meditation.

Her mind was racing a little and Lizzy knew that she needed some rest. Going over to the replicator, she spoke, "Access medical subsystem, authorisation Elizabeth-Nine-Three-Alpha-Six-Lambda-Seven-Four-Two."

[Working.. Connection ready for medication replication.]

Smiling, she continued, "One half dose of zolpidem. and a glass of water."

While she didn't like taking medicine for things like this, one time would be okay. It had been a fair bit of time since the wine she had with dinner, and the water would help anyway she hoped.

Taking the pill and drinking the water to chase it down, Lizzy smiled and headed back to bed. Closing her eyes, it wasn't long before she fell asleep.

An hour later though, a very naked Lizzy had left her quarters and made her way along the corridor, not even noticing anything since she was sleep-walking. She had managed to make it to a turbolift and spent a minute tapping the button until an empty lift arrived.

Walking inside, she gurgled out a few things, with the computer repeating "Unkown location. Please repeat location."

Finally, the program managed to recognise a single word of "Bridge" in the middle of Lizzy's ramblings and the lift car began moving.

Finally, it arrived and Lizzy walked out. At first, none of the backup night shift crew really noticed as they were paying attention to consoles. But as Lizzy stumbled around in the upper section, eyes shifted up.

One of the junior staff spoke up, "Lieutenant Commander, are you okay? You have no clothes on."

Lizzy mumbled out random words, "Dog pig cat water."

He looked towards the officer on duty, who said, "See if you can wake her."

He nodded and shook her arm, which didn't work, before taking hold and shaking her a bit. Lizzy just giggled and murmured, "Elephant!"

At the point, she ran away from the Ensign and started running around, giggling like a four year old.

Sighing, the man on duty tapped the command to open a channel, "Ensign, see if you can grab her and keep her still. You, go replicate a robe for her. Lieutenant Murdock to Security, can you send someone up? I think our Chief Counselor is sleep-walking nude on the bridge. And now she is running around here."

The poor ensign began racing after Lizzy, who was quite quick and treating it like a little game in her addled state.

[Paula's Quarters]

Paula had just started to doze off when her Combadge chirped, As she tapped it she replied in a dazed tone," Winchester here, what's happening?" as she heard the drama starting to happen as the Ensign spoke, She thought~ Oh god,~ she responded," Give me ten minutes and I'll deal with her," as she slid out of the bed and tapped her replication unit for a clean uniform, She finished," Winchester out,"

As she started to get dressed she wondered about calling T'Madh and letting her know what was happening, but it was better to deal with Lizzy herself, as she remembered the last time she went sleepwalking. as she pulled on her boots and slapped her combadge onto her left breast she wondered what the Captain and the XO will say when she has to report this.

But that was for later; after Paula had sorted the problem out as she quickly ran out of her quarters and headed for the nearest turbolift.

By the time the turbolift arrived, Lizzy was still very much out of it and the bridge crew was having trouble catching the slippery nude counselor, who was really out of it.

Lieutenant Murdock was exasperated and turned, "Oh, can you deal with her? I'm going to be demoted to Private and sent to the Gorn embassy."

Lizzy began skipping and spinning around like a windmill, making raspberry noises. Stopping in front of the lift, she waved, "Buttercup!!"

Paula stepped out in front of Lizzy and looked at the naked Officer, As she walked towards her she said," Lizzy Caldera, What am I going to do with you," as she placed her hands upon her hips, Paula knew that someone in a sleep walking state and waking them up suddenly was dangerous. She slid her Jacket off her shoulders and said," Here put this on," as she wanted to get Lizzy warm be fore taking her to Sickbay for help, the Question was where was T'Madh?

Lizzy lurched forwards and slid in close, not noticing the jacket going over her as she practically ran into Paula and managed to trip in the process. She definitly lighter then the security officer apart from a similar height, and her hands went up, to try and catch.

In her 'totally out of it' state, Lizzy's mind was all over the place and the contact caused a bit of an opening in her empathic mental shield - along with the sudden jolt knocking her awake a bit more as she shrieked.

"Lizzy, It's Paula, your going to be ok," replied Paula as she tired to quieten her friend down, Paula was now starting to worry that the fall might have hurt her as she could see that she was now distressed.

Lizzy moaned, "Fuzzy."

Down in their shared quarters, T'Madh had been sleeping after a long day and not noticed Elizabeth leaving. But the sudden rush brought the Vulcan fully awake like Lizzy was screaming, and she spun around looking.

Jumping up, she spoke, "Computer, where is Elizabeth Caldera?"

[Elizabeth Caldera is on the bridge at the moment.]

Something was wrong and she closed her eyes, realizing that she could sense someone else in the sort of connection she had.

Breathing, she thought out, 'Hello?'

Paula heard a strange voice in her head that hadn't been there before, She thought back," Hello, Who is this?" whilst she held onto Lizzy in her arms whilst trying to sooth her and calm her down. It felt rather strange hearing another voice in one's head, but for some reason it started to worry her, as it made her feel uneasy about someone knowing her thoughts and what she kept private.

T'Madh was quite surprised actually and hadn't really expected what was happening, 'It is T'Madh. This is quite interesting, as I did not know half-Betazoids could make a link. I can sense that Elizabeth is in a rather perculiar state. And I do not mean the public nudity. I apologise for any intrusion, and there should be no lasting side-affects. I can come up and collect her to take to Medical.'

Paula thought back," T'Madh, this is Paula Winchester," as she started to feel Lizzy's emotional state start to batter her, She continued," We are on the Bridge and I'm not sure what to do," she finished," Do I get her off me or hold on to her?" as she was worried that Lizzy might start running around again. as she looked down at Lizzy, she noticed that she had slumped into her arms and had passed out, she thought again," Are you still there?" as she was not sure if the link had closed. Due to her own fatigued state, Paula lids started to close as she starred to feel sleepy and then passed out herself as both fell to the floor.

T'Madh concentrated for a moment as she built up a wall in the middle of the connection and then thought, "Okay, Paula. I am on my way. It doesn't matter which you do. You should find that any emotions or sensing between us should be a little bit harder, for your own privacy. When I get there, I can close the connection, and I apologise for this. It is because of my connection to Elizabeth that this happened as I am broken."

She was already moving to head out and threw a robe on as she passed it where it hung, but when she detected a silence, she sped up into a run.

Tapping her combadge, she spoke, "Lieutenant T'Madh to Bridge, I am on my way to help with the incident. They will be okay. You can throw something over Elizabeth if needed."

Entering a lift when it arrived after she slapped the button, T'Madh spoke, "Bridge."

Arriving, she nodded to Lieutenant Murdock, who had gone over to check on where Paula and Lizzy was, as he said, "They seem to be breathing at least. I'm in trouble."

"No, you couldn't know it is an unusual thing. Can you call Medical to bring a sled and replicate some smelling salts for the Lieutenant?"

Placing one hand on Lizzy's arm and one on Paula's, she opened herself up a little more and carefully attempted to closed the link that had formed, something that would be easier closer to them.

When the smelling salts arrived, she activated the tube and waved it under Paula's nose.

As Paula began to stir, she said," What.. Happened..." as she looked up to find T'Madh looking back at her as she tried to get up, she found herself unable to steady herself.

T'Madh spoke, "Hello, Lieutenant. Can you feel any connection anymore? If you can, I can attempt another way, but I need you permission for a mind meld."

"Yeah I can and Lizzy is scared as am I a bit," replied Paula looking back at T'Madh, She asked," T'Madh, What would happen if the Meld does not work?" as she knew the answer that the three would be linked.

T'Madh nodded, "She may be reacting to some medicatio that didn't work as she expected. I will place my hand on your face and then try."

Moving her fingers to the right position, T'Madh spoke, "My mind to your mind... my thoughts to your thoughts..."

Inside her mind, she could tell the connection had opened and she thought, 'Okay, Lieutenant This connection is open so I will attempt to close the one with Elizabeth for you.'

In her mind's eye, she could sense a stream going between her and Lizzy, the one she had created a moment ago to Paula and one shakey one that was what had happened between Paula and Lizzy.

'Interesting. I can attempt to break the link, but it is possible that we might need someone with a bit more experiste. My own mental abilities have been compromised for a fair while.'

T'Madh began trying out techniques that she had been taught by her teachers, imagining the unstable stream lessening but it didn't seem to be working.

Paula thought back "Why what's wrong?" asking the question, she continued," and if the link is left to long would it be to late to undo?" as she had to explain it to Lisa and Davina as she felt the link not weakening but getting stronger by the Second. " and who is the expert that we might need?" asking another question.

T'Madh thought, 'My techniques are not working. I was attempting to do it via inside. You do not need to worry and it will be breakable safely. The experts on mental connections are either on Vulcan or Betazoid. This case is actually quite rare for your species actually, but they would have experience with humans as well. For the moment, I believe it might be best to teach you some techniques on how to set up a mental shield in case this takes time. Also, there are certain drugs which can be taken that block telepathic connections with only very minor side-affects. We can talk about it with the doctors.'

"I am not taking any drugs," Paula shot back "after what happened with Lizzy," she continued knowing that this was going to be tough, she finished," But I will take the lessons on how to build a Mental shield," as she started to feel sorry for Lizzy. as she wondered how T'Madh must have felt having another person join their link, She said," I understand how difficult this must be for you T'Madh,"

She looked back at T'Madh and asked," Do you think we should inform the Captain and Kavi ?"

T'Madh could accept that, 'Okay, that is fine. I am pretty sure that she will be staying away from that sleeping tablet too. I can start teaching you when you want. In general, Vulcan and Betazoid mental connections work in a active broadcast and passive recieving way rather than searching. Also, both Elizabeth and I have strong beliefs in not going looking in other's minds."

T'Madh thought, 'There is no point keeping the mind meld open as it is superflous. It would also help as I suffer from the phobia of haphephobia, which is a fear of being touched. It took a bit of willpower to do this mind meld.'

T'Madh closed the mind meld correctly and could still feel a connection via Elizabeth to Paula.

T'Madh could still hear the thoughts, "It is okay. Once I found out my true cultural heritage being a mix of Vulcan and Romulan, I have been trying to be more open to things. You will also find out at times that Vulcans do feel very strong emotions and just have to hide or suppress them. I am not good at that."

T'Madh also decided to mention something else, "I am honestly quite intrigued about this and curious about how it will go. That probably comes from my Romulan side. I know this has happened all from Lizzy's side and I apologise that I find it to be.. an interesting experiment."

T'Madh nodded, "Yes, we do need to inform them. But I think we need to get Lizzy on the way to Medical for a checkup."

The turbolift opened and a Medical officer came in with the sled, "Hello, I'm here to help out with the Chief Counsellor."

"And don't forget me," replied Paula as she still rested up against the tactical station, She tapped her Combadge that rested on her jacket that Lizzy had round her shoulders, She said," Captain Hawkins and Commander Kavi to the bridge," as she turned to look at Lizzy and sent a thought to her," If you can hear me Lizzy , it is going to be ok,"

Lizzy began snoring away and mumbled in her sleep, "Bunny."

T'Madh nodded, "Telepathy in Betazoids does not really work when they are sleeping."

"well, that is a comfort to know," replied Paula looking back at T'Madh, She asked," And what about you, Will I hear you when you are asleep?" as she wanted answers to questions about what now was apart of her.

T'Madh nodded, "Lieutuenant, Vulcans do not dream due to rigorous meditation. I have not reached the point where I am comfortable with embracing that part of my Romulan heritage. Elizabeth and the counselor I see have been trying to convince me, but I am.. worried about it. I hope my problems do not cause you to worry. I am sure you have heard about my outbursts at times."

"Yes I have," replied Paula looking back at T'Madh, she continued," and how do you think Lizzy is going to react when she finds out that I'm now linked?" as she knew that it was going to be some what distressing for her to say the least.

T'Madh thought about it before responding, "Elizabeth will probably feel guilty and apologetic. You don't need to worry."

"To tell you the truth T'Madh, she feels more like a sister to me now that I'm linked to her," replied Paula as she knew the call home was going to be an interesting one. as she was helped onto the sled, she sent a mental thought to her," I'm going to be fine T'Madh, its something I've got to get used to," as they were headed towards the lift and taken to Sickbay.



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