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Chat Between Friends

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Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: MCO Quarters

“Well well l well, if it isn’t Doctor Mick,” the Romulan on the other side of the screen said. He had a grin on his face.

“Oi, pointy, ‘ow tha ‘ell ye be? Kill anyone yet?” Connor’s mood had improved slightly since seeing his old friend. For the first time in a while, he had a grin on his face.

Rohrak Shock, a Human Romulan Hybird and one of the top Virologists in the Fleet laughed at Connor. “Not yet, but I’m getting there. Most of my things these days deal more with making cures for things no one else can figure out. It’s weird being on this side of things but it gives me ideas. Thanks to making cures, I’ve been working on a nasty Botulism Bacteria that starts with classic symptoms as the influenza and spirals from there, quickly.”

“Ye always were a sadistic bastard, but me think thet be tha Green blood in ye.”

“Want a crack at it Connor?” Rhorak asked.

“Absolutely mate,” he said laughing.

There was a small moment of silence between the old friends and med school partners. After that small while, Rohrak shifted in his chair. “I have a slight feeling this is not completely a social call. What do you need Connor? I love talking to an old college, but I also know you. Since what happened, you haven’t talked to anyone that you haven’t had to.”

Connor sighed slightly and nodded. “Ye always did know me to well Rohrak.” He cleared his throat, shifted in his chair, and looked at the screen. “’ow do ye know ‘awkins?” he asked simply.

Rohrak smiled slightly. “He was one of the last Captains I worked with. Actually the last boat I worked on was his. Believe it or not, he was the one that put in a good word for me when I wanted to end up here.”

“So, ye think ye know ‘im well?” He asked inquisitively.

With a nod, Shock answered, “Pretty well actually. We spent more than a few nights drinking some good ale together just talking. He also loved a good practical joke, but from what I’ve heard, he’s mellowed out some.

“Slightly,” Connor replied. “’e still loves a challenge, or challenged crew it seems.”

“Always did. He’s one of the few that would rather have a person with a questionable past than the hard nosed stiffs that command breeds. Always thinks they have better ideas. They think more outside the box. It seems to have done him well. He kind of harbors the one’s no one wants.” Shock crossed his arms. “It was no surprise to me that he scooped you up to be honest.”

Connor shrugged. “But why? Everyone knows I be mandatory service an no one wants me round with me record.”

“He knows better.”

“Ye talked ta him didn’t ye?” Connor asked with raised brows. Before Rohrak could make much a gesture, Connor shook his head. “I knew it. ‘e said somot bout bein as good as me predecessor. ‘ad a feeling it ‘ad somot ta do wit ye.”

Shock shrugged slightly. “I wanted to make sure he knew the real facts behind things. You’ve gotten a bad rap for something, that I still believe you had a legitimate fight over. But you know why they made an example out of you.”

“An I’ve been sober since. I’ve been detoxing like crazy. E’erynight I ‘ave ta give meself somot to try an sleep.”

“Everyone knew that was coming. But that is the nice thing about being the MCO on Hawk’s ship. He won’t care. As long as you’re not on the drink, perform your duties, he won’t care.”

Connor nodded slightly and stared at Rohrak. “Anything I need ta know?”

“Do what you need to. If you have ideas about something, do it. Just let him know before you do something that is to invasive and not on par for the course. He’ll cover you.”

Sitting there, Connor nodded again. “I dunno if I can do this Rohrak. I ne’er wanted ta be part o’ this. This ain’t me thing.”

“You’ll be fine,” Rohrak said. “I’m always here if you ever need anything. But for not, get some rest Connor. You look beat.”

Connor nodded and the screen went dark. “Bastard. Ne’er was good at goodbye’s.” Shrugging, Connor went and laid down on his bed, still wide awake. The tremors in his hands had started, and he knew what was next. He grabbed the hypo that was next to his bed, injected it then himself. After just a few moments, he finally went to sleep. This nightly ritual was beginning to be too regular. And he knew that was going to be a bad thing.

Lieutenant JG Connor McMannis

Lieutenant Commander Rohrak Shock (PNCPed by McMannis)


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