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Counselling House Visit

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor

Mission: Blackout
Location: Sickbay

Making her way down the corridor carrying a datapad, Lizzy entered into Sickbay and smiled to one of the nurses who looked up, "No worries. I haven't hurt myself, just here to see your new boss."

The nurse shrugged as Lizzy made her way through. Reaching the Chief Medical officer's office, Lizzy smiled to the man inside, "Hello, I'm Lizzy Caldera, the chief counselor. And I thought I would make a house visit."

Scipio looked up from the monitor he had been reading and sighed. One thing he could never understand about Terrans - or the Federation in general for that matter - was the need for psychiatrists aboard ship. Call them counselors didn't take the sting away. He attempted a smile. "Doctor Lucius Cornelius Scipio." He said as an introduction, finally noticing the number of pips on her collar. "Counselor or do prefer Commander? You are always welcome here after all our two professions are symbiotically linked." He had stood, out of respect of her superior rank and motioned to one of the empty chairs in front of his desk. "Please have a seat."

Lizzy smiled as she entered into the room, "You don't need to do that, Lieutenant. And honestly, I prefer neither - I've never been into formality unless I have to and prefer Lizzy, especially in sessions. Yes, I agree, and am actually a trained clincial psychiatrist with medical cross-training. I can help out in medical emergencies unless called for by our higher-ups. Anyway, I came down to see you because honestly, you set off some little red flags in my reports. We will need to setup something regular, but I wanted to see how you are at the moment?"

Red flags, Scipio thought, what could possibly be...then it occurred to him and he openly sighed. He was also aware that the counselor was half Betazoid. A stoic expression was no barrier to these people. "I am fine, Commander..ahh..Lizzy.." He found it uncomfortable to address a superior by name but if that was what she preferred, he was not going to argue the point. "Are you going to ask me about my childhood?" He tried not getting upset since this cloud had been following him ever since the incident at Wolf 359. He couldn't really hide his emotional state from Lizzy, which only made him more annoyed.

Lizzy noticed a bit of a change in body posture and voice tone, something she would have picked up even when she wasn't picking up something else emotionwise and knew a good dodge, so put in a bit of subtle change, "You can use rank or counselor if you want though, and honestly, I have no interest in your childhood. I'm more interested in how you are coping about your wife, which I noted is missing due to the Borg."

Scipio looked down at his desk, steepling his fingers together as he contemplated what to say. "Commander.." He began, feeling addressing her by her superior rank was more appropriate than simply counselor. "I am sure your file states that Aislin was assimilated by the Borg 25 years ago. How I am coping, well you tell me after all mental health is your specialty.." He hadn't wanted to be terse with her but that subject had come up quite frequently. "I am functioning within the perimeters of my duties."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay, so I want to say something. Even before I came here, I knew you were 'functioning within the perimeters of your duties' as you put it. Yes, that maybe be a part of Counseling's job, but actually a rather small part. We are also here to help you the rest as well. I know it is a bit corny to drop back to one of Starfleet Counselling's charter but it includes provide assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties."

"My only difficulty has been in my Borg research. There has been several cases of drones being reintegrated which gives me hope, Commander. If you could scan the galaxy with that Betazoid empathic brain scanner of yours, maybe you can find my wife , otherwise I am not sure what you can do for me." His words were cold as if rejecting the whole premise of her visit.

Lizzy shook her head, "I can't help with scanning like that, but I would have a talk to our Chief Science Officer. She might be able to help. I'll leave you to your work for the moment, but you can be sure that we will be seeing each other at some point. I've never been good at leaving people alone when they obviously need help."

Scipio put on a smile awkwardly. "Commander, I mean no offence. Just I have seen a parade of counselors with good intentions promising me..what..closure.| He paused knowing that this was more important than a simple meet. "You report to the Captain on my psychological fitness for duty. If I don't comply, he will make it an order and we will be right back where we started." He motioned with his hands as he spoke. "Do I miss my wife, yes. Have I tried to find her, yes. Have I researched Borg integration, yes. Am I crazy? Well you're the expert so I leave that in your capable hands."

Lizzy nodded, "No offense taken, and Lucius, I have no interest in having you removed from duty. I knew you were fine before I walked in here. Honestly, if I had people removed from duty aboard this ship, I would have to take out most of the senior staff, including myself. Since I have been on this ship, there has only been one person and that was voluntary - my wife, T'Madh."

Lizzy stopped for a second, before continuing, "I do not agree with using the word 'crazy'. No one is completely sane at all times, and it has soo many bad repurcussions and negative stereotypes."

"Good, I would hate that our working relationship would have started poorly." She was more relaxed than Scipio had expected, addressing him by name rather than profession. He, however remained rather rigid in his seat since she still out ranked him. "I will cooperate as diligently as I can with your appointments, as required, Commander though I hope you jest concerning the faculty of the senior staff." He didn't smile initially though it did peer from a corner of his mouth.

Lizzy smiled, "Yeah, the same. Especially since I'm clumsy when I just throw myself into things. And well, I'm not sure why really, but I just keep on managing to step badly in doo-doo on away missions."

Lizzy grinned, "No, not really. Quite a messed up little bunch we have aboard the Gladiator. Anyway, I'll see you around."

Scipio stood up. "Thank you for coming by, Commander. I am sure we will see each other sooner rather than later. He was relieved that she had not pushed the therapy angle further but knew it was only a matter of time when she would have him dissected on her couch. He would have preferred to have been infected with Vegan Fever.

Lizzy nodded, "Aye. See you around."


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