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The first morning after

Posted on Tue Feb 28th, 2017 @ 6:53pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Blackout
Location: Phelps quarters


Phelps was naturally quiet; it had become ingrained in him from the training and his family tended to like quiet anyways. The fact he had a hot plate was one thing he found as a boon; he preferred the cooked food over replication. Today he had the breakfast for the champions; he was finishing the bacon and with the grease enough to poch a few eggs with some soft seasoning. The actual 'Tea Perolator' was dripping the java of the Gods into a pot as Phelps walk around the quarters in shorts and a muscle shirt, he did not often dress this way that showed he kept a toned physique that remained mostly hidden under the loose clothing he preferred to allow movement.

The small adjustment to the environmental controls made it more comfortable he hoped, the filters clearing the air a bit and the temperature up a few degrees into another range. Still like home in the desert for him but then he was in a good mood today; last night had been a night to add to his phonographic memory already. He was putting the eggs on a plate to be transferred to the table with the bacon and Juice glass place beside the coffee cup. The hash was also easily made and cooling to a temperature that would not scald the mouth.

He was up earlier than usual, so he turned up the heat and now he would just bask in a morning ritual as it blossomed.

The smells of cooking food drifted through the doorway into the bedroom and in her sleep Ynara rolled over towards the other side of the bed before she lifted her head, taking in the surroundings and letting her memories of last night remind her why she wasn't in her own room. She was wrapped tight in a cocoon of blankets and it took a little wriggling for her to unwrap herself and climb out.

Wearing a flannel nightshirt that reached almost to her knees, she borrowed a pair of slippers she found under the bed and stepped out into the main room to look for Sam.

Noting her movements Phelps looked up with a smile on his face he carried the eggs to the table and placed the plate down in passing to meet Ynara, liking her choice in attire. He leaned in to kiss her.

Ynara returned the brief kiss, her eyes closing for just a second. He was close and warm and his kiss gentle... like the little kiss he'd given her a little while ago, she seemed to recall, the light pressure on her cheek tickling at the edge of her sleep before she heard movement out in the main room and started to smell eggs and bacon. She was fairly certain that hadn't been a dream and this kiss confirmed the other one. She smiled up at him; this was a good way to be greeted after the very good memories of last night. "Morning, Sam," she murmured, not quite at full voice yet and almost sounding just a touch sleepy still.

"Good morning, Lovely One, I hope you slept well?" He grinned and ran a hand up to her face to put aside loose hair. "Hope you don't mind if I cooked a little, you were sleeping too soundly to wake quite that early?" He winked.

"Yes, thank you, I slept very well- very comfortably, too." She leaned her cheek into the caress just a touch. "Breakfast sounds, and smells, great."

"I am no chef but I think I can make a passable breakfast." He chuckled and moved to pull the chair for her as he always did. "I was going to reluctant wake you but luckily you came first." He helped seat her. "Eggs, some hash and bacon..." He snapped fingers. "No bread but I could have replicated it... oh well, sorry." He took his seat across from her. "I'll start with poached for now; you have any real likes in your eggs.... " He gave a sly grin. "I might need to know in future?"

"Fried soft- over easy, Humans call it," Ynara said. She was in food service, she knew the various terms for just about every way there was to make eggs. "Poached is also good... thank you. I hope I didn't put you to too much trouble..." she said a little uncertainly. She didn't want him to think he had to do anything special for her- she didn't want to get in his way or mess up his routine.

"No trouble at all." He said honestly. "I hate cooking for myself but when someone else is about I admit I try to be good with them. Besides, you're worth more than just a little breakfast." He winked. "I like a little light cooking, remember I spent time with my Uncle in restaurant?" He almost laughed. "Cooking is never a problem, replicated food for the most part is not to my liking." He look her in the eye, sure not to be distracted by her in only a shirt. "Now if you want to have some conversation next time that is your call, but I like doing things for my favorite people."

Ynara reached out and touched his hand gently. "I like that you want to do nice things for me. I just don't want you to think that you have to try to impress me. I like you the way you are... a lot... I..." She flushed a little. "I could be falling for you," she admitted as her gaze dropped to the tabletop a bit self-consciously.

"Hey Lovely One." He squeezed her hand gently. "I do this because the feeling is mutual and I admit showing off a little but I don't like making breakfast for me alone, having someone to cook and eat with is more enjoyable." He took the hand and kissed it. "Besides can't a guy spoil his girlfriend after a night of sharing intimacy?" He winked.

She smiled and gave a little chuckle. She sometimes forgot about the title 'girlfriend'; it wasn't one that Bajorans used and she'd never really had it bestowed on her before. "I guess you can," she agreed and reached for her tea to take a sip. It was hot and strong and robust. "Honey?" she asked.

"Yes sweetheart would be a human answer to that." Phelps said as he got the small container of honey. "But I think this is what you want?" He gave it to her. "SO in your culture are we... courting or dating or... what would we be called?" He asked. "I admit I know little of the Bajorans outside the regular chains of basic facts?" He smiled. "My family would call us 'in courtship' which means we are intimate and seeing where it leads with potential past a 'Fling' as My brother being a merchant was a pro at having... flings I mean."

"I don't do 'flings,'" Ynara said as she stirred a generous dollop of honey into her tea and sipped again. She looked up at him over the rim of the cup. "And Bajoran courtship practices have changed a lot in the last few generations. They used to be very formal and regimented. The Occupation changed that- so we're told, those of us who came after it. Slaves don't have the freedom, the time, or the luxury of courtship rituals, and those who were fighting... well, there were a lot of losses and not a lot of time. So the labels got dropped and people found comfort, companionship, and love where they could for as long as they could hold onto it."



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