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The first morning after (Conclusion)

Posted on Tue Feb 28th, 2017 @ 6:54pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Blackout
Location: Phelps Quarters

"That much seems universal." Phelps commented. "Everyone still grasps for love where they, we, can find it." He gave her a wide smile. "And I, for one, intend to share that hold with you as long as you will have it." He raised his cup of tea slightly. "You can find comfort and companionship with great potential for more." He nodded to her. "I just want to have you in my life, all else will work itself out."

Ynara raised her cup slightly in return and sipped; now hot, strong and sweet, it was just how she liked it. She smiled at him, very happy to hear him talk about their relationship this way. Especially after last night. Some men- not Sam, thankfully, she would have been very disappointed if Sam had turned out like those men- but some men sort of lost interest after the 'conquest'. Sam hadn't lost interest, seemed just as ardent and engaged in 'them' as he had been yesterday.

She hadn't been this happy in a very, very long time.

"Now we eat before it gets cold?" He teased slightly and started to put the eggs from the serving plate onto Ynara's plate first and then his own. "My mother taught me 'Ladies always first." Phelps added. "SO blame my good habits on her and my bad ones on the universe for corrupting her good lessons." He chuckled.

"Maybe I'll get to thank her sometime. You've mentioned several times how good an influence she was on your behavior. It seems like I owe her at least a thank you," Ynara tried teasing him back. She hadn't been in a relationship before that had this kind of banter in it... She was learning, though.

Phelps liked the light conversation they had while eating; it reminded him of days at home with family. He had 'Lady Friends' in the past that were around for a time and then seemed to get past the 'Man of Mystery' appeal then go in search of another exciting man. Truth is that Phelps was only exciting when on duty; he had to be one step ahead of things of course, but when in his domain away from the office he just wanted to be 'normal' in a way or what could be called average. He could not help but grin when his eyes met Ynara's in that shirt at his table, this would eventually become common place and he would still enjoy having her about. It was just a feeling ; a sense that she just fit in a way not many do and no woman had really before, the intimacy was what set her apart. He had shared a part of himself and come to know more about her while he could not forget that she was giving him her heart; as humans say, little by little.

It was a good time over breakfast.

Before she knew it, Ynara was leaning back in her chair and sipping a second cup of sweetened tea while he finished the last of his bacon and began to rise. Her mornings were usually so quiet, and she almost never took the time to actually sit and eat. She didn't expect this to become a daily occurrence, especially not Sam getting up early to cook, but she did like the time spent at the beginning of the day with him. It especially felt nice after having kissed him good-night. That good-night kiss had been particularly pleasant since they hadn't parted after it.

"I hope the quarters are to your liking, feel free to make it more so if you like?" Phelps said as he started to clear things away after breakfast, still mindful of the hour and that they had some time left. He had to admit her 'hogging the blankets' told him she was comfortable enough to make herself a little 'cocoon' as he suspected she did not have the settings where she would feel more at home, and also she had not tried to rush her way out of his quarters.

Without really thinking he had an urge so he followed it and went to Ynara and put his arms around her to bring her in for a deep and emotional kiss; caressing her back as he did so to help show the depth of how her being here made him feel. He gave her what he hoped was an example of his true feelings and how she is important to him.

Ynar had stood up with him to help him clear the dishes, she couldn't leave a messy table- occupational hazzrd- but was surprised when he suddenly put everything down and reached for her. It wasn't a bad surprise, though, and it got even better as he pulled her close and held her gently. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back while that blossom of warmth bloomed in her chest again.

"You know something?" He said almost out of breath. "You are soft and what humans say very lovable..." He said as he could not really think of any other way to say it. "I-I mean I could see myself falling for you as well." Putting his forehead to hers in a human sign of affection. "I will not let you get away..." Telling her might be good for her was well; he wanted her to see past the 'Man of Mystery' in a way and 'not' lose her desire to be with him as all the others had. "I want you to know that, I really do enjoy having you to ... just to be with." Sounding like an idiot he figured.

She nodded, a touch breathless herself and surprised at just how easy she found it to get lost in his kiss. "I think I know just how you feel," she murmured.

"I am glad we have that established." He smiled. "Now what say we get this cleared and maybe take a shower to make sure you are squeaky clean, Lovely One." He caress her back a little. "From head to toe type clean?"

Flushing a little, Ynara giggled at the unexpected joke- or was it an offer? It was hard to tell. "Just make sure we have enough hot water," she requested and reached up for another kiss to get lost in.


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