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Dino what?

Posted on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 7:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Observation lounge

Mercia got a call from Ash Coi to meet her in the lounge with David. When she arrived she saw the three Dinos, and Ash looking at the corner where a bunch of the plants had grown in. "Don't get too lose, they're dangerous." she said. She wasn't sure if she was referring to the plants or the creatures, maybe both!

"You are more dangerous to let out of your cage, Lieutenant, " Hawkins responded as he walked in after her with a slight grin.

Mercia turned, glancing back at him, "Oh you bet I am." she said with a wink before she moved forward, "So Coi." Mercia flinched a little as the Durrighash turned and looked at her and Hawkins. She was instinctively compelled and slide in front of David her arm nearly twitching as she resisted resting her hand on her gun.

As if a headache wasn't enough, now she had to deal with Kavi acting like a child. Wonderful. Ash resisted the urge to tell her to grow up already and took a deep breath. "You weren't busy, were you?" she asked. "Even if you were, it isn't as interesting as this... probably is. They say they've found something to kill the plants," she added, motioning to Joshua to show them. They hadn't even told Ash what it was.

Joshua's great head swung around and he spit suddenly at the plants. Almost instantly, the plant started to wilt.

Suddenly, Ash's mood was improved. "Joshua, you're brilliant!" she exclaimed, grabbing his face on either said and planting a kiss on the end of his nose, then turned to Captain Jack. "Do you suppose you could spare a few of your men- or women- to come spit on all these plants for us?"

Meanwhile, Joshua was looking decidedly confused and Danielle was busily laughing at him.

"You want to have our guests to spit on plants... all over the ship..." Hawkins looked at them questionably as he walked up to the plant and examined the plant. It was almost instant as the plant started to shrivel to the acid like pit that had killed the plant.

"Well, if you've got a better idea, I'd like to hear it," Ash said. "Everything we've tried so far hasn't worked. By the way," she said, turning back to the three Durrighash. "How did you find out that your spit is toxic to it?"

They clicked and whistled a bit.

"Clever little brute," said Ash, forgetting that nobody else could understand them, yet.

Mercia wrinkled her nose, but at the same time she was amazed. "So you gonna tell us or what princess?"

"Oh, right," she said, shaking her head. "Forgot. They said one of their Egglings- newly hatched, that is- was found chewing on some of the plants on their ship. He was okay- a few of them aren't allergic, apparently- and they noticed that shortly after, the plant was dead. They've all been going around, spitting on the plants all over their ship ever since. They think they've got most of them gone."

Mercia was starting to relax around the creatures, maybe she should have watched those horror films about dinosaurs last month, maybe they wouldn't make her so dang nervous! "So how many friends can you spare to spit shine our boat?" she asked watching the plant. Right now the plant scared her more, considering it was the reason she got a horrible cut and a broken leg.

Hawkins shrugged as he looked at Captain Jack and Coi. "We would be willing to respectfully make it up to you for your assistance, Captain."

"I don't know how, our spit isn't valuable!" She said.

"The time and energy of your people is valuable though," David responded with an understanding of what he was talking about.

Captain Jack made that bubbling, chittering sound that was the equivalent of laughter, then chirped, whistled, grunted, and groaned.

"He says no need to worry about making it up to them," Ash translated. "He says, "Thou hast savest our ship! We are most grateful! We wouldst helpest thou in this capacity, even were it not in thanks.' I suppose he has a point. We help them, they help us; it doesn't matter who helps first. Eventually, one will need the other again."

"Next time I promise not to be so jumpy." Mercia said. "Really... I just." she felt a little embarrassed. "I went to a horror film when I was on earth, and there creatures in it that looked like you..." she said. Taking a deep breath, and trying to prove herself to be a reasonable person she nodded to them, "I will personally work with someone from your crew to spit shine this whole boat." she said. "Oh, Maybe if we could get every one on your ship to spit in buckets we can get in to a sprayable form to increase our time?" she wondered, although the whole idea still made her feel a little on the sick side. It was disgusting, but it was better than the Gladiator being eaten by the dang flower!

"Eurgh," said Ash as the Durrighash nearly roared in laughter. "Roar yourself," she said to them, then turned back to Kavi. "That's disgusting. But, a viable solution. "Don't mind them," she said, jerking a thumb at the hysterical Durrighash. "They're just laughing at our expense is all."

Danielle composed herself enough to snap at the other two. They quieted as well.

"That's better," said Ash. "Now, can we get something done. Geronimo, eh?"

"Lets get too it." Mercia said rubbing her hands together.



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