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Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2017 @ 8:14am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Blackout

Mercia Kavi bounced her foot, her leg crossed over the other, waiting for them to drop out of warp, they should with in moments, and she was eager to meet these people. They sounded fascinating. She thought the world she'd grown up in was rough, this world sounded far worse.

When the helm officer announced they were dropping from slip stream, she put a call out to Hawkins calling him to the bridge. Mercia stood up as the holo screen sprang to life and showed her the planet. "Wow..." she said looking at the brown and black rock before them.

"Have you ever seen any thing looking so dead?" she asked to the bridge crew.

Walking onto the bridge of the Excalibur class starship from his new Captain's Ready Room, Hawkins looked over at the main view port and took in the sight. The planet they saw before them seemed almost lifeless as it had several shades of grey and blues before them. He sighed and tried to understand how any planet could have been ruined as bad as this one.

"I have seen worse, but this isn't pretty," David spoke up as he took his position in the Captain's chair on the large bridge and looked around the bridge. "Report?"

"No other ships in range Sir," replied Paula who still recovering from the meld that still raged between Lizzy and herself and of course T'Madh; and having to come to terms with having voices in your head still was disconcerting for her. But with help from T'Madh it was getting easier to live with, she continued " and we are within contact range,"

"Bring us into a high orbit and open a comm-link," David ordered as he leaned back slightly as he prepared himself to talk to the people below. There was still some unanswered questions but what he was expecting was only going to be answered her and now.

"Channel Open sir," Replied Paula.

When the screen came to life, Cariss Nals face appeared, with another figure moving in to view next to her. "Welcome to Hadeen, I'm Cariss Nal, this is Chrid Mak. We have a reception set up to meet with you." she said with a friendly tone. Her eyes glanced around the bridge of the ship and let out a breath, how nice it would be to live in such a clean and plentiful place.

Ortos stood in the background at his monitoring station, Oracle of Knowledge being updated with the passive sensory observations. Such a large vessel sent for a 'peaceful introduction is of interest. Ships of this size have a tendency to be proportionately armed and outfitted. Ortos took note of her size; power emissions and the general wavelength of her communications array as it transmit. He would get permission for a more through sweep from the detection net at a later time.

*Fore; it is well known, that the correct knowledge can achieve anything.* Ortos thought to himself but said nothing.

Lixor's dark eyes had been scanning the science console keenly observing in silence the events as they occurred. His face was noncommittal, an expression reminiscent of what it was before he attended the Academy and became an officer. The larger than life image on the screen brought his gaze upwards but his expression stayed much the same. The blue man pressed a few buttons downloading the available information for review later though he saw nothing of particular concern at the moment.

“Thank you Miss Cariss Nal, I am Captain David Hawkins, Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Gladiator. We were assigned to come and negotiate with you and your kind. Star Fleet hasn’t heard from you or your people in some time and we wanted to continue respecting your wishes of keeping at a distance of your space. The Federation was quite surprised to say the least but were quickly happy to come and offer our assistance and continue peace talks with the Hadeen people,” David responded. He had never been much for negotiations and quite honestly, he wasn’t keen on the idea of diplomatic assignments. But what would one expect from a former marine fighter pilot officer.

Cariss looked at her companions, a few of them late to the party, "Thank you for affirmation of your eagerness." she said with mild sarcasm, though she followed it up with a smile. "My office is sending transport coordinates to your ship now, since your ship is a little large to enter our port." she said. "How many will you be bringing with you?"

“About Eight of us will be heading down your way in our shuttles, with your permission,” the captain informed as he watched her and her comrades around her. He watched for their facial and body language to see if he could see anything that may seem off or questionable. Though he also kept in mind that their body language could be completely different from those that they already knew about.

Cariss pressed her hands together and nodded her head, "We will greet you there, Thank you Captain." she said before the channel closed.

"Eight of -US-?" Mercia asked from her chair as she looked up at Hawkins.

David turned and grinned slightly as he looked at Commander Kavi."Well, I thought about it, and it seemed far more logically for me to head down to the surface on the mission over you. You have two children you are babysitting on the ship, so you can sit this out. I'll take your place."

Her mouth opened up as she suddenly sat up straighter, "Oh no... Oh no no no no I don't think so David!" she said. "You haven't been on an away mission in years, do you even know which way to point a tricorder any more?" she smirked.

"Of course not, Marines don't use tricorders. That's for the nerds," he grinned as he started for the turbolift as he called out to his teams. "NERDS ASSEMBLE!"

Mercia looked around wondering if any one was going to jump at that. She frowned, "Nerds?"

Emmah shifted closer to the lift, "Am I a nerd?"

"Yup!" David grinned as he shrugged. "Oh its a joke, calm down."

Emmah looked at Mercia "I don't understand."

Mercia shook her head, "Hawkins, don't make me shoot you, you really shouldn't be going on the surface without us having swept it first and ensured it is relatively safe for a command level officer." She glared at him.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving you with Hayter and Tayla. They will keep our secondary command level officer safe just in case a former marine can't handle himself with his other highly skilled offers," David smirked as he turned inside the turbolift with his team and looked at the bridge. "You have the bridge... Number One." With that, the turbolift doors slid shut with the group on the turbolift grinning at all the fiasco.



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