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Meeting her New 'Other Boss'

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 1:37am by Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor

Mission: Blackout
Location: Sickbay

Walking down the corridor to Medical, Keira entered in and smiled. Coming into a medical bay always made her feel better inside, as medicine had always been in her heart to help others. Keria grinned back to one of the nurses who looked up and grinned when they saw her.

She knew her way around without thinking and headed over to the Chief Medical Offier's office, wanting to meet the Magna Roman man who was the new chief & essentially her 'Other Boss'. While her MOS designation was Marine Corpsman, she also did shifts in Medical and worked with the doctors & nurses.

Stopping a brief moment before knocking, Keira took in the sight of him and was impressed. She hadn't met anyone from Magna Roma before but had done some research. Knocking on the door, she spoke, "Lieutenant, I am Second Lieutenant Keira Rackham, the Marine Corpsman, and I was wonder if you have time to talk. I wanted to introduce myself as I do some shifts in Medical and work with your staff."

Scipio had been at his desk, his console displaying Dr. Borden's staff evaluations and any disciplinary actions required in the previous quarter that he might not have been aware of. Mostly, he wanted to correct any hint of empathy for what he would consider a mediocre doctor, nurse, technician or orderly. His long trip to the Gladiator did not make him overly sociable and for the most part his staff had steered clear of him. Those brave enough to enter his inner sanctum were greeted with a nod. If he remembered them from a file, he would make a comment.

When Keira introduced herself, he had fully prepared to give her similar treatment until his eyes fell upon her hair. He was dumbfounded, his tongue seeming to loose its ability to speak as his eyes focused on her red hair, a very big reminder of his lost wife, Aislin. Her other attributes, including her general age, did also, like a wave upon his senses.

Realizing he had simply been staring as she had been waiting for some verbal response, he composed himself and motioned to one of the two chairs opposite him. "Ave Lieutenant. I always have time for a fellow soldier, even if I have traded a gladius for a tricorder these days." He remained seated with his back straight, no slouching or other signs of tardy or relaxed demeanor. His office was rather spartan, no images or personal affects littering the confined space.

Keira smiled and sat down, "Thank you. I sort of went the other way. I actually started out on the Gladiator as one of those timid naive ensigns straight out of the Academy, but I've grown a lot since. I haven't met any Magna Romans before and I'm looking forward to doing some of my duty shifts in Sickbay if you are okay with it. Although I am predominantly a Marine corpsman, I can help out alot with work around here."

Scipio nodded. "I have no problem with you taking some shifts here in Sickbay, Lieutenant. Keep in mind however that there will be some adjustments happening as I look over the department." His steely dark eyes were fixed on her own and any softness in his tone or expression was lacking. "I should think that this should not affect your capacity here. We will see about getting you on the shift roster.." He tapped the console and his monitor came to life. "I should point out I expect a lot from my staff, even part timers. We can't tolerate mistakes here, it could cost lives."

Keira smiled, "Thank you. I understand, Lieutenant. Per the chance to speak with you, I arranged to hold off on shifts that I was previously doing under our previous chief, and you should find a note about it. I am glad to hear that you set high standards, sir, and put my all into treating patients."

He glanced at the monitor at the note on the file she had been referring. "Unless you have a problem with the scheduling Dr. Borden assigned you, I have no issues with keeping it as is. Before the Marines, you were in Medical so you should feel at ease in any event."

Keira nodded, "Aye aye Lieutenant. I am honoured to be able to help your staff Is there anything else before I leave you to your work?"

Scipio shook his head. "That is it for the moment, Lieutenant. I should add that I am grateful that you wish to continue pursuing your medical training. Being a healer is not just about our skills but our mind. Sympathy is for those on the Bridge, here its empathy; empathy for our patients and for all those sick and wounded we will come across in our travels. If I smile at all, Lieutenant, it's for them." He paused as if lost in thought. "If you have nothing more to add, you can return to your duties."

Keira smiled and stood before saluting, "Okay, sir. It was good to meet you."


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