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Away team

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2017 @ 7:23am by Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Blackout


Cariss looked up as the Federation shuttle lowered into the port, and kicked up the hot poorly cycled air in her face, along with stone dust that seemed to cover much of the surface. She looked over at Chrid and Cedrike, At least they looked like the creme de la creme of their culture, with finely pressed suits and well-done hair, and attractive natures.

The hatch to the runabout cracked open as the engines started to cool down as Hawkins stood up from the helm of the spaceship and looked at his team. "Alrighty, get the hell out of my shuttle!" he ordered with a slight grin as he fixed his black leather trench coat while walking through the runabout to the ramp. As they all came out, they noticed the area they now were in. It seemed almost grey and plain in most of the area around them. Talk about the slumps. He had expected about this but seeing all this was disheartening.

Scipio stared out the hatch at the desolation which only fed a feeling of dread. He pulled on his field cap and out of habit, checked to make sure his tricorder and medikit were still attached to his belt. He couldn't cover every contingency with just the confines of the kit but focused on the essentials for the various species of the away team and the environment. He accompanied the others down the ramp.

As Paula stepped down the hatch, she quickly shot Lizzy a thought "Lizzy, if you can hear me, keep this channel open," as Paula dressed in a lightweight version of her uniform that she used for hot climes looked around the hot sandy area that they had landed in. but this was something of a first contact mission and keeping her eyes open as she knew that her main priority was Hawkins and getting him home otherwise Kavi would have her head on a platter if she didn't as she came to a stop next to him.

Lizzy let some of the others go first before exiting the shuttle. She had been trying to see if she was getting anything and then heard Paula's thoughts to her. "Sure, Paula."

Phelps came out of the shuttle with a satchel slung over his left shoulder, not a large one, not even the size of a messenger bag, but he had nicknamed it the 'Felix Bag.' The temperature was an exacting digit from his observation, the lighting of the area gave him a good visibility as he adjusted his glasses. He could tell there was a delegation coming their way; he just presumed it would be those the Captain sought?

Julian smiled slightly as he stepped out of the shuttle. Akadia was warm like this, and just as arid. It was like being home again. He just hoped the people they might meet were more trusting and trustworthy.

The blue man exited the shuttle eyeing with curiosity his new surroundings. Absently he checked to ensure his tricorder was still attached to his side but did it in such a way the movement wasn't blatantly obvious. The desert-like world that met his gaze looked anything but hospitable and perhaps their hosts had intended it so indicating the coordinates to accomplish that exact objective. His ocular protective wear gave Lixor a good view of things though the sweltering heat made being there more uncomfortable.

Lizzy was looking around and without being rude, she opened her mind a little more on the receiving side. It was moments before she began sensing emotions from some people and not others. Taking a look around, she quickly surmised that not everyone around them was organic, and sent a message to Paula, "Hey, thought I should mention in case you didn't realise, but there are AI's around us. I know from working with Emmah over the years - best way to explain it is they are pretty much like little black hole islands in the middle of a soft emotional sea."

Paula replied,~ thanks for the heads up Liz,~ as she could understand what Lizzy had just said, but she knew that all the time being on the Gladiator she hadn't spent time with Emmah the ships AI although she had heard that she was seeking the same rights as Commander data had. but after this Mission, she knew that she had better make her acquaintance and talk to her.

Zeti was a bit late down the ramp, she was in her standard uniform with a tricorder on her left and an engineering kit backpack. She always preferred the mobility of a backpack as opposed to the satchel style engineering kits. She also had a phaser pistol stashed in it just in case, a girl never knew when she'd need a gun after all.

The landing bay was old, there were lots of dings, scrapes in the floor, all sorts of old and aging supply boxed stacked around. From the lack of craft, she suspected there was a maintenance and storage area a level down. Most species seemed to design their hangers in a similar manner. It was apparent that this place hadn't been well kept up.

"Nice to meet you in person, Miss Nias," David greeted as he walked up to the alien representative as he stretched his hand out to greet her in his species own way.

Ortos remained towards the back of the group, the Females had an attractive style to them; he watched the extension of the right hand from the Commanding Officer; something to note as a custom of the Humanoid's culture. This Federation would give hi a lot of viable data at this rate and Ortos had not even asked a question as yet.

Cariss took the man's hand and let him shake it. "Thank you, Captain. Before we proceed, I do want to apologize, the air is thinner than you are accustomed to, and any exertion may make you feel breathless, even with walking. Two members of the last delegation that were here passed out just walking from here to the greeting hall." she said with a bit of a chuckle. "Unfortunately we cannot ration any extra oxygen for your visit, so for your safety I would recommend against unnecessary exceptions."

"Part of the reason why we brought our doctor on the trip. He is new with us, Doctor Scipio" David offered up his officers, starting with his Chief of Medical. "We hope that is alright."

Scipio caught himself from doing the Roman salute, out of habit, and extended his hand to Cariss. "My presence is only a precaution. I have brought tri-ox compound due to oxygen deprivation you spoke of. It will give short term support should any of the team require it, provided the journey to the greeting hall is not excessive."

"And then we have our counselor, Lieutenant Commander Caldara," Captain Hawkins continued on.

Lizzy stepped forwards, smiling and shook Cariss's hand, "Pleased to meet you. I'm quite interested to meet your people as your society is quite fascinating. I've only had a bit of experience with AI's."

"Our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Halan. She could be some assistance in your AI and technical support if possible," David offered.

The Bajoran woman took a moment to observe Cariss and size her up before she nodded, "It's nice to meet you. I'm an expert in AI. If you're having trouble with your air recycles I can take a look at those."

"Our Science officer, Lieutenant Nabohn."

The blue man offered a smile, "pleased to meet you," he said as he gazed on Cariss. Lixor extended a hand in greeting and nodded towards the woman.

"Then Lieutenants Winchester, Winterstorm, and Phelps."

"Nice to meet you," replied Paula looking back at the two AI's, She continued, And thank you for letting us come here," as she nodded her head towards the both of them. as she kept her gaze looking around the area for any threats to them as this was too quiet for her.

Phelps was casually glancing about; after a minor adjustment of his glasses to expand the clarity of what he could sense around him. The glasses helped see past the veil that is in front of him and he gave a polite expression as he took it in.

Julian smiled at the alien extending his hand in the human tradition.

"And finally, my Assistant, Emmah. You could say she has a great knowledge in the AI area for the Federation," David offered as he kept the fact that she was an AI herself. He didn't want to show all his hand just yet, but if the question arose, he wanted it to be her that explained such for herself. He didn't feel like it was his place as of yet.

Cariss shook the hand of each one and paused as she looked at Emmah, "You're an AI?" she asked.

Emmah tipped her head, "How could you tell?" she asked.

"Something in the eyes," Cariss said.

Emmah nodded, "Sir? Might we be able to transport some extra oxygen down so that we are not wasting their reserves by our visits? I would hate for those of you needing to breathe to being taxing on their systems."

"Well, it is up to them and to Halan if we have what it would take," David shrugged as he looked at the Engineer and Cariss. "I don't care, but it's not my place to order it."

Cariss smiled, "I very much appreciate it, thank you. Shall we?" she asked motioning to the stone cut entry way. Once they passed through the heavy doors the air felt even more stale, overused and over recycled, and yet to her, it felt normal.

"Most of who you will encounter our AI systems, in this building, there are never more than 30 live people up and breathing at a time." she explained as they passed a group of people.

"Up and breathing?" David questioned as he tried to understand how things ran on their lifestyle and how had come through so much to survive.

"A majority of the population are in stasis pods at the moment, they require far less air when in the pods and so it is less of a strain on our very limited resources," Cariss explained.

Lizzy had overheard what Cariss said and was quite interested so waited a little before chipping in, "I hope this isn't a cultural taboo or rude, but that sounds quite interesting and I am wondering if it would be okay ask around about what it's like when you aren't.. up?"

"I can tell you exactly, In fact, we all can." she motioned to one of her companions. "We all spend time in the pods, it's quite enjoyable," she said. She motioned Chrid, "Would you like to explain? Or perhaps even allow our guests a taste?" she wondered.

Lixor had been listening carefully and looking about curiously with admiration and a bit of trepidation. He knew far too well what it took to survive and the price often paid to do so. Although pods were never an option for him and those living outside the inner sanctum, the haves of his failed colony, the needs of the group often outweighed an individual's. Often gang and nongang members were "sprayed" or engulfed in a chemical cloud designed to rob them of oxygen. It was an easy way to control the population of undesirables that clung to life in a hostile world. The blue man had developed masks that would turn a portion of the chemical toxins into oxygen and allowed them to continue their lives until the threat had dissipated. His scientific mind was churning as he thought about the possibilities and the lives lived under these conditions.

Phelps had little to contribute as he continued to 'look about' and the fact he could see little more than they wanted him to see; the Projections and covers of things were easier to distinguish. There were what appeared to the naked eye solid walls but the slight inconsistencies at the edges were apparent to Phelps. It was a logical move that they would keep things hidden from view and also that there were not more precautions towards 'prying eyes, yet.

"Well lead the way. Let's see what we can do to help your people out and see what we may be able to get in return when it comes to these AI's your people have created," David stated bluntly as he looked at their leader.

Cariss nodded, she led them along walkways that should not show much outside the windows of the building, she was making efforts to show the best of the best of the Hadeen. "I'd like to show you one of the mapping rooms for the AI system developments," she said ushering the large group towards a large stairwell, needing to take them down a few levels to the AI labs. "We also have a number of pods on the same level we can take a look at. Who would like to try one out?" she asked cheerily.

Lizzy smiled and stepped forward, "Sure, I would love to try it out."

Paula looked at Lizzy for a minute and sent a thought to her~ Liz, this sounds fishy to me~ as she was not the type to take someone's word at face value, She continued~ I have a bad feeling about this~ as something in her gut was telling her not to try it.

The blue man was far more hesitant. Though he appreciated their need on the planet for stasis he wasn't quite sure he like the idea of turning his brain and body over to a machine.

Ortos had kept an open observation of the newcomers; he especially noted the individualism of each member of te team. The Captain of the captain of the vessel was seemingly respected by his crew; the mix of humanoids would be interesting for future generations to have information concerning the humanoids.

"Very well, right this way." Cariss said with a smile.


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