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Meeting the Doc!!!

Posted on Mon Apr 10th, 2017 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & David Hawkins

Mission: Blackout
Location: Main Sick Bay - U.S.S. Gladiator - A
Timeline: Back Post

/// ON ///

They had been 'on the road' for a couple days now and he hadn't really gotten the chance to meet some of his new crew with all the craziness going on with transferring his former crew from one ship to the new ship. He now was in command of a ship that was fair much bigger. He was quite impressed with what they had now been given. The Excalibur Class was a beast of a ship, and even though he hadn't gotten much time for anything these days.

As he walked down the corridor of the ship to the medical deck, he could see how this was going to quickly become a great quality for the crew and for helping those in need. Additionally, he also knew that there was going to be a lot of responsibility for the new Medical Staff to handle what they now had to work with. But only time would tell if they were ready and prepared for anything.

The Main Sickbay door slid open and David walked into a sick bay almost twice as large as what they were used to seeing on the Sovereign class. He saw many bays for them to work with and a large office off to the left. He made his way into the office, only to see it was empty. Making a mental note of this, he walked past the office and into the other side to find more room for medical emergencies.

Scipio had been in an area that could be used for triage if required. In his hands was a PADD that he been focused on and hadn't noticed Hawkins initially. The Captain was one of the few officers he could recognize on sight, had gone over the man's file. That the commanding officer had been a fighter pilot - military - before was a positive. The Doctor had served as medicus in the Legions and felt at home with the discipline only military life can provide. Starfleet, on the other hand, could be very strict or very relaxed depending on the CO. Hawkins, he assumed was going to be the former rather than the latter.

"Captain.." Scipio did the Roman salute, fist to chest then extended out, as expected to his commanders back home before realizing it. "Doctor Lucius Cornelius Scipio, your new Chief Medical Officer." He introduced himself, more for protocol since Hawkins was no doubt already aware before stepping into Sickbay.

"That was new," David smirked as he looked at the man. "So what do I call ya, Doc? Doctor Cornelius... Doctor Scipio... hey you?" He smirked as he hadn't met many from his world. Actually, he hadn't met any of them at all. But he had heard of them and their history. It was quite interesting to say the least.

Scipio misunderstood the humor and felt he had to explain. "Doctor Scipio is fine, Captain. I belong to the gens Cornelii, a very old family of Rome. Scipio, is one of 16 branches of that family. If this was the USS Centurion, I would be addressed as Lucius Cornelius but being this vessel is not, Scipio will suffice." He had remained rather stiffly, the decorum expected of addressing his commanding officer.

"Why the Centurion?" the captain wandered as he looked at the man in a curious manor. He didn't know much of the protocol But now he was interested as the two walked through the large Sick Bay.

"The Centurion was an all Magna Roman crewed vessel. This allowed my people to observe our customs and traditions, such as the five day festival of Quinquatria that is currently happening on my world. Of course, my service aboard that vessel was thirty years ago, around the time we joined the Federation. Even as I serve on more diverse starships, sometimes I find our rituals my be quite different so I apologize in advance." He walked with his hands laced behind his back, like the proud Patrician and Legionaire he was.

"Well on Gladiator, we are a little more relaxed than most starships, more so than the Centurion. I hope this won't be be an issue," David said as he explained the new idea which had always been how things had ran under his command. "Not everyone is good with this all the time."

Scipio observed the Captain a moment. "This is your command, of course, and style of leadership is your prerogative." He spoke respectfully, not mimicking Hawkins' relaxed style. If it did irk him, he did not show it as if mimicking a Vulcan instead. "I understand I am the third Chief Medical Officer this crew has had to deal with. I will admit my demeanor is more than likely dissimilar to my predecessors and as you had said, not everyone is good with this all the time."

This made David think for a moment as he tried to think of the number of doctors that had come and gone under his command. But he shrugged it off as he looked at the man and offered a slight shrug. "You are the first doctor to take charge of this Sick bay on this ship under my command. So you are doing well. The Excalibur class offers There are more resources here."

The Doctor nodded. "Yes, this vessel is among the best equipped in Starfleet in form and function. Being we could be removed from outside support at intervals, having Sickbay as sufficient as any hospital is an asset." He paused, as his dark eyes took in his impressive fiefdom. "I can assure you, Captain, that the Medical Department will be fully prepared to meet any needs you may require." He still had his hands behind his back, standing straight as he spoke and addressed the Captain formally that not even a smirk cracked the fine line of his lips.

"Well, I expect nothing less," the captain nodded as he looked the man over for a moment and raised an eye brow. "Your peoplereally are all about honor and respect, aren't you?"

"I come from a proud Patrician family that can trace its lineage to the very founding of Rome. With such a pedigree, honor and respect are not mere words, but actions." Answered Scipio, his sense of familial pride was apparent. "As a Patrician of the Senatorial class, I was expected to embark on the Cursus Honorum. A series of positions one would hold with the final being a member of the Senate. So, as expected, I was in the Legion, but I had no desire for politics or the intrigue it seems to covet. Instead, I was a medicus or doctor, of the Tenth Legion until our admission into the Federation."

"So what do you think of the Federation and Starfleet?" David asked as he watched as medical staff worked around them. He was impressed with how large and quickly that the doctor before him had set up his staff. It was bound to be interesting as he looked back at the Doctor.

Scipio noticed the Captain's glances around the new Sickbay. "I will honor my oath to Starfleet, Captain. We Romans take such things very seriously. This is a grand opportunity to see the galaxy, meet others in peaceful contact and perhaps learn much about ourselves in the process. I for one am grateful though to be truthful, The Federation is idealistic and I prefer to believe in what is in front of me."

"And what if the information and the facts make you, as a Roman, question your own idealistic views and what you have been taught?" The captain wandered as he looked at the man with a slight raised eye brow.

Scipio stood there for a moment, staring at the David before a smile crept onto his face. It was brief, a flicker then extinguished. "Those who do not adapt, perish, Captain. History - of both our worlds - have abundant evidence of this. I am not a stone who never wavers from the truth only that I do not assume it to be just by faith alone. The Federation is flawed, fallen prey to self-righteousness armed with regulation. However individual fingers brought together form a fist. When faced with the unknown, that fist, a collective defense, is always preferable, even for a Roman. So I serve, to protect my world, from that unknown." He paused, glancing around his personal fiefdom. "My personal views will not factor in my performance of duty. I will adhere to your orders by my oath, by my allegiance."

"Well in that case, welcome aboard, Doctor. I look forward to pushing you to your limits and see who and what you are made of," David smirked as he reached out to shake the man's hand.

Scipio glanced at the offered hand as he would have almost subconsciously gave the Roman salute out of habit. Instead he accepted the handshake with a firm grip. "I would expect no less, Captain."

As the released their hands, David nodded and looked around the sick bay one last time before looking back at the Roman officer. He smirked one last time before starting for the door. "Well, the Sick bay is yours, Doctor. Let me know if you need anything. I can't wait to see if you can handle the crew." With that, he stepped out of the Sick Bay. He knew quite well that his choice of this replacement was an interesting one to say the least, but it was a natural fit, to say the least.

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


Lieutenant Lucius Cornelius Scipio Minor
Chief Medical Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


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