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Bumps and Bruises

Posted on Wed Apr 12th, 2017 @ 8:59am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor

Mission: Blackout
Location: Gladiator Medical bay

Mercia kept Molli's head close to her shoulder, pressed in to a cloth which was collecting the blood as she rushed to the medical bay, her heart hammering and nerves freyed. Molli herself was screeching and fighting, head wounds bled the worst, and it was all Mercia could do to keep it out of the babys eyes.

She skidded to a halt just inside the medical bay, "I need quick help." she announced above the cries.

Scipio rushed over, motioning for one of the nurses to have a bio bed ready. "I am Doctor Lucius Cornelius Scipio, the new Chief Medical Officer." He had a small scanner in his hand as he spoke, his attention directed exclusively on the child. "Commander, please place her on that bio bed. I know this looks quite frightening but I need you to stay calm for me and her." His eyes looked on Mercia, trying to calm her. "What's her name, she looks a year old, is that correct?"

"Molli, She's ten months old, she climbed on the couch and then fell off and landed her head off the corner of her toy box." she said reluctantly letting the child go, and struggling not to feel guilty for getting distracted for a moment and letting this happen.

Scipio nodded, while pulling on gloves, as Mercia explained what happened. "We are going to stop this bleeding but We want to see if there are fractures or trauma . The electroencephalographic analyzer and physiological scanner will look for anomalies while we deal with this gash." The nurse had already brought over a tray of tools as the bio bed hummed to life, its display panel glowing from the dozen points of data that shifted as time passed.

Mercia took a deep breath, working to keep herself calm. She'd not been such a bundle of nerves in such a long time, but with Molli in her life now she found it harder to stay calm sometimes. She ran her hand through her and steeled her heart against the 'Mama's being cried from the bio bed. She knew that she needed to hang back a little until they let her nearer the baby or else Molli might try to get up and get to her. She was s stubborn child.

"Do what you need to do..." she said tightly. "I couldn't tell if it hit her eye or not... she was bleeding so much." she said with a clearly worried tone as she shifted from foot to foot.

Scipio nodded again as the scan's results appeared on the display. "No trauma or fracture so just this laceration." He picked up a tool from the tray. "A dermal regenerator will heal the cut however with any hit to the head, there is the chance of a concussion.." The Doctor was using the tool as he spoke. "Molli will need to be observed for at least 24 hours and any behavioral changes, will need to be examined. This is strictly precaution as minors are more prone to concussion due to the cranium-brain differential."

"You mean she has to stay here?" Mercia blinked and glanced around. It was hard enough to keep Molli busy at home, but to keep her calm and observable here sounded like a nightmare, plus they were about to head out for a mission. Parenting and being a high ranking officer was getting complicated.

Scipio noted the alarm in her voice and shook his head sympathetically. "No, Commander. If you or someone you trust can watch her for that 48 hour window in your quarters, that is fine." He glanced toward the bio beds. "If that's not practical, Molli can stay here in Sickbay. This is your decision but either way, I would caution that she should be watched in the possibility of having a concussion."

"Oh..." she said softly. "Khelev will be watching her when I'm out on mission. "I know what concussions look like in adults, but how do I recognize it in a child?" she asked shifting. "Can I hold her yet?" she asked, her instinct to calm Molli's tears and fear was starting to get to the point where she starting to resist moving forward and snatching her.

He nodded. "Again this is only a precaution but it is best to have her observed. Alright, as long as you have someone then Molli can remain in your quarters." Scipio glanced at the child. "Warning signs at this age are not always apparent but if she vomits, suffers from paleness or perspiration, loss of consciousness that can not be aroused from, unconsoled crying, excessive drowsiness..." He paused, his gaze back on the Commander's. "Bring her to Sickbay. Chances are, Molli here will be fine but I prefer to be thorough and deal with any complications - should they arise - immediately."

Mercia nodded, "Believe me I take this seriously." she said. "I've suffered concussions a number of times." she said finally moving in. She was greatful when the nurses allowed Molli to move and Mercia was able to pick her up and hold her against her should, and croon some gentle words to her. "This isn't exactly how I'd planned to meet you Doctor." she said sheepishly.

Scipio smirked. "I take no offense, Commander. The child's well being must come first over protocol. I will state that I am honored to serve aboard the Gladiator, regardless whether the very name reminds me of home." He smiled at the girl in Mercia's arms. "I will have a department review on your desk by zero nine hundred hours. Doctor Borden was an efficient administrator so my changes are few but I believe necessary."

"Thats good to know." she said bouncing Molli a bit, "I'll be looking forward to that report." she said dryly. Mercia smirked as Molli started to calm down, and just whimper in to Mercia's neck. "Who am I kidding? I hate reports." she said. "Would you like to catch a drink sometime?" she laughed, "I normally hate doctors, and I'm making an effort to be nice." Mercia explained.

Scipio was taken aback by the invitation. She could have told him they were flying into a black hole for a mutually similar reaction. "A drink..." His mind contemplated many possible answers but the one that slipped out of his mouth ultimately won. "Of course, Commander, I would enjoy such company. I can say that doctors, for the most part, are not all monsters to be feared." Another smile for the benefit of the child.

Mercia grunted, "Sadly. most I know are monsters. We don't often get along, and I tend to take care of my own bumps and bruises." She rocked Molli a bit, "But things are a little different when it comes to her..." she admitted.

"Well Commander," He responded, trying to be reassuring. "I want you to feel safe and comfortable in Sickbay. Any worries or concerns you may have, please, don't hesitate to discuss with me. It's understandable to be concerned over a child. I am a parent as well so I know that every bump can lead to anxiousness. In this case, I think the little trooper here will be fine."

Mercia offered a little smile, "I don't know many parents, and my mother died when I was 5... I'm really new to this whole raising a kid thing." She sighed, "I still wonder if I shouldn't let my friend adopt her." she said. "I actually need to discuss something related to that with you." she said. "See, Molli is actually my twins daughter, Tali, you should have a file on her, she's being held on board." Mercia explained.

"She was used by COIL to infiltrate the ship and take over my life, and in order to ensure good blending they imputed what we've come to call a bridge in her brain. They were able to recreate memories, and them download them in to her brain, It was also a method of control for them. They tried to use it to kill her. Now its fused in to her brain, and she can't tell who she is sometimes. She thinks she's me sometimes, she thinks she's herself other times. Its all very confusing. So far removal has been impossible with out permanent brain damage. I've had some doctors working to try and slowly treat her to remove it with as little permanent brain damage as possible. Would you be able to look at her file and see if you concur with the treatments and can continue it on board ship?" she said.

"I have not had the chance to peruse the file as of yet." Scipio explained, nodding as she spoke. "I will look into this, Commander and if there is a safe avenue of treatment possible- brain damage is the real danger here as you have pointed out - I will find it. Technology fusion...Perhaps Science and Operations might be useful here."

"Thank you, I appreciate it." she said. "So drinks... officers lounge at 2000 hours?" she questioned knowing that Molli would be headed for bed at that point, and for some reason she'd been preferring Khelev to put her down.

"Of course, Commander, I would be honored." Declining an invitation - even for drinks - from the Executive Officer would have been tantamount to jumping out the nearest airlock. He had remained formal, as her senior position of authority practically dictated by Roman etiquette.

"Sounds good, see you then." Mercia grinned. She carried Molli out of the room, who still whimpering a little bit.


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