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Passing the Torch

Posted on Tue Apr 18th, 2017 @ 5:16am by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Blackout
Location: Science Department :: USS Gladiator
Timeline: Prior to mission start


M'Gann bit her lip as she paced her office. She had called Lixor down to discuss something with him, but didn't specify what. She rolled his new pip between her thumb and index finger, but the smile she had at the news had long faded. She had something else to tell him, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

The doorway to the science department slid open and Lixor stepped through into the growingly familiar place. He was still not as comfortable with the new laboratories as he was with the old yet they were as much his home now as the others had been. There was a faint smile on his face as he recalled who it was that had summoned him, the blonde woman he had been pursuing and the head of his department.

Lixor came to the doorway of M'Gann's office and grinned broadly seeing her but the expression on her face caused the it to fade some, "Something on your mind M'Gann?"

The blonde looked up at the door, pausing in her steps. She gave him a small smile before gesturing for him to enter. "I'm glad you could make it, Lixor. I've got a couple things for you." She knew that there was still time to consider it, but given how tough it's been for her, inside she knew she was making the right choice.

"You do," Lixor he questioned tilting his head curiously, "did I leave something?"

"The first is a word of congratulations. You've been promoted." M'Gann flashed the pip at him, letting her smile grow. It was a sad one, however, because her eyes did not share the same emotion. "As both the second officer and your superior, I hereby promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant with all the rights and privileges that come with it."

Lixor's eyebrows rose and a smile crossed his face though his eyes still showed his puzzlement. "Full Lieutenant, already," he said, "I'm honored and a bit shocked!"

M'Gann chuckled a little at his response before closing the distance between them to replace the half-pip on his collar. "You earned it," she complimented, glancing up at his eyes for a moment before flushing and looking back down at his collar. Once the new pip was in place, she took a step back. "Seriously, Lixor. All of your efforts did not go unnoticed, and I'm proud of you."

The blue man nodded and let a faint smile cross his face, "thank you." He tilted his head and continued, "but I was only doing my job."

"Indeed, you were." M'Gann's smile then dropped a little, and she moved to sit up against the edge of the desk. She had actually gotten most of her stuff moved out, so the office looked a little emptier than it usually was. The only thing of hers left was the small bed Miko used, a stack of about a dozen padds set off to a side, and the picture that was on her desk. The blonde sighed. She didn't want to do this to him, but the news wasn't going to be easy, no matter how she said it. At least she was seeing him again, Rassilon was she going to miss that smile.

Lixor glanced around the room puzzled by what he was seeing and any smile he had fled from his face, "you'e leaving aren't you?"

He stepped closer to the dest and shook his head, "I may have ambitions but seeing you leave is't one of them."

"It's for the better," M'Gann whispered, staring at the ground. By her computer was a small box for her to put her own half-pip into. The cost of leaving meant losing her rank as Lieutenant Commander, but if it helped her recover... she deemed it worth the demotion. "I thought that by being with these people might help me realize that what happened a year ago didn't happen here, but every time I look at someone, all I see is how they died." She felt stinging at her eyes and blinked a couple times to push away any tears that were thinking of falling. "I can't keep going like this. And if my suspicions are true, that the Order did make it through-" The blonde stopped talking when she felt her throat tighten and took a couple moments to collect herself. She didn't want to cry, not now.

"For the better," Lixor questioned, "running from your......" The man stopped himself midsentence, "no, I'm being selfish aren't I," he questioned lowering his gaze. The man moved closer wanting desperately to take her in his arms but knowing that would not bring closure, only strengthen his desire to keep her where she was and with him. "Let me to go with you," He said drawing from his reservoir of courage, "I'm a survivor M'Gann I can help, I know I can."

M'Gann shook her head. "I know that you can help, you have done so much for me and I could never thank you enough for it." She looked up at him, seeing the hurt in his expression, "... but I can't do that to you. If the Order found out about... about us... they would try to use you against me. That's exactly what happened to Lauren, and I-I can't let that happen again..." She looked around her office and added, "besides, someone needs to take my place. I know you're more than capable, Lixor." Tears started tickling her eyelashes, and despite her efforts it was becoming harder to hold them back. They had shared so many memories, some of the recent ones more intimate, but she didn't want to lose him. Seeing that he was close enough to be within arm's reach, she lifted a hand and gently caressed his cheek. "Lixor, you're not being selfish. I'm afraid of losing someone else I love."

Lixor stood there enjoying the feel of her hand, "I'm afraid of loosing you too." he admitted placing a hand over hers. "When do you have to go?"

The blonde sighed. "I leave tonight. I sent in a transfer request a couple days ago and explained my situation, and they approved it this morning."

The blue man's head drooped as he fought back the emotions he was feeling. Can we at least stay in touch, "he asked swallowing hard.

"Of course," M'Gann responded, letting her hand fall to rest on his shoulder. A knot formed in her stomach. It hurt to see him this way, and it made her more conscious about her decision. Sighing, she looked down, her hand drooping to her side, and she turned her gaze to the picture of her and her brother on her desk. She picked it up and looked at it for a moment before extending it slightly towards him. "Here," she said, swallowing the lump in her throat, "keep it. That way you have something to remember me by."

For a moment Lixor stood motionless glancing from picture to person and back again before his eyes glazed with moisture and the last of his ability to hold back his emotions vanished. He moved close placing an arm about her waist ignoring the offered gift of an image to remember his former superior by.

"But I want you M'Gann," he managed in words choked with emotion, "not an image, you.

For a man who had been stoic through the deaths of many a close friend in his younger days his time as an officer had softened him considerably. Though he knew his words would not change the woman's mind they were spoken anyway, a token of his affection and a testimony of the affect this Bolion woman had exerted on the former gang leader.

The blonde saw the tears in his eyes, which made hers finally push out and trail down her cheeks. Putting the picture back on the desk, she leaned forward a little and pulled him into a hug. "I know, Lixor, I know," she choked out. She clenched her eyes shut, her tears tickling her chin before making little dark spots on his uniform. "I will come back some day, I promise."

"You better," Lixor managed still choked with emotion but with his best attempt at sounding hopeful. He held to her tightly, "I love you M'Gann." The word love was one the blue man used extremely infrequently and never with affection towards a woman. Becoming emotionally involved with someone was often deadly and gave an adversary a point of attack he couldn't afford to offer. Then man closed his eyes breathing her in and holding onto the moment not wanting to let her go.

Part of her leaving was to come to terms with losing Lauren. After everything they had gone through together, losing her felt like losing her best friend all over again. Being with Lixor had helped some, but how could she fully devote her love to him when part of it is with Lau? That internal struggle made her heart ache, and she tucked her face into his shoulder when he spoke. "Oh Rassilon, I love you too, Lixor," she said, her words muffled by his shoulder. His warmth was comforting, inviting, and she so desperately wanted this to last forever. M'Gann sniffled a little before pulling back enough to see his face before resting her forehead gently on his.

The blue man was quiet for a moment as he struggled through his thoughts then spoke again, "than, thank you," he managed, "I'll be waiting for you, I will."

M'Gann gave him a sad smile before glancing at his lips. Should she give him one last kiss? Would it hurt him more than this already has, or would it give them closure? Taking a chance, she cupped his cheeks in her hands before tilting her head and giving him a gentle kiss.

Unable to hold himself back any longer Lixor bent his head down and kissed her deeply not wanting the moment to end.

She let it last, remembering the taste of his lips and a hint of saltiness from their tears, before eventually pulling back, and she stared at him awkwardly for a moment before saying quietly, "I... uh, I should finish packing." Not in any rush to break all contact, she stayed in his arms while she turned her computer around and told the computer to transport the rest of her things from her office to her apartment on the planet. She heard the familiar hum of the transporter take the bed and the stack of padds, and she turned her attention back to Lixor. "And I should, um, let you get back to work... Lieutenant."


Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
New Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant M'Gann Sverch'tel
Ex Chief Science Officer


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