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Fly Away!!!

Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2017 @ 11:07am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins

Mission: Dream Catcher

As the tour continued, David felt the difference in the air as they moved deeper and deeper into the cannons of the new planet they were guests of. He had already started to get tired but there wasn’t a chance in hell that he was going to request a moment to relax. Every once and a while, he caught Emmah, from the corner of his eye, looking at him. He didn’t need to fully see her face to notice that her medical programming was kicking in and she was diagnosing him and the rest of the team… but mostly him.

“Keep it up, Emmah and I’ll shoot you,” David explained only loud enough for his assistant to hear him.

"I am concerned for your well being Captain..." Emmah started, "The air down here..."

=/\= Kavi to Hawkins =/\= the female's voice broke the conversation between David and the hologram.

He side as he looked at the alien ambassador before speaking. “This is Hawkins,” David responded after tapping his ear piece so he could privately talk to his first officer. He excused himself as walked from the group to have a little privacy.

"Interesting thing just popped up on the holoscreen." Mercia said from the bridge of the Gladiator, "But I don't think we can ignore it."

"You want to explain what the hell interesting is supposed to mean?" he countered slightly unsure what she was trying to say.

"Now don't get your panties in a bunch, I was getting to it..." she took a deep breath, "We're getting sensor readings being sent in our direction from a deep space sensor array. The information is of possible borg ship activity, but it is several months old." she said.


"There's more David." she said. "Its in the same system as a possible classified prewarp world."

He paused for a moment as he sighed and knew what had to be done. "Where is this sensor pod located at?"

Mercia took a moment before wincing, "First start to the right, and straight on till morning... aka... The delta quadrant."

"Meaning its going to take a bit to get there, even at Slipstream speeds," he spoke out loud as he pondered the next course of action. "Prepare the Gladiator for departure of the system as soon as my team gets back to the ship. Contact Memphis Island to send a ship to pick up the Diplomatic team from this planet. We are, more than likely, the closest and qualified ship to handle this situation and what we need to deal with."

"Aye aye Captain." she said trying to add some humor in, knowing he was likely to beat her for that, despite feeling a little nervous. She'd never encountered the Borg before, the truth was, they were one of the few things that scared her. Give her a Naussican any day... at least she could make a deal or distract one of them.

"Mercia, this is the real thing. I know you and everyone else will be nervous... even scared. But if this is real... prepare for the worst. We will be heading up as soon as possible. Hawkins out."

Emmah smiled at Cariss, and glanced at Zeti at the door way of the pod bay, she glanced at David as he returned to the group.

"Is every thing alright Captain?" Cariss asked.

"Honestly, no, ma'am. My senior officers and I need to back to deal with a serious issue. My diplomatic staff and security team will stay here to continue with you. We will have the U.S.S. Maine head this way from Memphis to pick them up," David explained as little detail as possible.

"Oh..." Carris said looking at her companions with disappointment. All this preparation and she wasn't to be hosting the senior members of the Federation as she had expected. "I hope all is ok..."

"Let's hope it's a false alarm," the captain spoke up with his own thoughts as he felt his own blood pressure start to heat up as his warrior focus came back as though it never left. "Zeti, Emmah, Lizzy, time to go. I'm sorry, Miss Cariss. We will continue this later if possible. I'm so sorry.

"I understand." Carris said motioning to her AI aide to guide them back to the shuttle bay.



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