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Posted on Tue Apr 18th, 2017 @ 8:32am by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi]

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Senior Sta

Mercia spun around in the high back chair just to the right, of the head of the big rounded table. The massive room with holographic displays, big windows, and room for all the senior staff and their assignments was a little daunting. Sometimes she wanted to set up a smaller office and have meetings there, rather than this state of the art monstrosity. It felt like a lecture hall to her, something she loathed.

She spun around again, her legs tucked up on the edge of the seat as she tipped her head back and closed her eyes. A few moments of peace... Living with an Andorian and a half Moali toddler was trying at its best, and yet Mercia was happier than she'd been in a long time... now she was waiting for the other shoe to drop and take it all way.

Weeeeeeeee" she murmured as she spun again.

Scipio entered the room in his customary manner, nodding to the XO, with his usual formality. "Commander." He proceeded to one of the empty chairs where he sat rather rigidly, his fingers interlaced, resting on the table in front of him. He had no indication what this was about but kept his curiosity in check, with the possibility of unlimited questions, through will power, or as he would call it, discipline.

Lizzy had been actually around when David had gotten the call from Mercia, and it had taken only a brief moment for her to realize that there was a big change in demeanor from him. She didn't know why but she listened as he diplomatically ended the away team and she followed him back to the ship - shifting into the most serious she had been for awhile.

Entering into the room, Lizzy smiled and took a seat in the middle, "Hi. Is it just me or does this remind you Academy lecture halls? I feel like I should bring along a bag of Jaffas and see if they make noise rolling down the floor."

Price entered the room shortly after that. He gave a quick little glance around the room checking to see who was already there and who wasn't. The Marine was silent as he took one of the empty seats. His features were stoic, impassive almost. Marines.

Lixor made his way in glancing around the room to identify everyone before he entered. He caught sight of Price and hesitated a moment not recognizing the face then moved forward nodding to Mercia, "Commander," he offered then took another look at the marine before moving in to take a seat. The blue man's shiny new full pip showed from his collar though his demeanor had not changed from when he was a junior grade. Among other things a pad was fastened to his utility belt along with is tricorder though he had many things hidden on his person that had little if anything to do with his science position.

There was a sadness in his eyes that was noticeable. The sparkle was gone as he dealt with losing M'Gann, the woman who had befriended and loved him, the woman who stepped aside so he could have the lead in the science department. It was not what he wanted but Lixor had learned it was best not to always fight for your own way.

The science officer's melancholy wasn't lost on Lydia as she entered. She was saddened by M'Gann's departure as well, and although part of her new the other woman's recovery would be better served elsewhere, another small part of her felt guilty that she hadn't been able to do more to serve that recovery.

Mercia finally stopped her spinning and glanced around, "You all look miserable... have a donut and coffee and cheer up." she said motioning to the table off to the side, always with fresh snacks and coffee set for meetings.

Lizzy's eyes shot up, "Ooooo. Hey, do you really really want to have me at a meeting when I'm high on sugar and caffeine? That's just asking for trouble. But I can see some fruit which should be ok."

Getting up as she giggled, Lizzy headed over to the table and selected some pineapple, watermelon and peach slices in a plate, along with an orange juice.

The blue man attempted a smile and nodded headed towards the table loaded with what would serve as last night's dinner and that morning's breakfast. He hadn't much felt like eating though he tried his best not to take out his emotions on the science staff.

Paula entered the conference room and giving a nod to everyone that was in attendance, as she noticed the buffet next to the wall and headed over to pick up some honeydew melon and a coffee, she sent a quick thought to Lizzy ~ How are you this morning Liz?~ as she still worried about her after her escapade a few months ago.

Lizzy smiled as she heard the thought, and grinned, ~ Doing good. Although, missed out on trying the stasis chambers. Captain seemed to want to get us out of there fast though. ~

After picking up her food, Paula headed to her normal seat that she sat between Julian and Sam, she knew that her friends here had her back and she had theirs and that they were a family, But she always believed to expect the unexpected.

Zeti arrived at the briefing in a crisp uniform and with a PaDD in hand for any information or notes that needed to be taken. The message letting them know there was a meeting was fairly urgent and she didn't like it. That usually meant bad things.

Phelps had quietly entered the meeting and took a spot where he could have a full vantage point, it was also close to The Security Chief with a space between them. He had adjusted his glasses again and the PADD in front of him remained his steadfast friend on board the ship, almost never being seen without it. He remained quiet while taking in all that goes on around him.

The doors slid open quickly as Emmah and David walked through to the large briefing room that the designers of the class dubbed the Senior Staff Briefing Room. It was completely decked out with holo-emitters, touch screens in the tables, large monitors on the far wall before the crew. It was truly a modern marvel. He ignored the crew almost as he made his way to the center chair and saw Mercia still messing with her chair, He raised an eyebrow for a moment before she finally stopped.

"Thank you all for your hasty response to the briefing room," David looked away slightly irritated but more focused more than ever. He looked around the table as he spoke to the crew and nodded for those that were standing to take a seat as he did. He leaned forward in his chair and rested his elbows on the table.

"Straight to the point. This meeting is classified as Level 6 security clearance or above for the time being. Simply put, Senior staff's eyes only at the moment...

"Gladiator is at cruising speed to our destination in the Vor'lock System just inside the Delta Quadrant. At normal speeds, it will take us several months to reach the system, so we will be bringing the Quantum Slipstream drive online, once again, and be using it to get there at our best speeds," He paused as he tapped in a command code into the table and looked up as the lights in the room dimmed and shutters lowered over the viewports behind them so there was no chance of glare. The Holoemitters came to life as the Navigational maps came up to show the Gladiator's current location and flight plan laid out in a red line. It showed for a moment before an area on the edge of Alpha and Delta Quadrant lit up and flashed. "Earlier this morning, one of our long range Sensor completed self-repair. Once its communications array became operational, a backlog of data, in a data package, was sent. Gladiator was the most qualified and capable ship to handle this situation."

The image changed as it flashed the system in question before zooming in to show a solar system. It showed the sun in the center, as expected, with seven planets orbiting the sun. Then the image of a flashing dot was seen that showed a navigational track to the fourth planet in the system.

"As you can see, the navigational records show, what seems to be a vessel, with a borg power signature, flying into the system, then stops sending out a power signal. I have talked to Star Fleet Intelligence and Security. They all agree that the data shows that the vessel, more than likely either landed or crashed on the planet in question. The deep space vessel, Wilcox surveyed the sector, including the planet. They reported that the planet is inhabited by a pre-warp society," he paused as the images of the survey teams came on the monitors in a slide show manner as the lights in the room came back up. David looked around the room and was now in his military moods. He rarely ever was in this but in this case, there was no joking matter involved in his voice as he continued. "We haven't heard a single thing on any activity from the Borg in over a decade. We have heard rumors, but with our fleet finally reaching out to explore the Delta Quadrant, all the other quadrants haven't had solid proof of any attacks, or a single peep about them. Then out of nowhere, we pick up this. This is not a moment where we can get caught unexpectedly. They were a massive threat which if they put their whole force on the Alpha Quadrant, we wouldn't be here now as ourselves. We could easily be drones. Just because we were lucky the handful of times we engaged them, doesn't mean we are going to risk it. I sure as hell am not going to risk it. So A Games. Nothing less. Questions?"

Lizzy's mouth had dropped before she spoke, "Shit. Oops, sorry."

"Counselor?" the captain questioned for a moment giving her his full focus as could tell, even without her skills as a betaziod, that she wasn't comfortable about this mission at all.

Paula thought to herself ~ Great Borg~ as she asked " How many drones do we think are on the Planet?" as she started to make Calculation's on how to proceed with this and giving Julian a quick glance.

"Unknown. We could be lucky and the Borg ship was destroyed by impacting the planet, or it landed and is crawling with Borg. Or we could find ourselves with no threat at all. No Drones, no ship, nothing. We don't know," Captain Hawkins answered the best he could.

"What natural resources are on the planet?" Phelps asked candidly. "I mean the raw materials and such?" He tapped his PADD. "The Borg seek technology, biological victims are easy to come by and if there is not sufficient industrial capability assimilating a culture would not be efficient. There has to be something they want to be on a course for such a planet in general, especially 'If' they took the trouble to make a landing to complete their given task?"

"The only thing that the scout ships before us got was a quick fly by of the systems. The planet was giving off an unusual amount of electrical fluctuations and was placed on a list of areas that was to be researched by a deep space science ship. But they have yet to get to that area of space, at least not before us." the captain answered as he looked around once again.

Price was listening to the questions that were coming up and had to ask. "Sir, how old is the intel from the sensor and more immediately do we have any friendly eyes in the area that can confirm this planet isn't already total Borg owned?"

Julian slid into the room just as Taylor finished his question. He found a glass of Andorian water, took a sip, then found a seat for himself.

Looking at his marine commander and spoke directly to him, while everyone listened in. "I asked the very same thing during my debriefing with command and Intel. This information is almost a year old. Like I stated, the deep space sensor array was damaged, and its self-repairing bots finally just repaired its systems for us to receive this data. So we are well past the time here, and it's unsettling because we aren't sure if it was a glitch or not due to the fact that the sensor array isn't picking up any activity in the area.

"There is no friendlies in that area of space either. We are going deep into a widely unexplored area of space. The ship before us only spent a short time mapping out the area but not in detail. It was one of several areas of space that was supposed to be further explored by a more mission-focused ship and crew.

"With that being said, we will be the first to arrive in the sector of space. Gladiator-A is fully laid out as a battleship to handle ourselves on our own, but only if needed. We are going in on the edge of space, and sending in sensor probes to verify safety before we take the Gladiator in. Fighters will be launched to escort shuttle teams to map out the area and keep an eye out for additional threats. If the coast is clear, Gladiator will proceed to the planet in question. Once we know what we are up against, I will give out further instructions. But one step at a time. I am not chancing things with this threat," Captain Hawkins explained as he finally broke eye contact with her and looked around the room. "Next?"

"If the Borg are already there," Lixor questioned thinking through the survival scenarios that ran through his head, "then they have already been exposed. It is safe to say they have seen technology beyond their own and at worse have been assimilated to increase the Borg's number." He pressed his blue lips together and then added, "What resources are available on the planet may already be in the process of being depleted by them."

Scipio had froze when the Captain mentioned the 'Borg'. After thirty years, was it even possible..."Captain.." He began after a succession of questions were asked by his colleagues. "Do we have any way of knowing whether these drones or their vessel, was encountered before and cataloged in the Starfleet database?" It was an incredible leap of faith and he knew it as the words rolled off his tongue. He leaned forward on the table, oozing anxiety, breaking from his usual martial rigidness.

Lizzy had realized about their new CMO, and from her discussions with him, she knew that this was going to be a quite interesting mission for him.

"It's been fourteen years since the last Borg ship has been seen in the Alpha Quadrant when the starship Voyager destroyed it from the inside and returned home. Before that, Star Fleet engaged the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001," David explained the details of his own personal research before the meeting on the prior Borg engagements. "But your question still stands. We aren't completely sure how this is possible. Even with all of our studies.The reports from the Voyager Senior Staff reported the destruction of a Transwarp Hub and destruction of the Borg Queen and the Unicomplex. Reports have all concluded of the assumption of only one Unicomplex and one Borg queen. Since Voyager's return, Star Fleet has been trying to reach the Delta Quadrant in the efforts to confirm the destruction of the Borg continuum. Not only that but in order to find out if there is a possible new threat in which filled the void and took over what Borg technology if left behind by the collective's destruction."

The captain paused and saw that he still hadn't answered the man's question, but was just stretching out all the details he had looked up for himself to ensure the more informed crew. "Sorry Doctor, to your answer, no, we have no data on this vessel in question. Only thing we do know is that its power output wasn't consistent with the Borg ship designs and size of its class. So we are in uncharted territory.

Mercia cleared her throat, "Part of the difficulty is, is that this is a pre-warp society, so we need to assess the damage done to their natural cultural progression. We could find the whole world assimilated, in which case we will discuss what to do... if they are not assimilated, we'll need to see if they've been exposed and do w hat we can to minimize the effect of contact. This is a possible prime directive nightmare." she commented.

Lixor drew in a breath as he pondered things, "I doubt if the Borg abide by the directive but I have some ideas that could keep us under their radar, as it were, for a little while."

"Then speak up, Lieutenant. What do you have in mind?" David asked as he finally sat back in his seat, leaning back to try and relax. But there was not a single muscle in his body that wanted to relax at the thought of a threat this big being back. Yes, the Federation had always found a way to defend themselves, but the Borg weren't truly dedicating their full force against humanity. IF they even gave them more than a single thought, the borg could have wiped them out and cause a shock throughout the quadrant.

The half Bolion nodded and began his reply, "holograms can make a temporary individual cloaking ability but that can be easily detected by the Borg." He drew in a deep breath and tilted his head as he began again, "I have experience with a little makeup but I also know how to use biological markers to further fool those looking for fakes. It involves using fake DNA, blood and of course altering your voice so you blend in like the natives without holograms and the Borg would not be expecting anything like it."

" Captain," Paula looked around the room, She continued," Could these Borg be Newly freed Borg-like Seven of Nine and Captain Picard?" as she wondered if when the unimatrix collapsed, would they know how to function to keep the vessel afloat? as she finished," And would they have been able to fly the ship in their new state?"

"It's a possibility, but we plan for the worst," David countered. They didn't have enough details to truly answer most of the questions, and deep down it was eating at him deep inside.

Mercia arched her brows, "Considering they were rescued by people with warp capable technology I find that highly unlikely."

Emmah cleared her throat, "Actually, Commander, I've downloaded all the files I could for the Borg. In the person, Seven of Nines history there is mention of a point in time when she and other members of her unimatrix crashed on a planet and were cut off from the collective and each other. It is possible that if indeed this borg ship crashed, that any surviving borg were freed on their own... it is also plausible that the entire planet is already lost." she commented.

"We won't know that till we get there..." Mercia said.

"I don't think the prime directive applies when we find a society that's been taken over by the Borg. There are a lot of unknowns, I understand that but if they are in charge we need to roll up and get ready for a fight," Zeti said evenly. "We'll start prepping in engineering to take them on."

Lizzy spoke up, "Even so, I'll start getting my staff working on protocols for helping treat ex-Borg."

Lydia nodded. "We're all making a lot of assumptions, but it can help to be prepared for these potential outcomes. Medically, there are issues to be considered when dealing with potentially assimilated peoples. However, it sounds just as likely that we could get there and find little evidence to go on. After all, we don't have the most up-to-date sensor picture."

"We may be making assumptions," Lixor commented turning his attention to Lydia, "but until we have more information is it not wise to work off of as many possible scenarios as we can so we're not as likely to be caught off guard?" he drew in a breath and added, "When we have more information we can make modifications and narrow down our approach to match what we learn."

"Agreed, for now, we plan for the worse, and hope for the best. When it comes to the borg, we don't let ourselves get distracted," David explained his thoughts as he leaned forward and rested his hands on the table. "Commander Zeti, get the Slipstream Drive prepped for operation. Once we are in slipstream, triple check our weapons, shields... hell everything. I don't want to be caught with our pants down on this."

"Counselor, Doctors," the captain continued looking at his medical departments. "Get working on preparing for assimilated members, or former members. If there is a way you all feel could help protect us biologically, I want you all to get on it. Lieutenant Nabohn, go ahead and get your department involved as well as best as you can to help research this and any other defenses we could use against them. We have decades of research and first-hand experience in our database. Study it well. I want to hear any ideas and proposals as we are planning our final attack."

The half Bolion nodded and a faint grin crossed his face and his eyes twinkled. He didn't say anything, only a nod of acceptance and a glance over towards Lizzy and then to Lydia before bringing them back to the CO.

Lizzy nodded, and using her datapad, she started the computer doing a retrieval of information from Starfleet Counselling's records of Borg treatments onto the Counselling secure computer core.

"Security, Marines, and Intel departments will be working together to get troops prepared. Ballistic weapons have proven to be the most effective against drone's and their personal shields. So I want your departments warmed up and prepared to use those weapons. I also want you all to research their tactics and any other tactics used to go against them and have worked as well, in the past. Got it?"

"Got it," Julian said, "I've got an ancient Terran weapon called a Sig Sauer. It uses what they called... oh yes, bullets. There is only small box of those bullets, but maybe we could reverse engineer it, come up with something equivalent? I believe that's what you call a ballistic weapon."

"Ballistic bullets are effective." Phelps said " But there are also a few tricks that are kinetic and not able to be adapted to. IT is the Kinetic energy of the ballistic shells that do the damage." He smiled. We can make some surprises within the shells themselves that might help as well. and my Grand-pappy had an old thirty odd six lever rifle he said could bring down anything, so the technology need not be so fancy it slows the processing or replication." Phelps adjusted his glasses. "But we also have a way to get around their sensory nets; the Borg are very logical like a computer, thus easy to predict to a degree. "There is a way to make a type of 'Duck Blind to seek their sensory wave and bend it around from a frontal angle. Their eyes might see but long and medium range sensors will be ineffective. Targeting and visual sensory will see us at close range though." He explained. "Learned from a questionable source but the technology is sound." Phelps was not about to mention he had learned it from some very highly sought thieves that used the technology for robberies.

Lizzy looked up and spoke before thinking about what it would sound like, "If you want slow kinetic weapons, I have a sling-staff in my quarters you could borrow for patterns. Makes a cool wooshing noise when its swung and can throw smooth river stones that can knock people out."

"You need to remember that a sling will be rather ineffective against someone with metal in their head," Mercia spoke up. She made a note to speak to Lizzy after this meeting, she had some concerns.

"Well, What about My compound Bow?" Paula replied looking back at the group, She continued," Would that work?" as she never ever thought about taking it on a mission before, She knew that at least the borg Might see it as a nonlethal weapon.

"Plausible, but may not be enough." Mercia looked at David, "I'd like to run some intensive combat drills on the holodeck." she suggested. "We can have the computer extrapolate from what we know of Borg and test things out so that we can go in to this with a little more confidence and preparation."

"Call in all you feel could get something out of the training, Commander," David agreed to his first officer's suggestion.

"Sir, If I may those of ages 11 to sixteen I could train them with the Bow if that is needed of them to protect the little ones," replied Paula looking back at them all, as she continued," It seams Davina's influence in the school here has somewhat rubbed off on the elder kids,"

"I believe If we can pull a training program, and make use of all the holosuites we can run the entire crew through the drills at least twice, before arriving. And I'd like civilians above the age of ten as well to run through a boarding simulation as well." Mercia said. "We can have the day care centers run hiding, silence, and evacuation drills with the children under ten." She looked at Lizzy, "Do you think children under ten should be exposed to a program with drones walking around to hopefully help them with calmness and walking through with out starting to scream and panic?" she asked the counselor. She knew Molli would be more likely to be curious and laugh at a drone, than be scared of it at first, but she wasn't even a year old.

"Actually, I know a very young marine, to be, who might have all the training in primative rustic ballistics we might need." Price couldn't help but smirk. He of course was talking about Zul'arra. And then of course there was also Jonny, his adopted son.

"I do not want civilians taking up arms, if we don't have to. IF they are cadets, that is fine, but I am not going to allow children or teens, inexperienced no less, to be in battle. That being said, those you speak of and that are to be cadets, consider them early enrolled. Get them in uniforms and assignments. Winchester, Price, Winterstorm... Get the cadets spun up and prepared for possible defensive purposes on the ship. Nothing else, unless I, personally, approve it. Do I make myself clear?" David ordered, but stood without truly waiting for a response. "Everyone has their orders. Let's get to it."

He watched as everyone stood up at attention out of respect. He took in a deep breath before tapping a command into the computer controls before him.

=^= All hands, this is the Captain... Red Alert. I repeat Red Alert. Report to your assigned department heads for further instructions.=^= He looked at the rest. "You are all dismissed. Commander Kavi and Lieutenant Winchester, please stay behind."


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