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Looking Through the Looking Glass part 2

Posted on Sat May 6th, 2017 @ 12:25pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Bridge / Command Operations Center - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

/// ON /// Continued from part 1

The crew went quite as the probe finally came close enough to the planet in question. Telemetry started to flow in but only showing slight details but having issues scanning the planet as the sun kept pulsating, causing inconclusive scans. A sigh escaped David as he felt the irritation of not knowing right away. It took a couple minutes before the probe was close enough to finally home in on the Borg degree. That was when his jaw dropped. "That's why the power output that deep space probe picked up higher than normal power output from such a smaller ship compared to a Borg cube," He spoke up as he stepped closer to the holoimage. The image zoomed in more showing the wreckage of a diamond-shaped ship cleaned up against a tall cliff in a valley that had a river just kilometers away and vegetation all around. "Is this right? No active Borg power output or is it the atmosphere of the planet?"

"I can not tell sir," replied Paula looking back at the readings, She continued," Do you want me to send the probe into the atmosphere sir?" asking the question to give Science something to go over she finished " Or one of the shuttles?" as she waited for the answer.

Mercia leaned against the holo table as she looked at the planet that was forming as data was coming in. "Send the probes," she said seeing the first readings. This was confusing. "and track that ion trail. I want to know who that was." she said pointing to the thin line appearing, showing the tracked trail. "And if they're still around."

"Aye Ma'am," replied Paula, as she began to tap commands into her console sending two probes into the atmosphere and the third off tracking the ion trail, she continued," Atmospheric readings coming in 3.2.1" as she watched as the readings started to flow in.

Lixor's eyes were glued to the new readings as the appeared on his console, "High levels of Tachyon particles and traces of a dispersal field that apparently isn't strong enough."

"At least it hasn't been taken over by the Borg," Zeti breathed a slight sigh of relief. Not much scared her, but the Borg and all she knew about them did scare her.

"I'd hold off judgment on that," Lixor replied, "They might not be walking around with extra attachments but I don't think they escaped changes completely."

"Or nothing at all," David muttered out loud as the 3D planet showed life, especially around the downed Borg ship, but nothing even close to what they had expected or feared. He walked to the large monitor opposite of the command chair and crossed his hands. Without ordering, the monitor flickered on and showed images coming in from an overview. The probe showed vegetation and small pockets of agriculture. Then they came to a larger village with what looked like a stone castle type set up with more activity. Scans showed no active technological advances of any kind. But the scanners were not able to do in-depth scans of the people. From what they saw, visually though, was not influenced by the Borg or warp capable species. "Well... that's ummm... not what I expected."

"Ok, so we know where the crash site is... Why aren't the locals effected? I think we need to get down there and take a look. Can we get a scan of the locals," Mercia asked. "So we can blend in?"

The scientist's brow furrowed as he took in the information, "is there a possibility there were no survivors from the Borg ship?"

"Drones are pretty resilient because of the cybernetics but their ships don't exactly have seat belts. Of course, neither do ours," Zeti answered Lixor. "It's possible none of the drones made it out alive."

"But what if the nanites survived? Or what if they are dormant? We need to be completely sure." Mercia said.

"Unless the Borg have changed their programming, the nanites will not be an issue unless they get into our bloodstream, that's why they have to be injected," Zeti answered her. "The only way to be sure would be to send down an away team and inspect the crash site."

Mercia nodded, "Zeti, you take a team down and check out the crash site, I'll take another team down and observe the nearby population for any influences we may need to be aware of." she said.

Zeti swallowed, regretting suggesting boots on the ground when she was given the order to check it out. She was an engineer, not meat to be turned into a fracking space zombie. She took in a deep breath and let it out through her nose, she wasn't a coward it was time to cowboy up. "Yes, ma'am."

"Take Hayter and Zul'arra," David spoke up as he continued to look over the data. "Zul'arra maybe young, but she has advanced skills in the weapons that are more effective with Borg. As for Hayter, when I was a marine, I trained him and others in handling the tactics used with the borg. So he has additional training that can be useful in that."

"And where do you want me Sir?" asked Paula looking back at the Captain, guessing that she was going to remain in the C.O.C directing the teams and relaying information to the team leaders.

Lixor was silent studying the image on his console, "I'll go, Captain, if you think I could be of some help."

"Lixor you can come down with my team," Zeti spoke up. "You too Winchester. Get your gear and meet in in the transporter room in an hour."

"I would like to go down Captain." Phelps said as he checked his PADD. "Being an archivist I tend to think a little more along the Borg lines when downloading information for the most part Sir."

The blue man nodded though his expression was placid his heart rate was elevated slightly by the prospect before him, "while we are getting ready can we get any more information as to who the natives are, or at least were?"

"There are life signs down there, we need to get a closer look at the clothing and apeparence." Mercia said. "Winchester can you get a probe close enough to a settlement so we can take a little bit of a closer look?" she asked.

"I can try Ma'am," replied Paula as she started to move the probe closer through the cloud cover but still keeping the distance to that the natives could not make out what it was in case the saw it, as she watched the picture change and the scan showed one male and one female walking hand in hand, she finished," How is that ?"

"Good." Mercia said looking at the image then over at Emmah, "Is that enough for you to come up with a collection of clothing and hair styles?" she asked.

Emmah watched the pair for a long moment before she nodded, "I believe so."

"hey she's good for short cuts." Mercia shrugged at Hawkins, who seemed surprised Mercia would ask Emmah for any thing. "Alright, prepare the teams, Zeti you're taking a team to the crash site, I'll take another to get a closer look at the local population. Any questions?"

"Just one," Lixor said taking a look at the screen image, "how am I going to look anything like that?"

"That's why you're coming with me science boy, we don't have to worry about blending in," Zeti smirked at Lixor. "Go get geared up. I'll make sure we have plenty of security."

There was a glance at Zeti from Lixor but on retort, no smile or response of any kind that was noticeable other then the look and his leaving his station and prepare. He headed towards the lift in silence and tuned as he walked through the open door just as emotionless.

Phelps did not have to linger on the images, he had them in his memory already from the first glance. The fact he might have to adapt his outfitting a bit was the only thing that concerned him. The outfit would allow him to bring the needed items and display them out in the open without giving away the true function. HIs glasses were the only thing he might have a problem with, contacts were not as comfortable but he could wear his specialize pair for a month before having troubles so he thought that would work well.

"I can take care of my outfitting thank you Emmah, I will give you the final draft of course." Phelps said with a slight grin. "I have a man who is pretty good at lower tech infiltration, should we have him on stand by in case?"

"Do it, Phelps," David ordered as he looked around the group. "Alright, get going and be in the transporter rooms in thirty minutes. I'll contact you all when we arrive and I clear the missions. Stay safe."

/// OFF ///


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