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A Final Farewell

Posted on Tue Apr 18th, 2017 @ 5:20am by

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Memphis Island :: Apartment Complex
Timeline: 22:45 :: After 'Passing the Torch'


M’Gann swallowed the lump in her throat as she zipped her last bag shut. The time was almost 10pm, and she had almost an hour before the Memoria would arrive to Memphis Island, so she grabbed a tablet and sat down on the couch in her apartment. It didn’t take much time to empty her quarters of her belongings, since the majority of her things were in the apartment, and she looked at her three bags for a moment before typing on the tablet in her hand.

Miko claimed a spot that was out of the way, and had watched her curiously as she moved things into bags. When she took a seat, he stood and trotted over before hopping up onto the couch and sitting next to her.

Feeling his fur on her shoulder, M’Gann chuckled and gave his ear a good scratch. He was able to walk much more easily once the brace was off his leg. He hated that thing. The blonde couldn’t help but think back to when she bribed her sister to come out to take care of him while she went with the Gladiator, under the alias of Sidney O’Donnel to try and find interdimensional rifts. She was definitely going to have to make up for that, but at least it was for a good cause. She had found evidence that the Order may have found a way across, and with the information she had passed on to Sam, she hoped that he can do some good with it.

A sad sigh escaped her when her thoughts went to Lixor and the rather painful last moment they shared earlier today. She likeed him as more than a friend, but especially right now did she really want to risk getting close to someone? After what happened with Lauren, did she want to put him in the same situation as she was, all for a little happiness? Her fingers ghosted yet again over the locket that hung around her neck, and a sad smile crossed her lips. She had put a picture of Lixor in it, next to Lauren’s, so the two people she cared about the most would always be close by and she could remember them. As much as she hated leading him on, it felt right to end it before it got too personal.

Pausing in her writing, she glanced over her shoulder and out the window. She was going to miss Memphis. The sand on the beach was always nice and warm, and the mountains had fantastic views. Knowing she had plenty of time, and nobody was going to be at the beach this late at night, M’Gann grabbed a light jacket from one of her bags and slipped into some comfy shoes before patting her hip to catch Miko’s attention. Deciding to take the tablet with her, she left her apartment, pausing long enough for Miko to come padding along before shutting and locking the door.

Thankfully the complex wasn’t very far from the shore, and M’Gann didn’t bother with a leash for Miko because he stayed by her side. Looking up, she could see millions of stars in the clear sky, and the air had a wet crispness to it, the ocean mist salty on her lips. She picked up a stray stick that was on the beach and, after clicking her tongue to catch Miko’s attention and giving it a little wave, chucked it across the sand, watching the ball of fur go after it. Finding a spot near the water, M'Gann took a seat, taking off her shoes to allow her toes to wriggle into the sand, before turning on the tablet again. She wrote about half a sentence when she heard an impatient whine behind her, and turned to see Miko waiting for her to throw the stick again, ears sticking straight up.

“Are you picking up subspace messages with those ears?” she chuckled, grabbing the stick. She watched his eyes focus on the toy, his tail giving a little wag, before throwing the stick, the movement awkward from her sitting position. As he chased it, she finished her letter before standing to walk down the shoreline, occasionally bending over to pick up the stick and toss it, her shoes tucked under one arm.

About a half hour later, M’Gann had called Miko and began the trek back to the apartment complex, going slow to take her time and enjoy the beach while it lasted. By the time she made it back to her apartment, she noticed that there was a message waiting on her computer. Bringing it up, she read that the ship would be arriving in about ten minutes. Sending a confirmation, M’Gann did a double check through the apartment to make sure she had everything before transporting everything up once the ship arrived.

All of her things disappeared in a blue shimmer, and M’Gann paused before looking at the tablet in her hands. “Computer,” she said aloud, putting the tablet on the table. “Transport this tablet to Captain Hawkins’ ready room.” Once the tablet disappeared, M’Gann tapped her comm badge and confirmed that she and Miko were ready for transport...


Captain David Hawkins:

I hope this reaches you well. I wanted to let you know that I sent in a transfer request, and that Starfleet approved it early this morning. The USS Memoria was passing nearby and I was able to coordinate travel with Captain Ryan Shepherd to get to my new assignment.

Please understand that this is not because of you or anyone on the Gladiator. Being around the crew is starting to inhibit my ability to function as an efficient officer because of my emotional responses to interacting with them. I need a new environment, away from everything that’s been reminding me of my year in captivity. I need to recover, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t do it while on the USS Gladiator.

I am also doing this for your own safety. The Order is capable of more than you think, and if they cross into this universe like I think they have, they will be after me. I can’t bear to watch my friends and crewmates lose their lives again, nor do I want you or your crew to experience what I did. So I believe it is in both our best interest if we part ways.

Perhaps in the future I will stop by and say hello.

Kind regards,

Lt. Cmdr. M’Gann Sverch’tel



Lt. M'Gann Sverch'tel


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