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Micro Battle

Posted on Wed May 3rd, 2017 @ 12:11pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Medical labs

Lixor strode into the medical lab glancing around curiously as many of the lights seemed to flicker on as if hesitant to wake up. He was loaded with the black backpack that was becoming something of a security blanket for the blue man again. It held many of his gadget and chemical concoctions that he thought might help with an encounter with the notorious cyborgs. There were even some ideas for weapons though he was sure most of them would be shot down before he even offered them. Staying alive had been his priority as a gang member, not ensuring the person on the receiving end actually survived.

His dark eyes scanned the room as he looked around once again shaking his head before moving in and selecting a chair near a table that seemed neutral enough to the room and sat the backpack down on the chair. Drawing in a breath he opened the pack and began removing some of the contents.

First there was a small stack of PaDDs that he place carefully on the smooth surface and then began removing and arranging various other items on the workspace. It wasn't by any means everything but it was a start. Nodding his satisfaction he set a small, short container on the table after he glanced at it a moment with a faint smile that quickly vanished. Then he picked up the top PaDD and took a seat beginning to scan through its content.

Scipio was at one of the duty stations, his dark eyes focused on the image on one of the screens. It was from a happier time when the galaxy had so much promise. Now, with possible contact with the Borg again, Aislin, his wife, seem to stare back at him from a time before she was injected with nanites - assimilated. It was a twisted agonizing level of macabre that was bringing it all back. Wolf 359. His fingers formed fists that he did not consciously realize and with much reluctance, a sole finger pulled free from that fist, and tapped a command leaving the screen just as black as he felt.

The Doctor took a deep breath, his eyes closed, bringing himself to the cold present. He picked up a PADD and joined Lixor. He addressed the half-Bolian in the same typical, formal manner that has almost become expected of the Roman aristocrat. "Salve Lieutenant."

Lixor nodded and offered a faint smile to the medical chief, "Lieutenant."

The scientist was not trying to be rude, not really and he had no reason to be. But since his loss of M'Gann he had sunk back into his former protective shell where he felt safer. He tried his best to be cordial and realized he wasn't, "Have you been able to come up with any ideas Doctor?"

"Yes Doctor," Captain David Hawkins' voice was overheard cutting in as he and his assistant, Emmah, walked into the Medical lab. He had been checking into the departments directly and this group was next. He wanted to make sure that they had something... anything. "... What have you and everyone else come up with?" he asked as he stood there with his arms now crossed over his chest.

Looking around, the captain noticed the groups working hard as the klaxon lighting flashed red indicating the ship at high alert as they traveled to their destination. He didn't want to take any chances, so he had also ordered all members to be equipped with personal weapons, no matter their departments. There was no way he was going to just wing what was before them.

Emmah looked around she could see the tension in every one. Her eyes landed on the Doctor, observing his stance. Having reviewed his record she knew what likely was in his mind, and it concerned her that he would be unable to effectively perform his job. She wondered if she should mention it to David. It might be worth increasing her space for medical information making her a temporary EMH again.

Lixor was off the chair and crouched by the table almost as soon as the warning began. his hand went to his phasor though he didn't pull it and his eyes scanned around just about the top of the station. His free hand slipped into the bag and removed a hand phasor size object and looked over at the captain, "I've got a plasma phasor here Captain, he said, "I've modified the plasma used chemically and it should be more disruptive of their personal shielding."

Scipio was startled by the klaxon as well, his hands planted firmly on the table. A few deep breaths followed by calming exhales and the ship's senior physician was more or less as reserved as before. "Borg have been analyzed extensively since first contact around thirty years ago. Stopping the injected nanite infinite multiplication from affecting the nervous, cardio-vascular systems and mental capacity of the subject has not been fruitful. Nanites are machines,however, if they can be prevented from replicating and taking a foothold at all..It might be easier not to let them touch you." He paused. "Even strengthening our own immune system - antibodies- artificially to counteract the nanites as a foreign body threat would be problematic because of the speed of assimilation."

The blue man got back up and took his seat setting the offered weapon on the table and then looked for the Doctor to the Captain surprised there was no attempt on their parts protect themselves personally. Lixor listened then thought carefully about what Scipio had just mentioned, "We could make our bodies less of attractive as a host by temporarily by using an electromagnetic pulse. It would slow their advancement and even destroy some of them."

Emmah noticed they jumped, "Captain Hawkins ordered the alarms to renew when we came in closer proximity to our destination. No danger to be concerned about so far." Emmah said soothingly.

David nodded to Emmah' s response before getting back to the men before him. "So we have two ideas, a plasma weapon and an EMP. How do we test your theories?"

"Holographic simulation," Lixor offered looking with his dark eyes at David, "we can create characters with various species and various know Drones to see whether their personal protective fields are able to stop the weapons affects or if it is too affective and killing or injuring the drone."

He looked over at the doctor and nodded, "what are your thoughts?"

Scipio had listen to the Science Officer, nodding subconsciously. "Weapons are not my forte, that I leave to Lieutenant Nabohn. However, I agree with the EMP idea. Once the nanites are injected, the process is immediate. Disrupting it before it starts is really our only option." The Roman paused as his mind tried to formulate possible opportunities. "We can have our own injections, a static chip possible iron based, absorbed by our blood that can be triggered by the nanites like a kill switch..." He sighed, "Of course not all species have the same elemental blood base and there is danger of the unknown."

"Agreed," Lydia replied, quietly considering her own ideas and assessing what had been discussed so far. "Plus the fact that an EMP has the potential to affect the rest of the body's systems in the process. we'd have to figure out a way to target it such that the necessary electrical activity isn't permanently disrupted."

The blue man nodded and drew in a breath. Lixor pondered what could be accomplished then replied, "so we know there might be complications with the EMP design, could we use a computer program using known variable of each species represented and what we know about the how the device might be absorbed. We also would have data about how certain chemicals and elements respond to each. This would catch many of the possible problems, we address each of these and then do some holographic trials that is the EMP is holographic, and so if problems develop we cancel the program. The program could be designed with a fail safe as well so if it detects a problem it cancels the simulation."

"How far would these EMPs range be?" Emmah asked, "Would it interrupt our instruments... Or me?" she asked.

"it is my understanding that the EMP could be set rather close to the individual using it and it should not affect others," Lixor said looking at the hologram, "I cannot say that if you were to somehow enter into its range that there would not be damage but I'm a scientist, not a operations person, they may have a better answer."

The moment in the air was broken by the arrival of two newcomers. Twins by appearance. Slender anthropomorphic ermines of some form or variety, from a world where the ermine, not the ape, was chosen to become the dominant life form. One of the pair had a PADD under her arm, while the other arrived suspiciously devoid of notes, or note taking equipment.

"My apologies for being late. I initially was informed that this was behind held in a conference room, but upon my arrival the room was empty. THEN, I proceeded to the Science labs, expecting..." and like that, the speaking woman stopped speaking. Just up and silence, like a switch was flipped. Though as she stopped talking, her twin actually picked up the conversation as though she were always the one speaking, "... to find this meeting there, only to find that the meeting was behind held here. As this is not a small craft, I apologize for my tardiness. What have I missed thus far?"

The pair were silent for a moment, "Specialization in Fractal mathmatics, pattern recognition, astrophysics and advanced biochemistry. For the record." one of the twins added, potentially for good measure.

Emmah looked over at Hawkins, looking rather amused. "It is nice to see you." Emmah said, not as surprised as most, since she'd reviewed her profile before she'd arrived. "We were speaking of using an EMP to shut down the nanites on n individual basis."

"Not viable." One of the twins stated. Trying to sound friendly while discounting the theory, "The outer layer of skin of most creatures is an amazing resistor. Unless you were planning on having the victim..." she paused while her sister took over, "...swallow the pulse's delivery mechanism. Inner tissues are far less resistant to electricity."

"Could always hose them down first. Wet skin's resistance drops like a proverbial stone." she mused. "But I doubt the victim will willingly enter any body of water, and I recommend against an EM Pulse in the rain." the other twin cautioned. The conversation bounced between the two like a ping-pong match.

"Resistance differs from being to being, but just be careful you don't accidentally cross the line and wander too close to Electrocution territory."

Scipio observed the new arrival with respectful curiosity, having never met a member(s) of Mel's species. "Electrocution, when it comes to the Borg, is not a negative outcome. If you are referring to the ionic current within neurons of the cell membranes, this is chemical rather than electrical current. However, a strong enough pulse may effect a subject's brain so I don't recommend that particular option."

Watched as the group started to go back and forth between each other working more and more as a think tank, which was the plan all along. David had been focused and ready to tackle the borg, but ever since he met their new exchange Officer...s... He had been thrown for a loop trying to fully comprehend it all. He leaned in closer to Emmah and spoke only to her. "Ok, is it just me or are those two or one... or whatever... weird?"

Emmah looked at David and tipped her head, "Perhaps in comparison to someone like yourself who can live in only once space, with one mind, however I live both in the ships mainframe, as well as in my emitter. I believe I have a vague understanding of what life is like for her." she said softly.

"That don't count. The ship is an extension of you. Bought if you are cut off from the emitter, you are ok, if you are cut off from the ship, the Emitter is your heart and soul," David countered as he raised an eye brow at her. "You have one voice and one way of speaking. Yes you can make copies of yourself, but that doesn't make you... you. This is two brains, two bodies, thinking as one. Its got to be a head ache."

Lixor's eyebrows lifted slightly at the other, um scientist(s), he still wasn't exactly sure how it worked but the Binar kept coming to mind as the closest thing he could come to. "I might have a solution," Lixor finally said, "is there a way to create a barrier around around het head, a force field or even a physical barrier such as a environmental suit offers? Would that protect the brain from the current?"

"It's a negative outcome if the final result is 'Patient Lives and is not Borg'." one of the twins put forth. "The barrier around the head would need to effectively negate the target's nervous system as a conductor." the other twin now picked up the conversation, "You'd effectively need to decapitate them momentarily. Hardly an effective counter. Has the prospect of disabling the nanites via code command been approached?" she inquired.

"We cannot attack the nanoprobes via electricity while they are in a living host. We could try to disrupt their instruction cycle, fool them into shutting down or ceasing activity." one proposed, while the other twin continued, "I'm avoiding the notion of suggesting a counter-nanoprobe inoculation. The less wars fought in the bloodstream, the better."

A pause from the pair, as though something just popped on the train of thought, "Transporting. Beaming. Could we beam the infected individual and set the pathogen scrubber to recognize Borg Nanoprobes as a contagious, infectious disease?"

"There is a risk of the nanites invading the ship that way, it has never been a fully viable option before. It also would be ineffective to someone fully converted. Many of them only survive because of their borg components , and to remove all of them would mean certain death." Emmah commented. "For someone freshly injected, perhaps... but it will be difficult to determine, especially quickly who that could help." she said.

"Ok so an EMP may not work inside the ship but what about outside as a layer outside the shielding? Even an EM photon may be an affective weapon if we want to destroy the matrix and sever their individual connection to the computer core."

The twin forms paused in thought, as though conferring with themselves silently. Pointless, but still seemed that way. "There's still a concern that too high of a pulse voltage could be fatal, but if they're already fully converted drones then death is a mercy as you'd say." one cited. "But ultimately it seems that the pulse is the train of thought we are all on." the other chimed in.

"We could use a transporter on a shuttle to limit risk of infection of the Gladiator, and then scuttle the shuttle afterwards." Mel offered. At least, one of her forms

Lixor furrowed his brow, "It would be possible to to use the transporter but we would have to have recent data of what that individual was when healthy and know for sure that the nanites had not changed form somehow and infected say an ocular implant or other mechanical or computerized portion of the individual."

Lixor looked down and drew in a deep breath then continued, "I also want to question whether we are too concerned about those who are currently part of the Borg actively involved in an invasion surviving. Would not boarding our ship be considered an act of war and the threat would need to be neutralized and if that meant killing them to do so be justified?"

"I think at this point we should separate the affected into two pools. One for recent exposure where the focus is removing the exposure and saving the affected. The other pool is for..."

"... those that have already had extensive replacement assimilation performed, and cannot be viably saved. I hate to put it like that, but it's really the most precise way."

The pair was silent for a moment. "Using the shuttle transporter to do a site-to-site movement wouldn't necessarily let them aboard the shuttle, say for the amount of time they were stored in the buffer." she clarified. Her twin continued the thought, "Though, if even such is a risk, then let's not worry about that prospect."

"And for the record, I'm very concerned with saving them." one of the forms of Mel Torma said. There was a touch of concern in her voice, as if it was crazy to even need to say something so seemingly obvious, but Singular life forms were so... weird. "We're trying to adapt a catch-all battle plan to the Borg. Let's think about that for a moment." she continued, now with a smile on her features. "I hate to say it, but there may not be an easy solution. There may not be a ..."

"... version of this where everyone makes it out alright. We may need to start considering the fact that these people may be lost, and in order to prevent this world from being consumed we..." "...may need to consider aggressive tactics. EM pulse the location with enough voltage to fry even the smallest Borg Nanoprobe."

"Interesting prospect," Lixor admitted with an nod, "if they are primitive enough an EM pulse would for the most part be unnoticed. and only those severely infected may suffer severe side effect."

He looked over at the Doctor, "I'm not sure of the exact details on this but couldn't even that be mitigated with medical treatment?"

"EM pulse, even to primitive sentient lifeforms, at high enough pulse can damage the brain's neurotransmitters that communicate between neurons. Low pulse does no long term damage to either us or this group. A strongly encourage that we take precautions if we are seriously considering this." Scipio leaned forward, showing that he was getting passionate about the topic. "If it was significant enough to interfere with brain function, the only course of action is neurosurgery for each person affected. Considering their brain may entirely be quite different than ours, and you have got yourself a very complicated mess."

"Then we are running out of options to deal with those already in the processes of assimilation," Lixor replied, "if the nanites have made it into the water supply they may all be infected already and this the entire population may be beyond rescuing if I am understanding properly." He shook his head, "unacceptable. I cannot believe that there is not a satisfactory way of dealing with this. I realize to use the molecular transport to remove them we have generally needed a copy of the individual before infection in the systems buffer and we would not have that but is there a way we could isolate the the nanites as foreign to a biological life form and then rematerialized them without causing harm to them?"

"Nanites have not been known to be air born. At least its not seen as an effective tactic unless its specifically designed for a species," David popped up in the conversation as he cut them all off to explain tactics. He may not be that advanced or even a little advanced in their career fields, but he knew tactics and spent a while studying them enough to at least see their tactics as a military member. "And if I'm not mistaken, EMPs of old weren't ever reportedly known to do neurological damage to a population. It sends a wave electromagnetic current which caused capacitors and energy storage devices to take in the current to the point of exceeding their capacitance of exploding or short circuiting, depending on the size and usage of the component."

"That is correct," Lixor stated with a nod, "that EMPs do exactly that to electronics but seeing nanites are in the body they may cause clotting and other potential problems to those infected when they do not function properly, sort of like red blood cells sticking together or cholesterol adhering to a vessels wall and building up that way." He shook his head, "at least that is how I perceive the problem."

"With respects to all gathered, it's rather pointless to become frustrated at the lack of an easy solution to the Borg." one of the twins pointed out. "If such a solution existed, it would either..."

"... have been adapted to ages ago, or have been implemented ages ago and the Borg wouldn't be a concern. As for the possible side effects of an EM pulse weapon, we have to also consider..."

"...the electro-conductivity of the indigenous life. Are they more or less susceptible to such an effect." a pause, "Could we counter the Borg nanoprobes with nanoprobes of our own?"

She paused to consider a proposal, "Something that could identify Borg technology, dismantle it into small enough pieces to pass harmlessly out of the body, and then when the amount of Borg technology..."

"... is reduced to zero, shut down and exit the body through, well, usual foreign material passage."

"We can take a look at that possibility," Lixor stated, "may have to get some experties from operations to do it though.

"So we are speaking of two levels, fully assimilated, and those freshly touched by the Borg." Emmah said. "I wish there were good resources to dealing with the borg, but there aren't from what I can tell. I recomend we test out several options focusing on either perspective. I do not know that we are equipped to rescue any one beyond our own crew." Emmah added.

"Rescuing people that are not supposed to know we are even here," Lixor began taking in a breath, "doesn't make that any easier."

"Has mass sedation been taken into consideration?" Mel asked.

"Not yet," Lixor replied looking at Mel and then over at the doctor, "That might work for something temporary but would that gives us enough time to get in there and treat anyone?"

"Alright," David raised his hand up in the air to pause everyone as he looked around. "It sounds like you all have ideas but the primary issue at hand are having hands on on the technology to prove the usage of the defensive technology. Continue on here, and I'll see what we can do to get you all some hands on. I have some other things to deal with. Keep me updated, all."


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