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Checking in with the Captain

Posted on Sat Apr 12th, 2014 @ 3:02am by David Hawkins

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: After arrival

Making her way to where she knew Commander Hawkins would be, she pressed the door buzzer and waited.

Looking out of his quarter's large view windows at the planet below, David heard the chirp of the door and thought just a little bit more before finally responding. "Come on it."

Entering into the room, Lizzy saw Commander Hawkins inside and stepped forward, holding out a hand, "G'Day, Commander. I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Lizzy Caldera, and I've come aboard as your new chief counselor. I was wondering if we could have a little talk? Would also like to point out that I am empathic.. Is that okay with you?"

'Damn,' Hawkins thought to himself as he put up the same mental barrier up again as he had with the younger counselor. "Does it effect your ability to do your work, Lieutenant"

Lizzy shook her head as she sat down opposite him, "It is something that I was born with so the easy answer is no, it never has. Normally, it makes my job easier, but as normal practice, I ask permission first. I find the idea of using it without permission to be physically disturbing in a stomach-churning sort of way. Anyway, the good thing is that it takes conscious effort to use it most of the time, although there have been a few rare situations where another telepathic or empathic person pushed feelings to me. Anyway, I wanted to find out if there is anything you expect of me or my department in the short-term of me coming aboard?"

"Short-term?" Hawkins looked at her for a moment and then shook his head. He wasn't completely up to date on the new personal that had arrived on board. It was a few more personal, and yet the crew was more than double the size of a skeleton crew until they got to Starbase 47, but he was lazy in the since of looking over every little detail about new personal. Probably made him look bad, but he left that part to Mercia to handle. "What has your previous supervision ever have you do? My last command was a Defiant class starship, so I never had to really worry about long term counselors under my command. Although it seems that most my personal seemed to have been questionable to say the least."

Lizzy grinned, "By that, I meant was there anything in the first few weeks that you would like.. Such as maybe doing full evals of all the senior staff to make sure there records are upto date. In the long term, I plan to do my best to keep this crew in the normal range of sanity - if that is possible. Questionable is a good start to work from, and understand that I probably have my work cut out for me."

David sighed as he finally plopped down on his couch and rubbed his temple for a moment before resting his hand on the armrest and rubbed his scruffy chin. "I want you to catch up with your subordinate and do what you need to I guess. Our crew have just went through a rough time with our recent investigation on the finds of the SS Wasp and its crew."

Lizzy frowned, "Sure, Commander. I was already planning to meet up with Ensign Hemlorac. It does not take a Betazoid to see that you have been stressed too. How have you been going for sleep and relaxation, Sir?"

"I'm off duty. Call me David," he replied as he leaned back and rested his neck on the back of his couch. As he grinned slightly, he answered her concerns. "Sleep is rare for Captain. Just been a while since I have had the privilege to actually be Captain of a ship. So I have to get in the right state. With the Holographic crew project and a new XO that isn't fully sure of herself, its been very long and busy."

"Okay, David.. Honestly, I've never really been good with rank anyway and prefer not to use it if I can. I can understand about not getting enough sleep, but all humans require a certain amount. Is it just that there isn't time for it or do you have trouble getting to sleep?"

He looked at her for a moment and sighed again, "I have my ways of relax and sleep well when I have my drink."

"There are other methods to relax. Have you ever tried alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, herbs or massages?"

"And physical recreational activity with others isn't good enough?" Hawkins asked with a slight grin. He could tell she was attractive but he had his eye on someone already. What would hurt if he didn't have a little fun.

Lizzy sat forwards, "Yes, that works too. I can give you a shoulder masage now if you are okay with it."

"Are you hitting on me, Counselor?" Hawkins grinned as he leaned forward to meet her at almost eye level.

Lizzy smiled, "I'm part Betazoid, so you can take it however you want. I'm sure that you must have been told you are very easy on the eyes, David."

"Not verbally usually is ever needed. Typically its been more physical," Hawkins remarked slightly with a shrug. "I'm sure you have been in informed as well."

Lizzy leant in a bit closer, "Well, I've never said no to more physical discussions. With enough coaxing and encouragement, most things will grow beyond your wildest expectations. Probably why I love spring rainstorms or whatever gets me wet when it's hot."

He looked at her and smirked as he wandered if this was her game to open her members up to see if they were real or not. Not that he wasn't against messing with one's mind... But one could get burnt and bad. "I'll keep that in mind next time we pass another planet with some nice rain storms on the beach," He stated as scanned her again. "So should I expect all the guys on this ship begging to have daily counseling?"

Lizzy laughed, "Possibly, but I can handle that. But anyway, you need to make sure that you take time out for yourself to mentally recharge before I have to start writing reports to HQ. I do not like prescribing long-term meds, but there are other ways - acupuncture, various massage techniques. If needed, we could find a Vulcan neuro-pressure program or a suitable Ferengi one that could help. Can you think of any other ideas or people that could help relieve tension?"

"I'll keep that to myself, " Hawkins grinned as he thought of keeping his mental barrier so well. "But I'll keep your thoughts in mind. But you start reporting on my crew and is people. .. you will be on the first escape pod off this ship. "

Lizzy sat forward and spoke clearly so that what she said would be crystal, "David, I may not have explained that right, and I know this may not be what you want to hear. What I meant was if I need to use my role of Chief Counselor to have you relieved as not being mentally fit to command due to lack of stress relief, Starfleet HQ is want to going to want to know exactly why I did it. As for anything else - including if you or Starfleet - asks to find from Counseling about anyone else, I would be prepared to tell them where they can stick their request in anatomically impossible details. I take my responsibilites and that of my department to have absolute secrecy to be the most important thing."

David grinned. Even with the slight temptation to continue to flirt with the female before him, he was happy with hearing that she took her job seriously like the rest of the crew. No matter what her true thoughts or actions were, David felt content in keeping her around and protecting her like the rest of the crew. He knew that they needed a firm Counselor and added crew member in the craziness of their crew. "Then you will do just fine, Counselor. I'm proud to have a talented and attractive counselor on board. I will no doubt ask for your abilities on the bridge and other times. Plus who doesn't like having an attractive woman by his side. Welcome aboard Counselor. If there is anything you require, please let me know. I will be happy to make it happen," he stated with a slight grin.

Lizzy nodded, "That I'm glad of, and I am available for whatever uses you have of my talents & abilities. However, there is something that you could do for me, David."

"Whats that," Hawkins asked as he looked at her unusually.

Lizzy leaned forwards to speak softly in his ear, "Get some sleep."

She leaned back, "You need to rely on your executive officer and the emergency command hologram more."

"I do," He leaned in slightly to lean on his knees as he winked at her, "... More than you think."

Lizzy smiled, "Just as long as you relax, then I'll leave it to you to figure out. If you ever want to talk or try alternative therapies like massage & acupuncture, just give me a call. I'll leave you to your relaxation now, David."

Getting up, she headed out of the captain's quarters and back to her office.

David couldn't help but check out the new counselor. She was stunning, but with that came a chance of trouble. This was going to be a tempting member of the crew for not just himself, but the rest of the crew. Her records showed that she was very good at her job, but used what God given talents to persuade people as well, or was it just him? He wasn't sure, and quite frankly, he knew he had to watch himself as well. But then again, he could have a little fun and see what Mercia would do in the long run... All he could do was grin as he leaned back and tried to relax as the counselor had suggested. "Oh boy... This should be interesting."


Commander David Hawkins


Lieutenant J.G. Elizabeth "Lizzy" Caldera


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