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Too Much Too Soon

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 8:06am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Corridor outside Science division labs.
Timeline: BACKPOST

Lixor exited Lab 8 toting a PaDD and an attitude. Things were going well in his research on the cream to provide shielding from sensor reading for life forms. It worked, he knew it worked and had used it on a few occasion in his past life. The form he used though was not near as sophisticated and gave him a mild rash because of the irritants found in the goo he created from a waist material dumped in the no mans land known as Sector 16A. It was an accidental find when he was on the run and happened to all into a vat of the stuff while trying to escape police when he was fifteen. his "hiding place" worked too well and so he broke down the chemical components. Though he was unable to make it with the limited resources he had at the time Lixor would be able to make jars of the clear stuff if he needed to.

Still, the reason for him expression had far more to do with recent events in his life than with work though he was doing his best not to take it out on those that worked in his department.

He stopped, glanced down at the PaDD and drew in a breath trying to regain some composure before he entered the main science department and start barking order as if he was still the Omar King.

He glanced up and saw Mercia and nodded, "Commander Kavi is there something I can help you with." The tone sounded fairly normal though if someone was listening closely they could tell he was burying something.

Mercia nodded, "I came down to check in on you. You've been filing in as cheif for a while, but now its offical... how are you holding up?"

Lixor drew in a deep breath and furrowed his brow, "Commander, do you mind if we discuss this, in the lab?"

She glanced around, "Oh um.. which one?" she asked flushing a little. "Lead the way." she said knowing this department was massive with dozens of labs meeting rooms and offices.

The blue man nodded and turned back towards his superior as the doorway activated, "this one please, if you don't mind." Lixor was stariting to feel a bit awkward though he really didn't want to discuss it in the hallway where everyone could hear.

Mercia waited until he was in the Chiefs office, which most of the room was very labish. "Hmm... " she humphed as she looked around at the room. "Alight, so I take it you're not doing all that well?"

"Oh I can handle the responsibility quite well," Lixor replied, "but yes I'm, I'm not doing that well." He took in a deep breath and continued, "I'm considering resigning my commission Commander and accepting the consequences for it."

Mercia blinked, "Denied." she said quickly. "You have no good reason to stop doing a job you're amazing at. We need you here."

Lixor nodded but his placid expression remained, "would you have a chief scientist that is too weak to lead?" he asked in a calm voice. He drew in a breath and added, "I should have never fallen in love Commander, now I am unfit to be an officer."

Mercia snorted, "You need to go talk to Lizzy about this, because I'm going to tell you to suck it up. I've had to lead with a broken heart several times. I had to lead when the love of my life abandoned me after my capture, and left my twin sister pregnant behind." she said. "It will pass, but you can't live your life based on a broken heart. You can't leave and amazing position because you have a broken heart." she said.

He drew in a breath and nodded affirmatively. "so that's what this is, a broken heart?" Lixor tilted his head, "is this a medical condition or is that a metaphor? I am sorry but if I acted as I feel in my gang I'de most likely be dead."

Mercia laughed, "Same here. There isn't a place for emotions in gangs." she said. "You get attached, you get detached." she smirked, remembering her past. Several girls made that fatal mistake in her training period.

"Look I'm not trying to be mean Lixor, but I need you here, and for you to try to leave because a woman left you? That's insanity. If I can make it through, so can you. "

Lixor nodded and pursed his lips, "when my mother was murdered I didn't cry, I did last night and it scared me."

Mercia watched his eyes, "I cried over M'Gann too... I cried over the fact she was tortured because I wasn't fast and strong enough to escape the thugs that grabbed me and caused this mess." Guilt filled Mercias face, as her mask of being tough faltered. "I have to live with that. Don't make it worse by leaving us to... Help me continue to be strong, and I'll help you."

Lixor nodded, "I know that wasn't your fault Commander." He swallowed hard before he spoke,"we can help each other, yes that is, acceptable." The blue man let a faint shadow of a smile creep onto his face and added, "but if you tell anyone I'm a crybaby, it's on."

Mercia smirked, "You want to challenge me?" she laughed. "Good luck with that. So on the work side of things... how are you?"

The blue man drew in a breath, "doing well, thank you." he offered a faint grin, "just as long as I don't bite their heads off or get too angry with them for no reason."

"Sometimes the troops need a little head biting." Mercia smirked. "So how do you like your new assistant? Assistants? Or... whatever?" Mercia scratched her head.

"She seems as if she will work out," Lixor said hesitantly, "we approach things a little differently but that can be a good thing."

"Isn't diversity an advantage in science?" Mercia asked as she walked around the room.

"Agreed," Lixor replied letting a faint smile seep onto his face, "I'm just being cautious, probably overly."

Mercia sat down and crossed her leg over the other and eyed the blue man. "You don't trust her?" she stated and asked.

"Trust is earned Commander," Lixor replied raising an eyebrow as his eyes followed Mercia to the chair, "it is seldom if ever given when I first meet someone."

"I knew I liked you." Mercia smirked. "we haven't gotten to know each other very well during the time you've been here. That needs to change. Not trusting someone right away is a good move. It takes me a long time to trust people, hell I barely trust you." she laughed.

Lixor eyed Mercia as she spoke lowering his chin, "I hope to earn the rest of that trust." He paused a moment and drew in a breath, "perhaps we should get to know each other a little better. I mean I do not thing we have even talked like this before."

"I don't think we have." Mercia grinned, "I guess that means I have another drinks date." she laughed. "For the moment though... is there any thing you need before we reach this new planet?"

Lixor let a broader smile cross his face as he replied, "I just have a cream I'm looking for a volunteer to see if it works or not." He chuckled, "not really though it would be helpful to know if it will make sure a life form reading on a tricorder is not recorded."

Mercia shifted, "I won't pretend and say that didn't go over my head... but... sure. whatever you need." she laughed. "My door is always open to you Lixor. Heart stuff, go talk to Lizzy, Leadership and work, or just to unwind, I can be of help, feel free to come see me."

The blue man drew in a deep breath and nodded, "I really appreciated that Commander." He offered a faint smile, "I was a little concerned how this was going to go."

Mercia nodded, "We all a when we step it up. arrogance does nothing to help." she chuckled. "I'll see you soon. I'll let you get back to.... nerding?" she said.



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