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Taking on the Past, One Hologram at a Time

Posted on Sat May 13th, 2017 @ 8:05pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Mess hall deck 13
Timeline: Backpost


"Two slices of Mapa bread and a bowl of Ratamba stew," the blue man said in a quiet tone.

It was well past Lixor's duty time and he had finally called it quits, at least to get something to eat. He had skipped two meals already and the computer had reminded him twice that he needed to do something about it. If he had not been as mentally exhausted as he was from trying to ,i>be nice to the crew in his department he might feel more like eating but as it was loosing M'Gann had set him back emotionally well past his Cadet years."

He sighed as he waited for his order to materialize and added the bowl, plate of bread and a spoon to his trey before looking for a table.

Sadie dragged herself in to the lounge, needing something to eat. Sid was in the middle of inventory and hated being interrupted, even if it was to cook her some food. So she was forced to get something replicated. She ordered soup and sandwich and pulled her tray out of the replicator. She wrinkled her nose, she was used to Sids cooking, and she could tell the difference. She sighed and looked up and saw one of the science nerds, A smile crossed her face, "Hi!"

The blue man turned his head towards the voice and nodded. He offered a smile letting his dark eyes rest on her, "hi." Mentally he chastised himself for sounding like a jerk, at least he thought he did then managed a faint smile, "would you like someone to sit with?"

"Yes please. I hate eating alone." she said sitting down. "Not that I'd have given you much of a choice. I was going to join you either way." she grinned, speaking quickly.

Lixor nodded and sat across from the woman remembering at least it was polite to smile. "I wasn't looking forward to eating alone either," he admitted sliding into a seat across from her. The trey slid across the table top as normal but it seemed to Lixor it made more noise than usual. Choosing to ignore it he drew in a breath, "I'm Lixor Nabohn."

"Sadie Turner, I know who you are. I've been one of he security grunts on missions you've been on." she said before she took a bite and cast him a typical flirty smile. "Why are you eating alone?" she asked.

The man tilted his head and what smile was there quickly faded, "I eat alone quite alot, especially now that Commander M'Gann Sverch'tel is no longer here." He used her full name, something he didn't do very often but did anyway.

"Oh the crazy blue chick right?" Sadie asked. "That was a hell of a thing. I went to her memorial service when we thought she was dead." Sadie shrugged.

"She was taken to another dimension where she was tortured and saw her friends all killed," Lixor replied calmly, "that and her lover died while on re-entry into this dimension so the trauma has left her unable to handle seeing them alive when she saw them die horrible deaths." He drew in a deep breath, "now she's gone trying to fight those who did this and I, I really miss her."

The acknowledgement that he had emotions for her was hard. He had spent much of his earlier life denying he could have strong emotions, it was the only way to stay alive, and now he believed that his having them now was making him weak."

Sadie watched him as she nibbled at her food. "Damn. See that's why you don't get involved with people. Bang them all you want, but the moment you give them any thing else you're screwed."

Lixor took in a deep breath and nodded, "I know. It will not happen again, ever."

"Of course I'm a terrible hypocrite." Sadie continued. "I say that but I've actually been with the same guy for a couple years now... Keeps me happy in bed and feeds me better food than this slop, so I guess he's got that going for him." she laughed.

The blue man looked puzzled and tilted his head, "I am not sure that is possible, at least for me."

"What being good in bed and being a good cook?" she asked him.

"No," he replied, "I know I'm pretty good at one of those but I was referring to allowing myself to be happy." he stirred the liquid in his bowl an little and drew in a breath, "I cannot afford it."

"All it costs is a choice. I had every reason to be a miserable bitch. I choose to forget those who walked away and abandoned me... like my parents... and be a happy bitch instead." Sadie grinned widely.

Lixor's dark eyes settled heavily on the women and his brow furrowed deeply, "isn't it dangerous? Won't this "I choose to be happy' thing get you killed?"

Sadie grinned with excitement. "Likely." she said. "But thats the fun of it. Any thing could get me killed and one day It will take me by surprise." she said. "Until then, I kick fates ass and do whatever the hell I want to.... Well..." she glanced around, "For the most part, I do sort of have this pesky starfleet sentence to work out still."

"Sentence," Lixor questioned. He shook his head slightly, "you too? I mean was this a court order for you as well?"

Sadie nodded, "Yeah I'm a Project refit brat, just like Kavi. Arrested as a teenager, all because I broke some stupid archaeology artifact my parents were digging up, and pulled some pranks on people... Got the book thrown at me, then my parents heard about the refit project and signed me up. Kavi choose it, I was forced. I went through training, and now I serve for my sentence with relative freedom, in exchange for the education... or I go back and serve twice my sentence in prison." she said. "I guess it seems like a good deal, except I'd rather be sailing on a boat with my boyfriend, rather than running around on this monster ship."

"Then there are three of us," Lixor began taking in a deep breath, "I mean that are here rather than facing jail time, I wasn't part of Project refit though." He let a faint smile cross his features, "and I was given a choice, either successfully graduate the academy with a double major or spend the rest of my life in a high security prison." He shook his head, "never dreamed there were others."

Sadie grinned, he had her interest now. "Oooooh. What did you do?" she asked leaning forward.

"What do you know of the Baldaron IV colony," Lixor asked leaning a bit farther forward, "I was the Omarr King."

"Bullshit!? You're serious?!" she asked opening her mouth. "What was it like?" she asked, "That sounds way more fun than the reasons I got pinched."

"More fun," the blue man asked looking a bit puzzled, "it was hell Sadie." My mother was murdered. I grew in he the abandoned sectors of the dome. Only part of the colony were given resources and you had to belong to whatever group was in power at the time or they would throw you out as they did us. Fighting between rival gangs for whatever resources could be scavenged. Living in survival mode constantly eating whatever you could find even if it really wasn't editable. Watching over your shoulder and not even trusting those who were supposed to be your friends. Constantly fighting with the corrupt police and I did my best not to allow my people to get rounded up and sold to the Orion Syndicate as slaves." I saw people killed and murdered every day. He shook his head, "I were free yes but when the fleet finally showed up and someone listened to me to check the truth rather than the lies they had been sending out." Lixor let a faint smile cross his face, "I suppose you could say I was in a resistance movement."

Sadie listened with rapt attention, her eyes glittering. "I was born to the wrong family. I'd have thrived in that kind of environment. I apparently have issues with romanticizing the criminal life style."

Lixor chuckled, "I can understand that. I've often wanted to go back to it, about the time a superior decides they know better than I do about something they really know little about."

Sadie threw up her hands, "I know! They think they know what is best for me, I feel like I was thrown away by my parents to another set of parents and neither of them GET me!" she said. "oh boy, we're going to have a beautiful friendship." she grinned widely.

Lixor drew in a deep breath, "what I would give to have my mother back." He offered a smile, "she was actually in the gang before I was."

Sadie arched her brows, "So you're a progeny..." she said. "Sid has a bit of a history like that. His father's some big crime lord... but he walked away from the life, he didn't get caught and pressed in to service like us." she said. "My parents are archaeologists... goody two shoes with the perfect children, except me. I showed the world what liars they were with all their damn pride in perfect child rearing." she grinned. "I look forward to when I can embarrass them again."

The blue man furrowed his brows and shook his head, "I think you're missing something." He drew in a deep breath, "my mother was an Orion slave girl, she wasn't the leader of some illegal organization. We did what we needed to survive."

"A slave girl? Wait, you're part Orion?" she asked him looking him over. She didn't see Orions often, other than the one her boyfriend did some work with.

Lixor tilted his head and raised both his eyebrows at her question, "let's put it this way, she wasn't green doing some seductive dance but she was owned by them and forced to play the roll of the beautiful submissive to entertain men." He drew in a deep breath, "I've have some dealings with the syndicate before and trust me it isn't only Orions they force into that type of service."

Sadie nodded, "I know. I 've met a number. I was just confused." she shrugged. "So did you and your mother escape the life?" she asked him.

The blue man just looked at her for a moment then replied, "my mother was given to a corrupt government official on Baldaron IV just after I was born. As long a I was invisible and my mother did what he wanted thing were... ok." Lixor drew in a breath and continued, "it wasn't a good relationship and she was much in the same situation she had been with the syndicate if not worse. We escaped from the house after she was informed he was about to be assassinated and we ended up living on the streets in one of the sectors where all the services had been terminated. I was six."

Sadie bit her lower lip, "Damn... that does sound rough. Still there must have been some adventure to it?" she asked.

"Oh there was," Lixor said finally allowing himself to chuckle, "finding a new place to stay every night, deciding who to befriend and who to stay away from were exciting." He pushed his glass a water with his fingertips and lowered his gaze for a moment and then back up, "it's how my mother ended up joining the gang, got her tattoo and a new name." The blue man grinned, "I do miss those days even after my mother was gone. It wasn't until I was seventeen that that they showed up to clean things up so I got a good run though."

Sadie grinned again, "I like the fact I'm dating a guy who does things that aren't always legal." she laughed, "I find it hot... bad boys and the like" she fluttered her lashes at him, "I always find bad boys hot."

Lixor chuckled in spite of himself, "there are a lot of women that do until they catch them and then try to make them good."

Sadie scoffed, "There is something wrong with those women, keeping a bad boy bad is the fun of it." she laughed. "If they go good then what is there to be attracted to?"

The blue man chuckled, "then I'll try to stay a little edgy."

Sadie smirked, "Yes well, my boyfriend might get a little jealous." she said. "A year ago I wouldn't have cared and I'd be inviting you to my place already, weather he was a round or not... things have changed." she made a face, "I'm not sure I like it."

Lixor grinned, "seems we have something in common, getting to the point where we care."

"Its weird isnt it?" she asked. She looked at him for a few moments, Sadie shook her head, "You're going to be a temptation for me you know?"

"I thought that was the essence of a bad boy," Lixor replied with a smirk, "that's why I heard someone in academy call us wolves."

"Thats a familiar term." she laughed, "I'm called a cat often, i prowl, and pounce. I like to knock things off tables." she said with her voice a bit lower, "Normally so Sid can throw me on top of it." she laughed.

Lixor smiled and nodded, "haven't had that much passion in a while."

"Thats a shame, I'm going to have to set you up with someone then, because with out that whats the point?" Sadie wrinkled her nose. "Hmmmm now who would like a guy like you..." she considered.

"Just make sure they know what their in for," Lixor replied drawing in a breath.He managed a smile and nodded, "not many can handle a tattooed Bolian Trill gang banger."

Sadie dropped back in her chair like a rag doll and dropped her head back, "aaaaargh why do I have to be in a committed relationship?!" she complained then made another frustrated voice. "If Sid and I get in to a fight I may just ended up at your door." she said poking her finger at him.

Lixor nodded and offered a faint wry smile, "I'd open it though I don't think Sid would give you up that easily."

She put her elbow on the table and propped her chin on her fist, "Yeah I think you're right." she smirked. "I'd better get going before my shift leader comes looking for me." she said after glancing at the wall clock.

"That's why it's good to be the department head," Lixor said with a grin, "you can clear of a table any time."

Sadie laughed getting up, "Yeah I'm a low man on the totum pole, so I have to show up for duty." Sadie picked up her items and turned, she paused, "I really will keep it in mind, I might just clear a table for you." she said turning again and winking at him.


Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Ensign Sadie Turner
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