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A goddess and her Shaman

Posted on Tue May 9th, 2017 @ 11:04am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Dream Catcher

/// ON ///

Eurshari let his staff hit the stone ground hard, making a large thudding sound through out the holy courts. The doors at the end opened and a man with an injured arm was escorted in.

Eurshari's eyes narrowed as he looked up towards the regal stance of the goddess, "This one is your doing." he grumbled as he stepped off the dais and met the man at the foot of the step. "Your experiments, are hindering our people, and are damaging our chances of conquest." he said looking over the mangled mess that was left of the mans arm, and the look of pain across his face.

He spoke as if the man wasn't there as he turned to face the girl again, hardly more than a child, especially compared himself. "We did not expect the gods to curse us in the name of discovery." he accused her.

"It would hold you well for you to watch your tongue when speaking to me," the young woman's voice echoed in the chamber as she looked at the injured man before them. Her distaste for the man's attitude towards her was becoming more and more aggressive in which she wasn't enjoying at all. "Help him up and bring him to me."

"For what? For you to placate him with empty promises and foolish dreams?" Eurshari grumbled. "You promised us upon your awakening that we would rule this planet and join the gods in the sky..." he accused, his voice full of frustration.

"Enough!" The woman countered as her voice raged on around them as she quickly stood up from the chair she had been given to over see all before her. She came down from the steps to the old man and the injured man. Guards quickly moved in behind her with their own staffs. As she came close, all around her, even the wounded, kneeled down in respect. She gazed down at the old man as she fought the desire of showing her full might of power, only to ease her thoughts and gathered herself. She knelt down next to the injured and raised his head for her to see her follower face to face. "I heard your cry out in pain and feel your pain as well. I am so sorry for what has happened. If you will let me, I wish to take away your pain and heal you. Only if you allow."

The mans shaking breath paused for a moment before he closed his eyes and nodded. His hair dripped with sweat as he struggled not to cry before the goddess. "Whatever my holy one desires... I offer myself... please help me."

"Breath and close your eyes..." the young woman commanded as she did the same. She could hear the breathing loud and hard but his thoughts, more than the rest. The pain and anguish he was going through was quickly slowed and came to a pause as his breathing slowed to a natural resting rate. Then before everyone, the queen could feel her own arm tingling and felt as though little insects were crawling just under her skin. She felt the pain of a massive amount of discomfort and grinded down on her teeth but held back the desire of wanting to scream. But as fast as the feeling started to begin, the pain seemed to be overridden by the feeling of numbness before it finally subsided completely. She opened her eyes and watched as the final touchings of the man's arm closed up and his eyes opened up in amazement as he touched the once wounded arm. "How does it feel?"

The man let out a breath and tears pricked his eyes, "Better than before holy one." he murmured and lowered his head.

Eurshari grumbled, and rose to his feet, his sharp eyes watching the girl, "Be warned... healing comes at a cost." he said. "You have a son, you will bring him to the temple tonight as tribute to your goddess." he ordered. "And you will cease your experiments, and return to battle training." he said firmly.

"No," Vienar, the Goddess stated as she glared at the old man before the man. "Not right now. You go home, and rest with your family. I know you and your son are dedicated to bettering our defenses, but only been allowed to be farmers. I would be honored to have you both join and help our strengths. Whatever I can do for you and those you love, I will do my best." She smiled slightly as he put her hand out to the man to help him up. "But that is if you are willing. I hear your thoughts and dreams, the same with your family. We will do great things here if you are ready."

The man stood and shuddered a bit. "You hear our dreams? I pray they honor you." he said feeling he might fall over from this encounter. She was as lovely, and sweet as every one said she was, she had authority as well. He would never think adversely of her again now that he knew she could hear his thoughts. He backed away bowing again.

Eurshari waved his staff, "Every one leave. The Goddess must rest now." he barked. He motioned to servants to light incense, which would help relax her, it was part of the ritual to end the day.

After watching the people leave, Vienar looked at the father figure in a state of irritation. She didn't know exactly what to think after all this time. All she could do was shake her head as she moved to the chair.

"I'm confused, as you know, I am more than able to handle far much more."

Eurshari moved up towards the throne, made of twisted wood and antlers from some of the most prestigious beasts in the forest, their fur padded the seat. "My dear, you are young and a visionary. We have long awaited your guidance to us, however there is wisdom you do not know, and I have been trying to teach you to slow down on your pursuits and strengthen our numbers. You're not listening, and I hoped that the will of the people would sway you." he said looking down at her, as he leaned on his staff.

He reached down and touched her hair, his eyes looking at the gear mark between her eyes, a mark of holiness. "Perhaps you need respite at the temple, where you slept among the stars." he suggested gently. "Perhaps you can converse with the stars and refocus your vision." he said. "And understand what I have to to teach you is important, and will grow your people, as well as advance our discovery."

His thoughts started to take their effect as she felt the stresses of all around starting to drain her. Sleep just didn't seem to do the same effect as her chance to rest in what she was first found in by Eurshari and the people. Deep down, she felt different than the rest and over time, she could hear the people's voices around her. But the more and more she had spent away from the catacomb of the fallen star, the more she felt drained. The first time she had gone threw this, she went back, almost drug back just to find out that she was connected to this fallen star and that she wasn't to stray out to far away from it. For she seemed to be able to feel more rested than any other night away from it.

At this point and time, she knew that she was straining herself more and more. Lately, she had gotten away from returning to her star, for almost two whole light cycles. It meant more time meditating and resting in her star.

"You are probably right, Eurshari. I am just doing what your people wanted and what I feel is best," she finally sighed rubbing her forehead for a moment before nodding in agreement. "Alright..."

"People may want things, but it is not always good for them. Your discovery focus is dangerous, and they're not ready for it. We need to take power of other regions and people before we progress." he said as he waved his hand towards the side exit, so they could walk to the temple. "That man you just healed is testament to it, and I must insist and confront you with these dangers. You must listen to me holy one." he said as they approached the door.

The words sunk into her head as she felt the desire to sleep take hold even more. The merciful act of healing the man hadn't seemed to drain her at first but she was feeling it now. As they came up to the doors, two hooded figures, holding staves opened the doors for them and followed the two out as they started down the dirt path.

"You say all this and yet I hear the people desiring security and good health. Dominance and unification of this land's people and it's resources. It only makes since. But why, I'm not completely sure. I only see flashes of before the awakening."

Eurshari cleared his throat as she looked over at her, dusk closing in around them. "You remember? What do you remember?" he demanded, hiding his nervousness. He was still not certain how he felt about his actions upon finding the fallen star, the child goddess, and the two other incarnations of her who's physical bodies were stuffed, hidden with in the temple. Did she remember him killing her?

"A different group of people, but it's only in my dreams." There was more to it but she wasn't sure what to think of it. It was as though she could remember a different life with different structures and far more people with different garments. Then remembering screaming and pain. It was as though it was a bad nightmare. Deep down, that was what she wanted to think of it as. She moved on from the nightmares. "I also can see though my people's eyes and See their progress. They are truly amazing and hard working. Some to even work all night long."

He arched his brows, "You see through the peoples eyes when you sleep?" he asked. Torches lined their way as they neared the temple. "Who's eyes do you see through?" he asked. He would need to post a watch on them and see what she was seeing.

"Why do you ask?" The goddess paused in her tracks as she looked at him for a moment. "You seem uneased by my words, shaman."

The Shaman paused as well and looked down at her. He thought about it for a moment wanting to choose his words carefully. Finally he cracked a smile. "The activities of men at night are not fit for a woman.. A girl, even a goddess to see." He said. "I wish to guard your purity and holiness, or else you may be drawn in to things not fit for you " he said. "Now who's eyes do you see through when you dream?"

"My purity... I am seen as a Goddess, a messenger from above. If that were true, I doubt small things like that would require your divine protection," she countered as she rubbed her temple before sighing and moving forward. "Besides, it's like a dream, it's lost within moments after waking."

Eurshari followed, "What is it you see in the dreams? Perhaps they are simply dreams, visions from your divinity. I am quite good with dreams." he said softly. They crossed in to the side door of the temple, in to the strange halls of the sky temple. The walls seemed to be forged together, with essence of green light showing in deep reassesses of the temple. The goddess always seemed more at peace here, in the presence of the light.

"My dreams are my own, Chief Shaman," Vienar stated as she walked through the dark corridor of the sky temple. The darkness was lit up by candle light in most areas except for the natural green light that was found in certain areas.

It seemed almost forever before they finally found themselves, deep into the temple. As she stepped up to a dark door, the two guards took positions on either side on plateforms. The two turned outward and a humming sound was heard as green lighting flickered around them. She stepped up to the door, and waved her hand, ordering the walls to open to a dimly lit den. As she walked in, she looked over her shoulder. "I will see you in the morning, Shaman."

"Rest with grace holy one." he said bowing slightly. The moment the doors closed he turned and looked at a few of the temple guards, "You three." he said, "Watch the village through the night, if any one is awake through the night, notify me." He would find out what she was dreaming, because often times whens he spoke of dreams, they tended to be actual events. That could be dangerous."


Played by Comdr Mercia Kavi


Played by Capt David Hawkins


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