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Posted on Sun May 14th, 2017 @ 5:56pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Dream Catcher

/// ON ///

The ship came into orbit as smooth as they had hoped as David sat in the command chair watching things in real life over the planet. He tapped his command codes before looking back up to the holo-screen viewport. "Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, energize."

=^=Yes sir,=^= the transporter room technicians responded one after the other. It took what seemed to be like forever before they finally heard the response of the technicians to confirm they had made it.

"Rogue that," David spoke up as he looked at Tayla. "Commander d'Jax, take the bridge, I'll be in the back. Keep me updated if you have anything."

The trial nodded, "Yes Captain." she said firmly and moved to the center of the bridge to take over.

As he made his way to the rear of the ship, he looked at the working Intelligence and Operations officers. Strolling around the holographic 3D projector showing images of the planet and the system, he watched as the scout units continued their sweeps. This gave us much more accurate data, even with the ship's long-distance scanners, it allowed them to focus their efforts on the planet. He tapped the code to lower the image so we could look at the large monitors on the forward wall while taking a seat in the center chair.

"Alrighty, bring up the borg ship on one monitor, and the village on the other monitor," Captain Hawkins ordered as he slopped down on the chair and leaned back getting a chance to look at what they had before him. Blips on the monitors of the away teams while also having the members of the other lifeforms.

=^= Gladiator to Away Team 1. You have a go. Looks like there aren't many boogies but you need to watch your backs. I want you all in and out. Find out what happened to that ship, why isn't this planet assimilated, and a way to get rid of that ship. Any questions?"

=^= Gladiator to Away Team 2, Team 1 is in place and heading in. Keep in mind, we do not want to screw up their lives more than they already are. Prime Directive still applies, despite the fact that another group has affected them already. You are to oversee and gather intelligence. Do not engage, or make yourselves stick out more than you already do. If there is movement to the borg ship, you report it right away. Otherwise, gathering information. Go in if you can, but don't risk it if you don't have to. Do I make myself clear?"

Mercia pulled her fur cloak a bit tighter over her shoulders as the transporter beams released her and the team on the surface. They were inside a forest in the early morning "Understood." Mercia said, as her breath made fog in the chilled cold air.

She turned to look at the team, "Alright, keep close, but let's try to blend in as well." she said. Through the trees, a bell tolled catching her attention. "Let's go check out this poor provincial town."

Scipio listened to Mercia mention 'poor provincial town' and couldn't help think about his own ancestors going north into barbarian lands, encountering their very own poor provincial towns. "We best be prepared should they see strangers as a possible threat." He warned the group as a whole. "I am not suggesting phasers, diplomacy and tact should serve us today."

Lizzy nodded, and added, "Although we don't have any idea on whether my empathic skills will work on them, there is quite a good chance it will."

"Good Lizzy, keep your mind open," she said. Mercia looked at the doctor, "All technology should we well hidden. Stun only if we are forced to fight, but I'd rather call for an extraction before it comes to that." she said.

She peered through the tree line, "Looks like the crowd is thickening." she said watching the outdoor market starting to fill up with the hustle and bustle of a typical medieval village.

"Agreed, Commander." Scipio addressed Mercia. "However until we know the extent of their cultural contamination, I suggest even using phasers at stun as a very last resort. I have Merfadon, a sedative, in my medikit if need be." The Roman turned his attention to the village as he adjusted the indigenous clothes he was wearing. "If my father could see me now." He mused to no one in particular.

"That's why I brought my little friend!" The marine colonel announced behind them holding a sword in one hand while maintaining a bow and arrow set over his shoulder. He slung around the sword a bit grinning slightly while watching the metallic weapon away to his will. After a couple seconds of playing with the weapon, he slid it into the sheath strapped to his hip and held onto the handle grinning. "What, I'm playing the huntsman of the group." John Hayter smirked as he winked at Mercia

Mercia smirked at Hayter, "I knew I always liked you." she said. She had nearly a dozen knives hidden on her person, she typically had several anyway. "Did you clear the make of those weapons with the data we'd collected to ensure you're not using metal they don't have here?" she asked eyeing him.

"Do we ever?" Hayter responded with a shrug as he looked around while wondering what would happen. There wasn't any obvious Borg technology or drones at all.

Lizzy asked, tapping her wooden quarterstaff against the ground, "Won't it be obvious if people start falling unconscious?" She hadn't brought her sling-staff along because it was highly likely that it would have stood out, and had accepted the small hand phaser she had been given without any comment due to the talk with Mercia earlier, hiding it well inside the pouches she had added on her outfit.

"Yeah and the strange bolts of lightning." Mercia looked back at her and laughed, "This is emergency only." she commented.

She led the group into the village. They caught a few curious eyes but were easily dismissed as they melded into the crowd. Mercia felt a thrill of excitement as an idea entered her mind. She started looking for a mark. She moved through the crowd losing the rest of the group for the moment.

She lowered her head and pushed through the crowd before she collided with a large man. She fell back, bouncing off of him. "I am so sorry!" she gasped.

The man reached down and hauled her to her feet, his friends looking her over. "Are you alright?" he demanded.

"Yes, I need to pay attention where I am going." she sputtered brushing herself off. She flashed him a smile and then disappeared into the crowd again circling around to her group who looked concerned that they didn't see her. Mercia produced a bag of what she could see was currency. "Each of you take a few coins, make some purchases, and interact," she instructed them as she divided up the coins. "And if I big man comes at me, react like the rest of the crowd, let me run on my own, I'll be fine, but not if you distract me or get involved," she said.

The Doctor looked down at the coins in his hand. "Do you think this is prudent, Commander? We don't know their motives and you might be putting yourself in danger." There was concern in his voice as he addressed the XO, his eyes fixated on her, ignoring the local population around them.

Zera rolled his eyes at the conversation. "Don't worry, Doctor, if the Commander does get in trouble there are people here who can go in and extract," he muttered, keeping his voice low so the locals wouldn't hear. Pocketing his coins, he lightly scratched his nose, where a putty-like substance was placed to hide the ridges on his nose to make him blend in.

"Stop scratching your nose, they're going to think you're diseased," Mercia said. "And I don't need you to rescue me again." Mercia rolled her eyes.

"You sound like this has happened before," Zera quipped, letting his hand drop to his side. It wasn't his fault that whatever they stuck to his face was itchy.

"Shut up," Mercia grumbled, not wanting to think about it. She looked at the doctor. "I stole from someone wealthy, they won't find out for a few hours unsure that money is missing. If they can find me, we will deal with it again. So... Who wants to go buy some of that art and ask what it's about?" She said.

The booth in question had figures of a woman, and paintings of a lit up sky, as well as paintings of strange diamond shapes coming out of the ground. "These sorts of images are everywhere, let's find out why. Who volunteers?"

"Don't think we need to ask," Hayter stated as he looked straight past them and saw what looked like a flag flapping in the distant which seemed more like a central structure with multiple figures in robes standing guard with staves. "But we may not want to get too close either. Probably a figurehead, queen... princess... They seem so serious... why so serious?"

Mercia rolled her eyes, "See even you don't know." she said. "So we talk to the locals, get their thoughts. Spying one oh one... ask questions, never assume," she said smacking the back of the hunters head. "Now, who wants to ask questions."

Lizzy looked up and grinned, as she rolled a coin over and between her fingers, before moving forwards, "I'll go do it. If I don't come back, please remember you will have to deal with T'Madh going psycho again and work out a suitable response."

With that, Lizzy headed over to the booth, where a little old lady was sitting, and smiled, "Hello. Are you the artist? It is very good." Lizzy had done some art courses, and she was quite impressed at the complexity and detail captured with what seemed to be an oil-based medium.

She could see there was a number of nick-nack like things too, like little stone statues of a triple-breasted woman and a necklace of gems that Lizzy was surprised to realize were the same color as her wife's eyes.

Lizzy was thinking that she would get the necklace, a stone statue and one of the paintings, but knew she had a job to do as well. So she added, "I was thinking of buying some things. What are these paintings about?"

The woman smiled widely. "The awakening of the holy one! This one is of the temple," she said as she motioned vaguely to the east. "This is the goddess as we see her now, but in my dreams, I see her heavenly face," she said. Half the face was of a young and fairly attractive young woman, hardly more than a girl with dark hair and painted eyes. The other half was gray with a tint of green, bald and molted gray skin. "She gave up her heavenly body to join us and lead us, but I was blessed with the vision after she healed me, she is such a precious gift."

Lizzy smiled, detecting with her empathetic ability that the woman really meant it, "That sounds very interesting. I'll have to go see for myself. Your vision sounds very interesting" Being closer, the sight of the woman looked very much like what she had seen about Borg, and she felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle. It sounded a lot like some form of possible mental communication as well, like a Borg hive mind.

Picking up one of the stone statues and the necklace & pointing to one of the small paintings, Lizzy asked, showing some of the coins she had, "How much for these and that painting?" She wanted to get back to the others to tell about her little scouting mission. Lizzy did think about possibly trying to haggle, but it could make a scene and she didn't know how much they were worth.

"For all those, 20 coin." she said quickly.

Lizzy smiled and handed over the amount the lady told her, "Thank you. Have a nice day."

With that, she headed back to rendezvous with the others.

Scipio watched as some of the team began to scatter, so he did as well. Before even coming to a booth, a panicked man carrying a young girl, her flesh and clothes drenched, had appeared and gathered others just as panicked and already grieving people. The Doctor approached pushing away the spectators and requesting they lay the child on the ground. He checked for breathing, there was none, nor was there a pulse, so began a rather archaic but tried and true first aid without the benefit of any of his gadgets in his hidden medikit. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR. He didn't concern himself with how the villagers were taking his odd to them actions. When the child began spewing up mouthfuls of water, he put her to her side and breathed a sigh of relief. Only the child's father seemed ecstatic and hugged her, having all but given up hope that she would still exist. The others that hovered were not as appreciative, almost skeptical of what they just witnessed. One villager even grabbed the Doctor.

"How dare you!" One man yelled pointing at the Scipio as he was held down. "You mock our Goddess by trying to breathe life back into this child..."

Without letting go of the doctor or allowing his protest, the village nodded at the daughter and father. "We must have them purged of any demons this man has passed on. Grab them."

Lizzy was walking back with her bought items and spotted Mercia, heading on over.

Mercia heard the commotion and followed the gathering crowd. She arrived in time to hear the claims and saw the Roman in the hands of villagers. She knew he likely could get out of this, but she gave a slight shake of her head, while her eyes looked around for the best options. Escape was always the first choice, above fighting, however she may not have much of a choice. She moved to push forward to get involved when a hand dropped on her shoulder.

Catching up to the gathering of people, John took in the sight and tried to see what had happened. He then saw Marcia and Lizzy. There was no doubt that Kavi wanted to but in Real quick, but he placed his hands on both Kavi and Caldera's shoulders. "Don't. We risk contamination."

Mercia jerked her shoulder from Johns touch but held back. "Gladiator we have a situation. Put a mark on the Doc and be ready to transport up if his life signs waiver or I give the order," she said quickly.

Lizzy stayed back too and spoke out softly, "We may have Borg-influence here, Commander. The woman I spoke to about this said she was healed and heard voices that sounded like a hive mind. But she seemed quite lucid and not trying to spread it."

Showing the painting, she added, "And this just looks like half a transformation to me."

Mercia looked at the painting for a moment, "That looks decidedly like a borg queen, but what does the girl have to do with it?" she wondered.

A couple of village guards arrived demanding to know what happened, and they were quickly told. "Take him to the divine hall, the girl as well!" one ordered.

Mercia grabbed Lizzy's arms, "Keep close." she said, and glanced at John as well.

"Zera and Winterstorm, catch up to us," Hayter called over the hidden internal comm they were all using. (Yes I know, new tech but I'll share link here soon)

"Of course," Julian replied, "I'm on my way."

"I feel like a white rabbit," Zera muttered in reply as he took another casual walking turn to try and lose the guy following him. After the stunt the doctor pulled, someone pointed him out as a stranger to the town and now a guard was on to him. The phrase he told Hayter meant that he was under suspicion but not in danger and that he would regroup when he could.

There was a slight pause as Hayter confirmed within before he responded simply loud enough to respond back to Zeta. "Then hope away little bunny. We will be waiting."

Julian slipped in behind Zera using his tradecraft to blend in and avoid being spotted by whoever was trailing his fellow officer.

Lizzy gulped, nodded and followed along behind Mercia, not wanting to say anything about the tightness on her arm.


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