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Borg Investigation team

Posted on Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 9:05am by Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Dream Catcher

/// ON ///

The ship came into orbit as smooth as they had hoped as David sat in the command chair watching things in real life over the planet. He tapped his command codes before looking back up to the holo-screen view port. "Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, energize."

=^=Yes sir,=^= the transporter room technicians responded one after the other. It took what seemed to be like forever before they finally heard the response of the technicians to confirm they had made it.

"Rogue that," David spoke up as he looked at Tayla. "Commander d'Jax, take the bridge, I'll be in the back. Keep me updated if you have anything."

As he made his way to the rear of the ship, he looked at the working Intelligence and Operations officers. Strolling around the holographic 3D projector showing images of the planet and the system, he watched as the scout units continued their sweeps. This gave us much more accurate data, even with the ship's long distance scanners, it allowed them to focus their efforts on the planet. He tapped the code to lower the image so we could look at the large monitors on the forward wall while taking a seat in the center chair.

"Alrighty, bring up the borg ship on one monitor, and the village on the other monitor," Captain Hawkins ordered as he slopped down on the chair and leaned back getting a chance to look at what they had before him. Blips on the monitors of the away teams while also having the members of the other lifeforms.

=^= Gladiator to Away Team 1. You have a go. Looks like there aren't many bogies but you need to watch your backs. I want you all in and out. Find out what happened to that ship, why isn't this planet assimilated, and a way to get rid of that ship. Any questions?"

Phelps had taken the options of having a cosmetic cover over his more 'advanced' equipment. The Tricorder was the tricky part; being modular made it easy to string out the part in an alternate housing and with the need for a display flipping up it gave him some latitude to make it into a belt like structure. He had the 'darts and two methods of delivery.

He looked around trying to spot anyone that would be out of 'normal glances' and if they were really taking a good 'hide and seek' point of view. Once he is convinced things were clear he adjusted his point of view and stood ready to advance, the other tricks of the trade were dispersed upon his body and appeared to be just like the normal items he had noted from the twin images. HE had read the reports from a survey and studied the images nearly pixel by pixel in his head before he donned this outfit of camouflage. He waited to hear their speech pattern before he would open his own mouth. A small precaution but one that often meant not getting caught in the first part of a mission.

Lixor looked as if he expected trouble. His dark eyes canning and his ears listening as his he grabbed the tricorder from his well accessorized utility belt, accessorized with a variety of tricks not just for "science boys" as a certain superior female officer enjoyed calling him.

He had brought his modified plasma phasor and he wasn't without a few blades hidden in boots and out in the open trying not to leave anything to chance. The blades were a carryover from his more rebellious days when fighting was more of a way of life and survival than his life as a lab rat.

There was a light haze that hung about a meter from the ground that swirled a little from the light breeze. Even with the slight white filtration of vision offered by the cloud like cover Lixor could make out the blackened ground from where fire had charred the ground.

Paula stood looking around checking that everyone had got here in one peace, Paula looked over and knew that this was going to be somewhat of a mission to get tech that was not at this time in the cultures development away from them without them noticing and to stop the live Borg if there were any.

On Lixor's back was his lab-in-a-bag, a portable mini laboratory that would give them instant data should they find it necessary. His dark eyes and placid face were his poker face though inside he was churning with concern.

After the transporter beam had dissipated, Zul'arra looked around at the group she had been invited to go down on the away team. She had advanced experience with primitive weapons in which she had learned. From her studies and training in the holiday, Borg drones were advanced cybernetic life forms that had personal shields and weapons that allowed for the group to modify and adapt to energy based weaponry and shielding.

The acting marine cadet had been advices by both 1st Lieutenant Price and Lt. Colonel Hayter on weapons training and specialization. She had brought a modified phaser as a secondary with a backpack with the additional add-ons to enhance it to be a small phaser rifle, along with a ballistic pistol on the other thigh. Over her shoulder was a quever full of arrows while she held a compound bow she had learned to use. It was quite different from the long bow she had created and used for years. This was much easier in ways while in others, more of a concern. She was over prepared, to say the least. But she had not liked the idea of Borg and any implications of being assimilated.

"No life forms so far," he reported to no one in particular, "residual traces of chemicals associated with the ship are present but not at dangerous levels."

After the transporter had released her, Zeti's tricorder was in her left hand and scanning for anything moving and her phaser pistol was in her right hand. Her expression was stone, but she was afraid of what they might fine. She glanced around at her away team, taking in what Lixor had said out loud before she took a calming breath and set her mind to the task at hand.

The sun was close to reaching it's zenith, meaning it was about midday for this world and they had plenty of visibility. If they weren't about to descend into a Borg diamond, she might actually be enjoying the weather.

"Winchester, take point. Rackham take the rear. The rest of us need to spread out slightly so we're not in a tight formation if we get attacked. We'll follow the crash trail to the ship. No one goes off on their own," Zeti said firmly.

"Copy that," replied Paula as she moved to her position in the team, as she knew that this was important to know now and when to proceed, although still getting used to her new role, Paula deferred to Zeti's Judgement as she slid down in to her place over looking the Borg ship.

The twin forms that composed Mel Torma each gave a nod. She understood Zeti's concern, though chose to stay quiet about the comment. By now, she hoped Zeti knew to count her only as one. At her request to spread out slightly, the two bodies walked a few meters apart from one another. Rather than stealth gear, espionage gear, or hidden weapons, the Dalacari carried a pouch each that contained a spare medical kit and a tricorder on each of them. The pair hunkered down low, staying as small a visual as possible. Much like Lixor, each bioform had a backpack on to carry additional equipment, though neither of the packs was as well stocked as Lixor's. Basic additional study gear, as opposed to what could amount to a portable lab.

Despite being something of the sore thumb sticking out, Mel at least seemed to have some training in the 'Stay down, speak soft" school of sneaking around.

When the redheaded Marine combat medic had heard she was selected to go down to the planet, Keira had headed straight to the armoury to prepare weapons - knowing how the Borg were very dangerous. There were numerous concealed weapons hidden on her person, inluding a rather wicked one that was concealed in a spot no one was going to check. She had grabbed a Marine phaser assault rifle and a Marine medglove, along with a combat medical kit. She took her responsibilities as a Marine quite strictly, and would just heal up victims after if needed.

Nodding to Zeti, Keira quickly dropped back to the rear of the group, and adjusted her medglove to life-form readings. It was tied into her rifle's targeting scope, but even so, her senses were on alert.

Zeti moved out to the right, keeping almost everyone in sight and giving her a good view of the away team and line of sight on the ship itself. She replaced her tricorder on her belt, as several officers were on theirs, and focused on her surroundings and the ship they were approaching.

This Borg ship was smaller, it was diamond shaped but looked far more like a scout than the same ship Voyager had encountered. This was terrain, force and civil oriented recon and didn't involve force or fire unless they had to fight to survive.

The blue man was silent and his steps just as quiet. There seemed nothing truly amiss, no sign of Borg, not chemical trace evidence of some catastrophe, just a small ship apparently devoid of occupants. The card earth surrounded the crippled vessel and it was sunk into the soil as if it hit harder than expected. Samll pieces of the hull lay scattered as debris but no large, telling pieces that would indicate an internal explosion.

Phelps ws on the widest of the pattern; he was deft at keeping his head down and quiet despite what one might think. He was staying near the 'flank' so to cover everyone but also to expand their 'eyes on' to the left flank quarter. WHile the others were in a resemblance of a spread pattern Phelps got a bad feeling about his surroundings. Looking about he did not detect any life signs; not even the Lower cybernetic signature of a Borg Drone.

Not opting for a Phaser aside from a type I that is easily hidden, with special modification to his palm only, there would be a charge sent through it should someone else try to use it melting the mechanisms of it. Other than a nice toy shape it would be harmless. The planet has a Borg ship on it and no drones, no apparant sign of activity either; this was wrong on many ways. The natives must have discovered it by now, but what were the repercussions?

As they approached the ship, she shifted her phaser pistol to one hand and started looking over the hull. "It took a lot of damage on the way down, there must have been something wrong with their auto nav. Let's start looking for a way in."

Paula noticed something moving from inside the ship, "Everybody down," she stated as she hid behind a boulder and whipped out her small Binoculars and looked through them, She thought~ Oh crap, Civilians,~ as he spoke softly "Winchester to Zeti, We have a problem!" as she knew this didn't look good.

Lixor was already crouched down trying to see something that appeared to have moved It appeared to have crawled under a large bolder that had obviously been unearth as the ship scraped the surface. Hearing the command the scientist was down and his tricorder was fastened to his belt. He removed the phasor and began looking around not knowing for sure what Paula had seen.

Seizing the moment the arthropod scurried out under his leg and away drawing Lixor's attention fora split moment but only long enough to notice it had fled. Then he saw them. They were not Borg, human looking in many respects and obviously not already harvested into the race of cyborgs.

Zeti's brow knitted together as she watched the humanoids walking to and from the ship. Even from their distance away she could tell they weren't Borg but instead wearing some kind of robes. The fact that they were here at all irritated her. They'd reconed this whole area and it was clear, unless these monks were inside the ship.

Paula continued," We have civilians going in and out of the ship," as she looked through her Binoculars, she finished," and by the looks of them they are Monks," as she knew by that remark that they would see it as some sort of religious place.

"Monks?" Mel inquired in a hushed tone. "That makes a surprising amount of sense. Primitive culture comes across something impossible to understand that fell from the sky, where most..."

"... cultures prescribe their deities to reside. To them, it's either a relic of their religion, or a direct gift there of." a pause, "Fascinating."

Price looked through a pair of binoculars. "Or Borg hybrids keeping a low profile." He offered. "I don't trust what I can't see, Lt." He offered. "Let me take a few marines and get a closer look before the rest of the team gets closer." He offered as he pulled his binoculars away. "Minimal risk, we'll keep to the brush."

Zeti looked at Price, as she considered his requested, "Can you do it with just two? I don't like the idea of leaving us unprotected or too many of you going down there and upping the risk of detection. You're the marine, I'm the engineer, what do you recommend?"

Phelps had a few trick up his sleeve for just such an occasion; they were bloody well worshiping the damn cube. It made a lot of sense and was a hidden fear in him. The fact the ship 'fell from the heavens' would naturally draw the natives out; now that the Drones had either died or were inert is a biting question in his mind. But if his intel of Borg were accurate, even with heavy damage given the correct conditions the ship would slowly repair itself.

"No Drones and no sign of infection from those mulling about the ship. Phelps moved away from the main group to get a better vantage over the scene. Getting to it would be a problem of course. Rubbing his eyes slightly he gained a better 'view' of the scene and the readings from the tricorder. The 'Robed figures were not infected thus far' so the power levels of the ship were so low the nanites did not affect them as yet.

HE observed the robed figures and how they entered; looking along the outskirts for any movement. PLaces of high regard always have guard dogs of sorts.

Taylor nodded. "I'll take Zul'arra." He offered. "We'll keep our distance."
He knew taking the cadet was a little risky, because she wasn't fully trained but he also knew that if she stayed ideal she'd get into trouble. Zul'arra didn't do ideal well.

Keira stepped in close, speaking quietly, "Commander, I've got your back and the team's while 1st Lieutenant Price is doing recon."

Lixor remained silent. Hidden mostly by the large bolder he glanced around knowing his skin tone alone would send shock was through the prewarp society. He didn't make an attempt to get closer as he saw what was going on among the marines and their leaders. It really wasn't his place and he knew it. Science was his domain now, not the things the trained marines did well. Still if called upon he could hold his own.

"Move in close, I'm going to try and get one of the drones overhead to help," The Commander looked unhappy.

Zeti pulled the engineering kit off of her back and opened one of the compartments and pulled out a larger PaDD and turned it on. She accessed the Gladiator's computer and found a drone that wasn't far away, before she redirected it their way so she could keep an eye on them and the monks.

Her rifle up and scanning, Keira moved around the group, watching for any signs of any possible incoming threats.

Mel kept her senses sharp during this tense moment. One of the twins turned to keep an eye behind the other, as both started to just scan the surroundings. No tools, no tricorders, just base senses in the broad daylight while keeping a low profile.... she had done this before.

She kept a hand on her phasor at her hip. Well, actually both twins kept a hand a piece on each of their phasors, though they weren't drawn yet.

Silence was that emanated from the chief scientist. He wasn't scared as much as on alert by the presence of the pre-warp society members. The word "monk" meant little to him other than some sort of clerical connection. His dark eyes caught sight of his new assistant and they paused on each of her forms for a moment before continuing to scan for the presence of danger.

Paula continued at intervals to scan the ship for any possible other entrances that they could use, but she found none. ~Dam~ she thought as she knew the only way in was to knock the Monks out with tranquilizer darts which lucky for her she had brought with her as it was silent but did not kill.

Phelps was becoming more a part of the shadows; the best way to remain unhurt by counter attacks came with not being seen. The team fanning out would be testing the defenses and searching for another way into the cube.

Phelps brought up the plans he had gotten from Borg cubes; the nearly real version of the Cubes in the Archive came into his head like a display while he pondered through the scans for weak points. In his mind he could rotate and enhance any scan he had seen in the database that was very nice to have in his memory after finding to there were Borg here.

Not taking the usual passes of where the cube was weak; this is what most of the scans took into account, where he focused his attention was those areas that were guarded by protective shielding that meant no direct attack. Still the function was able to be determined but not directly attacked. With the lack of power these areas were now viable as entrance spots if he could just find one that they could use.

Playing the diagrams in his memory he recalled an exhaust port that might have been something but also other places where Borg had emerged to the exterior of the ship. The places that also read higher energy output as these areas would have access ports to allow repair should it come due. The places where the cube had thick plating were also discounted, he thought of places not accessible by normal battle conditions.

The scans were hard to follow until one put them in picture form, then like clips of information he analyzed it.

Zeti watched the drone footage once it had moved into place over looking whatever it was these monks were doing. The prime directive prevented her from walking in their and saying that she was their goddess, even though a crashed Borg ship was going to alter their natural course of evolution and it was the Borg, which overrode a great deal of laws in place.

"I'm seeing ten of these monks outside, but I think there are more inside," Zeti said over comms. "Phelps, Winchester, I think we need to move our men and stun them so we can check them for nanites and get inside the ship."

" I can use my stun darts to knock them out with," replied Paula as she opened a pouch on the belt that she wore for this particular mission, she continued " it will be silent and they won't know what has hit them," as she waited for Zeti to give the order.

Tag Zeti

"There are access panel type structures along the outer hull." Phelps informed. "If you would have reviewed the combat footage in detail there are places that were often under heavy screens that allowed drones or other buts through the hull. Without that protection we might get in unnoticed. Some of them are a climb and a few close to the dirt as I have only approximations of their locations."

"I'm talking about shooting the monks so we don't have to sneak around," Zeti replied. "Besides, they're like infants playing with phasers here, we need to get this out of their hands or their natural course of evolution is going to get thrown way off course. We can always have their memories wiped."

Sneaking in and observing we might better understand the amount of infection the Borg have on this culture.remaining unseen and unobtrusive is a good idea, what if the monks are found all lying about with no memory? Phelps asked. "How much intrusion are we allowed to really make here?"

Lixor retrieved his tricorder now that the original alarm had dulled to a state of devising a plan. He narrowed his eyes as he noticed something on the damaged vessel then slowly began to move towards Zeti, "any way we can get to that access hatch," he asked in a rather quiet tone, "we may be able to use that as a means of knocking out the inhabitants with a shockwave for a little while."

"I think, leaving a bunch of monks without their memory will do a hell of a lot less culture damage then Borg nanites," Zeti answered Phelps, before she glanced back at Lixor and forward to the hatch he was talking about. "Go for it Lixor. Everyone get ready, we're stunning these natives and going in."

The blue man nodded and quickly began to scale the damaged starship. The ship was at enough of an angle and there were enough hand and foot holds that he began is assent. It only took a short while and he was at the hatch. Lixor smirked remembering his days in the gang and why he actually had the skills to to climb the damaged structure and attempt the task. Taking off a small octagonal object about twelve centimeter across from his belt and placed it on the hatch. With the press of a button three white lights came on and blinked silently then turned green. With the system fooled as to his intent he found the latches holding the hatch in place and managed to open it sliding the door aside enough to expose the panel underneath. With calm hands he removed another device from his belt and out it near the center and waited for the lights to turn red and then green. The man used the hand signal for hold and then counted down from three. There was a faint popping sound and the lights on his device turned green. He motioned for the group to move in.

It was at this point that each of the forms of Mel Torma drew their phasors off their hip and calibrated them for a stun setting. "Moving into position." One said, though both forms moved. Low and quick, and with an obvious knowledge in how to stay quiet, Mel moved to a better position to fire. Each twin covered for the other as the pair essentially zig-zagged their way to a prime firing position. Or in her case, a prime pair of positions.

"Ready." her voice came over the comms again, quietly. Like a hush or a whisper.

Lixor pressed one of the small buttons and a zapping sound resonated. Any of the monks that could be seen suddenly collapsed stricken by the surge of power and lay motionless. He could feel the tingling sensation from the electricity and he motioned for the team to move and he began his assent back down the structure.

Mel gave the scene in front a long look before she made a report. "No activity in front of the craft. We're in the clear. I suggest we take a few back..."

"... for medical evaluation. If we treat the Borg as an infection first, we sound see what level of..."

"... outbreak we're dealing with."

"Shit..." Zeti grumbled, as she brought her phaser pistol up. "Stun them all, quickly! I'll call in the shuttle lab and we can start examining these guys as well as get the rest of them transported away or sedated. Phelps, Rackham, Winchester, Zularra take them down."

"Done and done," replied Paula as she took aim and fired the first dart and hit the monk in the neck, shortly the second monk fell as she continued to fire as she hoped that these Monks didn't have any of the borg tech in them.

Keira nodded, dropping to the ground to provide a stable shooting platform with her rifle coming into firing position, and began firing with her Marine Corps phaser assault rifle, the heavy stun beams flashing out and dropping monks. The rifle was internally readjusting frequencies and other settings each time as part of its anti-Borg programming.

Lixor stopped in his tracks as he heard and saw what was happening. He managed to retrieve his phasor though from his position it was going to be difficult to aim at any the them. His efforts had evidently failed and although he was willing to accept that it didn't make being the one to wake the sleeping dragon as it were any easier to take.

Emmah broke in through the comms, "Commander Zeti, the mobile lab has landed 100 meters to the west." she reported.

"Thank Emmah," Zeti answered through her comm, as she made her way closer to the battle field. "All right, grab the monks that didn't drop when Lixor zapped them. Those are the ones we need to have checked at the mobile lab first, make sure they don't have any nanites in them. Price, assign a few marines to that task. Then catch up with the rest of us, we're going in. We still have to establish what survived this. No one go off alone, I don't need to come back out to a bunch of frackin' space zombies."

Even the monks they shot didn't look like they were Borg. She was bound and determined to figure out why this ship has crashed here, what it was doing in this system and get all of her people out of this alive.

The Bajoran commander turned to the Borg ship, the entry way was open now and filled with objects she knew were religious in nature. It was clear these people were adapting their religion to fit what had happened. Some of the objects looked nothing like the Borg, but the newer pieces had scripting that made her shudder. She squared her shoulders, despite the fear she felt, they had to go in there next.

"Aye aye." Mel said through one comm link, while the other was already overlooking the scene. "I count ten targets down. Any more active will be inside. I'm heading in to retrieve." and at that, both forms started to make their way towards the downed monks. Each one moved forward, then held position and waited for the other to advance. They zig-zagged up towards the entrance, about ten steps behind Zeti. "On your ... six. Right, six." Mel took a moment to recall time keeping in the Alpha quadrant. The first monk downed was collected by one of Mel's forms while her other form kept her phasor level and ready, covering as she retreated with the first monk.

"Just as Phelps had predicted the Drone / Monks were still moving as the Phaser stun did not phase them. The Darts he had suggested were of a stun sort but he added a little more to his, this one is laced with a hallucinogenic; the biological mental parts would be scrambled even after the nanites could revive the body.

He easily dropped two of them as he had concentrated on his marksmanship; it was not a common fact but he could score an 80% accuracy so he deemed that enough to keep him alive.

"Have a nice trip." Phelps said as he took in the situation.

Keira noticed once of the monks getting up and realised her rifle wasn't working on them as well, so she sprang up, leaving it. With her parkour training and speed, the red-headed Marine quickly closed the distance as the monk began to flee, moving up a slope and down into a descending channel. She sprang out into mid-air from the higher ground down into the channel and did a kick to the alien's head from behind, which dropped him like a stone.

Moving to him, she quickly checked for a pulse and was pleased to find one then began doing a body-scan with her medical glove, noting that he was not showing any injuries except maybe concussion.

His body chemistry seemed okay and she could tell it was safe to move him. Keira moved up to the ridge where she gave an Okay signal to the others. Going back down, she got into position and rolled him up so she could do a fireman's carry as she brought him back to the others.

"Where do you want him, Commander?"

"I suggest we move the targets we have downed to the mobile post as soon as possible. We'll be able to learn more about the state of infection and the extent of assimilation from each..."

"... of these beings we study. I can carry two, if someone promises to watch my back." a pause, "I meant my collective ba... sorry, poor choice of words. Mel Torma, you're such a ..."

"... blabbermouth. You all know what I meant." the Dalacari almost argued with herself. It was almost amusing to watch.

Lixor had made it back to the ground and looked over at his new department assistant and smiled with a little spark in his eyes, "it's alright, I'll cover you." His words were just above a whisper and he took a position behind the two forms.

Zeti pointed the shuttle that was incoming now, "We need to get them to that shuttle once it's down. It's a mobile triage and lab unit. Once they're set up, they'll have the personel to handle this. The rest of us are going into that Borg ship."

"So Commander, do you have a plan?" Paula asked looking bck at Zeti, as she began to reload her Tranquilizer gun, Paula knew that this could go wrong if they all went in as one, But if they split the team up then it could work.

Keira nodded and begun moving to the landing zone with her unconscious paitent. Stopping, she kneeled down and put him down before waiting for the others to arrive. As they did, the redheaded combat medic began checking all of them to make sure they were uninjured in general but also unconscious.

"Doesn't mater what the plan is. There are only four rules, make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan," Zeti smirked. "You all stick with me and we'll be fine."

She glanced up as the lab shuttle landed behind them and several yellow and blue uniforms started coming out to handle the monks they'd just stunned. "All right, back up is here. Into the cube, that's an order."

A loud "Aye aye, Commander" came from the Marine doc, before she barked out some orders to the yellow & blues about proper medical care.

Lixor nodded having provided cover over to the landing sight. There was a faint smile on his blue face that broadened as he heard they were going in. There was something "nostalgic" about sneaking to crashed ship that reminded him of the many time he had snuck into places before he was an officer but for less noble reasons.

Of all the Federation starships she got picked to transfer to, she was put on the one that ran TOWARDS Borg craft. Well, no one got famous discovering nebula...

Oh wait, no tons of people got famous for that. Setting her dreams of fame aside, the twins checked the charge on each of their phasors and gave a nod a piece, following her section chief with a moderately smaller amount of bravado and far more caution.

Lixor shook his head as he looked around. Something was not setting right with him and wasn't exactly sure. This was not the way Borg generally worked, or at least how he thought the worked, He understood how his device may have actually done nothing but it had worked so well in the past letting the man into police stations, pasts guard posts and other places but not on Borg ships, not on their technology.

Paula responded," Well then Let's get it done then shall we?" looking at Zeti.


Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering Officer/2XO
USS Gladiator-A


2nd Lieutenant Keira Rackham
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USS Gladiator-A


Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator- A


Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Lieutenant JG Mel Torma
Assistant Chief Science Officer / Exchange Officer
USS Gladiator- A

Lieutenant Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Zul'arra (Hawkins)
Civilian Tactical Specialist


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