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Looking Through the Looking Glass part 1

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 8:00am by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lucius Scipio Minor & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price
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Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Bridge / Command Operations Center - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

/// ON ///

The atmosphere of the bridge was high with tension as the crew were at their stations on the bridge of the Gladiator as David walked out of his ready room after being informed of their imminent arrival to the sector in question. Around the bridge, along with the rest of the ship, the klaxon lighting flashed red and the interior lighting was slightly lowered to allow for the crew to know of the focus required.

The Captain walked up to stand before his chair and looked at the massive viewport with the holoview screen showing readouts, Red Alert status at the top center, and in the corner, the overview and side view of the ship showing the shielding and structural integrity intact. In the vacuum of space, it was as though the ship was flowing through a bright and lively ocean as they flew through subspace known as the slipstream corridors. Federation had known about the corridors for a long time but never been able to use them or even map them. But thanks to the multiple contacts with the borg and advancements from all the contact made by the Voyager crew, Starfleet command, and Federation civilian ships were now able to do such things. Just the massive amount of resources to manufacture the technology meant not many ships were capable of doing what they were doing now.

A deep breath was taken by Hawkins as he spoke up. "ETA?"

"Five minutes," Mercia reported stiffly. "If we come out of the stream now."

"Alright, that works. Take us out of the Slipstream corridor," He ordered, talking to his helm officer. A simple 'Aye, sir' was heard before the officer followed the orders. Moments later, the ship pulled out of the corridor, dropping them out into normal space with a slight trimmer throughout the ship. The flowing blue tunnel before them was now meet with the darkness of space. In the distant, they saw a shimmering blue star, brighter than the rest. "Zeti, go ahead and do your after operations inspection on the QSD, then bring it offline to cool down for twelve hours. Then adjust our systems to conventional warp speeds."

"Aye, sir," Zeti replied.

"Helm, full stop. Commander Kavi, order the scout parties and fighter escorts to launch. Have them start to start the pre-planned mission layout and launch our probe for the planet," David ordered as he turned to look at his first officer.

Mercia nodded and sat down, she tapped a few buttons on the arm of her chair. "Bridge to Shuttle Command.... Launch," she ordered. "Ops, launch the probes," she added turning her head to look at the station occupied by an older dark man in a yellow uniform.

"Aye commander. Probes launched, telemetry will be displayed in about two minutes," he replied.

"Understood," Mercia said. She stood back up after transferring the flight data feed to the side of the front holoscreen so they could all watch it if needed. She came to stand next to David, everyone seeming to hold their breath.

A couple moments went by before he looked around and pointed to the rear of the bridge. "Alright, senior staff the Command Operation Center."

Mercia shifted and headed for the back area, The bridge was still connected so they'd not have to leave it in anyone's hands, however, nonsenior staff would be manning the stations.

On either side of the bridge, hallways were connected leading them to the C.O.C just before the turbolift. As the ship was a massive battleship, designed ship and was one of the fleet's flagships, it was fully designed with the newly designed Operation Center. As the senior officer walked in, they first saw a state of the art holographic projector before a couple consoles. the room was the same size as the bridge, with all department's own stations to man for most up to date information.

"Bring it up, Lieutenant," the Captain ordered his new Chief Strategic Ops officer, who was behind her new primary station.

Paula stood at her new work station and began to tap in commands on her terminal a huge projection appear before them, she said," Here you go Captain," as she looked with the new equipment that was hers to work with and was still getting used to.

Before them, the holographic emitters lit up to life showing a model of the Gladiator in the center at first, then the image zoomed out as fighters and shuttles launched like bees from their hive. Information slowly started to come in as well as the probes sped into the solar system.

"How long will it take to get to the planet in the system?"

"We should arrive there in three hours and forty-six minutes," Lixor replied tapping his COM station, "I'm already getting some early readings from the long range sensors of the borders of the system."

"Shuttle data is coming in clear as well as the probe data Sir," Paula chimed in, she continued," Sam, I'm going to have to borrow some of your Data boys for this Mission," as she started to request those she needed to handle the data that she was receiving.

"That is why we are here, data is our game," Phelps assured. "I might even have a girl that would be a rather smart Lass that could help." HE glanced up at Paula. "Data is everything." He said very knowingly.

Phelps had his console active and taking in the data from all the accessible resources. Having to get close to a Borg 'affected' society' a risk; add to it a pre-warp industry at best, and a year for the Borg to get entrenched. He had an infiltration man who might just fit the bill for this mission.A man working with lower tech might be able to get around things on this planet if the Borg had not gotten too much of an advancement as a whole. Getting data was the key and the lower tech levels were an 'art form.'

Phelps grinned to himself, this was going to put his people in the forefront at some point, he just had to do the prep work to be ready. With Paula as the new Strat-OPS girl, he had a type of working relationship with the Strategic Operations to start with.

"It is never what but whom you know for the best data." He said to himself quietly.

Lixor's dark eyes scanned again his readings and his blue brow furrowed, "picking up traces of an ion trail, working on identification." He studied the stream of data and shook his head, "it doesn't seem to match any known starships and I have no readings on any in the area so far.

Mercia looked over at Lixor, "Is it part Borg maybe?" she asked. "Of course being in the delta quadrant, it could be anyone..." she sighed. "Is the trail heading for the planet in question?"

The blue man tilted his head as he brought up charts of known Borg ion trails and did a visual comparison, "there certainly are some similarities Commodore but they are not an exact match." Lixor tilted his head back towards Mercia, "my guess is that at least some Borg technology is on the ship. He hesitated a moment then continued, "the ion trail is headed towards the planet, I would say less than twenty minutes ago."

Phelps was no slouch and he ran the ion trail through some of the databases that he was aware of; the not so friendly ones that the Intel Branch kept as 'Background' information. He could only hope for a hit.

"Might I suggest we cloak before we get any closer," Lixor mentioned looking from console to the view screen, "seems to me surprise may be our best option in any scenario with the Borg."

"Bit late for that Lixor," replied Paula looking back at the officer, She continued," What with the shuttles , fighters and the probes," she finished," they will know that the Mothership is not too far away," as she pointed to the dots on the hologram in front of them.

Lixor raised an eyebrow as he turned a bit darker in shade, "then we better be ready before they return with their friends."

"That's what we are planning here for Lixor," replied Paula looking back at the Lieutenant, She continued," but first we need a scan of the crash site to know what sort of vessel it is," as she finished and the size of the debris to retrieve,"

The blue man's eyebrows raised, "understood."



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