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Drinking away a Memory

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Preplanet


The blue man was out of uniform. Wearing a black pair of pants and a black dark blue, nearly black, henly. He was done working, done, at least for the day and to say it had been a bad day was an understatement though he had done his best to let the new assistant do his work while he barricaded himself in lab 14a and his mind into resolving a chemical equation that seemed to escape him.

There was no need for the struggle because once he got his emotions in check enough he had resolved the final ingredient for what he was calling the "null" cream. a body lotion that would block life signs and allow individuals to hide without electronic detection. Still, with the victory under his belt he wasn't going to be himself for a while.

Finding a table near the window he was drinking Bajoran ale and from the empty glass on the table the bar tender had not been around to give him a refill. The placid look on his face belied the frustration he was feeling though his eyes showed a hint of what was under the hood.

Zeti showed up at the lounge that Sid ran, it was Tiki themed like the bars he ran on Memphis Island and had a tropical feel to the place. She was out to have fun, dressed in a pair of black leather pants, a grey backless halter top with a a metallic snake skin pattern, a golden chain necklace with a pendent on it and a pair of cage black lace up sandals with a 12 centimeter heel.

Her first stop was at the bar to grab a drink before she started making her way through the lounge. She said hi to a few people before she spotted a very sour looking science officer. She grabbed a bottle of a single malt 12 year old scotch and a couple of glasses from behind the counter and headed back to his table, she sat down across from him and flashed him a smile.

"Looks like you got your heart broken. Scotch fixes that," Zeti set down the bottle and glasses as she spoke. "Want to drink with me? You don't even have to talk."

Lixor looked over at the dark haired woman as she sat the glasses down and merely nodded. his dark eyes looked at the amber liquid and a faint pained smile played with the edges of his mount.

"I'd like to give it a shot," Nabohn managed as his eyes made it back to Zeti's pretty dark brown ones. "Thank, thank you," he managed as he drew in a breath.

"A couple of glasses of this and you'll feel better, then I can help find you a girl or boy for the night to forget all about the one that's got you so crestfallen," Zeti said. "I'm a good wingman."

The blue man tilted his head and looked puzzled, "You can forget the companion for the night." Lixor raised a glass of the liquid and took a sip, "Nice and dry."

Zeti made a face before she took a drink from her own glass, "Oh that's no way to live Lixor. Am I right about someone breaking your heart? That's the look you've got on your face."

Lixor nodded, "it took Commander Kavi to tell me that." He took in a breath and added, "Believe it or not it's my first time."

"First time is always the hardest," Zeti took another drink from her glass. "All the more reason to get drunk and wake up with someone who's name you aren't quite sure of. At the very least get drunk."

"That I can do," the man replied taking another drink and then setting his eyes heavily on Zeti, "but I won't let myself to get this vulnerable again."

"By the prophets, I'm not telling you to fall in love, I'm trying to help you have some fun and get your mind off your grief for a night," Zeti waved her hand at Lixor, before she picked up her glass and savored the last few sips. Without hesitation she poured herself another. "It always makes me feel better, last time it happened to me I found this cute redhead and spent a week having fun with her."

Lixor downed what was left in his own glass and poured another for himself, "that answers at least one question." Three was a faint wry smile that played with his lips before taking a big gulp if the fresh glass.

Zeti laughed at that, before she took another drink and leaned back in her seat, "Does it now?"

The blue man nodded, "That if I said yes and wanted a female it probably wouldn't be you." He took another gulp, "Haven't drank this stuff since... well a long time."

"It probably wouldn't be me for a lot of reasons, but I like both men and women," Zeti smirked again. "Besides, I'm a crazy bitch. You don't want me."

"Don't be too hasty on that," Lixor said looking away for a moment and then back at Zeti, "You should have know the one I had before joining the fleet."

"A crazy bitch? There are a lot of us, so that doesn't surprise me. You seem like a nice guy Lixor, but I'm not the giggly hot piece of ass you need. There's a few up at the bar that keep looking this way though, one's even Bajoran."

"Giggly hot piece of ass," Lixor repeated furrowing his brows just after her downed the remains of the amber liquid in his glass, "Look I realize you don't know me well but giggly?" He he shook his head, "I grew up in the Baldaron IV colony, the giggly ones didn't survive long no matter how hot their asses were."

The glass went down on the table again just long enough to fill up the tumbler with scotch, "But hey, if I'm doing a one nigher then it just might work."

"College coeds Lixor, for a relationship it would be like eating candy for every meal, but having a little dessert always makes a person happy," Zeti gave him a mischievous smirk and had another gulp of whiskey. "So, am I sending them your way?"

The blue man tilted his head having gulped down a bit more of the liquid encouragement, "sure, I'm game if they can handle the Omar King."

"Omar King?" Zeti questioned, not sure what that was. "You're going to have to explain that to me."

"Omar King," Lixor repeated offering a wry smile, "That would have been my title before I was given the opportunity to join the ranks of Starfleet. It means The great King of the snake army."

He looked over at Zeti and let his dark eyes settle on her, "I was a gang leader and have the tattoo to prove it."

"Why don't you lead with that?" Zeti asked with a cheeky grin, before sliding out of her chair and winking at him and then draining her glass. "Let me bring them over."

Standing up from her seat, she smoothed out her halter top before heading over towards the group of girls. When she got close to them she leaned in and took a few minutes to get them giggling before inviting them back to the table.

The blue man watched as his drinking companion prepared the first step in getting him a girl. His dark eyes sparkled as he enjoyed the scenery and, if he had to admit it the attention. He looked around then down at what remained of the amber liquid in glass and swirled it around before raising it up to his lips and sending it to the same fate the other had done. Setting the now empty glass back on the table he began to pore another tumbler full and looked back towards the gaggle of girls Zeti was getting all excited.

Zeti, in her infinite wisdom, decided to open with the offer of a drink. There were three, a Bajoran blond girl who looked like she'd just gotten out of boot camp. A blond trill that didn't look much older and a black haired betazoid that gave her a flirty grin. She reached over and brushed some of the hair from the betazoid's face.

"I'd like to extend an offer, my friend would like to offer all of you a drink, trust me ladies this is a night you'll never forget," she pointed over to the table, before looking at the bartender. "Can we get a couple of bottles of champagne and glasses for everyone."

The bartender nodded as she lead her newfound flock back to the table. The Betazoid she sat next to her and the bajoran and trill with Lixor. "Now, we all have to have fun. That's my rule."

Lixor took another sip of hard liquor, his liquid courage and felt his old confidence returning. He had stood as they approach and nodded pulling out the seat for the Trill and then the Bajoran in the order at which they arrived to the table.

"Welcome ladies," the man began as he glanced round at them all, "I concur we're here to have fun so no excuses."

"Good!" Zeti grinned as several bottles of bubbly arrived and she settled in across from Lixor. She popped one of the bottles once it was on the table and started pouring glasses of bubbly. This was a great way for her to release stress and have a great time.

"I'm Lixor Nabohn," the blue man began with a smile, "let's forget rank tonight and see where the evening goes." Lixor could feel the familiar warm sensations of the alcohol but was enjoying himself, perhaps better than he had since joining the fleet.

Zeti flashed the blue man a grin, before she leaned back and took a long drink from her whiskey glass, his mood already seemed to be improving and she couldn't help the fact that she was having fun getting girls to flirt with the man.

The blue man looked over a Ziti and smiled then turned his attention back to the women next to him, "well ladies what are your names?"


Lieutenant Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering Office
USS Gladiator-A


Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator -A


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