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Those that work late at night.

Posted on Wed Jun 7th, 2017 @ 12:31am by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Lounge


Ynara leaned against the bar and looked out at the empty lounge. She was on the late shift tonight- it was her turn. There was recovery work to be done during the down time; wipe down the tables and bar, check the glassware, clean the kitchen, run a quick diagnostic check on the replicator....

She sighed and reluctantly grabbed a cloth and bottle of cleaning solution. Tables first.

The blue man drew in a deep breath as he activated tdhe sliding doorway. He walked in and glanced around raising an eyebrow as to how empty the place was. Letting it drop and his chin slightly Lixor onto a bar stool, something he usually didn't do. The seat he chose was all the way to the side where he could see the doorway even though he should be plenty safe in such an empty bar.. His dar eyes roamed over and saw the bar keep as she cleaned but merely let his gaze come back to the smooth surface of the bar and his hands to rest on it's edge.

Lixor had changed from his work clothes having been in them for a good sixteen hours. The dark navy button collared long sleeve shirt and beige kaki pants he wore were far more comfortable than the uniform and more flattering.

Ynara put down the cleaning supplies and made her way over to the bar as a customer sat down. She glanced at the clock in a little surprise- people usually didn't come in this late, though they were open. The folks on the late shifts didn't tend to wander in after shift unless they were joining a group already here, she'd noticed.

Still, anyone was welcome any time, and she'd rather put the cleaning off for a bit more.

"Hi. Late night for you too tonight, hmm? What can I get for you?" she asked as she approached him at the end of the bar.

Lixor nodded and offered a faint smile as his dark eyes followed her, "Bajoran Ail please," he said. The blue man drew in a deep breath, "I guess everyone else has already called it a day."

"Yes, usually by now all we have are a few stragglers- if that, as you can see" Ynara said as she filled his ale. "Sorry, if you were hoping for a crowd you missed it." She placed the pint glass in front of him. "Nothing else? No food to go with it?"

'Actually," the blue man said taking up the glass, "I prefer it this way." He took in a short sip and added, "it's safer." Lixor nodded, actually what do you have, in food that is, been working in the labs all day."

Ynara lifted an eyebrow at the 'safer' remark and glanced around. This was a Federation Starship- there was no such thing as a 'seedy' part, and all the lounges were perfectly safe at any time of the day or night. "Not a lot left in the kitchen right now, but I think there are some sandwiches left that I could grill to make hot... Or of course anything you want from the replicators," she said.

Lixor smiled, "a sandwich would be great he said and then chuckled, "now I'm really making you work."

Ynara shrugged. “It’s what they pay me for. And it beats cleaning tables. Hang on, I’ll go fire up the grill top again,” she said and headed into the back.

There were a couple sandwiches left- roast beef with provolone, ham and swiss, and tuna with cheddar. She fired up the grill and put on all three; the guy at the bar could have whichever he wanted and she’d take another for her late dinner after her shift and the third for her breakfast tomorrow. She refused to waste food, and she knew if it didn’t get taken or eaten tonight these would be wasted.

The blue man could hear a little of what was going on and he leaned over the bar just a little to see if he could see anything but to no avail. He chuckled and shook his head, "getting nosing Lixor," he chided himself under his breath."

It only took a few minutes to heat the sandwiches; Ynara wished they had some fries or soup left to add to them, but at this time of night they didn’t have a lot of selection. She flipped the hot sandwiches onto a serving tray, and grabbed a plate for the customer, then bustled back out to the bar.

“Here ya go- tuna melt, ham and swiss, or roast beef, all hot and ready to eat. What strikes your fancy?” she asked as she placed the plate in front of him and the tray in easy reach.

Lixor looked all all three of them for a moment, steaming hot and inviting, "tuna, that's fish correct?" He grinned, "sorry didn't grow up on Terran and though I attended the Academy there I was too buried in books and labs to take in much." He looked at the woman letting his eyes twinkly, "I'll take the tuna though they all look and smell great."

"Kinda figured you weren't an Earthling," Ynara said with a nod to his blue skin, an acknowledgement that neither of them were Human, and slid the tuna sandwich onto his plate. "I've never been actually on the planet, just in orbit a few times. But I've been slinging hash for the Feddies for close to 10 years; I'm at least passingly familiar with almost every kind of cuisine in the Federation. That is called a tuna melt- it is made with tuna fish, mayonnaise, onion, celery, and cheddar cheese; it's a 'classic', they tell me."

The blue man picked up half of the sandwich and examined it while Kinda talked and chuckled, "sounds like a lot of work for a sandwich." He took a bite and nodded his approval, "ten years working on ships like this?" In the bar you mean?"

Ynara picked up a barmop and started wiping up the little specks of liquid that accumulated on a bar over the course of the day. It was constantly cleaned, but also constantly used, so always needed to be cleaned up again. "Not just on ships," she answered. "I started on Deep Space Nine, then applied for Civilian Service on ships. I've worked in bars, lounges, galleys, kitchens, replimats- all different sized ships and bases."

"Deep Space Nine," Lixor said letting a grin cross his face, "i'm from that end of the sector," he offered. He looked down at his sandwich as if to take another bight then added, "the Baldaron IV colony."

Ynara glanced over at him but just nodded once. "Heard about that a bit after I left Bajor. We didn't get much news from off-world," she said with a shrug. She'd heard a little about the collapse of the governmental structure on Baldaron IV, the way it descended into anarchy and lawlessness, but not until she had left Bajor. Bajor was too busy rebuilding themselves to spend too much time on the troubles of other planets, and at the Home they had all been too busy with providing the basics of life to go seeking more news. Storms ruining crops or a hard winter making hunting lean were more immediate and more real than what happened off-world.

"What made you decide to take on an adventurous life," he questioned letting a smile cross his face, "you've got a good idea why I didn't stay home."

Ynara shrugged and kept wiping at the bar. "I didn't really decide on adventure so much as I just... moved on. There wasn't exactly anything to keep me on Bajor, or anyplace else I was since then," she said plainly. She glanced over at him. "Lotta people have reasons to move on. It's not anything unusual."

"Just trying to make conversation is all," Lixor admitted before taking a sip of the ale.
"Seems the Academy should have offered a course in small talk," he mused."

Ynara half laughed. “Pretty sure they did. It was held in the cafeteria over tuna fish sandwiches. You must have skipped that one.”

"I did," Lixor replied with more of a laugh then Ynara, "I thought it was more important to pass a double major or, well, get permanent housing with a horrible view and lousy roommates."

"Time for remedial training, then I guess. You'll have to start coming in at busy times and observing, then you might even try joining a few people on occasion to practice," she said, a touch sarcastically.

"Probably not bad advice," the man replied as he pushed the newly empty plate just slightly away, "the sandwich was great thanks." He cocked his head a little and offered a faint smile, "any recommendations on what times are best?"

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, we’re busiest. Breakfast is usually a bit rushed, not a lot of time for chat. Lunch is most crowded. Dinner is most relaxed, most time for talk, and you’ll find a lot of groups rather than people here on their own,” she reported as she moved back towards him. “Anything else? Need another ale or another sandwich?”

"Another ale," Lixor replied with a nod, "good on the sandwich though thank you."

Ynara was filling another ale almost before he finished speaking and slid it in front of him, collecting the empty glass and the plate in the same motion.

The man nodded and grinned at the woman, "thank's, I appreciate your talking to me."

“No problem,” Ynara said as she slipped into the back to put the dirty dishes into a sanitizing solution. She was back out in a moment and finishing up cleaning the bar. “Pretty dead this time of night, as you can see.”

Lixor nodded and drew in a deep breath, "yes but that's exactly why I came. I wasn't in much mood for people."

Ynara tossed her barmop into the pile of dirty ones to be cleaned and turned to the guy sitting at the bar. Not too long ago, Sam had asked what she liked most about her job. She’d told him it was being able to give someone exactly what they wanted, even if they didn’t know what it was. She’d gotten pretty good over the years at figuring out what it was people wanted, even if they didn’t. This guy obviously didn’t. “If you weren’t in the mood for people, you would have gone home,” she said bluntly but not unkindly. “You’ve got a replicator in your quarters that can provide almost everything I can here. Except company. Truth is: you were lonely; you wanted someone- you wanted people. Even just one.” She shrugged and shook her head. “There’s nothing wrong with that, nothing shameful about it. But admit it. And try the dinner crowd next time. It’s probably the most open and inviting,” she advised.

Admitting to having a need was not something he was used to. Lixor raised his eyebrows and nodded towards the women, "alright, I'll do that." He shook his head, "seems I'm still learning stuff I should have already known."

She shrugged and half-smiled. "Again, nothing wrong with that. At least you admit it, this time."

"Thanks," the blue man said returning the smile.

"All a part of the service Ynara gave him a kinder grin.


Lieutenant Lixor Nubahr
Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator-A

Lounge Service


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