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Freaking Out!

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 8:32am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Settlement

/// ON ///

It all happened so fast. Standing there was Hayter, Kavi and Lizzy gathered off to the side in almost an ally type set up. The marine replayed the whole scenario in his mind as he wandered what was their next step. The teams had split up into their own ways, but as quickly as they stepped off, a father had run into the dirt road begging for help as he held his lifeless child. The doctor acted without even thinking of anything else and used CPR to save the girl's life. As soon as it had happened, villagers had seen all that had happened and turned against the doctor, father, and daughter for demon acts against what sounded like their Goddess. And without even giving anyone the chance to defend anyone in any way, the three were surrounded and dragged to the center of the village to what was their village hall surrounded by guards.

"Ok," John started off as he looked at the group. "Doc saved a girl, and the villagers saw this as an acted of treason against their goddess, I guess. So now we need to find a way in there and get our Doc back without causing a major conflict against the prime directive thingy. Thoughts?" The marine paused before looking at Mercia who had stopped her pacing to glare at him. "What? Sorry?"

"This is a massive problem, this entire act could derail the course of this planet's history. Saving a life, taking a life... all of it." she ran her fingers through her hair, "and now we can't extract the doctor without making it worse." she said. "We need to get our eyes on him though... they stopped letting people through the doors, so we need to find another way in." she rubbed her hands, "Anyone good at climbing?"

Lizzy was just glad that she hadn't been the Mission Fuck Up Fairy this time, and trying to think of an idea that could help when she heard the mention of climbing. So her hand shot up, "Aye, I've been very good at climbing since I was like three. So much I got the nickname of Monkey coz I was always up in trees. T'Madh and I have been planning leave to go mountain climbing on Earth and Vulcan."

Yeah we need stealth too..." Mercia said looking up, "If we can..."

"Zera to Kavi, do you read?"

"I'm here, where the hell are you?" she demanded.

"I got held up by a stalker," Came the hushed reply. It was obvious that they had either been running or got into a fight since they could hear heavy breathing. "Julian was followed as well, but we are both in the clear and heading back to your location." Even though his wristband had a holographic map on it, he used it sparingly to minimize the risk of someone seeing it.

Mercia grumbled, "Be careful, call from extraction if you need to. This day keeps getting better." she said. She glared at Hayter, "Nice job keeping the group together." she hissed.

"Sorry," Hayter quickly looked at the woman questionably. "I forgot I was the XO and away team leader... who ordered them all to split up," he countered as he shook his head back.

Lizzy had frowned and pouted with the comment and finally added, "I can do stealthy climbing."

"I don't doubt that you can, we just need to find the right spot." she said. She looked at Hayter, "I don't need you attitude," she snapped at him.

Looking puzzled for a moment, he finally leaned in and looked at her only where she could hear. "With all do respect, First Officer, I didn't start the attitude. I stated the truth. Don't like it, that's fine. But I gave up the life of being somebody's number one, a long time ago. So take responsibility as we both know ya should be."

Mercia glared at Hayter, "You're such a dick, your job was to help protect the team, and yet some how the Doctor managed to run off with out yo..." she accused with irritation.

=^=Hawkins to Kavi,=^= Hawkins voice cut in as Hayter bit his lip but smirked slightly shaking his head while turning away from the first officer to rub his neck trying to think of the right way to handle the situation now. =^=I don't know what the hell you two are bitching about, but get focused and get the doctor back. We can't transport him out at our distance due to some dampening field in that area, but we are moving a runabout into lower orbit to piggy back on to use the transporters. Its on you to get to him until then.=^=

Mercia grumbled in her throat as Hawkins went off in her ear, "Yes sir." she commented through gritted teeth. She glared at Hayter who seemed to be smirking at her. She'd kick his ass later, right now they needed to get their eyes on the doctor before he got hurt. "Alright... focus. Zera, winterstorm, work with Hawkins once you are clear, if you can't get back with us, then go to an extraction point and return to the ship." she said.

"That balcony over there, there is lattis work, think we can climb up there?" she asked, looking at Lizzy and Hayter, "I don't think it looks in to the grand room, but it will likely get us inside?"

Lizzy made a mental note to warn Medical and watch for Mercia and Hayter going at it later, before smiling, "Aye. Piece of cake. We will need to check it to make sure it is fixed enough. I think that it should hold my weight. If anyone brought rope or can find some, that could work after. " With that, she spat on her hands and rubbed them before heading over to it to check. She took hold and gave it a little bit of a pull to make sure, before nodding, signalling that it should be ok.

John looked at it for a moment and sighed before nodding. "Yeah, we can get in. We will get in place and call ya back once in place."

Seeing the Lieutenant Colonel's head nod, Lizzy took it as complete acceptance and smiled with glee, quickly beginning to climb up the lattice-work like a little monkey. Stopping near the top, she listened for any noise and after a few moments, she was sure that there was no sounds.

Inching up a little, she peeked over and was pleased to see no one. There was easily enough gap in the middle of the railing for someone of her size to get through and she easily slid through before flattening herself to the deck.

Looking in front and behind, Lizzy could tell she hadn't been discovered and stuck a hand out to give an okay signal & thumbs up. Peeking over, she looked for the others who might be coming up.

Mercia was up next Climbing quickly and silently. She slipped through the opening and looked around, same as Lizzy. "John lets go." she said through the comm as she moved to t he stone door way and pressed herself against the wall to look inside.

This was risky, and likely stupid, but they couldn't leave the Doctor with no recourse for help. She glanced back when John landed on the platform, and she shot him a glare, as he wasn't as quiet as she'd have wanted. She looked through the curtain as the wind blew it around and peered inside. It seemed to be a simple sitting room, with fur covered couches, art work, and supplies for drinks. There was also a desk and writing parchment. That got her interest.

She slid inside the room and moved towards the desk slowly. The stand behind the desk was filled with parchment rolls, she selected one and opened it up, her eyes scanned it, however she could not read it. At the same time, there were some similarities.

She turned it around and showed it to Lizzy and John, "Look familiar?" she asked tapping one specific, very Borg script looking symbol.

Lizzy squinted and thought, "Ummm.. Sorta."

"Lizzy, John, scan some of these and send it to Gladiator and analysis, Phelps would love to get his hands on these." Mercia said, "and they may be able to tell us more." she said. She handed over the one scroll she'd been looking at and moved for the door, "I'm going to see if I can't get eyes on the doctor." she said.

"Ok, but who's going to protect you?" he countered sarcastically as he looked over his equipment for a sec before looking at the Commander.

Mercia smirked at John, "I'm capable of protecting myself, but if I'm caught I'm not going to fight. Save the fight for later, it would be better to see their process of interrogation, it will reveal a lot about them." she said.

"Sounds great, Number One. We will get going," John said as he looked around before nodding at Lizzy, "You good?"

Lizzy was thinking of a comment to make before nodding and deciding to go with honesty, "Yes if you two can try not to be so antagonistic. It is beginning to seriously get me worried, okay? And I think I am going to need to get 'Damsel in Distress' added to my personnel record the way things are going. Commander, if you don't mind, I might try to go with the 'run like a scared rabbit' approach if possible."

Mercia looked back at her, "Actually no. You run they might respond with harmful force to capture you. If they come at us, you surrender." Mercia ordered. "And try not to kick any one in the nuts." she smirked at Lizzy knowing how feisty she was.

No sooner as she said it when the door flung open and two large men stood before them looking rather angry.

"Gee it was like we planned it." Mercia said stepping between the men and Lizzy. She put her hands up, "We took a wrong turn."

"Take them to the Shaman." One growled.

"Don't give them a reason to break a bone." Mercia warned the pair with her. "Boss, I got us in trouble." she grinned and lowered herself to her knees.


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