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New Rooms

Posted on Thu Jun 15th, 2017 @ 5:34am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Jordon Spencer [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Dream Catcher

Mercia followed the guard that the goddess had ordered to take the away team to accommodations, at least they were not being searched or in chains.

"Emmah to Kavi, do you need an extraction?" the hologram asked helping Hawkins manage the three different crisis happening at once.

"Not yet," Mercia muttered back. "We're in plain site."

"Of course," Emmah replied back into the silent comms.

Mercia looked at the man leading them, "That man who defies the holy one... who is he?" she asked, grateful their story of ignorance was believable.

"That is Eurshari." Sinnak, the guard, answered. "He is the high Shaman, and though his tone is defiance, that is only because you do not know the extent of his loyalty. It is because of his devotion that she allows him to speak as such."

Lizzy blushed, knowing that she going to get an almighty bollocking from Mercia when they were alone now, and began thinking of suitable wording for voluntary demotion. She had thought it was a good idea to cause confusion and hadn't thought it through much, and Lizzy hadn't known how bad it could be what she did. She had never really been good at diplomacy, having once caused a fist fight in one Diplomacy tutorial.

It was just lucky that the Holy One had gone with Mercia's words and thought of her as a bad student.

"Really?" Mercia asked she took a risk with her next words, "I'm a hunter sir, and I know when I see murder in a man's eyes." she said firmly. "He wishes her death." she commented, "Is he so loyal?"

"It is not my place to question the Shaman's loyalty, nor is it yours," Sinnak spoke in a hush, so the others wouldn't hear. "You are visitors to our land, so keep your suspicions and doubts to yourself. No matter who may share your concerns." the guard was silent for a moment, perhaps to let something sink in.

"Eurshari is a good man, and his loyalty is solid. Any intent you see must just be from dealing with animals more than men." his tone was louder, so it carried to the other guards, who seemed content that Eurshari was defended.

Mercia pursed her lips together, wanting to stir the pot, but knowing it was a bad idea.

"Commander." Emmah voice whispered in her ear. "Zera and Winterstorm are not likely to make it to a clear extraction point," she said.

"You should know, I've got two more people in my group, they'd been sent into the market but were spooked when your guards grabbed him." she motioned to the Doctor. "If you find them, I expect them to be returned to me?"

"My duty first is to see you safe to your lodgings. I can search for your missing men once that is done. What do they look like? Will they be dressed similar to yourself?" Sinnak asked, "Provided they have done no harm and no wrong, I will bring them here."

"They are dressed the same as us. Two males." Mercia said. "They're skittish, but remember they are hunters. It is possible they will resist or evade. If you see them, Kavi requests their compliance." she said. "They should submit if they hear that." she said.

Emmah on the bridge of the Gladiator caught that, "I will relay the message Commander." she said.

"Is that the name of your divine?" Sinnak asked, "If so, I'll need another way to calm them. It's a bad omen to openly use another Divine's name."

Mercia paused a moment and glanced at Lizzy, wondering what to say before she shook her head and last, "No, That is my family name. I am the leader of this group. We have no Divine but the Holy One. That is why we came here," she said. What she couldn't give for one of the Bajorans to be here. The deeply religious peoples would help with the language. Mercia worried she'd say something wrong.

Emmah smirked on the bridge, "Hawkins, the guard thought Kavi was the name of a god." she said jotting a note. No doubt when the stress was over, the Captain would enjoy poking fun at his XO for that one.

The Guard stopped in front of an inn not far from the walls of the hall they'd been in. Mercia looked up "Temple Stay." she said. She looked back at the halls they'd just come from. "Is that the temple?" she asked.

"No, the temple is there, over that hill." Sinnak motioned to a ridge. Just over the ridge, the top of the Temple itself could be seen.

Mercia looked towards the ridge and saw the pinnacle of what looked to be a diamond. Dread filled her gut. "That is your temple?" she said. That was where the other away team was. "When are the next services?" she asked hoping to gather information for the other teams benefit, if they hadn't already discovered people there."

The group was led inside and up the stairs in to a hall way, at the end of it was a larger room with six little beds and a wash basin. It look like something out of a medieval movie. Straw stuck out of the mattresses, and the blankets were made or worn woven wool.

"Comfortable." Mercia commented.

She heard a noise behind them and saw two men escorting a lone Winterstorm towards them. "Ah, there you are." she said, as the group of them were pushed in to the room.

Lizzy took a look and added, "Hmm.. All they need is some thumbscrews and a rack."

"Would that excite you more?" she asked. The guards left them alone and Mercia pulled them deeper in to the room.
"Alright, so, the holy one as they call her, she has Borg implants... however, she doesn't seem to be borg. What are your thoughts?" she asked her team.

Lizzy shook her head, "Hell, no. I'm not that weird. With my empathic abilities, I didn't get any real sense that she was connected to any hive mind. I did sense she wasn't amused by what happened and that she is suspicious of us."

"Didn't exactly need to be emphatic to figure that out." Mercia rolled her eyes. "Any one else have any thoughts on the population or those in charge?" she asked.

"Borg Queen in the making..." Hayter muttered finally as he had leaned back on the wall thinking it all through. "... At least makes sense. The class of borg ship, the way they treat her as a goddess and the fact that there is a connection among them all."

Mercia frowned, "Connection? I didn't see any connection what the hell are you talking about?" Mercia asked him as she sat down on one of the beds.

John looked up for a moment with a dumb founded look as he looked around before sighing and speaking up. "Of course there aren't cables connecting them but that doesn't mean there isn't some mental neurological connection. You know, what the borg implants do. Connect the individual to the Hive mind in which makes them pawns. Who's to say that isn't that here. Just in a smaller aspect or weaker aspect. Heck, the damn ship of theirs is strung out across kilometers and dangling together."

Mercia scowled at the man, "See, now I know why Tayla is always calling you names." she said folding her arms, "I think I'll go with dick headed moron." she muttered. "I'm not talking about physical connections, don't talk to me like I am a kid. I saw no BEHAVIOR that indicates connection, and want a report on what YOU saw that makes you believe there is one." she said standing a bit taller.

This only made John just blink at her and shake his head. "How hard is it to believe that a female former drone may have a connection. Have you ever read the mission reports that had anything to do with drones connected to the hive mind or not?"

Standing nearby, Lizzy gaped in amazement before sighing and knowing she had to step in. Frowning, she spoke up, "HEY! You two, stop acting like children or I'll have to smack both of you, even if you do out-rank me. You can beat it out with boxing gloves later on when we are out of this crap. As I explained which neither of you paid attention to, I didn't detect any psychic sense of a hive mind connection. It would have been detectable if they did as it comes up as multiple minds, and I didn't get that. There maybe be communications, but nothing more. "

Mercia rolled her eyes at the counselor for getting on her case, normally Lizzy was the one being so childish.

"Ok," he raised his hand up as he continued. "Commander Chakotay of the starship Voyager crash landed on a planet while on a solo mission with a shuttle craft. Long story short, the society living there were former borg drones that had gotten their humanity back. But one faction still used their borg implants as a group to help heal his wounds. Sound familiar?"

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, that is possible. But how does that help us here? We need to get out and rescue the doc without breaking the Prime Directive more than we have. It's just been goosed so far I think."

Mercia waved her hand, "I think the doc will be fine honestly. They don't know enough about us to go after him, and if we can get a dampening field in to the city, Gladiator can teleport him out. What I think needs to hap..." she paused hearing shouts outside. She pushed off the wall and looked out the window at the street below. Dozens of men and women, armed and ready for a fight were running towards the temple. "Damn, how much you want to bet Zeti got herself in trouble?" she asked. "Gladiator, do you read?" she asked.

Lizzy smiled at the thought of the doc being okay - he was rather nice in a quirky sort of way but she did suspect that being thrown into this mess was going to cause some serious psych problems. Taking a look at behind Mercia, Lizzy sighed, "Oh, I'm pretty sure this has gone from goosing to kicking in the family jewels."

=^=Kavi, this is Hawkins. Go ahead.=^=

Mercia let out a breath, "We've gotten ourselves some where comfortable. There are guards at our door. There is a girl they call the holy one, she has borg implants, but she doesn't behave borg like." she reported.

=^= I think it's time to pull you all out. We have a shuttle on approach to your position. We also found away to get the Doc as well. =^=

"We're secure for the moment, you wont get a shuttle close enough to us with out being seen... also... there seems to be a whole lot of pissed off armed people running for what they call the Temple. Looks to me that the Temple is the ship. Extract Zetis team first." she looked at the room, leaving the comm open for Hawkins to hear, "Any one want to see if we can convince them to let us join the defense?"

Lizzy looked down and blushed, "I am not sure I would be good at that. I think they think I am your village idiot."

"I'd say more of a jester..." Mercia quipped with a playful smirk at Lizzy.

"That's not what you said about her when I first was assigned to Gladiator," John spoke up as he pushed off the wall as he looked at Lizzy. "I was hoping to learn about... What did you call it... her open door policy?" He looked back at Kavi with a raised eyebrow.

Lizzy giggled, "Good idea, Commander. Just remeber that you suggested it when I turn up at the next meeting." Turning to John, she added, "She hasn't actually ever taken up that, but you are welcome to come see me when we get back. Although, maybe might be better to wait a few hours. T'Madh can get insatiable when I go on missions. Anyway, Commander, it is my opinion that maybe you might have the best rapport."

"Who's flirting?" John questioned as he walked up closer to the exit to see where they stood in resistance. "I'm not that easy."

=^= Yes you are, Colonel. Now zip it. Kavi, get the rest of the team to the extraction point. Hayter, follow them to the ship, but don't engage. Afterwards, Commander Kavi, get back to the colonel and find out what information you can. I'll get the other away team out and to the runabout as well. Once you have your information, retreat to the Runabout and get back up here. This isn't our fight. =^= Hawkins ordered from over the comms.

"But what if it is our fight David?" Mercia said firmly. "It can' be coincidence that there is a group of defenders running towards the location of the second away team, after we find out that they believe the ship to be a temple. It stands to reason that we caused this." Mercia said quickly.

=^=You are not to engage unless our people are engaged. Do I make myself clear, Commander?=^=

Mercia nodded, "Understood Captain... As for extraction, are you able to get a lock on us now? We're inside a building, but shielded from sight. Those returning to Gladiator now, it may be easier to pull from here, rather than trying to get back to the forest outside the town."

=^= Agreed...=^= There was a long pause before the captain's voice was heard over the comm. =^= Hayter and Kavi. Get going. The rest of ya, stand by. Shuttle is linking to Gladiator to boost our transporters,=^= Hawkins voice was heard in agreement with Kavi.

"Yay... always wanted to go hunting with the first officer," Hayter smirked as he looked over his shoulder at the rest. "I'll meet up with ya later counselor about what we discussed earlier."

Mercia rolled her eyes at that comment, she knew that even Khelev had slept with the counselor. Mercia had once considered herself whorish, but it seemed Lizzy was a whole different thing. She moved to the door and opened it up seeing the guard left there. "We wish to help defend the holy ones temple, this man and I are the best hunters, we can be of use." she claimed.

The guard looked at them a bit worried, before his eyes relaxed, and it seemed he was hearing something, before he nodded and let the pair of them pass.

Once she and John reached the wooden stairs she glanced at him, "That was too easy..."

"... was thinking the same thing," the marine nodded in confirmation as they moved forward. "Let's get pur gear and head out there. I may have to speak with the Goddess one on one if need be."

"We don't have any gear Hayter." Mercia said, "I doubt we're going to find any one who will give us back the blades they stood, Our best bet is to just join the crowd, and see what we find along the way." Mercia said.

This made Hayter cock his head as he smirked before calling out to the guard standing just feet ahead of them. "Our gear. It will help us help you and your people."

The guard stared at him for a moment and seemed to act as though reading his face but looked past him. Finally, the guard nodded and waved at them to follow him. "Come, I will show you to your personal belongings. But we must hurry."

Lizzy waited until the others were gone and the door closed before signalling that she was alone and safe. Sitting down on the ground, she began doing yoga while she waited.



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