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Facing the Goddess

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 8:40am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]
Edited on on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 8:52am

Mission: Dream Catcher


As the away team were dragged into the primary hall, they were forced to line up and stay on their knees, before the makeshift throne. None had any idea what to think as two of the primary guards stood before them with cloaks covering their heads and bodies for the most part, but holding staffs, which had what appeared to be parts of metal strapped to the ends, sharpened and unlike any of the other guards before. Quickly, Hayter noticed the silver outlines on the two guards hands, which was a metallic body armor which only drones had. A deep breath was taken before he looked over at Kavi and nodded at them.

“Anything look out of the range of unnatural to Beavis and Butthead here?” John asked her and the others keeping it low as he wasn’t sure if they were even allowed to speak at all.

Mercia looked at John for a moment, “Not really, they all look normal, I’d like to scan them…” she whispered.

Lizzy had needed to fight her natural reactions when they were grabbed and had blushed a little when she realized that her first defensive thought had actually been to ram her ankle up into the guy's family jewels.

"Easy every one...." Mercia warned them her eyes on the man on the dais.

“SILENCE!” The older man bellowed, as his staff smacked the stone floor sending a loud crack through the halls. “Next one to speak without permission will lose their tongue.”

His attention was drawn as a door opened, and the guards in the room reacted, knocking the back of the strangers knees.

All around the Gladiator crew, everyone quickly kneeled down and heads were lowered as a voice radiated through the throne room. “Who are you all and where do you come from?” a female voice spoke up behind them as footsteps were heard.

Lizzy couldn't help calling out, "We were told not to talk by Old Wrinkly." Which got her a smack in the back of the head that caused her to fall over & then have to be dragged up, being held by her guard for a moment.

The away team one by one looked over their shoulders to the new arrival to find a female warrior brunette, athletically built and had body paint on her eyes. Her gaze wasn’t that of anger but curiosity. She looked over the group one by one before walking up closer and her facial metallic implants were shown on her lower cheek. To Hayter, it was starting to make more and more sense. The reason there was a dampening field, must have something to do with the villagers and scavenging the wreckage.

“Holy one, I can handle these strangers who have defied your orders..” Eurshari said as he rose and held his hand to her, “no need to sully yourse….”

“Explain to me, what is going on,” the Goddess’s voice spoke up even louder almost irritated.

Eurshari knew that tone, “These are strangers, spies no doubt from the regions we wish to make war with.” His staff pointed to one of the males, “And this one performed witchcraft on a child in the market. I will see to it he looses his hands before nightfall.”

“Like hell you will!” Mercia snapped, which got her a knock on the back of the head from a guard behind her.

Lizzy decided to try a little bit of misdirection so she moaned a little so the guard stepped closer and then drove her ankle back & up, driving it right between his legs - just like she had been warned not to. The guard's eyes bugged out and he let out a gurgle as he dropped to the ground, clutching between his legs.

She pointed to the man with the staff, "He is the man that was doing witchcraft. I saw him doing strange things with his staff and smearing animal bits."

These acts of defiance had finally taken their toll. “ENOUGH!” the voice of the Holy One rose up, beyond irritated to the point of angered. She took a breath as she walked along the line of the prisoners, from one end to the other, particularly giving Lizzy a longer look than the others. “You are strangers in my land, ignoring in our ways.I know the names and faces of everyone in the village. I don’t know you." her glance then slid to include the others, "I don’t know any of you. I expect an explanation, and I expect it now.”

“So, for the last time… Explain.”

Mercia shifted after glaring at Lizzy and curling her lip at her in warning and met the womans eyes. She could see authority resting on her shoulders, but also a keen understanding. "We are refugees holy one." she called out. "We heard of wonders happening in this province and decided since ours was flooded last year that this would be the best place to resettle." she said. She was glad she'd remembered that local topical reports indicated flooding after the crash of the ship.

"Flooding? Last year?" Eurshari asked.

"Yes." Mercia nodded.

"There were no survivors after the judgment, when the Temple arrived." He said with deep suspicion.

"We'd been hunting, so we were not in the village when judgment came, by the grace of the holy one we were spared." Mercia kissed her finger tips and extended her hand to the woman in thanks, hoping her penitence would satisfy.

The queen stopped in her pacing to consider these notions. There was something about it that struck her as odd, as almost too convenient, but she couldn't put her finger on those suspicions. So for the moment, these were hunters who had been roaming for a year.

"You've been too far gone. Surviving off the land for a year, perhaps longer." to the queen, it was the only reason to explain their lack of respect of their ways, and attacking their fellow being. "A return to culture may do you all well." she turned to one of the guards. Not the one coming to terms with the pains of the next generation. "Sinnak, arrange for lodging for these hunters," and at her words the guard gave a nod and started to head out.

"You've been hunting for a full year. Your skills must be very sharp indeed. You will be provided with lodging through the next winter, and the barter for such will be training our hunters in your techniques until the coming winter chill." the Queen's attention then turned to Lizzy, "You will treat your students better than you treat my warrior guards." there was no humor in her tone, though in any other circumstance one could accuse the queen of sarcasm. "When Sinnak returns you will follow him to your new lodgings. These accommodations are temporary. Come the thaw, you will be expected to provide for yourself. Consider this a token of my grace."

Mercia lowered her head and smiled innocently, "Oh yes, absolutly holy one, You have our thanks, and we wil strive to do our part." she said.

Eurshari smacked his staff on the floor, "Holy one! You are behaving foolishly! These people performed witchcraft, these three were caught in your privet office. These are spies and assassins and I will not allow for them to reside among our citizens!" he bellowed at her.

Before the Queen could raise her ire at Eurshari, the guard dispatched earlier returned, "The accommodations are ready, holy one."

A pause, to catch her thoughts, "Sinnak, double the guard on the visitor's dwelling. They are to be watched more intently than the night sky." she turned towards Eurshari as she made her announcement. "They will dwell in our village, under my hospitality, but there are questions that need answering and assurances that must be made. For the moment, you are all dismissed. Sinnak will take you to your dwelling. I must rest." a pause, "Eurshari, stay a while. I will have words with you."

Mercia stood up with while the guard motioned to them. "Behave." she ordered her crew, they'd have a chance to get out she had no doubt. Slowly the group was led out of the halls and back outside in the marketplace, heading for the accommodations made for them.



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