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A Rude Awakening

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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: USS Bellerophon
Timeline: Backpost

OOC - I thought it might help people to get to know Lizzy if I send off her sample post. It is set on her previous duty station, and she'll be come aboard soon at Kaslau.


Lizzy gasped as she was shaken awake and heard a loud thump followed by a yelp moments before she landed directly on a nice firm body who provided padding for her landing. The lights had gone out as well and she let out a giggles as the man below her tried to feel around, "What happened?"

"Well, you just found my left breast. So you don't have to worry about me losing it."

He quickly moved his hand away as she shrugged, "Sorry."

Lizzy smiled as she wriggled, "I never said I didn't like it, Jack."

He rolled her over to the side as the Red Alert sirens started and grabbed for his uniform as he began getting changed as quick as he could, "I have to get going. Security will be needed."

Lizzy did as well, although she couldn't find her bra so just decided to leave it as a surprise for him. He finally found a torch and turned it on to find his shoes. Lizzy was changed and they left his quarters, heading off in different directions.

Since Counseling had pretty much no use at all during a Red Alert, Lizzy's duty station was to help out in Medical, so that was where she headed. Entering the room, she spotted Lt Davers, the Chief Medical Officer, giving orders. Heading over, she smiled as Davers noticed her, "How can I help, Lieutenant?"

"Triage, Lieutenant. Just received word from the bridge that a bomb went off in Engineering of one of the colony ships we are travelling with. It damaged their warp reactor, but luckily, they managed to eject it before it exploded. However, there is a lot of injured and they are going to be transferred over shortly. Head to the Emergency Triage Centre please."

"Okey dokey."

Grabbing a medical tricorder and triage kit from the supply room, Lizzy raced through the corridors and arrived in the Emergency Triage Centre on Deck 13 quite quickly. One of the doctors in charge, Commander Anderson, noted she had arrived as he called out, "Okay, everyone. We will have incoming paitents shortly. Remeber the protocols and be objective."

A few moments later, the doors burst open as a number of patients were brought into the room on anti-grav sleds and some appeared in the 'safe clear' zone by transporter as a triage nurse gave directions to which bed the incoming went to.

Lizzy moved forwards to her first paitent on a sled and she ran through the standard, speaking clearly for the computer register as she ran her tricorder over him, "One Bajoran male, approx 6' with burns, awake, respirations detected under 30 per min."

Reaching out, she checked his radial pulse and was pleased to find it as the Bajoran slurred some words & tried to reach out, "Radial pulse found but seems to have altered mental state." She slapped an Immeadiate tag onto his uniform and moved on as the transport staff moved him away to the red section.

It didn't take more then a few moments for her to diagnose the next paitent, "One Andorian male, penetrating chest wound, unresponsive and with spinal immobilisation collar already on."

Listening, she added, "No respirations."

Lizzy used the Modified Jaw Thrust and checked his airway, making sure it was clear. She went through the procedure of inserting an ET inubation but after a few minutes, it was obvious that the Andorian was deceased. She placed a black Morgue tag on his shirt before saying "Paitent deceased, 0105 hours."

For the next twenty minutes, Lizzy continued moving between various paitents as the recovery teams got them over to the USS Bellerophon, and was about to move to another paitent when a nurse came over, "Excuse me, Lieutenant. We have a paitent that could use counseling help. She was one of the recovery medics that went in and she seems to be suffering from some sort of shock or something. She seemed very frightened and anxious. So Commander Anderson asked me to come find you as you are the Assistant Chief Counselor. The ensign is straight from the Academy last month."

"Okay. Definitly, I can help talk to her."

Following the nurse through the Triage Centre to one of the offices off the side, the nurse spoke, "She is in there, Lieutenant. Ensign Palla Trek. This is her first duty station and she only came aboard last month. I think she is from Alpha Centauri. Here is a datapad for you in case you need one."

Lizzy nodded, "Thank you, Nurse. I'll take it from here."

Connecting the datapadd upto the computers, she typed in her access code into it to allow access to all the confidential files - Elizabeth-Nine-Three-Alpha-Six-Lambda-Seven-Four-Two. Once the padd acknowledged a secure connection, Lizzy downloaded all of Palla Trek's psych and counseling records onto it. She read through the summary section and noted that there was no significant issues or problems on record. The Ensign had completed all her mandatory sessions since coming aboard, and the Academy psych profile showed no personality issues. So, it was entirely likely that this was a stress-related incident that came from the Ensign's lack of experience.

Entering into the office, Lizzy found the ensign pacing around the room and the Ensigns eyes shifting quickly towards her, almost like a deer in front of headlights. The ensign was clearly anxious and frightened, so Lizzy made sure that she moved slowly and non-threateningly.

"Hello, Ensign. My name is Elizabeth. Is it okay if I call you Palla?"

The ensign nodded as Lizzy motioned to some chairs, "Thank you, Palla. How about we sit down?"

Palla moved to the chair and Lizzy sat nearby, continuing, "I have to ask you a question first which is important. I am part Betazoid and have empathic abilities which I can control whether to use. Would it be okay for this session if I did? I want to be able to help you."

Palla nodded, "Okay. It won't hurt?"

"Not at all."

"Sure then.'

Lizzy continued, "Thank you. You were one of the recovery medics that was sent over to look into the explosion on the colony ship, right?"

Palla jumped a little, "Yes."

"I understand that you graduated from the Academy last month. Have you ever been in a situation like that before?"

Palla shook her head, "No. I mean yes about the academy, no about like that. I don't know how I should be."

Lizzy nodded, "It is okay. This is a perfectly normal reaction, Palla."

"Are you sure? The others seemed all stoic."

"Trust me. They will crash later. One of the hardest thing as a first responder is dealing with the feelings caused by dealing with trauma and it happens to everyone. Eventually, you get to learn from experience on how to bottle it up for awhile. The term for it is medical detachment."


Lizzy reached forwards, taking Palla's hand in hers, "In fact, I would be more worried if you did not have this reaction. Starfleet does not want medics or doctors that emotionless robots. It is your feelings which will make you a good one."

Palla smiled a little, "I don't know if I can by myself."

"That is okay. Although I am mainly a counselor, I did work as a medical officer and it is where my alert duty station is. I had the same sort of reaction when I started. Although it is a personal thing that you will need to learn yourself in your own way, Counseling will be able to help, and later on after the crisis, I would suggest that you have a discussion with your superior staff about this for advice."

Palla nodded, "That would be good. I want to be a good doctor."

"You have taken a good first step by being willing. I would like you to take some time off for a bit so you can begin to process this. If you want to talk, please contact me at any time of the day."

"Are you sure? Things are busy."

"Yes, I am. Commander Anderson and all the medical staff understand."


Lieutenant Junior Grade Lizzy Caldera
Assistant Chief Counselor
USS Bellerophon


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