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Posted on Sat Jun 3rd, 2017 @ 6:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Dream Catcher

Eurshari looked up as a boy with a shaved head stumbled through the holy hall doors. He was one of the younger monks from the temple. "Shaman! Shaman!" he cried.

"What happened?" Eurshari stood from his desk to the side.

"Attacked! The Temple is under attack!" he gasped as sh e dropped to his knees in front of the goddess.

Eurshari gasped and pointed at the guards, "Rally the city guard! Go to the temple!"

The goddess leaned back in her throne and closed her eyes again. The feeling of a threat had been lumming over her for the past couple minutes and she had felt that feeling several times before. a couple before she remembered waking up multiple times to High Shaman Eurshari. A deep feeling of threat came from him at first, but she had learned to push that feeling aside and work for the betterment of the people that looked up to her. Deep down, she felt the different threats now but distantly. It was almost as though the temple was alive and calling out to here. There were other voices that weren't seen, she could hear.

I'm here she called out in her thoughts.

Humaniod life... the overpowering male voices called out as one as it did in her dreams to here. Almost as though reporting to her. But it stuttered and cut in and out. ..Detected... Primary power off ... line... Secondary power.... at ... at twenty-four perc....ent....

Power... What power? she called out in her mind.

Automated Defenses.... Offline... Activating... Activating secondary Defenses... Opening nitration chambers in.... section... 12 Beta...

"Twelve Beta..." she spoke out loud not completely understanding what that meant but she stood as she opened her eyes.

Eurshari looked at the goddess, then at the young monk, "Go! Help defend the temple." he ordered before he moved to the dais, approaching the girl. "What are you speaking off Holy One?" he asked. His hand went into the small bag he kept at his hip. Something wrong with her, and maybe it would be time to make his move.

"The temple is calling out to me, informing me of what's going on," she answered as she leaned back and eased her muscles as she focused once again to her thoughts on the voice once again. "I wasn't sure until now, but I knew deep down that there was an attack in progress at the temple. It speaks to me."

The Shamen gasped, "The green light. The Temple is inhabited by a spirit. I knew it." he said. "We must defend it, Why did you not alert me so that I can send our warriors to defend the temple?" he growled with anger.

"Because I didn't know my powers and connection with the sky spirits were growing more," the Goddess murmured as she cringed at how he seemed to respond, acting as though she was to report to him on everything.

Eushari narrowed his eyes at her, "I think you are hiding things from me. What is the temple telling you of the attack?" he demanded. He wanted to go and see for himself, however he needed to ensure her safety, and the guards can handle things just fine.

"As you do as well, shaman..." she continued to try and meditate. "The guards you sent won't make it in time, but my brothers and sisters are waking up."

Alarm washed through him as he approved her again, his hand closing around a handful of powder in his little bag."Brothers and sisters? There are more sky spirits here?" he demanded. He could feel his whole world falling apart. If more spirits were here and awakening then he would soon loose control, and that could not happen.

"I'm not alone after all..." she sighed a feeling of relief. But as she listened to the voices, she felt the feeling of the two personal guards voices come into her mind as well. All this time, the silent protectors were as she, never needed to eat or drink, but always wanting to spend time in the temple. But now, they were stronger and prominent than before. A flash and she felt as though she felt an out of body experience as she saw herself sitting at her throne, and the shaman as well, inching closer and closer. Her vision was outlined with greenish fog and showed the temple's language coming up before the new view point. The guard was much more different than her own site. "Tell me, shaman... for the length of time, out of all those here, your thoughts have been never been shown to me. Why do you think this is."

"Because your forefathers thought it wise to ensure one man was able to be clear of your thoughts?" he suggested. "In case you needed to be handled." Her eyes were changing, there was some subtle movement below the surface, and it made his skin crawl. He moved quickly and tossed the powder into her face. The hallucinogenic powder he'd been experimenting with, it was meant to make her compliant, but with no memory of it. He needed to find out more of these brothers and sister, and quickly.

For a moment, there was nothing, but without a hint, a single hand trusted through the cloud of powder in the air gripping his throat. The slider hand didn't shake or slide as the Goddess stood as she opened her eyes, now glowing a mix of gold and green. On either side of them, the silent protectors stepped up closer to prevent the shaman the ability to run, even if he found a way out of her grip. "The spirits informed me of this and showed the multiple times you have used this. We have adapted to this. Your desire to kill us again is over."

He dropped his staff, his hand clawing at the hand at his throat. Several golden eyed guards closed in around him as she spoke. Her words hit his ears like the sound of a drum. "Kill?!" she gasped horsely, as he struggled to breath. "P... p... protect!" he protested, amazed at the strength of her hand.

"Then why did you throw your magic powder at me?" He questioned as her vision became like her shadowed friend and showed language of the sky Gods. Her glowing goldish green eyes looked as though she was reading before she focused on him. "A hallucinogenic powder derived of the local fana found near the cave entrances only two hundred and thrity-seven meters away. Your drug is ineffective against myself and my brothers and sisters."

The Shaman knew he was had, he had to plead for mercy. "Oh Holy one! Who knows the minds and hearts of your people! I only wanted to protect you, to relax you so that you would be save here in the holy halls." he pleaded as he fell to his knees, his hands still pulling at the hand at his throat, which was gripping, but loose enough now he could plead hoarsely.

Releasing her grip, Vienar kept her glare on her as she felt the tingling sensation going through her body. It almost felt like there was warm liquid going through her vanes. She took in a deep breath as she rolled her neck slowly and closed her eyes taking in the sensation which was more and more familiar to her. She felt something underneath her other check building, as she looked at Eurshari. Her eyes glowing even more and her skin starting to change grey in areas as her vanes darkened even more. At last, out of her skin sprung out a mechanical device which spidered out and clamped down at her other jaw. "You will prove your worth. Bring back my guards after securing my temple. Then you will return to me. We will discuss these visions I have had in which show me otherwise. If you fail me, my brothers and sisters will be here. Is that understood?"

"Yes.... yes holy one." he croaked as he rubbed his neck. He hated the fact he was forced to grovel away, but something had just changed, and he wasn't sure what it was. For the moment, the temple was most important.

Played by Comdr Mercia Kavi


Played by Capt David Hawkins


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