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entering the Dark Tower

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 9:53am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Dream Catcher

It didn't take long before Hayter and Kavi had made their way to get what gear they had left in the palace chambers with the assistance of the speechless guard that had lead them out. Every time they came upon a guard that quickly blocked their path, there was a quick glance that one another between the guards before they were allowed passed. Once they got their gear and were back out of the palace.

As they started to jog up to try to catch up with some of the Goddess's guards, they took in the sites of the people moved as one. Each and every step seemed to resemble what he had seen before, but only when in basic training as they all were broken down at the mental level to only be brought up with the core values of the marines. But these people had none whatsoever. Once they had slowed down enough, and were going threw the forest, they saw glimpses of a massive dark temple before them, which started to light up with green in areas. If the view wasn't frightening, the sight would have been amazing.

"Amazing how well these people work and move so well, don't ya think?" he spoke as the two slowed to scout the activity before them.

Mercia looked over at him, "It is, however, sometimes I think we depend on technology too much. When I was trained I had nothing." she said. She paused and looked forward, they had exited the city walls, and were on a well worn wide path lined with trees. Ahead she could see the several story high peak of the fallen borg ship. She'd been able to see just the top of it from the village city, but now it was so much closer. Now she could see the tall tell green glow.

"That maybe true, but I think it's more than just that. But nobody believes me," John shook his head as they moved along searching the area for any threats around them.

Mercia looked at John for a moment, "It's not that I don't believe you, meat head, it's because you have no proof. I can't take opinion back to Hawkins to then form a plan on. I need definable quantifiable proof. I'm a warrior too and I want to run on instincts, but I can't do that any more. I actually have to go out things the 'RIGHT' way." she said using quotations marks and rolling her eyes at her own mocking tone. "So how about helping me find proof so we can fix them."

"You act like you are the only one that has been in the position you are in now, Number One" the marine countered as the came closer and closer with every step. Before them, they started hearing shouting and war cries as he spoke up again. "I'm not saying I'm right, but the whole idea of throwing out ideas is just that, possibilities with such ideas. If you don't allow for those to give their opinions and ideas out loud without responding with snarky remarks without taking some time to even see the possibility, why have a senior staff?"

Mercia sighed, maybe she had been so snarky with him. She had a number of reasons she could name, none of them made it right. She sighed again and looked at John, "At the same time, when I asked you for proof beyond your opinion back in the room, you came back at me with attitude." she said raising her eye brows. "My first response has been a simple question of what had you seen to make you think that was happening... you didn't give me any thing to go on. theory with out direction means nothing." she reminded him.

Hayter looked at her for a moment before looking forward. "Fair enough. I tried explaining my thought process on all of it, but I haven't always been great at public speaking."

"Is that why Tayla refers to you as Ape man?" she teased with a grin as she moved forward a bit more then paused as they came to a small ridge. Below them was what clearly once was a crater, and now was a manicured slope heading down in to a massive structure, which was undeniably Borg. She moved to the side next to a large tree which looked as if it had taken a little fire damage in its past. The city defenders were entering the ship. "Hawkins, where is team two? are they clear?" she wondered, wondering who they were fighting.

=^= Then are still in there, =^= David answered over their ear comms as he went on.

"Are they under attack?!?!" John questioned as he prepared his weapon as he readied himself to sprint out.

=^= That's a negative. We are picking up weapons fire energy signatures. But its not ours. It looks like borg weaponry.=^=

Mercia looked at Hayter, "Borg signatures," she felt dread fall in her stomach. She couldn't help but wonder if their presence had awakened the borg that had been dormant since the crash. "We need to get in there, and shut it down. Did Zeti bring an EMP?" she asked. Those who were dependent on Borg technology may die, but it was better than losing the whole planet.

"Davy, I agree. This going down hill real quick," the marine colonel agreed as he pulled out his tactical pistol and checked the clips before slapping one in and loading the chamber with the first round.

=^= That's a negative on any use of an emp. That's part of the reason I sent a science team with Zeti, to see if that opinion would even be plausible.=^= the commanding officer countered as John and Marci a looked at each other, almost irritated.

Mercia scowled at Hayter, but was pleased to see his expression mirrored her own. She shifted her clothing a bit to make her knifes easier to get at, as well as pulling her own pistol. "Are you saying it wouldn't work or are you saying you are willing to do it?" she demanded. There was a big difference, if he was unwilling then he was taking a big enough risk, she might just override him on the ground, but she'd have to get to Zeti first. She motioned with her head to Hayter, telling him to lead the way to find a place to enter the ship, with out having to go through the crowd of frightened and tense natives.

Hayter nodded and took lead as the two moved through the thicket of the forest as the fighting continued in the distance. It wasn't long before they found, what looked like another way in. He noticed fresh tracks from what looked like a group of people, their people... he hoped... leading into the same entrance.

=^=... You are to not activate any EMP at this time, do I make myself clear?=^= David ordered as he answered after a long pause.

"This is shit. You are tying our hands, Davy," John snapped back knowing he would hear it from both of the ranking officers but it was true.

Mercia curled her lip at Hawkins reply. "Clear." she snapped back, knowing he would know she was pissed about it. "Keep it in line Hayter." she said, her anger fueling her mission driven mind. "Lets get inside and make sure the team gets clear, and see what we can do to stop this." she said.

The two of them had skirtted around the right side of the ship, going up an embankment hill, knowing there would be other openings in to the ship, there always were. Something akin to a badger was sitting at the top of the embankment, hissing and growling at them.

Mercia paused, "John... am I crazy or does that badger have tech behind its eyes?" she asked, swearing she was seeing the shifting of mechanical devices behind the surface.

"Huh?" John paused and looked over at the badger like creature in its defensive position. He turned on the flashlight attachment on his gun and pointed it at the creature. A cloud of confusion and curiosity rushed over the two of them as they saw the slight shine and glow of metallic tech in the eyes and on the body of the creature before it hissed one last time before disappearing. "What the shit?!?!"

I've never seen any thing other than a humanoid be assimilated..." she said looking at John, "The nanites must be adapting to any thing it can.... Thats scary as hell." she said, suddenly worried about borg bugs, considering they were climbing through a bit of forest. "I want to get off this ball of dust." she mumbled.

"You and me both..." the marine muttered as they disappeared into the borg ship to find their people. Hopefully they were done and ready for extraction.


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