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Who Are We? part 2

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 7:46am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Commander Jordon Spencer [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Command Operations Center - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: After Away Teams

The talk of a zoo and bear stunned David for quite a bit as he starred at the counselor for a moment. He seriously was thinking of having a long discussion with her after all this was done and over with. He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly as he turned and looked at the village of their overview of the planet and its scouts.

"Zeti, prepare the amp, use whatever and whoever you need to get it up and running. Once the emp goes off, it will take out all electronics for a short time, which will give us a chance to move quickly. Are we able to cause a wide burst to knock out all people below right before the emp?" David asked as he formulated the plan he was going with in his mind.

"It's not an EMP," Zeti spoke up. "Nanites are shielded from EMPs anyway, I guess that's why we called Marines jarheads. In theory the ionic radiation would work, but I'd need nanites to test what will kill the nanites but not cause all kinds of cancer in the native population. Thankfully, the three teenagers we found alive on the Borg ship have plenty and they'll be the same model as what's been replicating down there. I have another theory, we set a perimeter around the town and set a pattern enhancer every three meters. The village and the ship is roughly three square kilometers, it would take approximately one thousand pattern enhancers. Then I could use the transporter to lock onto every nanite and beam them all off the surface. This would take longer than the probe of course, but I think it has a much better chance of success."

Lizzy spoke up, "Although I don't do medical shifts anymore, I did cross-training and served there initially sometimes. Are we sure transporting nanites out of people and animals is safe for them? If its okay, I can help with setting some up if I can be shown how, as I've been down there."

"The other option we're considering is blasting the people with radiation without giving them cancer or radiation poisoning," Zeti pointed out. "It's not like we're a bunch of barbarians from the 20th century or anything."

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"Zeti, how close do we need to be to lock onto the wreckage and pull it off the planet with our shiny new ship?" The captain asked as he turned to look at his chief engineer.

"Close, off the top of my head I'd say seventy five to a hundred kilometers, which would put us into the mesosphere," Zeti said. "Which means going deeper into the planet's atmosphere and making the ship visible to the natives."

Paula sat in deep thought going over the numbers in her head and the ramifications that it could leave the natives, after all they had seen the borg Ship as a Temple, So what would they make of the sight of the Gladiator, would they see it as something like Olympus or Asguard? that was the question floating around inside Paula's mind. She said," We would have to make sure they don't see us as some Mythical place and worship us as Deities."

"Would performing the maneuver at night decrease our visibility?" Mel asked. "If we run dark and turn off all lights on the ... ventral side of the Gladiator." she had to consider the right term.

"It would help as long as we don't hit the reflection of the sun," Zeti thought about it for a moment, they'd be pretty small that far up and the Borg ship suddenly lifting off would be enough and that was unavoidable. "We shouldn't destroy the Borg ship, we should take it back. We've never found a ship this intact in the Alpha Quadrant. It's a goldmine of information."

" I agree about getting hold of the ship as we only got a small part of Information whilst we were down there," replied Paula, she continued," But I'm still concerned on how the natives might view it,"

"Oh I'm talking about salvaging it and take it with us, not leaving it on the surface," Zeti answered. "It's too valuable to just destroy."

"Wait... Didn't we get here by that Quantum Slipstream Drive?" Doctor Spencer asked as he poked up slightly at the idea from Zeti. "I'm assuming you would want to tractor it at warp to the nearest starbase."

"To which we would hand it over to unreliable members of the Federation which could turn either way..." Hayter mocked the idea a bit before looking over his shoulder to the bajoran. "Not that I don't see your thought process, but I don't trust people in general. Having Borg technology could turn bad and real quick."

"We already have Borg tech, Voyager saw to that," Zeti waved her hand at the Marine, she could see why he was a Marine. "This gives us current Borg tech and a ship to actually examine. I don't know this for fact, but I would be willing to bet Starfleet has an entire anti-Borg arm ready to defend the Federation against those fracking space zombies. Doc, you stick to fixin' people I'll figure out how to tow that thing with us in slipstream. The hard part is getting it back into space."

"Yeah well..." Hayter paused as he knew that she was correct. "...Fair enough. Stupid on me. But still doesn't change the fact that it could be a horrible idea."

"One step at a time," Hawkins raised his hand as he looked at the group to get them back on track. "The Excalibur wasn't designed to go that far into the atmosphere of a planet. It was built in space to be in space. The ship could rip itself apart if we don't do this right. So we worry about getting the Borg ship off the planet and neutralizing the Borg technology.

"But there is the final peace to this puzzle. The Goddess is not of this world or species, for that matter," the Captain spoke up thinking out loud.

"It's a simple matter of adjusting our structural integrity field and diverting more power to the thrusters and using impulse engines in the atmosphere," Zeti half smiled. "The worst that could happen is we overload the warp core and all die."

"Not to go against the grain, but I vote against any plan where we die." Mel offered.

"Going off the top of my head, there's only like a point zero three two percent chance of the warp core exploding. Maybe a point three one percent chance the thrusters fail and we crash," Zeti replied. "More than acceptable odds."

Lixor listened and furrowed his brow, "Why does the ship have to be seen at all? Could we not cloak the ship, or use a holo projection to alter the appearance?"

"Would be a good choice, but with us taxing the engines and thrusters beyond what they are designed for, I prefer not to risk the power consumption if it adds more of a risk to this ship getting back out of the planet's atmosphere," David nodded to Zeti. "If I am correct, a cloaking device would pull way to much power, and we can't use a tractor beam while cloaked. And the Excalibur class was never installed or designed for the new Stealth technology that just came out. I never really got around to seeing if Zeti felt that the Gladiator-A could handle such technology operations added to her systems."

Lixor, who still had trust issues understood the concerns and was sympathetic to Zeti's concerns, "if we added it to our ship are we sure it would not just create a tracking device so we could be found easier? Does the benefit out way the risks?"

Lizzy spoke up, "Well, if the ship crashes, I think the massive anti-matter explosion that will cause our vaporized body parts to spread over a ten kilometre radius will probably cover it up. And they can't exactly court-martial us for breaking the Prime Directive then."

Mel just shook her head.... heads.... Each twin shook their head, "You have such a way with words. I can almost see myself disintegrating." one said, though the other spoke up shortly thereafter. "A potential solution to the power issue would be to take any spare shuttlecraft we have in the bay, bring them to idle, and then plug them into the ..."

"... power grid, supplementing any power needs like a backup generator during a power outage. Far from a perfect fix, I know, but it's better than nothing."

"Yet again..." David cut everyone off with a raised voice. "We don't have the stealth technology at our disposal and the extra power won't be plausible. To ease the ships engines, I'm ordering a ship wide evacuation of all non-essential personnel. All shuttles, runabouts, workerbees, escape pods.... they will be needed for the crew. Zero, can you pull this off better with less of the weight to worry about?"

"It certainly helps our odds when we start trying to break atmosphere," Zeti confirmed, she glanced at a couple of the others asking about the stealth tech. She wanted to quip about how they must all think her pants were bigger on the inside and that she was hiding a drydock in them that they could use to equip the tech. It would only take three to six months. "I'll get busy making calculations."

"Alright than, it is final. This is the plan. Prepare your departments for evacuation and have any and all cargo that can handle being held in the vacuum of space jettisoned and have shuttles and wbat not hold them in place with tractor beams till we get back. Gave all available fighters hold defensive patterns around the shuttles as well," he paused as he thought it all through one last time. "Minimal skeleton crew will be required for this task... I hope. I will fly the ship when infected area is in darkness and we will fly in without our lights... any lights. After we grab the Borg ship, we head back into space and launch a probe capable of emitting an emp wave to neutralize the civilization below. We will gather our personal and shuttle crafts while engineering figure out the whole tractorbeam in slipstream. If you can't figure it out after the two weeks are up that Doctor Spencer is requested for observation of the people, I will order the Borg ship to be launched into the sectors sun. Any questions?"

"No questions, sir." one of the twins said with a definite nod, "I'll assist Chief Lixor in preparing the Science department for the operation."

"I'll figure it out well before two weeks," Zeti had a devilish little smile. "We're keeping that ship."

"Will you have need of Strategic Ops for this Sir or do you want me on the bridge," asked Paula as she knew that if she was on the shuttles she could make the decisions for the fighters.

"Tayla d'Jax will take over on Strat ops." Mercia perked up. "You'll be on the bridge." she said to Paula, "We'll need you at the Security station."

"Fair enough Ma'am," as she knew that they needed someone who understood security for this part of the mission, as she thought~ Am I being replaced at Strat Ops?~ as he only had not long taken over the job, She continued," Sirs, What about if we brought in some other ships to help with the removal of the borg ship?" as she asked the question leaning back in her chair.

"No one is close enough to get here in time to be of much help." Mercia said. "They wouldn't get here for quite a while, remember it took us days to get here with the QSD." she reminded Winchester. "It makes the universe a much smaller place."

Lizzy spoke up, "Okay, so please as everyone here is senior officers, watch your staff for signs of stress, panic and anxiety. Report it to Counselling or get someone higher up in your team to at least let us know. I'll be checking the records for preemptive checking, including my wife, and arranging for my staff to help keep any children and pets aboard ship are looked after."

"Do you think the temporary offloading will cause panic? If there is any one who may be extra claustrophobic, maybe we should drop them on an uninhabited island on the surface for a few hours, or ensure they're part of the skeleton crew." Mercia suggested.

Each twin of Mel Torma gave a nod, "Worse case scenario, once Science is prepared for the operation I can volunteer to be part of whatever detachment is housing potential panic crew and the children." she paused, "I'm rather unassuming and nonthreatening, and children might associate me with some form of stuffed animal or other comfort creature."

She paused again, and smiled, "I promise not to take offense if someone thinks I'm some stuffed bear come to life."

Lizzy smiled, "Oh, that's good. Because I thought of a little fluffy stuffed kitten actually. Sorry."

Lixor merely nodded and he looked over at his new assistant, or was that assistants, and gave her a nod of recognition. He drew in a deep breath glad to be alive and unassimilated after his first encounter with the Borg.

"Right..." David shook his head as he looked at the counselor once again before the rest of the crew. "It is settled..." He walked up to the chair where Hayter had made his home, only to entered in a couple command codes which opened a ship wide comm. =^= All Hands, this is the captain. Red Alert, Prepare to abandon ship, I repeat, prepare to abandon ship. Report to your section chiefs for further instructions. Hawkins out.=^= He looked at the group before him. "Prepare your departments, Zeti and Lixor, you have six hours. Make them count. Dismissed..."

/// SIGNED ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A

Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Strat Ops officer
U.S.S Gladiator-A

Lixor Nabohn
Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator -A

Lt. JG Mel Torma
Assistant Science Officer
USS Gladiator - A

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive officer
USS Gladiator - A

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering Office
USS Gladiator - A

Lt. JG Zera Leyar
Intelligence Officer

Lt Cmdr Lizzy Caldera
Chief Counsellor
USS Gladiator - A


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