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Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 6:19pm by Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Crashed Borg Ship
Timeline: Right after "Borg Investigation Team"

/// ON ///

Commander Halan was the first one into the cube, the clergy had set up two alters just inside the main opening of the ship. As the relics seems to progress as they moved forward, including more and more of the Borg language as they moved in. Once they were past the part that looked like a temple and were on the deck plating of the Borg ships. There were Borg alcoves lining the walls of the ships but no drones. There were none in the corridor either.

"First priority is seeing if their are any living drones. The second is getting the information on what happened to this ship. Both can be accomplished at a distribution nodes, provided I can get into the internal sensors and they're functioning. Let's move out, we stick together and don't take any chances."

"Why don't we split into two," replied Paula looking back at the group, She continued," Phelps Torma and I Go for the data and the rest check for living drones," looking back at Zeti who was team leader. She finished," If that's ok with you Commander," as she looked at Zeti for confirmation of the plan.

Zeti swallowed, as she turned and looked at Paula, she was the engineer and the team leader. She was the best one for data retrieval but she didn't want to look like a coward for not searching the ship for living drones. "I don't like the idea of splitting us up on such a dangerous ship. Let's get to the closest distribution node, then we can split up."

Lixor merely listened as he continued to scan the area hoping there were no more surprises, "that stun isn't going to last long so whatever we decide we need to do quickly."

One think that Keria had learnt from her time in the Marines compared to Starfleet was that all the democratic ideas often got in the way when there was a need for decisiveness, and she didn't think this was a good situation.

So Keira spoke up from behind, her Marine training coming to the fore as she spoke to senior officers, "Commander, Lieutenant, from a medical perspective, it is likely that any drones inside the ship were not stunned. So as a Marine, I would highly suggest that we should be prepared for active combat. Respectfully, Madams, Sirs, I do not believe we have time for discussions."

Mel didn't quite know how to take the whole 'Let's split up' mention. Was it a racial jab? A slur? A legit tactic? She figured more of the latter than the former, and gave a pair of nods as she followed the main group in. Phasors at the ready, she scanned the inside of the region, from the hollow alcoves to the plating at her feet. "This feels a little wrong." one of the twins commented idly.

"I agree with the Marine. Sorry, I can't remember your name, a little overwhelmed at the moment." one of her forms turned to make eye contact as she apologized to Keira.

Keira nodded to the twins, who she hadn't worked with before but found quite effective, "No worries, Lieutenant. You can use my rank if needed, but my name is Keira."

Zul'arra raised her eyebrow as she tried to take in all this information as is as she wasn't sure what the heck was going on. Were they supposed to be worried about any threats or the natives that lived there... But now she watched as people stood around talking. It was starting to bother her as she held her bow looking around trying to understand how things worked.

The rest of them may have been standing around doing nothing but chatting, but Zeti had her engineering tricorter out and was examining the EPS and data grids running behind the alcoves. It told a story about the ship, she was one of the few that could read so well. If she was reading things right there was a distribution hub not far from where they were.

"The distribution node is just ahead," Zeti said, after turning her head towards the away team. "Let's go."

Without waiting for arguments, Zeti started walking through the corridor. The green glow from the drone alcoves was the only light, the ship had a certain haze to it, likely due to the crash, creating a rather ominous setting. The corridors were mostly empty, there were some signs that they hadn't been like drag marks, blood and even some pale greyish skin. It told Zeti that something had been taking the bodies of the drones that had died. Was it the monks or were there drones deeper in that had survived?

It was almost a fifteen minute walk to the distribution node. The corridor opened up into a room with large central pillar with several tactile command screens. Most of them were cracked and smashed, but one was still functioning. The ceiling of the room was green, and cast it an in odd light. There were two dead drones, one of them was missing an arm, and looked banged up. The other looked like it had bashed it's head into one of the consoles and was now dead.

"Finally," Zeti said, as she removed her backpack. "Lixor, why don't you take preliminary scans and tag those two drones and have them beamed up to Gladiator? It's been a while since Starfleet has been able to study a drone. Winchester, you, Phelps and Torma handle with data download to the ship. Zul'arra, Rackham and I are going to try and find what dragged away the drones in the hallway. Any questions?"

Lixor nodded saying nothing and began his scans of the motionless forms. His brow furrowed as he recorded all the detail he could in a short time then sat his pack down to remove the tags when his brows furrowed deeper."

"Anyone feel a draft," he asked, "there's a leak somewhere."

Mel lowered one of her hands to the floor, and paused for a moment, "There's definitely air moving. Could be structural damage post crash. Or whatever caused the crash shattered the hull and the ship could only repair itself so far?" she offered, before standing and adjusting her uniform.

"In either case, be careful." she mentioned to everyone, though she looked at her section chief afterwards, "Promotions are nice, but I'd rather have a boss than a raise." before the pair walked off to join Winchester and Phelps in the datamining.

Keira moved over to where the team leader was. About that point, she stopped when the sound of a heavy clang came from one of the corridors, before shifted her rifle up to cover position and flipped it to automatic fire. Shifting to lean against a panel, she looked through the scope and tapped it to infra-red.

The sight that she saw moving towards them caused her to blink in surprise as a very large and furry shape of a bear appeared on the screen. The rifle scope HUD overlay fed through data from her belt tricorder, which picked up borg implants.

Aiming for its chest, Keira held her breath to keep her rifle still and squeezed the trigger as she had been taught to keep it still, sending two bolts of heavy stun phaser fire in quick succession.

There was a loud roar as the now-angry part-borg bear moved forwards as Keira began shifting her aim to head-shots, "Bear!"

Lixor's brow furrowed as he rolled out onto floor leaving the drones tagged but not yet sent to the ship yet. He turned to face the direction where Keira was facing with his arms stretched in front of him and his phasor drawn. He could see the furry beast with it's acquired accessories and fired a few clear shot off hoping to at least stun the bear, "how the mighty have fallen."

"Ro'vron!" Zul'arra swore in her native tongue as she held her weapon in the same direction and looked at Zeti and the rest. "I'm confused, ma'am. I thought borg only assimilated humanoid species. Why would they assimilate animals?"

"You want to ask that now!?" Zeti's phaser was already in her hand and she'd set it to kill. She wasn't going to mess around.

"It's possible the fledgling collective here was desperate for defensive drones so it started to assimilate apex predators?" one of the twins chimed in while taking a shot when the opportunity allowed.

"Or the drones here really don't know what they're doing, and just started to assimilate anything they could willie nilly. That's the term right?" the other twin chimed in, before taking a shot of her own.

The zombie bear turned towards the two halves of Mel and seemed to focus in on the fact that it was another furry woodland creature. Even in the tight space of the Borg ship, the big predator tried to stand up on it's hind legs when Zeti hit the bear in the chest with her phaser pistol three times before it finally dropped to the deck and she made a face at it.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Keira raced over to the bear, and quickly placed her medglove-covered hand on its chest before tapping the button for sedative & pressed down slightly until the fingertip injectors hissed, sending enough sedative in to knock out a charging rhino. Sitting on the now-sleeping bear and wiping some strands of her red hair away from her face before scanning it to check the bear's condition, Keira shrugged, "I'm a marine doctor, not a mind-reader. Yogi should stay down now."

"Yogi," Lixor questioned not knowing the connection. He raised an eyebrow before returning to the two humanoid Borg forms.

Finally finished he tapped his comm badge, "Lixor to transporter room I have two tagged Borg for the isolation chamber 57." Within a few moments the familiar vanishing act began and . his two science projects were on their way.

Keira smiled and grinned, "Yeah, Yogi is a fictional talking bear from a children's cartoon tv show. He lives in Yosemite National Park back on Earth and steals picnic baskets for food. I've been trying to get Kra'awa to follow some of her human heritage more, although it isn't working. " Sighing, she added, "She has the opinion that he should have been made into a rug or punished with loss of limbs for theft."

Lixor furrowed his brows and chuckled, "pretty harsh for stealing someone's lunch."

Keira shrugged, "Well, my young daughter is half-Klingon from the mirror universe. I spend a lot of my time trying to convince her not to knife the pretty little boy who tugs on her hair because it isn't a physical challenge."

Paula replied, "Actually it's Jellystone," looking at Kiera, She continued, "If you want I could ask Davina to take her for a while, to give you some respite?" as she knew how much Lisa had helped with Davina.

The blue man just shook his head and looked down at the tricorder in his hand, "Keora, off to your left I've got three huminoid life forms." He paused, "there not moving but I'm showing them as alive."

Nodding, the red-headed marine grinned, "Aye, thanks." Adjusting her tricorder and raising her rifle, Keira shifted into the corridor, sticking to the wall as she moved down the corridor, her senses up for any sign of movement. Reaching the first, she dropped down to one knee and moved her med-gloved hand over the man that was laying there. Checking the readings, she noted that he had signs of some bear slashes, but nothing was serious. There would be bruising and all manner of a concussion, but otherwise, he would live.

Shifting over to the next one, she stopped suddenly when a really bad smell caught her attention and she winced before breathing through her mouth. Putting her rifle down for a moment, she did a check with her tricorder to make sure he didn't have any broken bones before she began pulling the man out of the puddle of warm bear urine.

Once he was out, Keira did a better scan and found that he had a traumatic pneumothorax too. He was okay at the moment, but she would need her medkit. Going over to the third person who was a woman, Keira noted similar injuries to the first man but nothing life-threatening.

When Keira looked around again, she saw another body a little bit further up, but it was obviously that the person was dead due to the neck angle.

Grabbing her rifle, she headed back to the main room to retrieve the medical kit, "The bear knocked them out and killed another. One collapsed lung and the rest will just be out for a bit. Commander, Lieutenant, is it okay to transport them back once I treat that?"

"Are they part of the local race or are they drones?" Zeti looked over at the marine medic. "Phelps and Winchester stick close to her, don't let her off on her own."

Keira reported, "Definitely locals. I didn't notice any major conversion either, although I was trying to keep them alive."

She then added, "Respectfully, Commander. I'm not a timid wall-flower that needs protection. Let's just say I probably have more concealed knifes and stuff strapped on me then any of the rest of you. But they can tag along if they want and I don't have time to argue."

With that, she turned to leave.

Walking back, she opened her medical kit and took out a needle. Pulling the man's shirt up, she applied an anaesetic before using her fingers to locate the right point - horizontal line at the level of the nipple and the latissimus dorsi & pectoralis major. Using the laser scalpel to make a small incision, Keira inserted a 28 F sized chest tube and secured it with medical tape. Checking her medglove's readings after a scan, Keira smiled when it looked to have worked. After that, Keira tagging them with triage cards and put down a transport beacon.

Tapping her combadge as she moved back, she spoke, "Second Lieutenant Rackham to Gladiator, I have three locals that have suffered ursine-related assaults, and need emergency medical transport to Sickbay with full isolation from Med Beacon. I stabilised a traumatic pneumothorax but it could worsen. Two cases of concussion with lacerations, both unconscious. One other KIA, no revival possible. Possible borg nanites, so run protocols."

Keira's medglove began beeping and the Marine spun, her rifle going up and she checked the medglove, "Lieutenants, I'm picking up some."

Zeti spent some time working in the distribution node with Lixor and Torma, establishing an uplink to the Gladiator and downloading all of the relevent data. Once that was finished she had Torma work with her to get the internal sensors online, but without drone interfaces it wasn't easy. Lixor was tasked with trying to deborg the bear, Zeti wanted to return it to the wild no matter what they wanted to name the damn thing. It was a wild animal from another world, they weren't taking it as a pet.

It was at this point that Rackham, Phelps and Winchester came into the room and it was clear something was wrong. They were breathing a little heavier and looked flushed.

"Drones?" Zeti questioned as she pulled her side arm. "Any idea how many?"

"About ten or twenty drones heading our way," replied Paula as she tried to catch her breath, She continued, " But I don't think they are armed, Just scared," as she looked back at Zeti, she finished," However; we did get some information," which she knew Phelps and her own team would analyse.

"All right everyone, grab what you can. We need to get off of this ship as quickly as possible," Zeti ordered quickly, as she set her phaser to level seven, just under the setting that would vaporize organic material. She pulled what she could and stuffed it into her single sling engineering pack, zipped it up and put it back on when she heard foot steps coming down the hallway. "Zul'arra with me, Rackham, Phelps and Winchester get the rest of them out of here. We'll keep them back as long as we can."

The footsteps grew closer and closer, until in one of the side passages there was a figure. A young adult from immediate looks, maybe hardly even sixteen winters. Various spots of his exposed skin were mottled grey, while his head sported bald spots that hid cybernetic connection points. Ceremonial garb of some form covered his form, no doubt hiding more replacements. He was silent, uncharacteristic for someone his age, as he scanned the region before him. Searching for something, or someone.

Lixor was low and had his phasor in hand. He had heard the command to grab and go but with the approaching footsteps he had decided to do so cautiously. His dark eyes spotted the Borg infested young man. The blue man's brow furrowed at the peculiar appearance but quickly slightly and made his move away with the others.

Paula had reloaded her tranquilizer gun with a cartridge of darts and had found a position behind a console that hid her perfectly from view of the Borg infected young man, when she saw that she had a clear shot, she aimed carefully and then fired sending the dart into the young man's neck, As he crumpled to the floor, Paula knew that there were another four teens heading this way.

The blue skinned scientist kept his eyes scanning his surroundings. With a group taking care of the approaching zombie like Borg. Lixor could hear the command but as he looked a blue light began to blink about two meters away from some sort of machine. What it meant he didn't know but it seemed to be significant, "Should that light be coming on?"

"I don't care, we're not here to establish a beachhead, fall back! All of you get the hell out of here!" Zeti was stressed and her voice was a little deeper and had a huskiness to it. She raised her phaser pistol and went to fire when she noted an odd behavior. The teenagers seemed to be stopping to check on their downed companion. She'd report it back, maybe these drones could be rescued. She and Zul'arra stayed between the drones and the rest of the team as they started to retreat out of the ship.

"Damit Zeti, I am not leaving you two behind," replied Paula, as she looked at the children as she continued," Nor am I leaving those Kids like that," as she fired another dart hitting the teen that was knelling down, She finished," you can yell at me later," as she knelt down behind her cover to reload the tranquilizer gun.

"You think I'm staying?" Zeti laughed out loud at that, maybe it was nervous laughter, but it was still laughter in a rather ominous setting. "Just keep falling back, we're not here to engage."

The away team continued their strategic exit of the Borg cube, Zeti called it in as soon as their badges were able to cut through the interference to let them know they'd found drones and need security teams to sweep and clear the ship if they were to take it for themselves. As much as she was afraid of the borg, she was afraid more of why they found one of their ships. For the moment, she was content in getting her team out of the ship.



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