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If you want to rattle cages, best back aboard ship

Posted on Fri Aug 11th, 2017 @ 5:16am by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Chief Counsellor's Office

/// ON ///

Lizzy spun around in her chair as she thought more about the wording of the message that she was going to send, and finally, she sighed and decided to do it differently as it was difficult to come up with words that didn't sound insubordinate. Yet her little motor mouth often got her in trouble with that sort of thing anyway.

She knew that technically, he outranked her as the Marine equivalent of her rank was Major which was one below, and the Marine CO outranked Chief Counselor - except in the one area she needed to talk to him about.

"Computer, delete message."

[Working.. done]

Tapping the section of her desk with the comm-system, she spoke, =^= Lieutenant Commander Caldera to Lieutenant Colonel Hayter. Can you please come see me in my office? I need to speak to you about an important issue. =^=

=^=Kind of busy, Counselor=^= John's voice was heard over the comm. =^=Is it that important?=^=

Lizzy nodded, then remembered it was a comm channel, =^= Yes, it is Colonel. I would like to talk to you in a professional reason. I can see that you have been quite good at ducking out of Counselling. Do I need to use incentives for this? =^=

There was a long sigh before he finally spoke up =^=Yeah, alright. Ill be there here soon.=^=

Lizzy smiled, =^= Thank you. I am in my office. =^=

Time seemed short before the sound of the chime went off informing the counselor know that he had arrived. After getting approval, the door slid open and Hayter walked in almost coming off as stressed but he still maintained his relaxed body language.

"What can I do for you, Counselor."

Lizzy smiled as she got up from her desk and headed over to the more casual section where she had earlier set out a jug of cold water with lemon & lime slices in it in case, "Thank you for ooming. How have you been going since the away mission? And can I get you anything? Have a seat."

"I'm good, thanks for asking. I been assigned as the marine Commander on Gladiator. So I'm trying to get caught up with things paperwork wise. And how about yourself?"

Lizzy smiled as she poured some cold water for herself, "That is good to hear, and I did know. I get reports of all transfers so I can prepare because the senior staff know I worry and stress out about keeping everyone going well. So, I wanted to have a talk to you."

Lizzy didn't want to play games & to be honest and knew that Marines were very much into not beating around the bush either. Taking a sip, she continued, "I'm not the best role model for bringing this up with my history, but how do you think it would go about baiting the executive officer on an away mission?"

"Baiting?" John asked as he looked at her with a raised eye brow. "What do you mean, counelor?"

Lizzy sighed, "It means the arguing when we were locked in a cell on an away mission. Seriously, I know that Mercia has a very bulldoggish temper. I just want to make sure that you are aware because it would be good not to have to the Marine Commander job cursed like our Chief Medical Officer one seems to be. I think we have burnt through seven of them at least since I came aboard. "

"Oh I know what baiting means but why use such a word coming from a lady interested in having a borgified bear in her personal zoo," he countered with a slight raided eye brow. "I mean, come on... what's up with that?"

Lizzy looked at him, "Ex-borgified bear. And what is wrong with that? I have a baby giraffe, some monkeys, a panda and a koala at the moment. I did have two tribbles, but they are more like ten now. We need to be more careful with those. And I'm currently working on arranging for T'Madh's pet seh'lat to have export permission from Vulcan."

She then sat up, "And we are talking about you here. It's fine to tease Commander Kavi, but just not on away teams, ok? And i suggest you make sure to use the back of your hand to check your furniture too. She likes to electrify stuff."

All this seemed to make John raise a hand but lower it as he tried to swallow what he had said. "Ok... So you, the nutty counselor, feels as though you, the one that targeting the first officer of multiple pranks, that I shouldn't tease the same officer in charge in away missions? Am I getting this straight?"

Lizzy realised that he might not have been getting the point the way she meant, "No, I mean don't tease her while she is leading an away mission or on one. At other times, go ahead mercilessly. Which reminds me.."

Turning her head, she spoke, "Computer, discontinue holograms in my office, authorization Elizabeth-Nine-Three-Alpha-Six-Lambda-Seven-Four-Two."


A moment later, Lizzy's clothing and the couch that Hayter was sitting on shimmered an disappeared, leaving the counselor nude and Hayter sitting in mid-air.

Without a chance to respond, Hayter fell on his butt and stars crossed over his vision for a moment after his head had slammed back against the wall. He rubbed his head and sighed as he looked up to find her sitting there all in her birthday outfit. "Well counselor, you leave nothing to imagination, do you?"

Lizzy giggled, "Nope, not at all. Well, you did want to see me nude based on the talk in on the mission. Probably why Mercia got cranky, coz she has had to fight to keep me in clothes since I came aboard. I'm tempted to try a body-paint uniform for the next staff meeting."

Doing a cartwheel over to the replicator without any worry, she spoke, "One ice pack."


When it arrive, Lizzy walked over to Hayter and handed it to him before going to her desk & pulling out a medical tricorder. Sitting next to him, she flipped it open and used the wand, "Hmm. So Marines do have things in there? Joking. You will be fine. I'm cross-trained in Medicine and you didn't bump it too bad. No concussion, but maybe a little headache. I can give you some analgesic. And remember I did add the bit on the end."

"Yeah..." he looked her over before waving off the offered treatment as he stood and rolled his neck to pop his neck. "... I'll be fine. But tell me, counselor. I'm confused, is the a betazoid thing? Because I know they are comfortable with nude weddings, but why are you walking around in a holographic outfit in your office versus a normal uniform? And why would you expose yourself outside your quarters without your wife?"

Lizzy shrugged her head, "Why do I expect any different from a Marine? You can either let me look out or I'll rat you out to Keira & let her deal with you. She's gotten experience with treating Marines who don't want medical treatment. Anyway, it isn't just a Betazoid thing. There is a very long tradition of nudism on Earth too. It probably started when I was a child. My mum used to say I had a really bad habit of ducking out of my clothes because I found them uncomfortable, and when my dad passed, she wasn't really good at discipline. It's now become an ingrained habit, and it is a relief to actually be out of the constraints. "

Giggling, Lizzy smiled, "And T'Madh doesn't mind. Vulcans don't have the prejudices about their bodies as humans do. I've found that people descended from Americans have a rather prudish view of the human body. While I've got you here, how are you doing with running the Marines aboard the ship?"

"Nice redirecting, counselor," he smirked as he sighed before continuing. "Running a department and leading people are two different things. Administration positions means paperwork majority of the time. Its... ok???"

Being the type of man he was, he didn't care about the rules and regulations that was part of the wholestar fleet concept, but he also didn't know what he would do with himself outside of the service.

"... I have to get back, you feel better now?"

Lizzy nodded, "Yes. If Mercia murders you in your sleep, I'm now legally covered for warning you. Have a good day."

"You are surely an interesting person, counselor..." Hayter smirked at her as he walked to door. Before walking out, he did a lazy wave before stepping out. He knew she was truly concerned and he made a mental note to that as he headed back to his area.

Lt. Colonel John Hayter
Marine Commander
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Caldera
Chief Counsellor
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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