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Patient Discussions

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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Lizzy's Quarters

Amity had gotten a friendly call from the new ships counselor, asking if she'd like to share a tea with her in the womans quarters while she settled in. Amity liked the idea that she was casual, and brought along her tablet with her files loaded on it. She touched the chime and waited to be invited in.

When Lizzy came aboard, she had arranged for the crates she had brought from the Bellerophon to be transferred up by transporter to a corner of her new quarters from the secure Kaslau warehouse she had left them in.

So far, she had only gone through two of them and was currently up on a chair attaching one of her paintings of a Phuket beach scene from to the wall as the door chime went off.

Stepping down, she smiled and headed over to the door to answer it. As the door opened, Lizzy smiled, "Hi, Ensign."

A moment later, she gulped, "Oh, sorry. Forgot."

Reaching to the hook on the side of the door, she grabbed down a silk short-robe and wrapped it around herself to cover that she had answered the door without a stitch on.

Amity bit on her lower lip, trying not to laugh, at least the woman was comfortable in her own skin. "No problem." she said aware that a great deal many of Lizzys race didn't wear clothes in their own homes.

From the side of the room, a loud squawk came from the blue-and-yellow macaw sitting on a perch followed by, "Bugger off."

Lizzy turned towards the macaw, "Can it, Ace."

"Sorry about that, my parrot has a.. very colorful vocabulary."

Amity stepped in and locked eyes on to the animal and sent a soothing sense of security towards it mind. It didn't always work on predatory animals, but pets it often did. She switched her accent to her mothers english, "'ey, Berk, no need to be so cheeky with me mate. Or I'll be making a mince-pie out of you!" she grinned at the bird. Boy she really could sound like her mother when she wanted to!

"Adorable, really." Amity grinned at Lizzy. "I'm Amity Hemlorac."

Ace squawked loudly again before letting out a rude raspberry sound, then went back to pecking at a seed ball on a swinging hook.

Lizzy smiled, "He's always been a bit rude and crude, but I like it. Gives him character. Since we will be working together, I wanted to have a nice little chat. One thing that I did want to mention that I'm pretty slack with rank, and don't use it much."

"I don't think any counselors really are except in formal situations." Amity said as she looked around.

"I also wanted to find out about you and how you have been finding this ship?"

Amity held her arms behind her back and grinned, "This ship is interesting for sure. A closed off and yet very personable Captain. An XO I've not managed to nail down yet, but I've been hearing a lot about her... The few other people I've met with have their own issues. Its life. But I like it so far."

"Oh yeah, that's for sure from what I've read. I am pretty sure that ambush tactics will be one of the most common techniques to actually do any counseling work around here. That or threats of relieving people from duty but I really hate having to go to that extent. I am also pretty sure that both of us are going to need to vent at times. I know that inside my own head, I'm crazily mixed up and eccentric."

Amity grinned, "Good to know, my doors always open." she chuckled. "Have you met with any one just yet?" she asked.

"Yes, I've met a few people - the captain, XO and some of the other senior officers. Also met with our interesting Chief Medical Officer."

Amity sat down on an empty chair and crossed one leg other the other, "I've met with the Captain, and the CMO. Lets start with the Captain, What was your take on him?" she asked, remembering how the man had tried to throw her off constantly and change the subject.

"I get the sense from Commander Hawkins that he is a good captain although he has a tendency to push himself too far and is quite stressed."

"Can you blame him? Its been a horrible month, every one here that had to witness the Wasp is still reeling." She leaned back. "I'm sure He'll find a way to relieve his stress." she laughed. Amity ran her fingers through her hair, "He's also in an adjustment period, being a captain again. my hope is that He'll take a full day off while we're here. Get outside for an afternoon at least." she said. "Might do him some good,"

"Oh yeah, when I read about what happened on the Wasp, I had to rush to the bathroom so I didn't toss my cookies on the carpet. So far in my career, I haven't ever had to go into a situation like that. I've done triage and stuff in a nice safe Olympic-class triage centre with incoming from warzones on the Bellerophon, but never directly in the front lines. Hmm.. That is a good idea. I will send him a message suggesting he does it voluntary so I don't have to talk about the XO relieving him for a day."

Amity grinned, "I don't think you'll have any problem convincing the XO to relieve him, but just not in the way you meant." Amity took a deep breath, "While here though, I'm sure he can have the Hologram Elian coupled with a relief bridge officer watch things for a few hours." she shrugged.

Lizzy smiled mischieviously, "Hmmm.. Sounds like the Gladiator probably is more of a 'party boat'. While Starfleet may frown on it, it is probably something that happens more then expected. Are any of the other senior staff sleeping with each other?"

Amity chuckled, "I don't know really. And I don't think its that much of a party boat. Rumor has it they knew each other before assignment so..." She shrugged. "I have heard that Callaghan and Coi are something of an item. Beyond that, I'm not so sure." She lifted her eyes up thinking. "There really aren't a lot of official regs these days on senior staff dating, so long as it doesn't effect the ship, and you and I as a team just need to keep an eye on that. We all have to remember that this is our home too, and the same things that would happen on a planet where housing and off duty areas existed, are going to happen on ships too. The way I see it, so long as the ship runs well, its no ones business. No ones in danger by someone dating someone else, is they can keep a clear head about it..." she said shrugging. "Speaking of... Just so are aware, we do have a vulcan aboard approaching pon far," That had been one of the things she needed to brief the counselor on.

Lizzy nodded, "Nothing wrong with it at all.. I'm not exactly a good person to complain about it anyway - I've been rightly called a bit of floozy, and I know that I'm way too uninhibited for my own good."

She mused, "That would be the chief intelligence officer, right? On my previous ship, I was in a quite casual relationship with a female Vulcan, so I know what pon far can be like. From a medical standpoint, we really need to do something about that or she could suffer some really bad side-effects. Its possible that she could even die."

Amity nodded, "She had decided to take the medical suppression route this time around..." she said. "But we'll need to keep an eye on her and try to guide her. She also has found a desire to find a mate, but there really isn't time to develop a healthy long lasting relationship in the time she has before the pon far is fully upon her. I'm encouraging her to take her time and truly consider what she desires in a mate, and seek that out."

Sometimes, Lizzy wasn't really sure why humanity and other species considered monogamy to be a good thing, but she wasn't really the sort of person to complain.

Shrugging to Amity, she continued, "If that is what she wants, then sounds like a good approach. It sounds like she wants to do it in a long-term way instead of quickie casual sex. I may not understand why but I can accept it. As long as she doesn't suffer any physical problems, that will be fine. I assume someone in Medical knows to check her for side affects? That can really mess with the Vulcan hormonal system and eventually their emotional control. We don't want a paranoid Vulcan running around trying to jump everyone male."

"For some races monogamy is the right option." Amity said with out thinking. She'd heard the thought. "Such as for my face, it really is the only option." she sighed. "And yes I ensured that medical was notified of the pending challenges, its always a guessing game to see just how deeply it will effect the individual."

Lizzy wrinkled her nose as she thought, "Maybe I misunderstood that, but I thought you would get lots of attention. I'm not sure what you mean by the only option.."

Amity smiled understandingly, "oh I get a lot of attention, certainly, I know im a looker. Im half Alcaren, and Alcaren bond for life upon sexual intercourse. Its a chemical reaction and we form an unbreakable telepathic link. The most we can do with out bonding is best described as shared fantasy, because we can activate the sensory areas of the brain, causing sensation as if it were real." She said, "but it feels as fake as it sounds. Fun some times, but not as satisfying." Amity chuckled. "But we have to be careful, often times youth get carried away with it and will loose control, and bond anyway. In fact my brother and sister in law did just that."

Lizzy let out a gasp of shock at the thought before blushing red, "Oh, I'm sorry.. That was not something I was expecting, and I apologise. Has anyone tried to investigate ways to neutralize the bonding chemicals?"

Amity grinned, "I'm not offended, thats a common reaction. And I'm pretty sure people have tried, but in truth the bond is a part of us. Partnering with permanency is not a chain that is something we wish to be rid of. We see it as a gift. certainly it can present some challenges, but in honestly we naturally desire monogamy, it wasn't until we were exposed to other cultures that we learned of having different partners. Some seek to be able to play around before bonding, and there may be some ways, but in the end it still feels false." she said. "Maybe... for a human, it would be like reading an erotic novel. Thrilling for the moment, and it can sustain your desires for a long time, but eventually with out the real thing you'll drive yourself insane." she said trying to explain.

Lizzed frowned, "I can sort of understand. Nothing wrong with a bit of erotic reading, but you are right about going nuts with it."

"Right." Amity said. "any way, enough about me." she smiled, "Who else did we need to go over?"

"You are welcome to grill me too if you want. There is one person I would like to discuss.. I had a meeting with the XO, and she really seems to be good at avoiding counseling. Do you know anything about her off-ship one?"

Amity nodded, "I've just started looking to Kavi and her counselor... I don't know much about her, as I've not really had a chance to call her. I do know her name is Lyla, and based on where she got her degree Inherently now a little about her past." she said. She saw Lizzys puzzled look. "it was issued by the New Life Foundation. My sort of Aunt Lindsey founded it. She was a pleasure slave, my mum and uncle saved her and helped her get on her feet, she made it her mission to rescue other woman and train them, and give them careers so they'd never be forced or tempted to go back to the slaves life. She has a fabulous success rate." Amity grinned, "in fact It was a big choice for me to join starfleet or to join her and help her. As you can see I chose to try Starfleet out first, I can go work with her any time. Any way, I digress." she

"Lyla has been working with Project Refit, which is the project that sponsored Lt. Kavi, for some where around 15 years, she's a civilian counselor... but she works with these troubled youth and for a couple remain on their case indefinitely, which is the case for Kavi it seems. According to Kavi's profile she is not a very trusting person, and doesn't open up easily. I did see a note from Lyla that if one of us the local counselors, would be able to join her care team, and try to get some local counseling working with Kavi she'd like that." Amity added. "I'm not sure it will work, or even who she'd prefer to talk to. She'd avoided me like the plague, but I have a feeling she'd do the same to you. You might have to be sneaky in getting her to talk." Amity chuckled.

Lizzy nodded, "I realised that when she started with sarcasm and open hostility. I am pretty sure that she took delight in the thought of brigging me. But I'm determined to get through."

With a laugh Amity ran her fingers through her red hair, "Some how I believe that she'd enjoy seeing you in a brig. Me too." she chuckled. "So... since we're getting to know each other, why don't you tell me about you?" she asked.

Lizzy grinned, "Depends if there is ropes. Anyway, I'm not sure really where to start. I'm an Aussie who is half Betazoid, I was married to a Klingon security chief for awhile, dated a female Vulcan and this is my fourth ship in Starfleet since I started in 2379. How's that for a start?"

She chuckled, "Sounds like the same B.S. Crap that most people feed us when we ask about them." Amity leaned forward a little, it did tell her a little about the woman, but not a whole lot. "Is your history of partners the most significant part of you? Do you judge yourself by who you've been with?" she asked.

Lizzy thought for a moment, "Hmmm.. Not sure really. I know I probably am too easy, but its fun. Kinda normal for Betazoids though.."

"Is it?" she asked, "I've known a few and none of them were any more easy than a typical human..." Amity said. "Do you frequently change partners?" she asked. "There is joy in monogamy too, and fun." she said.

Lizzy was about to say something when she felt a choking feeling. Taking a moment as she gripped the seat arm, she continued, "Yes, I do frequently change or mix up partners as you can dull things sometimes. I've had a lot of loss and I've made a personal choice to live life without any regrets and to make every moment count. But, why just stick to vanilla and chocolate chip when there is Tutti Fruiti, Dark Cherry Ribbon, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Goat Cheese Casher Caramel or Honey JalapeƱo Pickle?"

Amity marked the moment Lizzy seemed to clam up. Her telepathy helped, but even with out it she could see there was something more to this than a desire for verity. "According to my parents there is all kinds of verity even in monogamy, if you have the right partner." she remarked and leaned forward. "Do you want to tell me what you're using sexuality to cover up?" she asked.

Lizzy shrugged, "I guess from a clinical sense, it could be abandonment issues, but kind of hard to tell."

"Have you ever tried to work it out?" Amity asked her. "If you haven't I would recommend it, you may find satisfaction in your verity now, but that isn't going to last, and I think you're bright enough to know that." she said. "If you begin working now, then when it no longer satisfies you wont put yourself in danger seeking a fresh thrill." Amity said watching Lizzy. She smiled, "We can be casual about it, more like friends helping each other with our past hurts, rather than client and patient."

Lizzy smiled, "Nope, never felt like I had a need for it. I'm perfectly fine with figuratively sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich about that. I'm pretty sure that I went past the dangerous period by marrying a Klingon. Broken bones are a good sign of a happy marriage."

Amity chuckled, "I'll keep that in mind." she said. "Well if you ever change your mind..."

Lizzy nodded, "Sure.. If it helps, it isn't just men that I am intimate with."

Amity tipped her head, "Interesting, although I think the term intimate wouldn't really apply if you're jumping around a lot." she commented. "So, I suppose you think I'm all sorts of hot?" she smirked.

Lizzy grinned, "I do admit that I've slept with people that to this day, I have no idea of their names. Yes, you are very hot. Anyone who wouldn't is an artless motley-minded bugbear."

She chuckled, "Bugbear? What is a bugbear?" she asked with a laugh. She couldn't imagine having that many partners, her human cousins were often active before settling down, but not even they were like that.

Lizzy smiled, "Sorry, bit of a curious quick of mine. I do imaginative insults at times. Its an old medieval english name for imaginary bear invoked to frighten children, typically supposed to devour them. Anyway, if you want to find out if that Alcaren bond works for all genders, let me know."

A moment later, she realized that her brain had done another stumble, "I'm sorry.. That wasn't really appropriate.."

Amity blinked but laughed, "No it wasn't" she said. "But it wasn't the first time I was propositioned in such a way." She smirked, "But then you dont want to give up your cookie dough ice cream and other flavors... bonding might put a kink in that." Amity chuckled. She'd never go for it, but she could enjoy the jokes.

Lizzy smiled, "Okay. I seriously doubt any chemicals would be able to stop me."

Amity chuckled, "Oh I'm afraid it would." she said. "Infidelity really doesn't happen among the bonded." she said. "The action caused great physical pain in the Alcaren partner, and because of the bond echos back. It causes physical pain, so its extremely rare." She explained.

"Amity, remember how I said that I was married to a Klingon for a bit? Well, my body learnt that physical pain can be just as fun as pleasure. I'm pretty sure I would be one of the extremely rare cases."

Amity chuckled, "Oh I agree pain can be good in the right way. But not this sort, Just take my word for it. We firmly believe it is bad." she said. "Any way." she said not wanting to continue on this subject. "Have you had a chance to meet with any other crew we should go over?" she asked. "I've got an appointment in about 30 minuets." she said checking the time.

"Hmm.. I bet that no one has really had the determination to see if they could a way around it at least for women. In regards to meeting others, there is one chap that is going to be an interesting handful who you might not have met. Crewman Recruit Kanson Pyder. When I was down on Kaslau waiting for the ship, I visited the prison to see an old colleague and went out into the exercise yard where I saw him. I had a talk to him and had to break up the guards beating the utter crap out of him."

Amity blinked, "Seriously? What the hell?" she gasped. "Why would they do that?"

"He is pretty much a thief who had a bad childhood, and is in Starfleet to pay off his time. I would like us to help him rehabilitate."

"Oh of course!" Amity said shaking her head, "I grew up with access to the criminal side... I can't much fault people if they want to rehabilitate. You take the least, unless you want to assign this to me." she said shrugging. "It could be a two person case, taking on different aspects... How do you think we should handle him?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not sure he wants to rehabilitate or not. Sounds like a good idea about taking on different aspects.. Not really sure yet about a plan. Actually, I should mention this to you. I'm incredibly disorganised and probably couldn't plan anything to save my own life if I had to. Anyway, I'll let you go get ready for your appointment. It's been great talking to you and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future."

Amity stood up and brushed her hands over her legs, "Yes, thank you. I'll certainly be happy to help with the organization." she offered. She nodded to the woman. "Thank you again. Have a good day."

Lizzy smiled and after Amity had gone off to the appointment, she took the robe off & threw it back on the hook for next time as she went back to decorating & unpacking.



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