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Return to the old ways

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 9:37am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & David Hawkins

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: holodeck 1
Timeline: SL D1- 09:00Hrs

Today was Paula’s day off and today she was going to teach a group of Ensigns and enlisted personnel how to shoot a bow, she believed that if you were on an away mission and you lost your sidearm or an EMP had made the Sidearm useless. You then had to have a backup plan as the bow was a silent weapon and the enemy would not hear you coming. So, here she was standing outside of Holodeck 1 getting it ready for her first class of students, she tapped the console finding “Winchester range” on the list of her activities that she had programed and the computer when she had arrived here. She pressed the button on the console as the computer responded,” Enter when ready,” As the doors opened and she entered the holodeck, she found a lovey spring day with the sun shining and the target set at 70 meters. She decided to have a warm up shoot to get her shoulder ready before they arrived.

The one good thing about this was that she had been allowed to bring her own bow with her, she placed the bag down on the floor and began to unzip the leather case. It was when the doors to the holodeck doors opened expecting to see the first of her students, She found Captain David Hawkins entering the deck and wondered if anything was up, “Captain, What can I do for you?” she asked looking at him as she started to set up her bow.

"Was looking for you actually," David answered as he looked down range to the targets about 30 to 70 yards away. He had known about archery and the sport. There was a couple times that he had even played around with the sport but in the end, he had always found that he wasn't free to indulge in such things as he had wanted to. "How are you handling the whole Strategic Operations position?"

Paula looked back up at Hawkins for a moment and then started to withdraw the Bow itself from the bag and placed t next to her, she then withdrew the long rod and short rods from the bag as she began to speak, as she started to screw one of the short roods onto the V-Bar that was already attached to it. "Well, now that Phelps has gone, I don't know anyone in the intel Department," replied Paula looking back at the Captain, she continued, "Also I don't know if I have an intel rating now," as she tightened the first short rod up and then begun to screw the second Short Rod onto the bow., She finished," It was something that Samuel was working on getting me before he left," as she finished putting the Second Short rod on and then started on the long Rod.

Shortly after she had placed the bow down upon the ends of the short Rods, Paula took out the sights and the scope from their container and begun to connect them to one another and making sure that the screw was in the right slot, Paula then picked the bow back up again and then slid the sight into its slot on the side of the bow and then began to tighten the screw up to hold it in place. She said,” I do hope that he did get it done before he left,” as she continued to check the bow over, Paula then pulled a small stand out from her back and then attached to the bow and then placed the bow back onto the ground.

It hadn't been that long before a group of members of his crew had chosen reassignments or had retained their resignations of their tour of duty and had left on a couple runabout transports before the Gladiator had headed out with the Borg ship in tow.

"Well, hopefully the Intel Department will continue the paperwork for you, for future use," he responded as he looked down range again. "Let's see this skill of yours, Lieutenant."

"Aye Sir," she replied as she opened another section of her bag, she took out the quiver and the belt and began unwrapping the belt from around the quiver. Paula then placed it around her waist and then tightened the buckle up so it wouldn’t slip. She then picked up a tube that held the arrows and opened it withdrawing three slender objects from the tube and then placed them into her quiver, after checking everything was in order she picked up the bow and started to walk towards the shooting line.

Upon reaching the line, Paula removed the bow stand from the bow and began sliding it on to her quiver, as she sorted out her feet position, Paula unzipped one of the pockets on her quiver and retrieved her release aid and then slid it over her knuckles on her right hand, She then she withdrew an arrow from her quiver and connected it the string. After a few deep breaths Paula connected the release aid to the d loop that was connected to the string and then began to raise the bow and began to draw back the string to her face. She looked down the peep sight and through the scope at the centre of the target, Paula steadied the bow and then rolled her shoulder to release the power of the shot.

As the arrow whistled down the range and a thud could be heard, Paula took out a small set of binoculars and noticed that she had scored a 9 just below the ten ring, she then made a slight adjustment to her sight by dropping it slightly, Paula then repeated her actions sending down another arrow. Once again Paula looked down the binoculars noticing that it was on the line of the ten ring and once again dropping the sight by a fraction and then withdrew the final arrow clipping it on the string, she raised the bow once more focusing on the centre of the target and then fired it.
After the arrow had landed Paula quickly looked down her binoculars and noticed that it was in the ten ring. She thought to herself ~ now that's a good first 3 arrows~ as she turned and looked back at the Captain. she said," Well, What do you think of that?" as she walked back to the waiting line and putting the stand back upon her bow and then putting it on the ground.

She then blew a whistle out from her mouth to signal the all clear to retrieve her arrows, Paula said,” would you like to join me retrieving my arrows?” as she needed a second person verify her score, she had heard of a postal tournament that had been going around and as she was the resident archer aboard the Gladiator, She felt it was her duty to defend the ships honour.

"Not bad," the Captain nodded as he took it all in. Her focus and determination in her past time had worn off as he looked down range yet again. He had wandered if he was able to do such shots now, even without the practice, how off could it be compared to ballistic rifle shooting, but slower ammo. "So Winterstorm put in for a transfer. You want the job?" He asked bluntly as he looked at her thinking for a moment to himself about the target still missing more ammo in it.

Paula looked back at him for a minute not knowing what Winterstorm had planned, he hadn’t even had the decency to let her know that he was leaving as she glanced back at Hawkins. “You mean Julian's gone?" she said surprised look on her face that Jules would have told her, " You mean I’m to be the new Chief Security?" asking the question to Hawkins, as she knew most of the squads and they knew her way of doing things and of course he meant Chief Security.

"Yeah... that's the one," David nodded slowly as he wandered what was all the confusion was about but he shrugged and looked at her with a straight expression.

"If I take this on Captain, every Security officer has to have Brig duty experience in their Schedule," She stated looking back at Hawkins. As she was going to take the job seriously and that meant that she and only she was the one that guarded the Captain. She looked back at him and spoke in a clear tone that he knew she was serious about what she said next, She stated " and on away Missions that involve you, I am the one that body guards you, No one else" she finished," And if I say fall back, you do it," looking back at the Captain. She concluded "and no countermanding me," as she was aware that as the chief she was the one responsible for his safety.

This made him chuckle for a moment. "Not in your dreams," he raised a hand on the last bit. "What you do with your security, that's your call. If you are talking about your weekly schedule, good luck with that. But on away missions, you may have the security chief thing. You do as you need, but I'll be leading the away teams if I'm on it.," he winked simply. "Don't let it go to your head just yet."

"Sir, you are the most important person on this ship and I am not going to take no for an answer," replied Paula looking at the Captain." more importantly I 'don't want Kavi yelling at me for not doing my job right," she continued looking back at him, knowing that on this subject of his protection would be the main priority of the job and she knew it. She finished," you want me as Security Chief those are my terms Captain, I am all about your safety Sir," hoping that he now understood what her stance on his safety was all about.

"I guess I could always see if Lizzy is up for chief of security than," Hawkins shrugged as he turned. "As you were lieutenant and may want to talk to my first security chief I had assiend to Gladiator. She's still aboard, to be exact."

"Captain, Please wait a minute," replied Paula as she walked over to him, she continued," I didn't say I that I didn't want the job," as she came to a stop in front of him she finished," I'll do the job, but you have to understand how I will take it seriously and let me do the job properly," as she knew that she was heading back to the yellow uniform and that Hawkins understood how she was going to be in the job.

"Oh I know. But remember that you may have skills, I was a trained as a killing machine in the marines. You want to protect me... that's all fine and dandy. But to be my security chief, worry more about my people. They are fair more important than me. I am one guy, but the crew are to come first, even before me. If you want to be the best, you protect the best... understood, Lieutenant?" He rested his hands in his pockets relaxing.

Thank you Sir," replied Paula. She continued," As long as you are Captain of this vessel and you go planet side I will protect you," she finished before he could speak, "The ship is a priority and so is its crew," as she raised a finger to him, "But so are you important to the crew," looking back at Hawkins. she hoped that he now understood by what she meant she concluded," But I will do as you ask."

"We shall see, Paula..." he smirked as he nodded to her simple. He had her assigned to his ship for years and she was loyal as they came. Now that she was a department head of security, this made him wonder how it will be on her and the stresses.only time would tell.

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Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Security
U.S.S Gladiator-A


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